A Weekend Seduction

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“OK then, see you noon on Friday,” I said to Jason, adding a, “Don’t be late!” as I watched him head back for afternoon classes.

Jason and I both teach at a local high school; I teach algebra and calculus to Juniors and Seniors while he teaches 8th Grade English and Politics classes. As a reward for our hard work during the past semester we had both been nominated by our principal to attend the Texas Teachers Workshop and Conference in Austin over the coming weekend.

Though I didn’t know Jason very well; our school has 3,000 students and 150 teachers, we had decided that we would drive to Austin together. Our plan was to to leave Friday afternoon, have dinner, and hit the conference Saturday morning.

My name is Amanda and I’ve been teaching math for almost fifteen years now. I love teaching kids, though most of my students are now young adults rather than kids. At least I think this is the case since a good proportion of them seem to spend their time in class checking out how I look and staring longingly at my breasts and legs. I’m thirty-eight, with a mane of shoulder-length blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and a tall, athletic figure which, I’m glad to say, is still able to turns heads on a regular basis. The only complaint I have is that my 32B breasts could be a little larger, although, as I mentioned above, they certainly seem to attract the attention of some of my students.

It’s nearly two years since I divorced my cheating, no good husband and it’s only relatively recently that I began dipping my toes back into the dating pool. Despite having had a number of dates with seemingly eligible men I hadn’t found anyone that I felt like being intimate with and as a result was more than a little sex-starved. I had been making very good use of my vibrator collection over the past few months, but pleasurable as that can be, I’d found that it was no substitute for having a real, hard cock buried deep inside me.

Lunch had provided me with an opportunity to get to know Jason better. I discovered that he was twenty-six, a graduate of Northwestern’s acclaimed creative writing program and somewhat devoted to the poems of Sylvia Plath. He sported chiseled good looks and a rugged, muscular body; the result of playing competitive rugby at weekends and the three times a week rigorous training sessions that he attended. To my surprise I also discovered that while he’s had a few girlfriends in the past, he wasn’t presently seeing anyone. This was surprising as I thought him to be handsome, funny and cute.

“I’m surprised that you don’t have a girlfriend, Jason. You’re intelligent, fit, and handsome – I’m sure that girls must have been falling over themselves to date you at college!”

Jason blushed a bright red. “I’m shy, Amanda. Yes, there were always plenty of pretty girls around but I just didn’t know what to say to them.”

Thursday evening I spent a fair amount of time considering what I should wear over the weekend, especially for dinner with Jason on Friday night. During the few days since we had lunch I had decided on a plan that would hopefully kill two birds with one stone! I planned to seduce Jason during our weekend in Austin and have him fuck my brains out. Not only would this satisfy my craving to have a hard cock inside me again but I figured that it might help him with his shyness around women.

As I already said, I had only recently begun dating again and therefore was in a dilemma regarding what to wear to in order to maximize my chances of attracting a twenty-six year old. I spent a good hour digging through my closet trying a variety of different outfits. In the end, I decided on my favorite ‘little black dress” since, in my experience, it can always be depended on to get a man’s attention. The dress was perhaps a little formal, however matched with my black strappy heels I felt confident that Jason would see that, despite being thirty-eight, I was still a sexy and attractive woman. I also made sure to add some of my sexiest underwear, as well as my favorite white satin baby doll, to my suitcase.

Packing complete, I decided to enjoy a relaxing bath before bed. I lit a few candles, poured myself a large glass of my favorite Chardonnay and lay in the warm water fantasizing about Jason taking me from behind with long, slow strokes of his cock. He was holding me in place by my hair as he powered himself in and out of me. Once in bed I couldn’t get that image out of my mind and I soon had my favorite vibrator buzzing across my engorged clit. I was exceptionally aroused and within just a few minutes I was sliding it deep inside my wet pussy while my fingers took over on my clit. My body craved pleasure and my fingers and the vibrator were doing a fantastic job of providing it. My entire body tingled as I pushed myself towards orgasm. A soft, drawn out moan escaped my lips as I increased the speed and intensity with which I pleasured myself.

