A surprise from the past (part 2 )

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If you have read part 1 this could make just a lttle more sense.Once again let me remind anyone who is not into boy on boy stuff to find a differant story.

I woke again at 8 am to find Tony already up and busy getting breakfast, so I quickly dressed and joined him. While we were eating I asked him what time he was expecting his pals to arrive and he thought it would be about 10 o’clock. I explained that my friends were coming down from Fort William and if they had managed to leave at the crack of dawn they could arrive at about the same time. Then I suggested that we should avail ourselves of the camp site’s amenities which were a bit basic but clean, and I added that as we seemed to be the only people on the site, there was a fair chance that the water would be hot. So we dealt with the three Ss’ (shit, shower and shave) then returned to the tent and changed into our hiking gear. I made coffee and we sat down and chatted while we waited for our friends to arrive.

Just after 9.30 a Range Rover parked outside the site office heralded the arrival of my friends and after I’d introduced Tony, I explained about the mishap he’d had with his tent. They saw the serious side of the situation and were most sympathetic. Unlike Tony’s friends who arrived half an hour later and fell around laughing when he explained how he’d ripped his tent in half with his motor bike. The first to recover called him an absolute plonker. Then there followed 5 minutes of jibes before we settled down to discuss our plans. We decided to stick to our original plan where my pals and I would climb Scafell and Tony’s gang would explore the Striding edge of Helvellyn.

So fast forward now by 8 hours to when we were back at the camp site and preparing our evening meal. Tony and crew had stopped off for fish and chips on their return so they sat around and chatted while we ate. Then 2 of my friends who were experienced mountaineers regaled us with stories of expeditions to the Alps and the Himalayas. After that they decided to turn in as they proposed another early start tomorrow, 2 of them having functions to attend down south on Sunday afternoon. Tony stayed chatting to his mates for about half an hour then when it started to get dark he came back to my tent where he found me in bed listening to the radio.
He flopped down beside me putting his hand in mine and squeezed it as he said “That was a long day, I’ve been thinking about you for most of the time”. “That’s nice to know” I said, “Because you’ve not been out of my thoughts for very long”. With that our arms wrapped around each other and our lips met; we stayed making out for the next 10 minutes. During that time our clothing got discarded and our limbs became more entwined. Tony said that it was a pity that we had to keep quiet as he had a few things in mind where being quiet was not going to help. I told him that my pals would be away early in the morning and that if he could persuade his friends to leave by say 10 o’clock then we could have the site to ourselves again for a couple of hours. “I think they may want to leave before that” Tony said “So that they can get home for Sunday dinner”. “That sounds great “I said, “So tell me what you’ve got in mind”.

Tony said “When you played with my butt, did you think it was virgin territory?” “Well I assumed it was” I said “From our previous conversation, but you weren’t all that tight and you seemed to enjoy my finger almost immediately with no sign of surprise; so I reserve my judgement”. “I’ve never had a dick up there” Tony said “But I do have a butt plug with a vibrator, it’s the same size as my dick which means it’s the same size as yours; can you see where I’m going with this?” “Yes I’ve got the drift” I said “but there’s a small problem; as this has all come by surprise I’m completely unprepared for such activity”. “Ah” said Tony “I got the lads to stop off at a chemists on the way back so that I could get some tooth paste, but what I really got was this”. With that he plunged his hand into his rucksack and produced a packet of condoms and a small bottle of lube. “You seem to have thought of everything” I said. Tony continued “Now I’ve mentioned this butt plug, there’s something I’m hoping you can help me with; you did say that you were an electrical engineer, didn’t you”. I nodded and Tony went on, “The vibrator has stopped working and I don’t have the balls to take it to an electrical repair shop to get it fixed”. I laughed and said that I would most certainly see if I could sort it for him.

