A Snowy Mounatin Road Part 1

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Prologue- Bad Decisions, Worse Weather

Harlan could not believe the string of bad luck and hasty decisions that had led him to nearly dying at the tender age of 25 on that twisted mountain road: he received a letter in the mail informing him that a storage locker belonging to his great aunt, who had recently passed, now belonged to him, and that the only way to keep from losing everything inside of it was for him to go in person to that little town upstate on the other side of the mountains where she lived and died, and sign a new lease for the unit, or haul everything away. No, they wouldn’t E-mail him a new contract, and no, a proxy couldn’t sign on his behalf, not that he knew anyone in that old town. Harlan had half a mind to just let them have the locker, but he remembered visiting great aunt Betsy when he was a kid, and the distinct memory of some expensive-looking silverware, fine china, and paintings that must have been in the family for generations. It would be a shame for him not to have those heirlooms.

And it had to be this weekend, the cranky old man Harlan spoke to on the phone had made that crystal clear. There was a U-Haul station in town; he would have to determine if it was worth renting a truck and towing his station wagon back to the city after taking a look at what old Betsy had left him, and he wanted to leave a few days’ worth of buffer to be able to make that decision. He rushed out of the apartment that morning so fast that he had only his gym bag (he always kept a set or two of clean clothes in it) and hadn’t bothered to check the weather. It became clear those were serious errors by the time he was a few hours into his journey. It was mid-March, but he hadn’t factored in a freak cold front pushing slowly across the state.

By the time he pulled off the main highway and onto that twisty mountain road, snow was piling up to where Harlan could no longer see the median on that two lane strip of tarmac. He contemplated turning back, but the image of sitting in traffic with everyone else trudging back into the city, and potentially missing out on scoring aunt Betsy’s old treasures kept him heading into the mountains. Besides, he was in a Subaru, the car was in its’ element here, he thought. He turned the heater onto the highest setting and cursed himself for not bringing a proper jacket with him.

After six hours on the road, the sun began to set. It could not have been a more inopportune time for this to happen. Visibility with the sun still in the air had dropped to mere yards, and continued to get worse as the road got narrower. As the sun set, it became difficult to even make out the trees just feet away from the edge of the road. Tired, hungry, and frustrated, he nearly missed it- the branch of a tree thicker than Harlan’s torso strewn across the snow-covered tarmac. Yanking the steering wheel to the right the car slid off the road and buried itself in the snow and a devastating snapping sound came from the left wheel well, suggesting lethal damage to the Subie.

Six hours ago Harlan was sitting at his kitchen table, enjoying a hot cup of premium coffee and enjoying a day away from the office. Now, he wondered what his coworkers would be saying at his funeral. A horrible thought flashed through his mind- Anisha, from accounting, his workplace crush, would never know how he felt about her! Harlan thought about her tiny, waif-like frame, perfect olive skin, and jet black hair that ran down nearly to the waist…

“God Damn it!” He cursed and punched the dash of the car, willing fruitless thoughts out of his head. He thought for a moment. Checking his phone, he found no signal, not even emergency bands. Service had been spotty, then disappeared entirely, hours ago. He couldn’t remember the last sign of human civilization he had seen- and who knew how much further down the road the next service station would be.

Harlan took inventory of what he had with him- a big water bottle, a couple of energy bars, a jar of peanuts, and half a tank of gas. It wasn’t much but he wouldn’t starve and might not freeze if he was careful with how long he left the engine running. How long would half a tank last? Harlan was an office drone, not a park ranger, how the hell was he supposed to figure that out?

Part 1- The Rescue

His rationing was interrupted by a sound- a sound that was getting louder, the thrum of an engine. Was that another car? If so, that could be his quick ticket to hot coffee and a warm blanket (something he wished he had in the gym bag). But what if they didn’t see the tree branch? He scrambled to get the door open: it wouldn’t budge. Harlan scrambled over the seats and towards the back hatch of the wagon- the path the car had plowed through the snow would ensure it would open. He was fumbling for the emergency, anti-kidnapping release tab when the worst sound he could have imagined cut through the wind: the unmistakable sound of crunching metal: a car crash.

