A Very Insistent Father Ch. 03

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Jake Hancock and I decided to sleep in the morning after an extremely strenuous evening, night and even a few interesting bouts of intimacy after midnight.

I told him I thought we should both call into work this morning and delay going in until the afternoon. Then blushing I suggested, “Besides, that’ll give us a chance to fuck at least one more time.”

He grinned. “Did I ever tell you, I love the way you think, Cricket?”

Each of us kept our eyes open and riveted on the other person’s eyes as his hips moved up between my thighs and his long thick erection found that the pliant cleft of my cunt gave way to his insistent probes. My concentration was on those deep brown black eyes. All I felt was the thrill of an entire world spiraling inward to center at the junction of where his loins met mine, where my body sensed his massive flesh prodding inside of me.

Well that morning Jake Hancock made me cry. First he lied to me and told me I was the most beautiful in the world for the whole time we made love. That’s okay. I can handle that kind of lie. However, he later told me that I was the best lover he’d ever had and that the mere fact that I’d given into his request as quickly and wholeheartedly as I did made him feel like more of a man.

More of a man? Every time I felt the bulk and width of his erection slide into me, I had no doubts about his manliness.

Finally after not too much coaxing my young man closed his eyes, grunted a deep shudder out loud which echoed through the bedroom and I felt the wet, sticky heat which told me that we’d become pair bonded once again. More of a man? Good lord, the amount of sperm that young man leaves behind when he cums!

Anyway, he thanked me for loving him, and he said I was the best lover he’d ever had again, and he loved me. That’s when I started crying. I couldn’t help myself. I told him I loved him and wanted only the best for both of us, so naturally that made him want to continue making love to me.

I think I must have awakened around 10:30 am or so. It looked like Jake was still asleep. I went into the bathroom to pee and then to shower. Jake woke up almost immediately and I watched his glistening muscular body start to step into the shower as I stepped out. Even though I was drenched and had a head full of sopping wet hair, we stopped long enough to exchange a lovely lingering good morning kiss. It was that special kind of kiss that only comes the morning after. I told him I’d grab him another towel and walked toward the towel closet. Naturally, when I turned my back to him, my bare ass presented a prominent target which Jake’s hand slapped possessively.

I brought him back a clean, fluffy towel as he climbed into the shower, and I continued to dry myself off. Then I wrapped the towel around my head grabbed a loose terrycloth robe before I went into the other room.

Once I walked into the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator door and pulled out a bag of fresh spinach leaves, a couple of onion greens, celery leaves and a slice of green pepper. I also pulled out a litre of ice cold water and my triple green powder. If I prepared them ahead of time, it doesn’t take long to assemble the ingredients in a blender. Soon the noise of the blender filled my apartment as my green spinach juice liquefied at high speed. I set the timer for thirty seconds and allowed the mixture to frappe for the full half a minute.

“Whoa! There’s a partially naked woman making all sorts of nasty noises in the kitchen,” Jake said when he walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Whatcha doing?” “Making my green juice. You want to try it again?”

I noticed a curious expression cross his face as he shrugged. ” Heck, I’ll try anything as long as it doesn’t kill me.” Then he broke into a big grin. “Duh! If it killed me, then I could only try it once!”

“I’ll just pour you a little glass.”

I pulled a small juice glass out of the cupboard and I poured him half a glass. “Don’t start until I pour my own,” I said. Whereupon, I poured myself a full twelve ounce tumbler full of liquid.

“Cheers,” I said and we both slugged the initial drink down.

“Oh that’s still just as disgusting as it was yesterday!” Jake grimaced after the first swallow.

I laughed. “Some people never get used to it, I guess.”

“Why in God’s name do you drink this stuff?”

I placed my hand on his cheek and brought my face up close as if to kiss him. “Do you remember how moist and accommodating I felt when you thrust deep into me last night and this morning?”

He whistled softly and nodded his head. “It’d be hard to forget.”

I smiled. “This is one of the reasons I give certain long and thick intruders such intimate gushing baths at just the right moment.” Then I downed the rest of my glass. “It’s both giving and selfish on my part. Besides it doesn’t hurt that all my careful prep makes my partner feel loved, too.”

