A Walk in the Rain

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This Earth Day story is dedicated to celebrating sex as an instinctive and natural way of self-expression – sex comes as naturally to each of us as rising in the East does to the sun. I’ve truly enjoyed reading everyone’s words about my earlier stories. Thanks so much…please, please keep ’em coming :). xoxoxo. Alicia

Dave opened up her ass cheeks and spat on her brown bum hole. He was a huge fan of body fluids and hated manufactured lubricants. A thin layer of her natural blonde hair grew around the hole. Strangely the sight of that hair added to Dave’s arousal. Kylie had never tried removing that hair. She was on all fours waving her ass in the air for him when she felt his spit hit her asshole. Simultaneously a shiver of excitement ran down her spine. Her stomach muscles tightened in anticipation of the impending ass fuck. She had never done it before with anyone. But she felt truly comfortable with Dave. Dave was her man and she loved him. Her heart told her she would explore all with him.

They had met while attending the same church on Sundays. Kylie was serious and reserved; the type that rarely ventured beyond a kiss on the first few dates. Men were little boys and they amused her. She was aware of her body and desires yet knew that only true love would give her complete satisfaction. At age twenty-five, five-seven, blonde, green-eyed, ample breasts, sexy ass and with curves in the right places she inevitably drew whistles from the construction worker types. Kylie had made Assistant-Manager of a restaurant franchise and someday dreamed of owning a restaurant of her own.

Dave was a couple of years older, three inches taller, great shoulders, long brown hair and eyes, and a cute ass or so Kylie thought. He picked up an interest in computers while in the Navy. Following an early discharge from the Navy, Dave had found work in one of the new computer companies. A geek, no doubt, he loved working out and staying fit. They got talking and soon discovered that they shared small-town childhoods, a common love of nature and all things natural.

“I cut my own hair and hate men with too much after-shave,” laughed Kylie.

“Oh, yeah? Haven’t cut my hair since I left the Navy and haven’t owned an after-shave since I broke up with my last girlfriend,” he said.

“How was she like?” she asked feeling a stab of jealousy run through her.

“She thought I was weird and smelled bad,” he laughed.

She felt relief. From that moment both of them knew they were onto something special with each other.

Three days later they met for coffee after work. It was a small coffee shop near a busy intersection. They sat looking out through the glass window at foot traffic. Dark clouds overhead soon gave way to rain. Rain drops splattered on the window panes.

“Haven’t walked in the rain since I moved to the city,” sighed Kylie.

“What’s stopping us now?” said Dave.

Kylie’s eyes widened.

“You want to? My apartment’s not too far away,” she exclaimed. The thought of seeing Dave’s chest wrapped in a wet shirt was appealing. Even more appealing was the thought of having him take off his wet shirt.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Kylie and Dave walked down Third Avenue. The rain was coming down hard. It was cold and both shivered as they walked in the rain. Kylie stamped through a puddle laughing.

“This is fun!” she said aloud holding out her palms for rain drops.

Dave kicked at another puddle splashing water towards Kylie. She screamed in feigned surprise and reached to plant a friendly punch on his stomach in return. He caught and held onto her hand fiercely. Their wet rain-covered faces were two inches apart. And then before either was fully aware of what was going on their lips locked in a hungry kiss. Her lips were cold from the rain. But her mouth was soft and yielding. Dave pulled her body close to his. She was shaking from the cold. His hands wrapped around her body and she felt secure and cozy in his arms. Her knees felt weak and deep desires were stirring Cebeci Escort in unknown realms of her body. She had never felt this way before. As Dave tasted her mouth he felt a deep animal stirring in his loins, a rush of something very primitive that made his cock grow hard despite the rain and cold.

Then they were in her apartment tearing at each others’ clothing. Dave’s long hair now thoroughly wet was plastered on his back.