Now the urgency was no longer to save himself, but to see if he could do anything for the other driver. Pushing the hatch open, Harlan plunged into the freezing conditions. Immediately he was reminded that the hoodie, T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers he was wearing were not designed for these conditions. His feet were immediately soaked as they sank into the snow- it was still pretty deep even where his car had plowed through it. He saw steam rising up ahead- the road was just 20 or 30 feet away. Carefully, he climbed back up the banking and onto the tarmac, holding the hood of his hoodie so that the wind didn’t pull it down. Reaching the road, he could see that the crashed car was a little yellow Korean subcompact.

The driver was slumped over in her seat. The airbags had gone off- they must have been moving at a pretty good clip when she hit the tree, Harlan thought. Smoke began to rise from the crushed engine bay. Harlan didn’t know much about cars, or car crashes, but figured that wasn’t good and hurried his pace. He made his way over to the driver’s seat. To his relief the only passenger, a woman, was still conscious but clearly in shock, though Harlan had little time to make sense of the situation. His fingers were freezing as he yanked on the door handle. He pulled the expended air bag away from her and undid the seat belt.

“C’mon, we really gotta move,” he said more to himself than the woman, who barely acknowledged his presence as he pulled her from the wreck. Her senses must have been at least half there, and he only needed to half-drag her back to the buried Subaru. As he helped her through the tailgate, he heard the whooshing of a fire and turned to see a column of thick black smoke rising from where the yellow Hyundai sat. Harlan hopped in and yanked the hatch shut, bringing a final gush of cold air into the cabin.

They sat there cross-legged in silence for a moment; everything had happened so fast that Harlan hadn’t even taken who he had just saved. If he had glanced her through the window of a coffee shop he might have pegged her for a model; she looked to be just about forty; skin somewhere between milk and dark chocolate, her face draped with curly black hair that just reached past the bottom of her ears, with a small nose, green eyes, and a mouth with a lower lip you could land a jumbo escort karataş bayan jet on. She was better equipped in the footwear department than Harlan was; her feat were at least wrapped in Ugg boots. The rest of her outfit, however, seemed insufficient for the freezing conditions outside. She was wearing a matching pink tracksuit with white accents, the kind with a zipper down the front and something vaguely sexual written across the ass. That tracksuit suggested a curvaceous figure; the fabric along her bust seamed to be at the very limit of its elasticity, as it seemed was the cloth that covered a well-rounded, fruit-like rear.

It was a good thing the woman was still in a daze, as it didn’t seem she noticed Harlan’s staring. After a brief pause, and the realization she was still in shock from the crash, another pang of worry struck him: they were both soaked from the ice and snow! Harlan had seen enough National Geographic survival television to know that frostbite and pneumonia were no laughing matter. He figured now was as good a time as any to fire the Subaru’s engine back up and get the heater going. He crawled over to the driver’s seat and twisted the key. The engine whirred to life and Harlan breathed a sigh of relief. With warm air entering though the vents, they weren’t in immediate danger of freezing to death. At least they would be if they weren’t drenched.

“OK, so this is awkward but we need to get dry and we won’t have the heater forever” Harlan said while lowering the back seats of the station wagon so that they had a long, flat space inside the car. He moved closer to her. It seemed like the shock was starting to wear off a touch- after a moment she nodded and started fumbling with the zipper on the front of her clothes, hands still shaking. Harlan slid over next to her. He grabbed the zipper and began to pull- it required some tugging as the opening revealed the woman’s ample cleavage. unzipping the tracksuit revealed a lacy black brassiere that easily measured above a double D. Harlan imagined that her figure must have been incredible when she was younger; her stomach had a slight roundness to it from age but her overall shape suggested that she must have worked hard to maintain her physique and still did.

As he reached over to pull her arms out of the sleeves, his chest brushed up against hers; she shivered, which reminded him he was still soaked too. after finishing removing her top, he pulled his hoodie and T-shirt off in one awkward movement and deposited all three items of clothing on the dashboard near the heating vents.