A nice bulge began to build up behind the towel he had wrapped around his waist. I reached down to fondle Casibom the bulge behind the towel.

“We’re not going into work til this afternoon, right?”

“Got something on your mind?”

I sighed. “Let me finish my green juice. I think I’m going to need some extra internal moisture, don’t you?”

He reached out and took me into his arms. “Like I said, I love the way you think.”


I went into the lounge on the third floor at break-time and there’s this TV there which is usually tuned to cable–CNN or some other cable news, you know. So as the lunch break progressed what came on but that commercial for one of those dot-com dating and match-up services.

Suddenly I had this whacko idea, and I wanted to get it down on paper.

My idea:

A shaved bald-headed young black man with a big smile, big brown eyes and a handsome face stands next to a very light brown haired, older white woman who doesn’t smile as widely, but her eyes definitely beam when she looks up at him. Leaning against him, she keeps looking up at his face shyly but possessively. She is very white, but her cheeks are so pink they almost glow.

The black man begins. “Imagine our surprise and delight when eSexuality.com matched so many of our traits in common.”

She smiles into the camera. “They match you to an individual who really fits your needs.”

“Right!” He dropped his head close to hers. “If you look forward to making love to your partner after a Saturday night out on the town, eSexuality.com will find you the woman of your dreams.”

“Exactly,” the woman replied. “I had no idea that their questionnaire would need my opinion about our compatibility as far as the girth of his penis and my pussy–but there it was!”

“From the very first she was perfect to slide my cock up into for hours at a time.” He grinned even wider. “And our compatibility questionnaire even included the important question about whether she’s willing to have children.”

“So do we recommend eSexuality.com?”

“For hours at a time!” He throws his arms around her and kisses her neck.

She laughs and squeals. “Oh you!”


I was so happy to get off work that afternoon, as I’d made a rather important dinner date with Jake. He took me to a dark atmospheric bar in the Heights I’d never been in before. It seemed like a pretty straight place mixed black and white crowd. All rather comfortable. Dinner was really good. The food tasted very spicy, but flavorful.

When we were almost finished with our meal, Jake made a demand that startled me.

At first I couldn’t believe it when we sat in an out of the way booth and my lover whispered in my ear and instructed me to go back to the Ladies room and remove my panties as Jake was planning to keep them in his pocket for the rest of the day. I was shocked so I’m sure my face must have turned red. I know I protested, but he kept demanding, so to keep the peace in the restaurant, I gave in and headed for the powder room.

I felt so cheap sitting in a stall, stripping off my panties and putting them in my purse, but I did it anyway. When I came out, Jake stood up and gestured that I should sit next to him on the same side.

Hesitantly I slid into the booth.

Then Jake told me to give my panties to him.

“Nooo…” I whispered in protest. I clutched my purse on top of my lap.

“Give ’em here.” Jake demanded. I know I blushed again and pulled them out, quickly slipping them to him under the table.

“Uh-uh…Over the table. Where everyone can see.”

I turned red. “Jake, I can’t!”

“You can and you will.” He held out his hand flat right in the center of the table. “In fact, now I’m going to have you wait one minute more before you hand them to me.”

“What do you mean?” I looked into his eyes. “Why?”

“You’ll see.” Jake took a swig from his beer. “Okay, hand them here right now.”

I placed my balled up panties in his open hand over the table, but he let them spread out so just anyone could see what I’d handed him. Then I realized that he’d timed our little drama perfectly as the waiter was seating a table full of three couples out for a pleasant evening at the very next table to us.

I felt the heat rise up along my neck and cheeks.

“Thank you, Cricket.” Jake told me very loudly. “I’ll hang onto these for the rest of the night.” I watched him stuff them into his front pocket. Then he pulled my appetizer plate closer to him.

“Scoot over here right next to me.” Jake instructed, and I moved until my thigh was up against his.

Then I felt Jake’s near hand slip under the hem of my dress and slowly work its way up my thigh. Our smart assed waitress came over to check on us. She looked at my soda water. “Are you planning on nursing that thing all night, hon? We got a business to run.”

“She’ll have another one.”

“Jake, I don’t want another one.”

“Sure you do. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

Enjoy myself? I was a bundle of nerves already, and that’s when I Casibom Giriş felt Jake’s hand slide slowly deliberately under the hem of my dress up my thigh to rest on my bare leg.

