A Taste of Lesbians

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My lover Miguel, all of 27 years old, had a question:

“So you ever do anything with another girl?”

“Uh – what?”

“Never? You just like a man?”

“Well, if you really want to know, there were two times when I did have something happen with another woman.”

He leaned back on the sofa. “Yeah? Tell me.”

So I did. As I started to talk, he reached over and took hold of my left foot and caressed it and massaged it. Then he leaned forward and put his mouth right over all my toes! He sucked on my toes and rolled his tongue on them! Wow, it felt so crazy! I squealed and pulled my foot back.

“Oh God! Please, don’t – don’t – I can’t stand it! I can’t talk if you do that!” He leaned back again, one arm behind his neck. “Ok.”

I began the tale:

“When I got divorced, pretty much everybody I knew started asking me out and I just went out with anybody, with all the men for sure. And there was this one couple – very free in sexual matters, who took a great interest in my new freedom.

So I sure did spend many evenings with the husband, a tall lean black guy, with a football physique, at their beach house. But anyway, the woman was my friend – she was really beautiful, tall, and she had an incredible, really well-formed body, like a model, black skin, with a soft smooth perfect dark coffee and cream color. She was from Trinidad, I think. Anyway, she invited me to have lunch at their place.

Of course I went. I was pretty sure she was going to tell me about some guys she knew who wanted to meet me, now that I was divorced. She greeted me in pink short-shorts, a tiny white halter, looking very California cool. We sat at a patio table just off the kitchen.

So we are having lunch and drinking wine out of these big silver cups. I had not eaten much, not really any breakfast, and had nothing in my stomach. So almost immediately, I started to get all dizzy. Like, I spilled the wine all over me – it was crazy. I don’t know if she had put something in my drink, but now as I think about it, I am pretty sure she definitely did, ’cause – really, it was weird. I mean I only had a few sips, and then I couldn’t even hold the cup properly! I tried to make it go to my lips and I spilled it on my chin and neck! I kept saying, ‘Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, I am making a mess! I don’t know what’s happening to me, I’m so sorry!’

(Miguel started laughing at that. He found this part of the story very funny.)

She did not seem surprised bursa escort at all, and she said, ‘Oh no, no, you’re fine, you’re probably just tired. Come on and rest over here.’ So, holding me around the waist with both her arms to steady me, she took me into another room that was filled with huge bean bag chairs. She gently helped me lie down and I just felt altogether groggy, so I just let my head fall back and closed my eyes.

I was wearing this colorful pretty printed thing, all swirls and flowers in orange and blue – a jumpsuit, basically, as it was all one piece made of some kind of stretchy fabric and I had no bra or panties – as I didn’t usually wear a bra with that anyway and I hardly ever wore panties. But with that clothing, I mean, if I had to pee, the entire thing had to be removed – there were no zippers or buttons at all. So next thing I realize is, she had pulled this whole thing off me. She just put her hands out and started at my shoulders and she pulled it all down and completely off! And I was bare-naked.

The thing is I was feeling ‘spacey’ weak, somehow, and I wasn’t able to react much, or even protest. She started kissing me and caressing me all over my face, and on my neck and she sucked on my nipples a little, so softly. Then she just put her mouth between my legs and licked my … well, you know – she licked me. Her tongue was so warm and gentle, delicately moving on all those places – it was thrilling and I couldn’t believe how good it was. And honestly I loved it, it felt fantastic, and I surely did not try to stop her. Anyway I was simply so weak and way too groggy to do a thing. Then I fell asleep.

When I woke up it was about 6 pm – wow! I remember being rather surprised that she was sitting beside me, still! Or really, I guess maybe she had let me sleep and had come back. Anyway, she was there; and then she took her shorts off, and her halter top too, and she lay down on another beanbag and spread her legs. I guess it was pretty clear that I was supposed to do things to her, and I started to – I tried to do it. But I just couldn’t put my mouth between her legs. Looking right at her female parts, I couldn’t do it.”

(I looked at him and his cock was swollen huge under his jeans! I said, “OMG! You get hot with that?” “Ohh, yeah,” he said, with a little smile. “So what about the other time?”)