“We need to get our pants off too- do you need help with that?” Harlan moved back over to her. She finally spoke:

“I… I’m starting to feel more myself now, I think I got it” she said, her voice wavering. Her accent suggested she had spent a lot of time in the South, with a slight huskiness that suggested she used to be a smoker. Slowly, she turned herself sideways with her ass facing Harlan, reached down and began pulling down her track suit’s pants, revealing matching black panties and a pair of dark, smooth cheeks. She forgot about her boots, and soon the wet fabric was caught around her ankles. Harlan slid down and undid her Uggs before removing them and the pants, which he tossed onto the dash alongside their other clothes. He began removing his shoes and jeans as well, although he soon faced the same problem as the material felt as if it had been plastered to his legs. Without room to stand in the wagon, he felt like an inchworm trying to free itself from the mud.

The underwear-clad woman sensed Harlan’s struggle and helped pull his pants off. Harlan again tossed them to the front of the car and sat up. Here he was, with a gorgeous older woman, and both of them were nearly nude. And neither knew each others’ name. “Well, uh, I’m uh, I’m Harlan” he blurted out, suddenly aware of the situation.

“Linda. I’m Linda.”

“OK.” They both shivered. Despite the efforts of the car’s heater, they were both still freezing. Linda looked down at her chest.

“I think I’m soaked through my bra too,” she looked at Harlan, embarrassment clear across her face. They were both embarrassed. “I think we need to get all of our clothes off,” she concluded. Linda’s hands shakily reached behind her back to unhook her bra. Harlan shifted and began to pull off his underwear.

“I have a gym bag with some clothes and a towel, I nearly for-“ Harlan only got midway through the thought as Linda’s bra fell away from her chest. Massive, plump breasts, their size not truly apparent before their unmasking, with large areolas to match and thick nipples left him speechless; he’d never seen anything like them in person. Her rack, despite its sheer size and her decade of age on Harlan’s previous sexual encounters, had the tautness and condition of a 20-something model. The woman seemed not to be phased, either from their freezing condition or from the frequency that her chest left the mouths of men and women alike agape. She handed him her bra and turned to pull off her panties. If it wasn’t so cold in the car he might have instantly sprung an erection.

“-I-nearly-forgot-gym-bag” he finally sputtered out. He crawled forward towards the passenger seat where the duffel bag lay, dropped his underwear and her bra on the dash with the rest of their clothes. Unzipping the gym bag, he was hit was the unmistakable odor of sweat- the clothes in the bag were dirty! He had forgot to wash them from the last time he went to the gym (which was nearly a week ago, Harlan was bad at keeping a regular schedule) and the whole thing absolutely reeked. He looked back at her in horror.

“I, uh, don’t think you’ll want to wear any of this, it’s a bio-hazard situation over here.” She hit him with the first smile he had seen from her yet, revealing bright white (though slightly imperfect in their straightness) teeth.

“Hun, we’re freezing here, anything’s better than wearin’ nothin’.” He dug through the bag. It contained a couple of T shirts and two pairs of gym shorts, badly soiled; not exactly parkas and fleece-lined pants. However, he struck gold at the bottom of the bag: two long but narrow white towels for drying off after his post-workout shower. And they certainly stank less than everything else. He pulled them out, crawled back and handed her one while draping the other over his shoulders. It certainly did not cover either of them up, but it was better than nothing.   

A minute went by as they sat in silence.

“Thank you for saving me,” Linda croaked out, growing somewhat self-conscious that she was sitting naked less than two feet from a stranger. They both sat cross-legged at a slight angle; the roof of the Subaru was not quite high enough for either of them to sit upright. Neither Linda nor Harlan were comfortable, even as the car’s heater worked away at clearing them from risk of hypothermia.

“It was nothing” replied Harlan instinctively. “If I had gotten there any later it could have been a lot worse.”