“Well that’s a long term problem” Tony said “but now there’s a more immediate one and that’s canlı bahis this thing” he said, slapping his rock hard dick against my tummy. “I’ve had a hard on for so long now that I’m going to get blue balls if I don’t do something about it quickly”. I was feeling in a teasing mood so I said “We could go for a cold shower, that’s usually pretty effective”. The sparkle fell from Tony’s face and he became a picture of dismay and for a couple of seconds I could see the innocent little choir boy I’d met 5 years ago. My heart melted and I was sorry for the tease as Tony had taken me seriously. I was just about to hug him and apologise when he realised that I was joking and he said “If that’s your best suggestion, I’m going straight to plan B”. “What’s that I said “Are you going to jack off”. “NO” he said “I’m going to jack you off while you do the same to me”. “That’s cool I said, come here”. There was only an inch or so separating us and as we grabbed one another’s shafts and squeezed, Tony thrust his pelvis against me so tightly that no movement of our hands was possible. We stayed like that for a little while, just hugging while Tony buried his face in my neck and muttered something about this being what he needed.

I gradually eased away from him to free up our hands and started slowly stroking the full length of Tony’s shaft and head. Before long he was doing exactly the same to me. I switched my radio on at very low volume to disguise any sound we might make and threw a towel over my lantern to dim and diffuse the light. I had on previous occasions seen campers cast a sharp shadow of their activities on their tent walls and although my tent had a fly sheet which would have hidden this, I was just making sure. I complimented Tony on his complete silence, so far, and he said that when he’d done this with Peter it was always Peter who made all the noise. We continued in almost complete silence for a while and then our air beds started to slide apart and we ended up (for the 2nd time) on the cold floor. In one way this was good because our cum would now end up on the ground sheet where it could easily be cleaned up.

Jacking slowly, as we were, we were able to keep each other just below the level of excitement at which we would lose control. We were leaking copious amounts of precum and occasionally would stop and rub our wet dicks on one another’s tummies, whispering things like “I can’t wait till tomorrow” or “I’m gunna fuck that sweet ass of yours” and “I want to feel you inside me”. Then Tony said “I don’t think I can hold back much longer, I think I’ll just let it go with the flow”. I said “I’m with you all the way” and sure enough after a couple of seconds Tony’s leg muscles went into a little spasm and he whispered “Ignition, we have lift off”. I was very close myself and the feel of his hot jizz trickling through my fingers sent me over the edge immediately. That was the only time Tony made an audible exclamation; as my cum shot into his hand he buried his face into my shoulder and gave a quiet “Aaaahhh”. During the next couple of minutes we cleaned ourselves and the ground sheet with paper kitchen towel, got back into our night attire, tidied our beds and said “Good night “ to each other.

I woke at 7 am to the sound of laughter and the chink of plates and cutlery and there was a smell of bacon frying. I quickly made tea and woke Tony who dressed quickly and started to cook our breakfast. My pals were already packed and almost ready to leave so I wandered across to say goodbye and then returned to devour the eggs and bacon which Tony had cooked. By the time we’d finished breakfast Tony’s mates were almost ready to leave and by 8.15 we had the camp site to ourselves again. Tony said “Do you think anyone else is likely to turn up” and I said “not before 12 o’clock because they let the site starting at mid-day and if we leave the tent door open at the bottom we can watch the entrance gate to make sure”.

Tony and I went for a shower hoping that the 30 minutes which had elapsed since our friends had been there was long enough for the water to re-heat. Fortunately the water was pleasantly warm so we showered then as we left we met the farmer’s son, a lad of 16 or 17, who was manning the site office for the morning. “You guys booking out?” he said and I replied “Not for a while, we haven’t started packing yet”. “Ok, see you later then” he said and went back to reading his Sunday paper. We strolled the 500 yards back to my tent where we packed a few things away and then flopped onto our beds, me on my tummy, looking across the field to the gate and Tony by my side on his back.

