A Welcomed Affair

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You had been married with 2 kids for several years now and life in and out of the bedroom and marriage had become stale and boring, the same routine sex each time when you and hubby did have it. Finally you had enough and decided to start looking outside of the marriage online in internet chat rooms to find it.

That is when you met me. We started talking one day after I had messaged you to find out where in Ontario you are. We found out we only lived a half hour bus ride from each other within the city limits. You lived in Ancaster and I lived in downtown Hamilton. Our first conversation with the odd bit of extreme flirting seemed innocent enough yet you found yourself thinking a lot about me and the possibility of us meeting and starting out as friends with something possibly more. Our second conversation became extremely heated when I had logged into chat and found you in the adult horny room.

It started out as me joking about us both being horny and led to a conversation regarding and describing how if I were there right now how I would make love to you. You became so turned on and aroused that you began masturbating. Needless to say I brought you through cybering that afternoon to a wonderful orgasm and made you cum twice. You were extremely wet afterwards and went to clean up.

Over the next several weeks as I waited for you to be ok and ready for you to be ready to meet we had several other wonderful erotic conversations and planned to arrange our first rendezvous as we got to know each other extremely well including trading of photos by email. Finally the day arrives and you go online right after the husband goes to work for the day and you get the kids off to school. You see me online and immediately messege me and inform me that you finally feel ready and ok to meet and go through with this.

You decide to dress extra sexy for me on this day. You know how I think you look amazingly hot in your tight jeans and black low cut shirt, so you lay those out. Then you pick out the red lace bra and matching thong, knowing I’ll love you in them, then for extra measure you pack your black lace teddy which is practically see through.

I excitedly begin making plans with you and we decide due to our respective living arrangements to meet at a motel.

We decide on a motel on Plains Road in Burlington off of York Boulevard as it is affordable and close for both of us to get to and is a middle meeting spot for us. On the drive downtown to meet me you realize you are both excited and nervous, and that your heart is beating 100 beats a minute, thumping in your chest, but that you are so sexually excited that you are getting wet with sexual excitement and anticipation. We meet at a Tim Horton’s downtown and then after grabbing a coffee we head to the motel.

On the drive to the motel I slide my hand between your thighs as you drive and I rub your pussy making you moan and I feel your dampness soaking through your panties and your jeans. You reach over with your free hand and start stroking my cock through my jeans and you feel how big and hard I get and you moan excitedly, now you can’t wait to feel me inside you. We walk in to the motel office and I pay for the room for us both and we walk to the room and walk in, closing and locking the door behind us.

I immediately take you in my arms as you take me in yours and we begin kissing deeply and passionately. We walk towards the bed kissing and still in each others arms, our hands starting to roam and remove clothing, me starting with taking off your sweater, t-shirt.

You remove my sweater and t-shirt. I kiss you deeply and passionately as I rub, squeeze and massage your large firm breasts through your bra which I love and I kiss and nibble on your neck, you moan softly and gently as you start to remove my pants, undoing my belt and jeans, and then pulling them and my boxer shorts down.

You take my now hardening cock in your hand and slowly begin stroking me, god it feels so good. I kiss down your neck to your breasts and lick and suck on your nipples. I start to undo your jeans and slide them and your thong off which I notice matches your bra, god you look so sexy and I undo and remove your bra, so we are now both naked in bed next to each other.

I suck on your breasts and I lick and suck on your now extremely hard nipples. They harden Anadolu Yakası Escort to my warm breath and my tongue and lips on them, as I also slide one hand to between your thighs and begin rubbing your warm and now very damp pussy. Feeling it get extremely wet as you moan loudly and tell me to eat your wet pussy. I hungrily lick and suck on your pussy and clit, tasting your sweet juices dripping in to my mouth and along my tongue.

You moan louder now and I tell you I want to 69 with you, so you turn your body and you straddle my face and lower yourself down to meet my waiting tongue. You feel begin licking you up and down slowly at first, then you get the first sensation of my tongue on your now waiting and throbbing clit. This drives you wild and you immediately lean down and run your tongue up and down the shaft of my now extremely hard cock. You lick around the head of it, noticing a small drop of precum forming on the tip, which you lick it off excitedly.

You moan at the taste of my precum and immediately lower your mouth down the shaft of my cock, engulfing it to nearly the base deep throating me. I thrust up in to your mouth as you come down on it because feels so fucking amazing and I slide 2 fingers deep in your now very wet pussy. I curl them to rub your g-spot as I lick and suck on your clit. You begin grinding your hips into my face as you get closer and closer to cumming. You moan louder and louder, suddenly I feel your pussy muscles clamp on to my fingers as I plunge them in and out of you fast, hard and deep as you orgasm.