“God yes,” I moaned as a powerful orgasm overtook me. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over my body and my red-hot Escort Bayan pussy clamped down tightly on the vibrator buried within it. I lay there for a few moments, exhausted, before withdrawing the shaft from my swollen lips. As I did, my body continued to send signals to the pleasure centers in my brain causing me to moan deeply once again.

“God, I really need Jason to fuck me at the weekend,” I said to myself before closing my eyes and losing myself to sleep.

Exactly on the mark of noon the next day, Jason pulled up in front of my house. Like a gentleman, he came to the door and carried my bag to his car.

“Hi, Jason! Right on time. I like that in a man.”

I smiled, planted a soft kiss on his cheek, causing him to blush a little, then followed him to the car. He was driving a BMW which I took to be an indication that he enjoyed the finer things in life, despite his tender age. Justin loaded my bag into the trunk before getting behind the wheel while I maneuvered myself into the passenger seat. I had chosen to wear a green khaki skirt that I thought accentuated my long and tanned legs, however I was a little wary of showing off more than just my legs since the skirt was certainly not school appropriate attire.

Glancing over, Jason said, “You look great today, Amanda. I hardly recognize you with your hair down.”

“Thank you. I love your tee shirt, I didn’t think guys your age listened to Pink Floyd these days!”

“Oh, I love them – their music is ageless and I’m always trying to get to grips with one of their guitar solo’s. I’m just sorry that I have never been lucky enough to see them in concert.”

“I have!” I said. “I went to see them when they played Houston about eight years ago. They sounded amazing and the show they put on to go with the music was just incredible.”

This started a long conversation about music and who our favorite bands were. Jason seemed surprised to find that my musical taste spanned the spectrum of classic rock to classical. I could tell that he was impressed that I knew of some of the local indie bands that play around town.

“How do you know about the Tontons? I’m amazed that a woman of your age has even heard of them!”

I stared at him and, looking a little sheepish, he attempted to get himself out of the hole that he had just dug.

“Erm…, I just meant that they aren’t very well known outside of the Indie rock scene, which tends to be focused on folks a little younger than you.”

Laughing at his discomfort, I said, “I’m a woman of varied tastes, Jason. However if you keep making statements like that last one, I doubt that you are ever going to find out what those tastes are!”

I reached down and moved my seat back, allowing me to stretch my legs. As I did, I noticed Jason surreptitiously admiring me out of the corner of his eye. I had chosen the short khaki skirt for just this reason and I smiled inwardly at the knowledge that he was enjoying the view. I moved around in my seat, allowing the skirt to ride up my thighs, providing him ample opportunities to admire them. It felt sexy to be deliberately displaying myself to Jason in this manner and I hoped that he would soon be exploring my thighs with his hands and not just his eyes.

We arrived in Austin around 2:30 PM which meant we had time to register at the hotel and conference, have a little downtime and before heading out to dinner.

“The hotel website said that there is a lovely roof-top pool. Fancy joining me there for a drink?” I asked Jason as we walked into the hotel lobby.

“Great idea! Let me get situated and I’ll see you in the pool in twenty minutes.”

I deliberately gave myself half an hour before heading down to the pool as I wanted to make an entrance wearing my favorite bikini. I had worn it quite a bit at the beach during the summer and I knew that it drew the attention of all men in the immediate vicinity! I smiled as I saw Jason’s head turn when I walked out onto the pool deck. His eyes locked on to me with a laser like focus as I walked over to find a towel before slipping in to the water beside him.

I enjoyed what I could see of his strong, muscular upper body and I wondered just how it would be to be wrapped in his arms, kissing passionately.

“Looks like we have the pool all to ourselves,” he said, splashing me playfully.

I squealed and began to chase him through the water. I jumped forward, splashing him and catching him round his neck. For just a moment his arms went around me and he held me tightly. I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me as he gazed at my breasts before releasing me and wading up to the bar.

“What would you like to drink, Amanda?”

“Mmmmmmm, long margarita on the rocks with salt, please.”

Jason handed me my drink. “Cheers!. Here’s to a great weekend. I think its going to be fun spending it with you.” he said, giving me chills as he looked me over.

We stayed in the pool for an hour and half, talking, playing and Escort roughousing. More than once Jason grabbed me under the water and I could tell he was becoming aroused by our physical contact. More than once I felt the large package in his trunks brush against my thigh or ass every. I hoped that our physical play in the pool might be repeated in my room later in the evening.