Not bahis siteleri waiting to beat about the bush I slid my hand across onto Tony’s crotch and gently massaged the area while I felt his half hard dick grow to full errection. Tony looked over to me and said “Lie on me” so I carefully moved over and lowered myself on top of him. He pulled on my butt cheeks and ground his boner into mine while he explored inside my lips with his tongue. After a while he said “Can we go up the other way” and proceeded to roll me over. I pulled on his butt and rolled our dicks around between our tummies until he shuffled forward and slapped his stiff rod onto my chin. I took the tip of his dick in my mouth and sucked while he leant back and stroked my shaft. He soon grew tired of this position and slid back down to sit on my tummy and I stroked his shaft while he rubbed my dick head along his butt crack. My pre-cum was lubricating his crack and he held my dick head against his bud and pressed. I gave a few small humps and Tony said “It’s time for the real business”. He took a few items from his ruck sack, handed me the lube and proceeded to unroll a condom along my shaft. As I was putting lube on the condom Tony presented his butt to me, assuming the doggy position. I put lube on my finger and inserted it into Tony’s anus to get him slippery inside. I did this 3 times and on the 3rd time I pushed my finger in until I hit Tony’s little spot and made him moan.

I assumed that Tony was now ready for me to enter him so I lined up my dick with his bud and pushed gently. His anus yielded easily and I was able to slide in with very little effort. I wanted Tony to feel only pleasure and not pain so I entered very slowly until his butt had swallowed all my length. He was comfortably tight, slippery and warm and it felt terrific. From the little whimpers Tony was making I could tell he was enjoying it so I continued to pound him slowly for about 5 minutes. Then he said “Can I turn round the other way, I want to see you”. Tony rolled onto his back, raised his ass and put his legs over my shoulders and I got back into him in that position. This way round I was able to rub my hands over Tony’s chest and tummy and give his dick an occasional wank as I humped him. However Tony stopped me touching his dick saying that he wanted to feel me cum before he got there, so I carried on butt fucking him gradually increasing my pace. It got to the point where I knew something was going to happen pretty soon so I told Tony I was close and he started to jack himself fairly fast. I was not concerned about giving vent to my feelings audibly as I had been able to watch the gate throughout and knew that no one had entered the site. So I went for it, I climaxed and shot my cum into the condom with Tony shouting “Go on- go on”. As I slowed down Tony said “Keep it pushed in me, I’m almost there” and he started jacking at full speed.

Just then there was thud outside the tent and a twang as of someone tripping on a guy rope. This was followed by a flapping sound and some grunts then the sound of something splattering on the side of the tent. I pulled straight out of Tony, hastily wrapped a towel round me and dived through the tent door. Tony was only just behind me and as we emerged we found the lad from the office leaning against my car, which was parked close by my tent, wanking a very respectable 7.5 inch boner which was still spewing cum onto the side of my tent. His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed and his face was distorted in sheer ecstasy. I looked at Tony who was trying to look stern but I could see he was struggling to suppress a grin and he said “YOU’RE BUSTED”.

The lad spun round and his facial expression changed to one of panic while his boner shrivelled from 7.5 inches to a flaccid 5 inches in about 2 seconds. He blurted out “Oh shit-oh fuck; I’m so sorry. I only came over to remind you that you have to be off the site before midday or you will be charged for an extra days camping. When I heard what was going on I tried to back away but I—well I—that is I—Oh sod it; I’M GAY. There’s not much opportunity for any action around here and when I heard you guys at it, well something just took over and I couldn’t help myself. I’m so sorry, my father’s gunna kill me if he finds out”. I looked at Tony and saw that he had given up trying to look stern and was now grinning from ear to ear. Also his errection, which he lost when we scrambled out of the tent, was back big time. I don’t know if this was caused by the sight of the lad’s 7.5 inch spunk squirting boner or if he was already one bahis şirketleri step ahead of me.

