A Stormy Night

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I’ll never forget the crazy look that came into my girlfriend’s eyes Cathy, the night of the thunderstorm. It had been a bad one the lighting was forked all the time in the sky. The thunder boomed so fierce it made you want to cover your ears.

A few times I felt that the whole world was coming to an end.

Cathy and I had been playing games together on the computer, holding hands. We were alone. When the storm hi, she stared at fascination, out the windows at the black thunderheads and the unremitting lighting. There were a few times, she jumped at the boom of thunder. I knew at that point, I was in trouble.

“Lets fuck,” she said, never taking her eyes off of the storm. There was a glazed expression on her face that both scared me and excited me.

“Now,” I said.

“Now,” she said.

“Well I need a little incentive to get a hard-on,” I said.

With out a word, Cathy dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out of my pants. She sucked it down between her white teeth, forcing a yelp of anticipation from me. She sucked me deep in, then pressed her lips firmly around my shaft and slid them up to the head. She almanbahis adres flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue, back and forth, back and forth. The feeling was intense. Then she sucked me deeply in again. I felt her tongue curl around my shaft, seeking what she called my turn on vein. She sucked on it until m cock became rock hard in her mouth, just to make sure my cock was hard enough, she sucked it further into her mouth. My cock became a rod of iron trickling pre-cum on Cathy’s tongue. The booming thunder started to increase my desire.

Looking at the horny sparkle of Cathy’s eyes, her need for fucking was out of control.

“Perfect,” Cathy mumbled around my cock, letting it drop from her mouth. It stood straight out from my crotch, pre-cum leaking from the tip, hard and ready for Cathy. Cathy removed her dress, panties, and then bra, she knew how much her tits turn me on, then she said, “Sit in that chair.”

The computer desk came equipped with an ancient wooden chair. Wondering what she had in her mind, I sat down in the chair, holding my hard cock.

Cathy turned the chair so that I was facing towards the almanbahis adresi window. Facing away from me she squatted, swatted my hand away from my cock, and took my cock into her hand. Then she lowered herself down on my cock, slipped it into her soaking wet pussy. Finally with thunder and lighting underscoring her actions, she sat down on my lap with a delighted “woooomph”.

As she sat down on my lap I could feel her silky slick pussy swallowing my cock, squeezing and releasing me in its hot grip. I grabbed the chair, gritting my teeth against the pressure and pleasure of her pussy, and prepared myself for what looked like a rough ride.

Looking out the window I watched the rain lashing down, hitting the window. Cathy began to move up and down, furiously bouncing on my cock, riding me like an untamed stallion. As she twisted her pussy around my cock. I closed my eyes, feeling excitement building up in rapidly in my balls.

I grabbed her tits, and whispered in her ear, “Fuck me, Cathy, fuck me hard, and fuck me forever, and fuck me now”

” If you think the thunder out there is shocking, you should feel the thunder almanbahis adres your pussy is making in my balls woman.”

Cathy started to moan, softly and then, as she held on to the arms of the chair, she started moving up and down, faster on my cock, her pussy was glancing off my balls, her moans increased in volume and frequency.

“I love your cock, you don’t know how much I needed your cock, thundering in my pussy.”

“Oh I am about to cum,” Said Cathy.

She heaved herself down on my cock, squashing my balls under her ass. I gritted my teeth, I knew her climax would be to strong for me to resist or hold out back much longer; we would both cum only once on this occasion, but it would be delightful.

My cock was caught helplessly in the maelstrom of her climax, I could feel her pussy swirling around me. A fierce unrelenting pulling that over whelmed my body.

I arched my back and opened my mouth, but no sound could come out. All my energy was centered in my cock as I started shooting my cum in long, streams from the head of my cock, into Cathy’s pussy. She was wailing out my name as my cum cascaded into her. Before long there was no more room for my cum and it started spilling out of her pussy, down my cock and balls, to the floor.

One of these days Cathy and I maybe getting married, I am checking out which states have the most, wildest thunderstorms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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