Jason was standing in the lobby as I exited the elevator at 7:25 that evening. He was wearing a white button down shirt with dark blue dress pants. He smiled and I could tell by the way his eyes followed me that I had chosen well with the little black dress. As I reached up to kiss his cheek I realized he was wearing just a hint of cologne.

“Mmmmm, that’s a lovely cologne. I don’t recognize it though, what is it?”

“Black Orchid by Tom Ford”, he replied. “It’s expensive but I find that most women adore the fragrance so I wear it for special occasions. By the way, I have to tell you just how stunning you look in that dress, Amanda.”

“Thank you. I always enjoy dressing up for dinner and I appreciate that you consider dinner with me to be a special occasion,” I said in the sexiest voice that I could muster.

“Who wouldn’t consider having dinner with a smart, beautiful and sexy woman to be a special occasion?” replied Jason, drawing a bright smile from me.

With that, we headed off on the short ten minute walk to a local restaurant renowned for its seafood. After a few minutes I slipped my hand into Jason’s and he grinned at me. I felt butterflies flit around my stomach as I knew that, in a few short hours, this man would be making me scream in pleasure as he fucked me.

We eat side by side and I flirted gently with Jason as we talked. Jason recounted a first date experience he had with another teacher at the school. Unfortunately, it had been a bit of a catastrophe and I laughed as he described how embarrassed he had been. The fact that he was able to laugh at himself was a major plus in my book and simply endeared him to me all the more. As we talked, my pussy began to flow as I mentally conjured up a vision of me on my knees in my classroom, taking Jason’s beautiful cock between my lips before being bent over the desk and fucked hard. A soft shiver rippled through me as I thought about having this 26-year-old guy fuck me to his heart’s content.

“I’ve really enjoyed this evening, Jason,” I said as we strolled back to the hotel. “I loved the story of your first date with Stephanie. It was too funny!”

When we arrived at the hotel Jason suggested a quick drink at the bar, adding that he wasn’t ready for the evening to end just yet. I realized that this was a great opportunity to put my plan into action.

“I have a bottle of whisky in my room. Why don’t we have a nightcap there?”

Jason studied me intently for a moment. I’m guessing that he was attempting to figure out whether I had simply offered him a drink in my room or whether I might be offering something else.

“OK, so long as you don’t mind,” he said with a smile.

He was a little nervous when we got to the room so I immediately poured two large shots of whisky and handed one to Jason. As I did so, I made sure to brush against him, sending a tingle through my body.

“I’ll be right back, I just have to visit the bathroom,” I said.

Before leaving earlier, I had planted my white satin baby doll in the bathroom. My plan was to change into this and then surprise Jason. Quickly stripping off my dress and underwear, I assessed my figure in the mirror. My breasts showed only the slightest hint of sagging and my nipples were as hard as bullets.

“Not too shabby for a thirty-eight year old,” I thought to myself, as I slipped the baby doll over my head. I momentarily debated not wearing the matching lace panties but decided that it would be much more erotic to have Jason remove them later.

With one last glance in the mirror, I opened the door and walked back in to the room. Jason was looking down, studying his phone, and I laughed at the look of shock and confusion that passed across his face when he looked up.

Stuttering a little, he said “Ermmmmm … I…I didn’t realize that you wanted to get ready for bed. Maybe I should go.”

“Jason, I put this on to make sure that you wouldn’t be leaving this room tonight!”

I saw understanding don on Jason’s young face as he grasped what was being offered. He stood up as I approached, looking first into my eyes before dropping his gaze to take in the rest of my body. I saw a tent starting to form in his pants.

“You are a gorgeous woman, Amanda, but should we be doing this?”

I answered by placing my lips over his and kissing him softly. After a few moments Jason’s lips parted and we kissed deeply and passionately. My arms went around his neck and he drew me close, his hardness swelling against me. His kiss was exquisite and I quickly lost myself as I gave in to the intense pleasure of being held and kissed by this man.

After Bayan Escort a few minutes I could take no more and I dropped to my knees, quickly opening his pants. I noted his powerful legs before fixing my eyes on the large bulge in his briefs. Quickly, I pulled those down too and wrapped my fingers around the stiff, fat cock that sprung up to greet me.