I looked back to the lad and said “But your father’s not going to find out; what’s your name?” He said “I’m Nigel”. “Ok Nigel” I said “Your gay, so does that mean you’re good at sucking cock?” “Pretty good; why?” he said. (His expression had changed to one of curiosity). “Well” I said “The worst transgression you’ve committed is that you interrupted Tony when he was a couple of seconds short of cumming, and I don’t think he’s a happy camper. So if you like to go back into the tent with him and see if you can do something to cheer him up, then I think you will have almost redeemed yourself”.

The idea obviously appealed to Tony because he disappeared into the tent in a flash and I beckoned Nigel to follow. The tent door was only unzipped half way and it was a hands and knees crawl to get in. As I followed Nigel through the door I pinched and felt his butt cheeks and I muttered “Nice”. Nigel wasted no time in going down on Tony and in no time he was happily slurping away. I watched them both enjoying things for a few moments then a thought hit me. Where was the condom I was wearing? I bet it’s still in Tony’ ass. I moved round behind Tony and played with his cheeks then tentatively ran my finger along his crack and sure enough the end was just protruding through his butt hole. I pulled gently and it started to come out so I wrapped the end in a paper towel and pulled a bit harder. “Whoa” said Tony “That tickles; what are you doing?” So I told him what was happening and he said “Ok, but it feels weird”. I finished extracting it then proceeded to clean the lube from the inside of Tony’s butt cheeks and I deliberately folded a paper towel into his crack and playfully stroked up and down. With the attention he was getting from both sides his orgasm didn’t hang about and in half a minute a long sigh was followed by Nigel coughing, spluttering and swallowing hard. Tony collapsed onto his bed and lay there getting his breath back and Nigel lay propped on one elbow trying to get his breath. He was red in the face by the time he’d cleared his airways and was breathing normally again. “Wow” he said “That caught me a bit by surprise, but it was lovely”. After a couple of minutes I said “Right Nigel , there’s just one more thing; Tony and I are going for another quick shower and when we get back I shall expect to find the side of my tent nicely cleaned” and Nigel said “Oh , it will be”.

Tony and I hit the showers again and got dressed. On returning to the tent there was no sign of Nigel but the side of my tent, apart from being a bit damp, appeared as good as new. We packed our things; Tony stuffing as much as he could into the panniers on his motor bike and all that was left over went into his large ruck sack. He got dressed in his motorcycling kit and I helped him on with his ruck sack and we made our way to the site office. Nigel was there flitting around in the little grocery store, which was part of the office and he greeted us with “Hi guys, I needn’t have worried about you overstaying the mark, you’ve made it with 20 minutes to spare”. I went to the counter to ask Nigel for a couple of cans of coke, but when I went to pay Nigel waved me away saying the drinks were on him and he would bring them out to us. So we sat on the wooden benches outside the office and Nigel joined us and we chatted for the next 15 minutes. Nigel asked if we were likely to come back at any stage and I explained that I was a fairly frequent visitor. Then Nigel gave me his mobile phone number and told me to book through him and as a “regular” we could get a discount. Tony said “Thanks pal” and I said “It’s good to have friends in high places”. Ignoring my pun Nigel said “Do you guys live close to each other” and I replied “Fairly close, about 15 miles between us”. Nigel looked straight at me and said “Well as you have plenty of room in your car why don’t you take Tony’s hefty ruck sack for him?” I was dumbfounded; I said to Tony “Why didn’t we think of that”. Tony said “Don’t know, but this guy’s not just a pretty face”. I said “Well I think we established that much about an hour ago”, and this was greeted with giggles all round. I asked Tony if he was going to be at home in the evening because I could drop his ruck sack off after tea. He said he would be home alone and would look forward to seeing me. (I think I knew what he had in mind). Tony put his ruck sack in my car and we said “Good bye” to Nigel. Then Tony jumped on his bike, started it and pulled his visor down, “Its ok for you to go “I said “I’ve checked and there’s nothing tied to the back of your bike”. He made no reply; he revved up and let in the clutch. Half a minute later I followed him out through the gate.

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