A Typical Day, NOT!

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What if? What if sex was normal? Not normal like it really is. I mean normal as in accepted as something we all enjoy?

What if people used sex as a way to show appreciation, given as simple favor? What if after the neighbor mowed my grass, I gave him a bath, then fucked on the living room couch? When my husband came home, his only response was, “thanks Bob.” And then he grabs two beers from the fridge for himself and Bob.

What if we as a society decided that shaking hands was so Neanderthal? It’s not like we go around carrying clubs. What if we just gently placed our hands on the other’s genitals instead? Regardless of gender, we simple gave each other pleasure.

Sex is just another way to please other people.



I quickly finished entering the number in the spreadsheet I was working on.


“Hello, this is Jenny,” I said after picking it up.

“Hi, Jenny. Yolanda. Dan Williams is here to see you.” Yolanda was the receptionist here at Farnsworth Medical Supply. Dan would be the guy that I was to interview at 9:00.

“Okay, Yolanda. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“I’ll let him know. Bye.”

“Thanks. Bye, bye.” I hung up the receiver and looked back at the spreadsheet. I was in the middle of documenting the IP addresses I would assign to the devices at a new sales office. I quickly added one more address and saved the file. That done, I stood up to leave.

“Hey, Jenny!” Matt shouted from his cubicle as I left my office. “Can I do you for lunch today?”

“Not today,” I replied. “I’ll be doing Jack at lunch today. But if you and Wendy want to sit with us, that’s fine.”

“Okay, we will. Doing anything special right now?” Matt asked.

“Going to get Dan Williams. I’m interviewing him for the new opening.”

Matt let out a soft sigh. “See you at lunch.”

I walked down the hallway formed by more cubicles and down an actual hallway to the lobby. Other than Yolanda, there was only one other person in the lobby. Dan was about 5’6″, dark brown hair, looked to be about 23. There was nothing really remarkable about his appearance. He nervously held a small portfolio in his left hand.

“Hi, I’m Jenny Raven. You must be Dan Williams.”

“Yes, I am. Thank you for meeting with me.”

Dan and I extended our hands. Just as my right hand cupped his balls, his right cupped my left boob. He gently hefted it as if gauging its weight as I ran my hand up the length of his cock. I gently squeezed and rubbed his cock as Dan did likewise to my tits. He kept his fingers spread a little to increase the sensations my nipple felt.

It was a warm, late spring day, the first day since last fall that the temperature was above 80. I wore a sheer, tan colored bra under a blue lace blouse. My nipple could easily feel Dan’s attentions. Dan’s cock started to stiffen and so did my nipple. I let go of Dan’s cock. We didn’t kiss. This was a formal meeting and so we weren’t so forward.

“My office is this way,” I stated. I took a quick glance at Dan’s crotch just before I turned away. His pants tented quite obviously.

Walking down the hall, Dan was on my right. So he switch his portfolio to his right hand, then placed his left hand on the small of my back. He slid it down to my ass as we walked and played with the zipper. He didn’t unzip my skirt. He just ran his fingernail over it to let me know that if I wanted him to, he was willing to unzip me and let my skirt fall to the floor. It was a subtle way for an interviewee to suck up to the interviewer.

Two of the Alanya Escort Bayan younger accounting clerks walked by and both said “hi” to the tent in Dan’s pants. Jack stopped us.

“Jenny, don’t forget lunch today.” Jack placed his hand on my tit.

“Not a problem,” I replied, slipping the fingers of one hand down his waistband. My fingertips could feel the head of his cock, unimpeded by his pants. “Matt and Wendy will be eating with us, also.”

“That’s fine,” Jack replied as he looked down to give me a quick kiss. I took my hand out of his pants and Dan and I continued toward my office.

“Jack and I have been at Farnsworth for a lot of years,” I said to Dan as a way of explaining the kiss. I didn’t want him to think I would kiss just anybody.

Just before we reached my office, Wendy walked by. She said a real sweet “Hi” to Dan but wasn’t talking to the tent in his pants. Instead, she held out her hand and rubbed his cock as she walked past. I wasn’t sure if she actually liked Dan’s looks or if she was thinking “fresh meat”. Knowing Wendy, it was probably “fresh meat”.