“That piece of shit deathtrap car, it’s been out to get me for months now, I don’t know why I thought drivin’ out here was a good idea.” Harlan asked her what had brought her this way. “My daughter, bless escort bayan karkamış her heart, she’ll be the death of me. Ruined by figure having her and now she’s betrayed me for her no-good boyfriend. Stole money right outta my purse. Half my paycheck! Told her to stop doing that, she won’t listen, then her boyfriend, who’s ten years older than her, kicks me right out of my own apartment! Tired of me banging on their door while they fuck. She’s still in high school!”

Linda went on, detailing how she had gotten knocked up at 18, ruining her chances to become a model. The baby daddy had run off, and she’d raised her daughter all by herself, moving from South Carolina up north to pursue better job opportunities. It had been hard raising a daughter as a single mother; Willow (her daughter) had gotten wild and rebellious, and that evening the conflict with her no-good boyfriend had been the last straw, so she took off and started driving, with no destination in mind. Pure chance had put her on the mountain road, and wrath had blinded her just enough to not see the downed branch.

Harlan only absorbed every other word of her life story; not because he wasn’t interested, but rather because she was a pretty animated talker, and as she moved her taught arms and dark body about, her breasts bounced and jiggled. He liked listening to her voice too, but those nipples, just feet away, just visible behind the towel, may have been shaping his opinion a bit.

Linda returned his question and Harlan outlined the death of his great aunt, the potential financial windfall, and the urgency of getting upstate before the storage locker was auctioned off. Linda was also only half-paying attention, and again not because Harlan’s story wasn’t compelling. She couldn’t help but find the young man attractive. She had gotten a good look at him when he had reached over to put their clothes on the dash and get the gym bag and liked what she saw. Especially attractive was his bright orange hair and pale skin, she could almost imagine how sexy the contrast between his and her skin would look together…

Harlan had stopped talked and caught her mid-thought. Their silence was broken by his getting up to check on the fuel situation. The gauge had definitely gone down and they had only been sitting there for half an hour. He broke the news:

“So, we had a half tank of gas when we got in here; we’re down to a bit less than half already, I think I have to shut the car off; who knows how long we’ll be here.” He took the key out of the ignition and the temperature inside began to drop. He checked their clothes; still absolutely soaked.

“I’m not sure these towels are going to be enough,” Linda pointed out. She was right, and his lower half was freezing, his penis and balls had retreated into his body as much as was anatomically possible in spite of the eye candy in front of him. She asked “what if we share the towels and lie down next to each other? That way we can use one towel for our chests and one for lower.” He couldn’t argue with that; plus it would allow them both to be more comfortable than their current hunched positions. They shuffled and laid on their backs, feet facing towards the rear hatch. The towels still weren’t enough to cover their bodies, but it was better than nothing.

Linda and Harlan continued to lay out their life stories. They discussed their jobs, their friends. Linda enjoyed talking to the young man; she felt that he was a good listener, asking meaningful follow-up questions and nodding along as she ranted about her no-good exes and troublemaking daughter. She reciprocated, especially probing into Harlan’s love life, which she learned was woefully limited by his stressful and busy work and bashful approach towards his office crush.

Over the course of their conversation their bodies had shifted closer together; their shoulders, arms, and hips now touched, sharing the heat of their bodies as the temperature in the car continued to drop. Linda’s right breast was so massive that it drooped onto Harlan’s chest, though they were both so cold neither really noticed. It was now completely dark; only a few small lights in the car’s cabin illuminated the passengers. Linda shifted and looked at Harlan.

“You got anything to eat? I’m pretty hungry,” she asked. Harlan pushed himself up and out of the towels, shivering a little. He grabbed the plastic bag with energy bars and jar of peanuts, handing the bag to her.

“That’s all I’ve got, I was in a hurry this morning and haven’t eaten much either.”

Linda examined the contents of the bag with a look that was equal parts disappointment and fear.

“I can’t eat any of this—we can’t open any of this—just a whiff of peanut and I’ll go into shock, deathly allergic!” She double-checked the wrapper of each energy bar just to be sure, then handed the bag back to Harlan.

They sat there for a moment in silent frustration. The towel covering Harlan had fallen away when he went to grab the food and Linda used that entire moment to take in his body again. She decided she wanted him, curious as to what he would feel like pressed against her body, what he would feel like inside her… At the very least, she figured it’d be warmer than the awkward side-by-side configuration they had laid in for the past few hours.

