A Tale of Twin Tails

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***Author’s Note: This is the first entry it what I hope to be a longer story. As such, there’s a bit of an intro to set things up. Future entries will have more action, but I worked a few into this one.***

Brent’s credit card bill for the month seemed higher than usual. He and his wife had separate cards. He also kept his business expenses on his company credit card, so he had a pretty accurate running total of his card’s balance in his head every month. He cursed under his breath as he went over the charges on the card, thinking about all of the hassle he was going to have to go through to get a new card and change all of the account info on his recurring bills. It wasn’t the end of the world, just another hassle he didn’t need right now. He hoped that this wasn’t an identity theft issue, but since he ran a self-started security company that focused both on home and cyber security, he wasn’t too worried. He scrolled down the computer screen on the home computer. There it was. About halfway through the bill, he saw three separate purchases that stuck out at him: a $349 Coach purse, a $48 purchase from Adam & Eve, and a $330 purchase from Victoria’s Secret.

“Some teen-aged bitch is robbing me blind”, he muttered as he opened another tab on the screen to look up the card company’s fraud reporting phone number. There, staring right back at him on the new tab screen were links to the most visited sites on this machine. The top few were news and entertainment sites, but near the bottom of the page were Victoria’s Secret and Coach. He had undoubtedly seen them before and thought nothing of it since his wife and daughters were prolific window shoppers on the web. He constantly battled with his twin 18 year olds about how much money they could spend on what he called “useless crap” and they called “necessary items”. He clicked the Coach icon, which brought up the website. Someone was logged in already so he clicked on order history. Sure enough an order for one purse totaling $349 was made recently. He pulled up a picture of the purse on the website. It was a petite handbag made of white pebbled leather with the Coach symbol prominently displayed. Very dainty and cute, but it would also be very unique and easy to spot in this house. Next Brent clicked on the account information, but whichever of his daughters (or potentially his wife) had set up the account had used his name and the email was one he did not recognize.

Brent had started his own home security company when he was just 22. He built it from the ground up and included various tiers of service, the highest of which included private investigation of any break-ins or thefts from a client’s home. This is what had set his business apart from the standard companies. He had even gone through the state’s certification process to get his P.I.’s license. While he didn’t close a lot of cases, his customers appreciated the personal touch. Over the years his company had grown and changed with the times. Even now at 46 years old, he stayed current and was well versed in cyber-security, camera based home security, and any other trends that kept his company ahead of the curve. As he scrolled through his computer, he put those skills to work. He was going to come down hard on whichever of his girls had done this to him. If there was nothing Brent hated more, it was being treated like a fool, especially by the family he provided for. He pulled out his phone and took photos of all of the information he could pull. He went to the Victoria’s Secret site to do the same. Sure enough, little-miss-criminal mastermind was too stupid to cover her tracks. Two sets of silky but relatively tame pajamas had been ordered under his name to his address. They were satin camisole tops and loose cut satin sleep shorts, one set of pink and one of baby blue. More risque sets of thong panties in red, green and blue came next. The red ones were silky but the other two were an almost translucent mesh material. The thong in the back accentuated the models rear without showing everything, like a G-string would. Last was a sleeping gown that was pure white silk and was so short that it barely covered the model’s ass. As he scrolled through the pictures of the models and captured the images and information, Brent found his cock had started to stir. In the back of his mind he could not help but start thinking of his gorgeous daughters as the ones modeling the underwear.

The twins were both 18 and had already developed into stunning women. They were fraternal twins, both of whom were adopted at the age of 12, when Brent and his wife Katrina saw a story about them on the local news. Their parents had been killed by a drunk driver and no family had ever been located. The kids had languished in foster homes for about year when the news picked up the story as a humanitarian piece. Katrina had begged Brent to take them in, saying that they would get along with the couple’s own daughter Danielle, who was just turning 15 at the kadıköy escort time and was now 21. Katie took to her new parents like they were her own. She was always loving, polite, and made every effort to make Brent and Katrina proud. She had grown to about 5’8″ tall, 115 pounds. She had straight auburn hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back. She was fit from years on the school’s volleyball team. Her thighs were taught with muscle but her butt still had just enough giggle to make the boys at the games stare. Her breasts had kept up with her ass. At a full C cup they bounced and swayed with every bump, set and spike. Despite her athleticism, Katie remained demure and committed to her parents’ wishes, never stepping out of line or making any waves. She was so shy that she had only had a few boyfriends.