“You look so sexy Dave,” she whispered kissing his bare chest and flicking his nipples with her tongue. Dave looked down at Kylie. Her shirt was sticking to her body outlining her well-filled bras. Dave’s heart beat faster at the sight and excitement surged through his body at the thought that he would in the next few seconds get to see her tits. Instinctively he fell on his knees in front of her and proceeded to unzip her jeans. Kylie was surprised but let him do what he wanted. He pulled her tight wet jeans down with some difficulty as the wetness made the fabric stick to her skin. Underneath she was wearing white panties. Dave kissed her pussy through the fabric of her panties. The sweat and rain mix around her pussy smelled heavenly. Wrapping his arms around her soft waist Dave ran his tongue over the outline of her clit and pussy. Kylie let out a low moan. He pressed his mouth and tongue harder pinning her clit on her pelvic bone and felt Kylie respond by grinding her pelvis into his face. Licking and planting kisses on the insides of her thighs as he caressed her ass, Dave had the innate desire to see her pussy. She had a small clit with hair above but she had shaved off the hair below clit level – the hair that surrounded her pussy that is. Pushing her panties to the side then pulling them off altogether he let her grind for a while then lifted his face, and tongue still hanging out, started the upward journey towards Kylie’s tits. She felt his warm tongue run through her pubic hair, on her rain drenched tummy and felt her tummy muscles quiver. Then she felt his hands undo the clasp of her bra. Her heart raced in anticipation. Soon his mouth would be on her boobies. Her nipples had long hardened in the rain and cold and she wanted to feel his tongue on them. Dave didn’t disappoint her and expertly rolled his tongue in wide circles on her tits eventually zooming in on each nipple in turn. He sucked on each of Kylie’s nipples and then sucked as much of each tit as his mouth could accommodate. Kylie felt glorious wet juices racing to her pussy. Pleasure spots on her nipples and tits were afire. Only one thought reverberated through her pleasure-filled mind – she had to fuck Dave, like now!

Kylie pushed him down on the couch. Bare-chested, he lay back watching her naked body. Standing at the edge of the couch she pulled his jeans off. His cock was semi-hard pointing towards his belly and outlined under his blue briefs. She straddled his chest facing his cock; he watched her ass and back. Her pussy made wet streaks on his chest while she ran her tongue over the length of his cock through the fabric of his briefs. Since his cock was pointing up towards his belly her tongue hit the super-sensitive underside. He felt his cock harden from the pleasure of the sensation. Dave felt her mouth wrap around his balls still through the briefs. Kylie took a deep breath savoring the aroma of Dave’s crotch. At that point she only knew one thing – she had to suck this cock.

Kylie took off his briefs and Dave’s cock bounced into view. She could see the pink head swelling up as his cock bobbed from side to side. A drop of pre-cum appeared on the slit and Kylie licked it off. The pre-cum tasted slightly salty and she wanted more. As Kylie’s lips wrapped around his cock Dave groaned in pleasure. Her lips were still cold from the rain but her mouth was warm and wet. She was salivating over his cock. Dave felt her drool run down the length of his cock to the base as she licked the head. Then he felt her cold palm wrap around the base of his cock as she started sucking. Kolej Escort Kylie sucked his cock and simultaneously decided to have Dave eat her pussy. Dave had closed his eyes and was groaning in pleasure from the sucking when he smelled Kylie’s pussy, then felt her sticky wet pussy brush his lips. Dave started eating her pussy with broad strokes of his tongue thoroughly enjoying her taste. Dave had eaten pussy in the past but none had tasted so right! Something inside told him Kylie was his girl and his girl alone. Meanwhile Kylie was giving him the best blow job of his life. Dave felt his balls tighten and he knew he would have to cum pretty soon. He didn’t want to quite yet. So he pushed Kylie off from top of him and she landed beside him on the couch. They looked into each others’ eyes. They had this amazing synergy going. Both instinctively knew what the other wanted. She took up position ass in the air. Never in her life, serious and reserved as she was, had she imagined going doggie for any man would come this easy and naturally. She had thought going doggie is like presenting both your holes in an all revealing manner. Nothing to hide, just fuck me anyway you please, I am your bitch. Kylie knew she would get there someday but only with the man she truly loved. And now she was there.

Dave slid his cock into Kylie’s yielding wet pussy and started fucking her with powerful strokes. As he fucked her Dave threw his head back groaning in pleasure, a complete animal. His ass tightened as he plunged his cock into her hole and the pleasure emanating from his crotch area wreaked through his body. As he fucked harder Dave felt sweat forming on his forehead and armpits. She felt his cock rocking her, his rhythm pushing her to cum. She felt her juices from inside her pussy build then explode in a cum all over his strong cock. But his cock continued fucking her relentlessly. She felt his balls slap her clit. Their bodies moved together, rhythm perfect made for each other. Two animal bodies locked in a mating ritual passed on and perfected over thousands of generations – an act that had landed the species at the top of the food chain on planet earth. As he opened his eyes to look at the awesome sight of his cock sliding in and out of Kylie’s pink pussy Dave couldn’t help note the sexy soft curves of Kylie’s body. With his hands holding onto the curve of her waist, even as his cock slid in and out of her pussy making a slurping noise, Dave decided he wanted to slap her ass cheeks red. Kylie yelped in a red mix of pleasure and pain as she felt Dave’s open palms land on her ass cheeks. She felt her ass cheeks warm under his palm. The pain from the slapping mixed with the pleasure of his cock fucking her pussy hole was unbelievable. Kylie felt her breath getting knocked out of her. She was gasping and moaning now. Then she felt Dave stop and strangely she guessed what he was going to do next and that only increased her excitement. Dave wanted to fuck her asshole.