I began the second story:

“That was one of those wild parties we went to, in Topanga Canyon and I think Malibu, bursa escort bayan and just fancy houses all over L.A. There were always LOTS of parties and people just got naked and stuff all the time. No one cared. I was at this place in L.A. with some people we knew but many others we did not know at all.

Everyone was using weed and maybe lots of other stuff, whatever, I guess. There was one gigantic room where I guess you could say they were doing, like – an orgy or whatever. You know, it was a lot of people having sex with others in the same big room. There was an entire swimming pool right in the middle of this room. I guess, well, I think it was actually some kind of a screened-in garden or something. This house was owned by some very rich people, no doubt of that. There was wine, beer, hard liquor and all kinds of food, fancy stuff – there were people carrying trays of little nibbles to taste and there even was a fire-pit in the side yard. Smoke and incense and candles and such a huge garden full of palm trees and exotic plants and flowers, a big gorgeous gazebo, people playing live music … just a really lavish event.

(I looked over at Miguel, who seemed very attentive, and was quite settled in for more of my ‘woman’ experiences.)

“There were so many parties like that, which we went to in those days. I wore such crazy clothes! I was wearing this thing that was not even a dress, just a big piece of cloth with nothing else on at all – no bra, no panties, and I had tied it in a knot over my chest and the rest of it just hung down – it was a large piece of rayon fabric, printed with big splashy orange and yellow flowers. It fell loosely around me, yet showing my body shape here and there when I moved. It just hung well; you know, it sort of fell together so it wasn’t ‘open’ exactly, and I could walk around and it still seemed to be ‘closed’ in front; but one touch and it easily opened because nothing was holding it together! Like a sarong, you know?”

(Miguel nodded slightly. “Yeah, sounds good. I’m thinkin’ about it!” I shrugged and smiled at him and said, “I still wear stuff like that – as I guess you know! I just don’t wear ‘regular’ clothes unless I have to go out of my house.” Suddenly he moved forward, reached over and grabbed my hand and pressed it on his obvious hardness – but his pants were still zipped. I blinked at him, realizing that my story was getting him very hot all over again, but he was letting me know that he did escort bursa not want any distractions from the main theme of what he wanted to hear about. “So tell me!” He nodded at me to continue.)

“Ok, so there was one woman, maybe Latina or East Indian or some mix of something, honestly, I am not sure. She had a darkish complexion, and very short black hair, cut just like a man, and most females there had pretty long hair. And she was so lean and strong, muscular almost like a man, even a pretty flat hard chest. Somehow I knew for sure and right away she was lesbian.

She was quite appealing, and I liked the way she looked at me – masterful and direct. It actually turned me on. Anyway she came over to me and didn’t say a thing – but she took my hand and led me straight over to a large round air-mattress or whatever it was in an area on the other side of the pool. I just followed – very docile, not resisting in the least. I don’t know why I was like that; I just was a complete fool; I let anything happen. She got this leather harness thing and she put it on around her hips and it had a big leather – or maybe it was rubber – fake penis on the front! She just got on top of me and put that thing right inside me! No other kissing or touching at all.

If I had to say it, she kind of raped me almost – except I did not even resist or say one word – I just let it happen. I don’t think that I was very wet, but maybe I was, more than I thought, cause it did go in pretty quickly! Or else probably she had put some kind of lubricant on it – I don’t know! But I did not much like it, I didn’t feel very good with it. So that’s my two women stories.”

Well, he seemed quite pleased with these tales. I got up and went to the other sofa, the big long one, and sat on the farthest end of it. He was still just reclining, lying back on that loveseat, one arm behind his neck and one knee bent, legs apart. Then he got up and sat on the other end of the big sofa, putting his legs up on the coffee table. He had been at my house for about three hours. It was nearly 7 pm.

We had already made crazy hot love for more than two of those hours. Of course, Miguel is a non-stop sex machine. My young lovers! But I wondered how much more he wanted to do. He looked over at me where I was, about three to four feet away. “Come over here.”

“No!” I shook my head. But then I just twisted toward him a little, holding the pillow against my cheek. He started to move towards me, then suddenly he was worried:

“Hey, what time is it? Oh damn! Man! I gotta go! Nevermind. He gave me a quick squeeze on my ass and it made me jump. He smirked and smacked my butt once, then got in his truck and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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