Rebecca on the other hand had seemed to hold her new parents accountable for the deaths of her birth parents. She never did anything too extreme, but always kept them at arms length no matter how much they loved her. Her grades were never the best and she got into spats with teachers and students alike. As she grew older, she too developed full breasts that defied gravity. She became a runner since team sports “weren’t her thing” as she liked to say. Preferring sprints and the pole vault, her 5’10” frame was well muscled at 120 pounds. She kept her wavy dark hair shoulder length, but often put it up into a ponytail which made her C cup tits stand out.

“Time for some old fashioned snooping” Brent said as he pushed those thoughts from his mind. He was alone in the house while the wife and girls were out shopping. While he assumed that the rebellious Rebecca was the culprit, he couldn’t rule out Katie, Katrina, or even his oldest Danielle. At 21, she was away at college but came home about once a month and still had a bedroom. She had always been a good girl though and he could not imagine her stealing from him. Even so, he started in her room first since it was the least cluttered since most of her stuff was with her at school. As he looked through the panties in her drawers, he couldn’t help but start picturing her and what she was likely doing at school. If the twins were considered hot, Danny was on fire. An almost identical copy of her mother, she stood 5’11” at a svelte 118 pounds. She had full D cup breasts, a smooth tummy, and legs that could crack a fire hydrant. She kept her straight blonde hair down to her shoulder blades, but often had it pinned back in whatever style suited her that day.

“These would make any girl’s ass beg to be squeezed,” Brent mumbled as he fingered a pair of white lace hip hugger panties. It was a close decision but Danielle had the best ass of his three girls… Woah, better stop right now he thought and tossed the panties back in the drawer. Back to business man. As he closed the drawer, he realized he never looked at the shipping dates on the orders. He pulled the screen shots back up on his phone. Sure enough nothing was scheduled for delivery until tomorrow. Brent knew he had to act fast, but if he had enough gear, he could lay the perfect trap before anyone got home.

The house already had a great security system set up with multiple external cameras backed up to a server in the house. While those would come in handy, Brent wanted to get inside angles to catch the packages being opened. Anyone could bring them in thinking they were for dad, but only the one who placed the order would open them. Between his work truck and his home shop Brent had about 20 wireless cameras. He immediately set to work removing the housing from them to make their profile more discreet. With the housing off, the cameras were little more than small stalks with a battery pack. He also had a few that already looked like smoke alarms, clocks, and other innocuous items.

He started in the twins’ room. The twins still shared a bedroom apparently because “twins share everything.” The girls had always insisted on it. He put cameras at every angle he could think of, tucking them into air vents, ceiling tiles, anywhere they were unlikely to be noticed. He managed to place one in their bathroom just in case they opened the package in there. He wired Danielle’s room and decided to put two into his own room just in case. He added a single camera to each of the common areas of the house to get at least some coverage in each room. He would add more cameras later if he needed them. Brent put all of the cameras onto a separate server that he set up in his office. He set everything to record and linked the server to his phone for remote viewing. He smiled at his family as they walked in with all of their shopping bags, confident that nothing was left out of place. Now all he had to do was wait.

The next day at around 3:30pm, Brent was in his office at work when his security system alerted his phone. Someone had just turned off üsküdar escort the house alarm. This was the usual time that the girls got home from school if they didn’t have practice. Normally no big deal but not today. He had seen the packages get dropped off on his doorstep earlier in the day when his phone had alerted him of the motion. He had really spent the rest of the day staring into space and imagining what level of punishment he was going to hand out. He was so mad, he even briefly considered going to the cops with his case. He could not believe how betrayed he felt and how stupid they must think he was. He cast all of those considerations aside as he watched Becky pick up the three bundles from the porch and carry them in. Katie had volleyball practice today and wouldn’t be home until Kat picked her up around 5:30. That left Becky home alone.