Jason was of average length but definitely somewhat thicker than I have been used to in the past. As I stroked his shaft I wondered how it would feel when he pressed himself between my lips and started to fill me. A drop of pre-cum had formed at the tip of his cock and, looking up at him, I flicked my tongue out to capture it.

Jason groaned softly. “My god, that feels good, Amanda.”

Lifting his shaft, I ran my tongue down the length of his cock until I reached his large, hairy balls, which I then sucked on, in turn, for a few moments. Returning my attention to his shaft I slowly engulfed the purple head with my lips, which drew another low moan from Jason.

Then, once again wrapping my fingers around the base of his rock hard shaft, I began to feed his entire length into my mouth. I loved the musky, salty taste of his cock and as I do always when sucking a cock, marveled at just how it could be so hard, yet so soft at the same time. I managed to take his full length into my mouth before slowly pulling my lips and fingers back down his cock, applying just the right level of pressure to make him groan.

I wanted him to cum so that he would have greater staying power when he fucked me, so I began to move him in and out of my mouth more rapidly. In a few minutes I could tell from his his breathing and moans that he wasn’t far away from filling my mouth with his seed.

I stopped for a moment and looked up at him.

“You can cum in my mouth, Jason, but you have to promise me that you will still be able to fuck me afterwards.”

Jason nodded his assent, “Please Amanda. I need to cum now!”

With that, I began to bob my head on Jason’s cock, urging him towards his first climax of the evening. He was becoming wild, holding my hair and thrusting his cock in and out of my lips. It didn’t take long until I felt his balls tense and with a deep grunt he shot a rope of hot semen into my waiting mouth. I felt spurt after spurt hit the back of my throat as he held my head in place. Gently I pulled my head away and looked at the gleaming tip of his cock before softly licking it clean of the last remnants of his cum.

“Thank you Jason. Your cock is a thing of beauty, thank you for sharing.”

I pushed him back onto the bed and moved next to him, laying my head on his hairy chest.

“Your cock tastes wonderful, Jason,” I said.

After a few minute of kissing and caressing I sat up and moved to a kneeling position so that I could peel off the teddy . I wanted to be naked for Jason so that he could see my breasts and shaved pussy. I looked over at his cock, expecting it still to be flaccid, but was surprised and pleased to realize that he was almost fully erect again. Oh, the joys of having a young lover!

I lay back on the bed looking at Jason and he seemed to know exactly what was required of him. He pulled me on top of him and, smiling up at me, proceeded to kiss me with passion. His tongue pushed between my open lips and I had a momentary vision of his tongue spreading the lips of my pussy, which sent a shudder through my body. He rolled me on to my back and as we kissed his hand found my breast and gently squeezed it. I closed my eyes and gave myself to the pleasure of him kissing and licking my body.

I gasped when he sucked a nipple into his mouth and a small moan escaped my lips as his teeth softly nibbled and bit on it.

“God, yes Jason. My nipples are so sensitive, don’t stop!”

He looked up at me, grinned, and went back to work on my tits. As he licked, sucked and squeezed I could feel his hand inching downwards towards my now dripping pussy. The need to feel him touch me there was overwhelming.

“Touch me…, I need to feel you touch me,” I whimpered.

He moved down the bed, positioning his head just below my waist and paused to breathe in the scent emanating from my shaved pussy. His fingers parted my outer lips and his tongue quickly zeroed in on my clit. Moving between my open legs, he ran his tongue all the way up my pussy, drawing a growl of pleasure from me. Next he drew my clit into his mouth and sucked on it causing me to grind my pussy on his face. He continued to lick and suck my hot, warm pussy for what seemed forever but was, in actuality, no more than a few minutes. I could feel myself getting close and I wanted to cum with his thick cock buried in my pussy.

“I need you to fuck me now Jason! I want your cock in my pussy.”

He moved over me and I could plainly see the desire on his face. I reached down, grabbed his stiff dick, and guided it to my entry. Jason slowly eased his cock inside me, causing me to moan as he filled me. He paused for a moment, watching my response, and then slowly withdrew until only the tip of his cock remained between my lips. He then began to fuck me in a slow, sure rhythm making sure that I received his full length each time he entered my tight hole.

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