Later she would confide in Dave that the most erotic feeling for her during the whole encounter came from the sensation of his spit hitting her asshole. It was at once so animal-like and sexy. People don’t spit – they might lick but spitting is considered uncouth, maybe ‘un-lady like’ for a woman to enjoy. Dave’s tongue explored Kylie’s asshole. He licked all around and then tongue-fucked her hole opening it up. His tongue was prepping her hole for his cock. Kylie buried her face in a pillow as Dave stuck his cock on her asshole. Although he prodded both her holes Dave didn’t enter her. Kylie moaned wanting his cock inside but Dave continued to tease her by sliding his cock from one opening to another. Both her holes were slippery from a mix of Dave’s spit and her juices.

“Fuck me, please,” she moaned. Dave was waiting for her pleas.

“You want my cock in your holes, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” she moaned again her eyes shut tight, her fists balled.

Satisfied with her pleas Dave wet his cock’s Rus Escort head by sliding it into her pussy. Then he started pushing his cock into Kylie’s tight asshole. Kylie screamed into the pillow in pain. Her screams made Dave push harder. Soon the whole length of his cock was inside her asshole. With his cock fully inside her asshole Kylie felt all the breath knocked out of her. No scream came out of her even as she tried and her eyes rolled back. She was in total pain but for some weird reason she liked it. Dave deliberately let his cock stay inside her asshole for what seemed an eternity to Kylie, thoroughly enjoying hurting her. Then he started fucking her asshole, first slowly then pounding her hole harder and harder. Kylie wondered where and how he would cum. She wanted his cum so badly now.

“Please give me your cum,” she managed to gasp. The smell of sweat and sex covered the couch in a haze.

“You want my cum?” he asked her through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, please baby, give me your cum,” she begged.

Dave pulled his cock out of her asshole. Kylie’s asshole was pink and opened up. Dave looked down at both her fucked holes and jerked off. She felt the first warm spurts of his cum hit her now sore asshole. The gooey cum soothed her fucked asshole and dripped down to her pussy hole. In order to give Dave a good visual to jerk off to, Kylie had been waving her ass sexily for him. The sight of her sexily waving ass made Dave spurt harder. Groans escaped him even as he felt all the sperm leave his balls. She reached back and squeezed the juice out of his balls.

“Give it to me sexy…give me all you got honey,” she whispered to him. Dave looked down at her sexy mouth and lips that had recently sucked on his cock so well and then back to her open cum dripping holes and squirted the last few drops from his cock. His eyes took in her perked up tits and sexy body as the last of his juices left him. The relief from the explosive cum was instant. Dave felt his body relax and unwind. He threw his head back and let out one last long groan of sheer pleasure and relief. It was an animal cry, a cry that announced the end of a primitive yet pleasurable act.

Dave lay on top of Kylie breathing hard.

“Oh, my baby, would you like me to suck you dry,” she asked. Dave nodded wordlessly. She held his now flaccid member in her hands and as he watched she slurped his cock into her mouth in its entirety. Remnants of his cum flowed down her throat and Kylie swallowed. She tasted her ass on his cock. Then she licked his balls and under down to his asshole. She lay beside him, her mouth exploring and soothing, legs pressed together enjoying the sensation of his cum on her ass and between her legs. Dave reached down opened up her legs and licked some of his own cum and her juices off her pussy and asshole. They didn’t realize this but they were instinctively getting each other ready for next time.

When they analyzed their first time together both would wonder what possessed them to act like complete experts with each other. Both of them had been able to anticipate each other’s desires and moves. They expressed a mutual satisfaction of their deepest animal passion.

“You were amazing my darling…the way you ate my pussy…so perfect…and the way you fucked my ass…loved that…needed that so badly…can only mean zillions of unsuspecting damsels before me, right?” teased Kylie.

“And, you my baby! Couldn’t help think how many times you’d sucked a cock or even taken a cock in your ass before…you did all of that so well,” joked back Dave.

“Hmm…I did all of that so naturally with you honey. Even stuff that I had never done before with anyone. You think sex comes naturally to each of us when we are with the right person?” asked Kylie.

“Yeah, true. Or, more likely, the company we are in brings about the chemistry. And there are all kinds of chemistry…I only know yours and mine is just awesome!” concluded Dave.

Dave and Kylie would always enjoy the wonderful chemistry they had discovered after that walk in the rain. Both never ceased to appreciate the magic that each had brought to the other’s life. Soon they discovered their sexual compatibility extended to other areas of their lives as well. The decision to move in together came soon after. Their lives changed forever after that walk in the rain.

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