“Harlan, we gotta do something. I’m cold, I’m hungry, and those towel’s ain’t enough, and you must be so hungry too.” She casually pulled her towel off and pulled herself to an upright position across from him, exposing her massive breasts, this time to provoke a response (and she know from experience they would do that.) Harlan’s eyes widened, mouth slightly agape. “I’ve got an idea that will help us with both problems.”

Linda quickly grabbed Harlan’s pale arm and pushed him onto his back before he had time to respond. She instructing him to let his legs stretch over the car’s center console so that a foot or so of the car’s rear was left beyond where his head lay and he adjusted himself accordingly. Pleased that she now seemed to have physical control, she bent down and kissed him on the lips, running her tongue around his surprised mouth until it parted and her tongue entered him. She realized this was the first time she had been intimate with a man in over a year, yet the moves all seemed to come back to her.

Harlan felt unable to move, but he also didn’t want or need to. She wasn’t pinning him down (at least not yet) but that kiss was unlike any he had ever felt, and the contrast between the cold car and her warm mouth accentuated the feeling. Linda continued to probe his mouth, wrestling his tongue with hers; she forgot how aggressive she could be! She shifted her weight slightly, placing one of her knees between Harlan’s legs so that she nearly straddled him. One of her breasts brushed across his chest; his body quivered at the sensation. She finally pulled away from him after a few minutes so they could both catch their breathes.

All Harlan could muster was a “wow” at first. After catching his breath, he looked at the beautiful, dark stranger above him and said “well you’re right my mind is off of food and warmth now.”

“Oh hun,” Linda sighed playfully, “that was not kilis escort bayan all I had in mind, I just needed you warmed up a little. Now hand me on of those towels.” She took the cloth and draped it over his legs to mitigate their chilling. She then swung around and straddled Harlan’s upper chest and neck, her ass inches from his face, legs placed just above Harlan’s shoulders. She could feel his breath on her ass. Linda stared at Harlan’s crotch. His balls were still pressed against his body from the cold, and his shaft remained small and flaccid despite the excitement of the situation. She bent down so that the tip of his penis was just inches from her mouth; he could feel her breath. She couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of his curly ginger pubic hair against her face, involuntarily beginning to salivate.

“So this is what you meant, huh? Well, now that you mention it, I’m hungry.” Bravado aside, Harlan could feel his heart beating faster. He hadn’t gotten a clear view of her pussy before, and what he saw was like a work of art. She was perfectly shaven, not even a hint of stubble. Harlan liked a nice bush, but that dark brown skin, waxed and smooth, really worked for him. She had slightly outward-facing lips that exposed the bright pink of her inner flesh, even in the relativeness darkness of the car’s map lights, drawing him in like a moth to a flame. Her inner thighs were covered with goosebumps from both the cold and hanging sexual tension now just moments away from release, but he could only ponder her skin for a moment, as Harlan was really drawn to the pink bump on top of her vagina; he desperately wanted to roll her clit on his tongue, to feel the fold of it’s surrounding skin and the hardness of the nub…

Unable to wait any longer, Linda lowered her body against Harlan’s. He felt the weight of her heaving breasts on his abdomen first, then her belly on his chest, warmth flowing between them as more of their flesh connected. He grabbed the other towel and tossed in on top of them to maximize their body heat. Linda slowly inched back until her cunt was close enough for Harlan’s mouth to make contact. He went for her clitoris first, running his tongue across it and nestling his nose in her slit. Harlan was surprised to find she had almost no taste or odor. Linda let out a loud moan, squeezing his thighs with her hands as she settled into what felt like the best head she’d ever experienced, freezing to death in a snowstorm or not.