Reaching my office, I motioned Dan to one of the chairs opposite my desk. Walking around, I sat in my chair. Picking his resume off my desk, I looked it over one more time. I leaned back, resting my elbows on the chair arms. I put my heels where the wheels were, which had the effect of raising my knees some. Instinctively, I parted my legs. With the desk between us, there was no way for him to see the tops of my thigh high hosiery, the lack of panties.

“So, tell me about yourself, Dan?” I asked him. He proceeded to give me the standard biography in short form. Next came a half hour of technical questions. He had a little bit of experience in Linux servers, a little experience in remote networking.

“And why are you leaving your current job?” I asked.

“I’ve been dating my boss’s daughter. Betty’s a junior in college. My boss is okay with it, but there is a problem. He has another daughter named Kim, 19, senior in high school. I don’t care for Kim. But, my boss makes me fuck Kim every time I take out Betty. I have to do her in the living room as the boss and his wife watch. Like I said, I don’t care for the younger daughter.”

“Preferring the older one…” I paused, and then asked, “What about his wife?”

“She’s definitely good lookin’. And she has the sexiest, pouty lips. She keeps promising me a blow job “if I’m a good boy”, but I haven’t gotten one yet.”

I realized that he wasn’t afraid of an older woman. I wondered if the 12 years that I had on him would be close enough.

“Okay, Dan, let’s talk some more technical. What’s the first octet of a class A private IP address?”

“Ten, like you.” Dan was quick with the flattery.

“What’s the first octet of a class C private address?” I asked rapidly.

“One ninety two,” Dan replied confidently.

“Good.” I thought for a moment on what to do next. Then I thought of the spreadsheet I had been working on before Dan came in. I opened the file back up. “We’re opening up a new sales office in Toledo. I’m working on the new IP address ranges for the location. Could you come over here and take a look with me?”

Dan stood and set his portfolio on the chair. He came around on my left side. I was still looking at the screen, but could see his head bob down, then up in my side vision. From his vantage point, all he could see was the top of the thigh highs. Dan bent down some to see the screen better and placed his right hand on my knee. As we talked about Alanya Escort the technical aspects, Dan rubbed my hosiery covered leg. Then he caressed me a little higher, playing with the top edge of the hosiery. I was pointing to a number with my right hand, and put my left hand between his legs from behind. Curling my hand up, I grasped his hardon. By this time, Dan was rubbing my whole thigh, including the bare part. But he kept a respectable distance from my pussy. As he was rubbing towards it, I scooted my ass forward in the chair and his hand brushed my pussy. Taking it as a cue, he slipped a finger between my very wet lips.

I placed my hand on his to hold his hand on my pussy. “Well. It seems you have a very good grasp on things,” I looked up at him. “But, I need to improve my grasp.”

I took my hands from between his legs and off of his hand. Using both hands, I unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzipped Dan’s pants. They dropped to his ankles. Dan had gone commando that morning and his cock stood straight out. I had a good profile view of him. The head had a purplish hue and the whole thing was extremely stiff. It was a decent seven inches of delicious looking cock. I swiveled my chair to face him. Cupping his nuts in one hand and stroking his cock with the other, I looked up and smiled. Dan faced me and looked down, smiling as well. He probably thought that my stroking him was a good sign that he’d be hired. He reached down and started to rub my tits. Neither of us said anything. Every stroke upward that Dan made on my tits raised the blue lace top a little higher. It wasn’t long and Dan was rubbing my tits through the thin material of the sheer bra. I leaned forward a little and Dan bent down more. Resting his head on my shoulder, he wrapped his hands around me.

In a hoarse, lustful whisper, Dan said to me, “I love your perfume.” By the time he finished saying that, he had the clasp of my bra undone. Dan straightened up some and looked down at me, his hands on my bare tits.

“Eat me.” I ordered. Dan was quick to obey. He didn’t even take his hands off my tits. He just knelt and buried his head between my legs.

You can learn a lot about a person by the way they go down on you. Are they quick to get you off so that they can then have their own pleasure? Or, do they tease in a masochistic way, never getting you off? Dan’s oral skills were well balanced and well appreciated.

He lapped at my juices, teased my clit, pulled on my cunt lips. His hands caressed, kneaded, and pinched my tits. After the third orgasm, I needed a cock.