Brent switched cameras on his phone as she went room to room. Most of the cameras had both digital zoom capability and high quality audio so he plugged in an ear bud as she entered her bedroom and closed the door. Becky dropped the packages on her bed, let her book bag slide to the floor as she plopped down on her bed. She opened the Coach bag first, examined it for a minute and then placed it in her book bag. Next she went for the Victoria’s Secret box. She pulled out the two pajama sets, putting one onto her bed and the other onto her sister’s. Brent was a little disconcerted by that. Was it possible both girls had ripped him off? He expected it of Becky but not Katie. Rather than confront Becky right away, he would have to wait and see what Katie did when she got home.

Meanwhile, Becky had pulled out the silk nighty and the thongs. She pulled her shirt off and stood up while unfastening her pants. Brent suddenly felt like perv watching his own daughter strip. He told himself he was just documenting her theft, but the bulge forming in his pants said otherwise. Becky now stood by her bed in a pair or basic tan cotton panties and bra. Even in the bland underwear, her athletic body brought Brent’s cock to full attention. He quietly walked over to his office door and locked it still telling himself this was just documenting a crime as he sat back down. Becky undid her bra and slipped out of her panties.

This was the first time Brent had seen Becky naked as a woman. His feelings of shame quickly faded when Becky picked up the gown and started rubbing the silky material of the nightie over her unblemished skin. She caressed her perky breasts with one silk covered hand as she pressed her other hand against her belly. She began to slide the material in small circles against herself. She cupped her tits one after the other, giving each a firm squeeze as she swirled the material over her nipples. Brent noticed that Becky had surprisingly small nipples, just slightly larger than chocolate chips. He wondered if they would taste as sweet. They seemed especially sensitive as each tweak and squeeze brought out a quiet moan from his daughter. Brent’s cock was now bulging against his pants. Still he was torn between what he saw on his phone and the fact the he was her dad. …adopted dad…the voice in his head reminded him. Becky now had both hands on her tits, rubbing the silky material in ever more forceful circles over nipples and moaning freely. Brent could see that her hips had started to slowly buck as she played with her titties.

“Fuck it. I guess I’m going to hell”, Brent sighed as he gave in and unzipped his pants. Just as he did, Becky stopped rubbing herself and put the nightie on. She let the fabric cascade down her body and gave her nipples one last tweak before she reached for the final package. She scooted back on the bed and leaned back against her headboard. She pried off the tape and peeled open the top of the Adam and Eve box. She reached in and came out with a big fat dildo. It was about 10 inches long overall, but the bottom couple of inches were the balls. Brent guessed the shaft and head, which were extremely realistic looking, were about 8 inches long and a couple of inches thick. It was pretty massive toy for a tight teen pussy. Possibly mirroring his thoughts, Becky stared at the dong for a long moment. She gently, almost reverently, slid her hand up and down its length. She squeezed the head and then slid her hand down and did the same to the balls. She bounced the cock in her hand a couple of times as though testing the weight and then lifted it to her face. Brent thought she was going to start sucking it, but instead she gave it a tentative sniff. As she examined the dong from tip to base, Brent thought to himself that this must be her first time holding a dildo. The sight of his daughter holding the massive cock near her face sent a shiver through Brent’s own 9 inch member that was now pointing right up at him.

Becky forced her eyes from the dildo and laid it on her belly as she reached back into the box. Her hand emerged holding tuzla escort a bottle of lubricant. Becky popped the top and squirted an blob of the slippery liquid into her hand. She slid her finger through it and then rubbed it against her thumb. She gave the gel a sniff just like she had done to the cock. Brent wondered if she would insist on smelling his cock if he could figure it how to get it in front of her face. He doubted though that his would be the first dick she had seen. He was pretty sure she wasn’t a virgin and had a steady boyfriend currently…Chip or Chet or some other douchey name.