It took Linda a little time to get control of herself and remember she had her own buffet before her. She took the head of his penis between her lips and rolled her tongue around the hole at the tip. She could feel his entire body quiver as she worked. He still wasn’t hard, but it seemed that the effects of the extreme cold were beginning to subside with the warmth of her mouth. She took the entire cock inside, lips pressed against Harlan’s pelvis. Her tongue did most of the work as she focused on breathing through her nose; she was determined to not come up for air until he was diamond hard. She removed one of her hands from Harlan’s legs and cupped his testicles, gently squeezing them; building a rhythm of alternating slow and fast movements. Linda could feel the blood flowing into Harlan’s member; it became difficult to hold the whole thing in her mouth without gagging.

Meanwhile, Harlan was struggling to maintain his aggressive probing of Linda’s clit in the face of Linda’s fellatio. Her sucking was otherworldly, but it wasn’t just the blowjob that made him want to moan in pleasure. Her thighs continued to press against the sides of his head, their heat warming his ears and neck. Her legs and crotch felt so warm that they might melt his head like a stick of butter. He could also feel her nipples swell and press into his skin. Remembering he had arms of his own, he reached out and put his hands on Linda’s hips and began rubbing them to warm his frigid digits. The combination of pleasures was nearly too much to handle.

Linda shuddered when Harlan put his hands on her hips. He was now fully erect in her mouth, his member now pushed into her throat and she had to focus in order to not gag. There was only so many thrusts of his erection she could take, eventually sputtering and fighting for air. She pulled back, allowing her a few moments to admire her handiwork, laying the side of her head against his pubes while she continued to massage his balls. She was elated by the full size and girth of Harlan’s penis, still twitching with each exhale of her breath. Her clitoris buzzed as Harlan’s tongue lapped against it. A few minutes went by before Harlan began to slow, until he too needed a break.

The moment of silence was quickly interrupted by Harlan shifting slightly, using his hands on her hips to reposition her pelvis. Linda then felt his tongue dip into her vagina, his lips locking onto hers. She let out another load moan, followed by a “oh Lord” before wrapping her tongue around Harlan’s shaft again. She could feel him breathing through his nose onto her anus, it made her pulse the muscles around her asshole in delight.

They continued to pleasure each other for minutes that nearly stretched into an hour. Linda could sense Harlan was close to climaxing, his entire body seemed to buzz each time she went down on him. He too, could tell Linda was near to orgasm; he could hardly breath on her clit without her letting out a moan or expletive. They both began to move faster, finishing their marathon in a sprint. Linda sucked and worked the top of Harlan’s cock with her mouth, one hard squeezed near the base. She rubbed his balls with the palm of her other hand; she could feel everything part of him pulsate in anticipation.

He came it spurts. The first one caused him to buck his hips violently; Linda wasn’t prepared for that and nearly gagged on his ejaculate. But she was hungry, and held out, slurping up every drop as he continued to release seed into her mouth. Linda forgot how much she enjoyed this part. He was so sensitive now that she hardly had to move her head to milk him now. “Harder and faster baby, make be cum,” he begged. She choked out briefly and had to pull back before resuming her assault on Harlan’s cock. She hadn’t cum herself yet but was in ecstasy from his response. She was going to leave her plate clean, so to speak.

Harlan doubled his efforts, barely able to feel any part of his body from the adrenaline and pleasure. He returned his tongue to her clit, remembering how much she had quivered when he had begun the probing of her sex. His hands wrapped around her legs, holding them open to improve access to her cunt. His fingers poked their way into her hole, now wet from the hour of cunnilingus. She let out a grunt as his fingers opened her up and began moving in and out. Faster, then even faster, outpacing the speed of his tongue on her bean. She couldn’t hold on any longer; every muscle tensed, then let go and she slumped on top of Harlan, sexually satisfied.

Harlan let Linda relax on top of him. He kissed the inside of her thighs, or at least what he could reach without moving as he was pooped. He ran has hands across her rump, down her legs, then back to her hips, enjoying the smoothness of her skin against the tips of his fingers. They were both so exhausted by their fuckfest that neither of them remembered that were hungry, or cold, and neither noticed as they both began to nod off, still locked in sixty-nine and covered by nothing but two (now) sweaty gym towels.

The sexual adventures of Harlan and Linda had just begun.

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