“Dan, you can have the job on one condition,” I told him. He looked up at me with raised eyebrows. I reached into a desk drawer and took out a condom. “Fuck me. Fuck me right now and you can have the job.”

Dan stood up, his hard cock pointed right at my face. I quickly leaned forward and went down on it hungrily. His cock was hot in my mouth and I loved it. But I didn’t want to give him a blowjob. I wanted to get fucked. Keeping one hand on his cock, I tore open the condom with my teeth. I took it out with my teeth as well, and tossed the empty wrapper. I deftly rolled the condom down Dan’s cock. Pulling Dan by his cock, I wheeled my chair back until it was against the wall. I slid my ass to the very edge of the seat and leaned back.

“Fuck me, now.”

Dan wasted no time in squatting down and sliding his cock into me. He put his hands on the chair back for support and started to slowly fuck me. I wrapped my legs around him.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast,” I demanded. Escort Alanya Dan quickened his pace. We fucked hot and heavy for about five minutes when a huge orgasm hit me. It started in my pussy, shot to the top of my head and then dropped all the down to my curled toes.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck, harder. Fuck me harder! Fuck. Fuck me. Oh shit! OH FUCK ME!”

I panted hard and quickly as the orgasm washed over me. Even as I relaxed my legs around Dan, he began to stiffen and really fuck me hard.

“That’s it, honey. Fuck me. Cum deep in my pussy. Give it to me, honey. Make your new boss happy.”

Dan finally pushed himself as deep into me as he could, pushing me back against the wall. After a brief pause, he slowly pumped my cunt, coming down from his own orgasm.

I watched Matt walk past my office, giving me a wistful grin. I winked at him and gave him my ‘just fucked’ smile.

Dan pulled out of me and stood up. “Thank you,” I told him. “I think you’ll work out nicely here.” He was about to pull the condom off when I stopped him. “I don’t like to waste things around here,” I told him. I sat up and took his cock in my hand. I went down on the slowly shrinking cock. Then on the way up, I stopped at the tip. I bit the very tip of the condom and broke it. I sucked most of his cum from the condom.

Dan leaned against my desk and I leaned back again.

My legs were still spread, displaying my fresh fucked cunt. My blouse and bra pushed up above my tits. With a foot on either side of him, I propped them on my desk. I began to go over the compensation, vacation, and benefits.

Dan looked and nodded at various things. When I finished, he looked down at my tits, then said to my fresh fucked pussy, “I think I’ll like the benefits here just fine.”

“Okay, you can fix yourself now.” I stood up and went about fixing my bra as Dan tossed the used condom in the trash. I unzipped the skirt to tuck the blouse in and when I zipped it up, Dan finished zipping himself up.

On the way back to the lobby, I asked Dan, “So when can you start? Do you have to give two weeks notice?” Which really meant, how long do I have to wait to fuck you again.

Dan was half a step behind me, his hand rubbing my ass, occasionally cupping a cheek. This time, I had a hand on the front of his crotch, holding his limp cock.

“I probably should give two weeks notice,” Dan replied. “But, I don’t really want to. I could start Monday.” Dan gave my ass a good, firm squeeze. We reached the lobby and stopped.

“Great!” We both turned some, my other hand could play with his crotch better. Dan had one hand on my ass, the other hand on my tit. “Can you come in early? Say about 6:30? It will give us time to fuck before we get started.”

Dan broke out in a big grin. “I would love that!” he said as he gave both my ass and my tit a squeeze.

I gave his cock a final squeeze of my own. “Okay then, see you Monday morning.” We both turned and Dan left the building, I headed back to my office. I looked at my watch. It was only 10:30. That meant that there was still an hour and a half until lunch.

Back at my office, I noticed that Dan’s portfolio was still in my office. Curious, I opened it to see what kind of notes he may have taken. There was only one sentence written. “She is so hot, my dick hurts.” I smiled at his sentiment, glad I was able to ease his pain.

I incorporated some of the suggestions Dan had made. They didn’t really matter, but when he saw them on Monday morning, it would help give him a little confidence.

And something made me want to please Dan.


Please, don’t ask me for an interview. And no, I didn’t have sex with Dan when I did interview him.

I will be putting up a ‘Part 2’ fairly soon. It will continue the day starting with lunch.

Thanks for reading!

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