Becky picked up the dildo with her lubed up hands. She began to rub lube onto the shaft and head of the cock, delicately at first. With each few strokes she sped up her pace. It looked to Brent like she was running some kind of scenario through her head. Maybe she’s pretending to jack off her boyfriend he thought. Becky paused her strokes to lift the hem of her gown above her hips. Brent was rewarded with a perfect view of his daughter’s pussy. She was shaved bare except for a tiny dark patch above her mound. Her lips were swollen and glistening with pussy juice. Becky bit her lower lip as she placed the head of the cock against her gash.

“Oh god”, she moaned as the slid the head up and down her slit a few times. She let the cock head press against her clit on each stroke. Each brush with her clit brought out another soft moan. Brent had started to work his shaft, mimicking her motions and pace as she worked the dildo back and forth between her pussy lips. By now the dildo glistened with a coating of a combination of lube and Becky’s pussy juices. “Now fuck me”, Becky whispered as she placed the bulging cock head against her dripping opening. She pushed upward on the dildo, making the head slowly start to spread her hole as it snaked its way into her. Brent could see her pussy straining to accommodate the girth of the big dildo. Becky eased the cock back out only to push it back again. Each time she managed to push it a little deeper into her sopping wet hole.

“Oh fuck”, she whimpered as the head disappeared into her canal with an audible plop. “Unnnng…fuck me”, she gasped as she pushed the dildo deeper and deeper into her cunt. After slowly gliding the dildo in and out a few times, Becky had managed to get the full length of the cock buried in her snatch. She pressed up on the base of the dildo forcing every last inch into her. She held it there, sucking on her lower lip, breathing heavily, and relishing in the deep full feeling of such a big cock filling her tight teenaged pussy. Holding the cock in place, Becky slid her other hand to her clit and began to massage her bud.

“Fuck yes. Oh…oh..uh…uhhhh. Fuck me now.” Becky suddenly started pumping the sopping wet dildo in and out of her pussy. She slid it out until the tip was almost visible and then plunged it back to the base. Faster and faster she pumped the dildo. It began to make wet slurping and plopping sounds as she fucked herself as fast as she could. “Oh god. Oh god. Yes…” Her hips bucked and her fingers blurred across her clit. Brent, matching her stroke for stroke was getting close to cumming. He stifled his own moans as he pounded his fist up and down his shaft. Becky’s feet came off the bed, her toes curled, and she let out a series of wailing moans as her orgasm rolled through her over and over.

“Ohhhh, ahhh, fuck, fuck. Fuucckkkk!!” She savaged her gash with deep stabbing strokes of big rubbery dong. Plop, plop, plop. The cock plunged wetly in and out as she spasmed. The head board slammed against the wall each time she bucked. Brent had been jacking his shaft in the same plunging strokes that Becky was using. He stifled his own moans as he felt his balls start to contract. “Ooohhhh!” Becky gasped as the last wave of her massive orgasm finally subsided. Brent still worked his cock even though Becky appeared to be winding down. She was still laying naked, panting and slowly pulling the dildo out of her drenched pussy. She was whimpering and whispering to herself. “Oh that was so good.”, she said, and then much quieter, “so good daddy.”

Brent’s shock at what he had heard hit him at the same as his climax. Thick ropes of cum rocketed out of his cock onto his dress shirt and across his desk. “Uhhh, fuuuck.” He tried to keep quiet but Becky’s final words sent him far over the edge. He kicked his legs under the desk and bucked in his seat as streams of spunk gushed over his dick and pants. A knock at the door brought Brent back to Earth. “Are you OK Mr. Johnson?” It was Tammy, Brent’s secretary. She was now jiggling the handle.

“I’m fine Tammy. I’m fine. I just lost a big client and then banged my fist a little too hard. Sorry about that. I need privacy though while I try to call him back.” Brent kept his breathing under control and tried to sound relaxed. He guessed Tammy bought it because he heard her retreating to her desk. Brent’s clothes and desk were a mess. Becky was no longer in view on the bedroom camera either. One thing at a time he thought. He could always review the video later. Oh and I will, he thought as he began to wipe himself off. Despite the near embarrassment, the theft, and the mess he had made, a huge smile crossed Brent’s face as his plans took shape.

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