A Walk in the Woods

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This is much shorter than my usual stories; I hope this “short and sweet” method works. Both participants are WELL over 18!



We walk together towards the woods, trees silhouetted against the last vestiges of a glorious sunset; a dog each, running the big fan-shaped route even non-working spaniels do. We enter the gap between the trees and I reach a hand towards yours, almost like we were teenagers again. You take it, softly squeezing my fingers before lacing yours between them. I look over at you, the russet-orange of the sunset highlighted in your blonde hair, your bright blue eyes shining as you look back at me.

Further we go into the quickening dark, walking slowly now, close together so my arm is diagonally across your back and my hand slips into your jeans pocket – just like I used to do. Just like you used to do, your hand is in my jeans pocket too, our fingers gently squeezing on the other’s buttock, revelling in the touch.

It’s almost dark under the canopy of branches now. We stop and face each other, other hands delving into rear pockets so all four are squeezing taut butt cheeks and I bend forward until our faces are mere millimetres apart.

We kiss softly at first, but in seconds we are invading each others’ mouths with probing tongues, desperate to taste the other, hands now pulling hips so our denim-clad groins slam together. Almost immediately my penis is solid in my jeans, painfully trapped behind the zipper and pressing firm against your belly. I feel your gasp as you push back against me, your fingers clawing my butt as you probe my mouth even deeper with your tongue.

I take my hands out of your pockets and cup them under your firm, round buttocks, lifting you up until your legs slip comfortably round my waist and I’m sure I can feel the heat from Alanya Escort Bayan your pussy against my shaft. I feel your heels against my ass as you press yourself against me again and again; I hold on to your ass with one hand, while the other slips under your loose t-shirt and slide upwards to find your breasts.

Your breasts are no bigger than they were way back then, b-cup at most but with thick, brown nipples. I can’t see them now, but I can imagine their appearance and can feel the crinkled texture against my fingers as I grasp them one after the other, squeezing them mercilessly as I know you love me to do.

I revel in your sudden exhalation as I pinch your tender nubs, as I revel in the feel of your soft tit flesh against my palm. I feel your hands slide between our bodies, squeezing your tits together as you reach for the snap of my jeans and flick it open. You push down with your hands, then your feet, until the jeans slip far enough down my thighs that my cock springs free and presses against your ass crack, the roughness of the denim scraping my glans.

It’s my turn to groan now, breathing my lust into your mouth.

You let your legs down so you can stand, my cock trapped between your thighs for a moment; it springs up again as you sink to your knees, directly into a hand which guides it to your waiting, lascivious mouth. Your soft lips slip around my shaft, sliding down towards my groin as you take almost my whole length into your mouth and throat.

You head starts to bob up and down on me, unseen but not unfelt. The thumb and forefinger of your hand circle the base of my shaft, your other hand gently fondling my heavy balls. It takes mere moments before I’m on the verge of cumming, but you knew how I would be and you’re ready. Closer, closer, then you pull Alanya Escort down firmly on my sac, preventing what would be an orgasmic explosion; not yet, not yet.

Once, twice, three times you bring me to the brink, then suddenly your mouth s gone and my throbbing cock is cooling in the night air. I hear a sudden noise, loud in the dark, then the unmistakable sound of a zip slowly easing . . . down? Of course. You move in close to me again, a hand grasping my shaft again and rubbing the head against the soft hair surrounding your well-loved slit. I can feel your juices coating my head, not unexpected as you’ve always been easily aroused by sucking cock. MY cock.

You turn around then so your sexy, round ass is pressing against me, my shaft slipping easily up and down your ass crack as you move against me. I move a foot or so backwards until my back is against a tree, bending my knees with my legs apart until my cock slips between your thighs, pressing upwards against your sodden pussy. I move minimally at first, just enough that I can feel the sensitive head of my cock slip between your plump nether lips. We both move minutely, me down and you up, until my cock slips inside you and all the way in until I feel your swollen vulva and round ass against my pubic bone and belly.

You bend over now, forcing yourself back on to me, my cock ramming hard inside you as you move. Straightening again, my hands guiding your hips, you push back time and again then, as though you were reading my mind, you grab my hands and place them over your gorgeous breasts, the nipples almost unerringly fitting between the thumb and finger of each hand so I can pinch them again and heighten your sexual awareness to even greater heights.

Once again, I am getting close to my climax. Even in the darkness, I can Escort Alanya tell you are too and I reluctantly relinquish my grip on your amazing breasts, my hands now grasping yours as you hod out your arms behind you. We have done this so many times it is almost second nature, hands gripping wrists for maximum purchase as we begin to slam against each other.

My cock is completely filling you on every stroke, I can feel your succulent ass cheeks shaking against my belly as I pound into you. I’m seconds away from my release when I feel you have reached yours; your hot cunt tightens on my shaft as you flood my balls with your juices, loud moans echoing through the trees as you vented your lust. That’s enough to send me over the edge. I’m not usually a noisy climaxer, but this time is way beyond my usual level of orgasm. I feel your inner muscles clamp down again as my sperm blasts inside you, three, four, no FIVE gushers filling your exquisite sex.

I’m glad I opted to lean against a tree; if not, I almost certainly would have fallen to the floor of the wood, taking you with me. As it is I can barely stand for a few seconds, gradually regaining my strength and helping you stand back on your own two feet.

We say nothing; no words are necessary between us after so many years. Slowly we kiss, our passion spent now so our kiss is soft and loving. We pull our underwear and jeans up and make ourselves presentable; I can only imagine the feeling of fullness and fulfilment inside you. For myself, I can still feel your juices on my cock and matting my pubic hair, a feeling I shall relish for the remained of the night.

Taking your hand once more, I lead us back to the path and we head back whence we came, the dogs waiting at the edge of the woods for us to put them on their leashes.

We head back to the campsite, spent, satiated and happy, though with a tinge of sadness, the dogs padding along slowly at our sides. We stop at the junction of the camp paths, a decorous peck on each cheek before we turn away and head back to the separate tents and our unsuspecting spouses.

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