I looked over to Jake as his hand continued up my left leg. “What’s going on here?” I murmured softly.

“A little exercise in trust,” Jake replied. And with those exact words, two of Jake’s fingers slipped between my sensitive pussy lips. I know my eyes must have widened showing shock at every single movement their fingers made. We stayed seated through another beer for Jake and another soda water and lemon for me. All the time we sat close to each other, my young companion boldly had his hand up my dress, fingering me under the table.

I fought the urge to cum in public as long as I could, but I know my face, neck and chest flushed red as at least twice as I succumbed to two silent shivering orgasms right at the table. Finally, Jake pulled his hand away.

“You ready to go back, Cricket?”

I sighed in relief. I don’t think I could’ve taken any more. “I suggest you wash your hands before we go.”

Jake looked at me. “What a great idea! Thank you, dearest.”

Now he had me confused. “Thank me for what?”

“We should be okay here for about five or ten minutes.” Jake took me aside and whispered into my ear. “Follow me to the men’s room and wait outside until I give you the signal.”

“What?” I looked into his eyes to see if he was putting me on, but his eyes were serious.

“You heard me. Haven’t you ever done something on impulse before?”

My disbelief hung in my voice. “Impulse?”

“Go on, babe.” He took my arm. “Follow me back into the restroom.”

I walked hesitantly behind Jake and watched his back disappear into the men’s room. In a manner of moments he opened the door and signaled to me. I ducked into the men’s room not really caring if anybody saw me or not. I got the feeling this wasn’t a unique activity in this bar. Jake grabbed me by the arm and rushed me into a stall. Closing the stall door and pushing me against the graffiti covered wall, he then grabbed the bottom hem of my dress and lifted it up past my hips.

“Hold onto the skirt material for second, Cricket.” He undid the front button and zipper of his jeans and dropped them to the floor and then pushed down his boxer shorts. “Oh my God, Jake!”

“Shhh!” Leaning hard into me, my young lover guided his dick right up to my cunt, and with two or three well aimed jabs, he pushed his cock straight up between my labia lips. He began to thrust and jam eagerly with erected dick, trying to bring both of us to a quick climax. Unable to help myself, I gasped out a soft moan into his ear.

Suddenly, we both heard the men’s room door open. I did my best to stifle my moans against his chest while we waited in panic. Then we both heard the sounds of pee splashing against the porcelain urinal.

Once he heard the sound, Jake continued to shove his erect penis slowly up into my open pussy–all the while the stranger urinated. Finally we heard the sounds of the sink running, a soap dispenser and then the door opening again.

He picked up speed once more. Clamping his mouth hard against mine, he pushed his tongue into my mouth with the same erratic rhythm that his cock pressed up into my loins. I half heard and half sensed the low sounding grunt of Jake’s impending orgasm. He shuddered through a guttural growl of pure excitement and I felt the throbbing excitement of the young black man’s orgasm spew up into my open pussy. He dropped his head onto my shoulder, panting and gasping.

“We’d better get out of here.” He reached down to grab his pants and boxers. I dropped my skirt and felt the thick liquid flowing and seeping down the inside of my thighs. After Jake opened the stall door, I went straight for the paper towels and started to wipe between my legs.

“We don’t have time, Cricket. Wipe yourself down later.”


On the first weekend we were together, the two of us went to a bed and mattress store to shop for a queen sized bed for Jake’s house. The twin bed of his was way too small and it wasn’t always convenient to wait until we got back to my apartment to share our intimacy.

We found a great bed at a great price with guaranteed delivery in three days.

Since he paid for the bed, I figured I’d better get him some new pillows and queen sized bedclothes.

Three days later, Jake left work early to await delivery of the bed.

As you can guess, Jake and I christened the new bed and mattresses as soon as I got the sheets on and made the bed. He really liked the new pillows. Believe me his old pillows were sad–something like the thickness of a gym mat…Sigh!

Naturally he couldn’t wait to get me out of my clothes. Sunlight streamed in through the western window so our lovemaking had that glowing “look at you…look at me” quality about it. And he’s got such a damn gorgeous body! We examined each other’s body in the daylight and I was turned on because Jake seemed Casibom Yeni Giriş to be openly thrilled about my whiteness. The contrast between our skins didn’t hurt my libido either. Guess that’s my “fetish.” I confronted him and asked him if the real reason he fucked me was because of my color. He told me that like so many black men before him he’d always had a taste for white meat (yeah, he put it exactly like that) and because he wanted his son to be an amalgam of both of us. He said that’s what counted for him and when he read my bio on one of the interracial sites and checked out my picture, he fixated on me. Not to mention that he discovered we lived so close together.

That’s why I was surprised at his response when I sent him the “real” snapshots jpegs from the present…he reiterated that he still wanted…me! I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask him why…

Again it’s apparently part of his fixation with me. I asked him how come he didn’t pursue younger white women and he hedged. I guessing that his younger white conquests showed little interest in giving into his audacious baby demands.

All the time we’re having this discussion I’m flat on my back with Jake balanced on top of me and my naked white pussy stuffed with an equally naked black cock. Naturally we are both rather distracted occasionally. The final distraction came when Jake showed me how much he wanted to bring a baby into the world.

“You realize you’re mine for life, don’t you, little mama?”

Little Mama! Oh, what a turn on that was. I went wet and bathed his probing dick. Soon we went wet together in a place neither of us could see, but both of us knew instinctively.

By the way, the bed feels really great. When we finished making love, I conked out for half an hour or more. When I awoke the inevitable happened again.

Jake’s fingers toyed with my earrings and twirled my hair as he looked down at my face. Both his hands went up by my face. “I can never get enough of your eyes, sweetheart. You know that don’t you?” However, I had to giggle as I also felt his presence much farther down. “Seems to me your main emphasis is more like three feet lower than my eyes.”

“Hey, I can multi-task with the best of them.” He kissed me passionately. “Kissing, staring into your eyes, probing you with my cock. I think I’ve got all that down pretty good.”

“You forgot to mention the part where your body sprays the inside of my body with all those living sperm cells.”

“Hah! You don’t really think I’d ever forget that part, do you?”

You know as well as I do, that sometimes you can sense the heat and wetness that comes with your partner’s orgasm and sometimes you just watch and experience your man shudder and lurch over you as he enjoys himself without regard to consequences. Well, this time was one of those wonderful moments when his body spewed so much warm semen that I couldn’t help but feel him climax totally inside of me.

“Arrgghh!” He raised his head and grunted over me. Then he dropped his head along with the weight of his torso down atop of me.

“It’s always good to know what a man really wants,” I whispered into his ear as I nuzzled and nibbled it with my lips.

Sometimes it’s the little things that catch you by surprise. I suddenly realized that my Jake had just spurted a huge load of cum inside my body and all I could see was the side of his shaved head, neck and left shoulder–and all of these features were a rich ebony and mahogany hue. The young man who’d demanded that I capitulate to his desires to conceive his baby happened to be a deep brown-black colored African American.

Naturally, all my thoughts and emotions concerning the very nature of that action coupled with the sensation of his cock burrowed so deep inside of me made my loins cum too.


I had been corresponding with an old friend from another state when I finally spilled the beans about Jake and what he really wanted from me.

Dear Kala,

Good Morning! It’s a special one for me. A while back I purchased a new thermometer to keep tabs on my body temperature during my cycle.

Well, Jake had the biggest smile on his face this morning when he announced that we had only one day to go until Day One. Right, he can be like that, after all his life doesn’t turn upside down for forty weeks…

I’ve never seen anyone so excited in my life. It’s like it’s the week before Christmas for him. Still it was very reassuring to make love and then wake up in our own bed this morning. I have to admit I feel really good about our relationship today. Maybe it had something to do with getting a good night’s sleep

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll check back later as things happen…

All my love, Cricket

Dear Kala,

Well, forget dinner. Forget preliminaries. Jake had me out of my clothes and on top of our bed soon after I arrived home. He told me that since this is the most important five days of his life, we should share it on the bed which we bought together.

He looked down at me from above with those hungry dark eyes, his weight perfectly balanced between my naked thighs and his exposed erected young cock sheathed entirely inside my pussy. I could tell he was thrilled by bridging the gap between our bodies.

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