I then have you lay back and this disappoints you as you desperately wanted me to erupt in your mouth. But I wanted to hold on to it. I slide my body between your thighs and you feel the head of my cock against your vaginal opening. You want me inside you so bad you nearly want to scream at me to put my cock in you, but you know what is in store next. You watch and feel me rub the tip and head of my cock up and down your pussy, then the shaft. You love being teased and being made to beg me to put it in you. “OMG Mike I want your cock in me so bad right now, please put it in me, I’m begging” you whimper.

Slowly after rubbing it all over your pussy and coating it in your juices, you finally feel me pierce your pussy with my cock and slowly slide it in you. This triggers a mini orgasm which makes you feel even tighter to me and I love how it feels. Finally with one last push and thrust you feel me enter you completely, filling you. “OMG Fuck my pussy Mike” you moan and I begin to thrust in and out slowly but with long hard deep thrusts. You pull me into you by wrapping your legs around my back.

I lean down and we kiss deeply and passionately as I fuck you. We make love in the missionary position for a bit then you have me pull out, because now you want me from behind. You love getting it doggy style, having your hair pulled and your ass smacked. I stand behind you as you bend over the bed and I push into you with one long, hard, deep thrust. “OMG Colleen your pussy is so hot, tight and wet, it feels so fucking good” you hear me moan, with which you reply, “God yes Mike, fuck me hard and deep”.

I grab your hair and pull your head back for a long passionate kiss as I use my other hand to alternate between fondling and playing with your large firm breasts and smacking your ass. Each time you feel me smack you it is a stinging yet pleasurable sensation for you and you moan louder, this also brings you to another orgasm.

After this orgasm I decide it is time for mine. I pull out and I lay back on the bed, which you know means that I want you to ride me.

You straddle my hips and start to lower yourself down but now it is your time to tease. You lower down so your very hot, wet pussy is just rubbing against my cock and you grind back and forth on it, rubbing it against your clit, along my shaft, and the head of my cock.

“God damn it Colleen just put it in you already” you hear me growl. You smile because you know this is a huge tease for me and frustrates me. Finally your reach back and slip my cock into your pussy, causing you to moan loudly. You feel me grasp your hips and smack your ass causing you to ride me harder and faster. You also lean forward so I can suck on your breasts and nipples as you ride me.

Finally I feel my own orgasm Kadıköy Escort building and I tell you I am about to cum, you want to feel me explode inside you but to avoid an unwanted pregnancy you ride me until I am right at the brink of shooting and you climb off and begin hungrily sucking my cock. I finally erupt in your mouth moaning ‘OMG Colleen I’m Cumming!!” You taste my salty yet sweet tasting semen filling your mouth.

You hold it swallowing only a small amount as I finish shooting jet after jet of my hot seed into your mouth and you then let it drip out. Basically you spit the rest out all over my cock, watching it run down the shaft to the base. Once it has all dribbled down you lick it all off of me, swallowing every last drop. You moan loving the taste of it.

Finally you crawl up my body and we gently kiss on the lips and you rest your head on my chest and we catch our breath and rest a bit in each others arms. Once we have relaxed, I get up and go in the bathroom and run a nice hot shower for us where we go for round 2. I step into the shower followed by you. We kiss each other passionately and I take the soap and I begin lathering your body. Starting slowly; at your neck and shoulders; which I lovingly and gently massage.

Then I wash and massage your back and around to your chest. I lather your breasts and then I rinse them off and begin sucking on them. You moan at my very touch and the feel of my mouth on your breasts drives you wild. You grab my head and press it into them. Then I lather the rest of your body, including your legs, ass and pussy. You nearly cum as I wash you down there. Then it is your turn, you wash my neck, shoulders and back, kissing my neck as you do it. You lather my chest then you kiss down along it as you work your way down the rest of my body.

Then you drop to your knees and begin stroking me to get me hard again. You lick all over my cock and take it in your mouth, god it feels so fucking amazing. I start getting hard in your mouth as you suck me and within minutes I am hard as a rock. You keep stroking and sucking my hard cock faster, taking me deeper in your mouth to the point you are deep throating me. I lift you up and pin you to the wall of the shower and spread your legs.

I enter you and begin thrusting hard and deep as I clamp my lips on your nipples one at a time, sucking and licking and nibbling on them. You ride me just as hard taking me as deep as you can in to your pussy. After a few minutes you tell me you want me to take you from behind and that you want me really deep inside you. I pull out and you bend over at the waist and I enter you from behind, sliding my full 8.5 inch cock as deep in your love canal as I can. I start thrusting hard and deep and fast, as I pull your hair and smack your sexy as which I love.

Within a couple minutes of me pounding you as hard and deep as I can, I feel my balls begin to tighten and my cock begins to throb which signals my impending orgasm. But I also feel your pussy begin to throb and tighten up around my cock, milking me of my cum. You moan and tell me that you are about to cum and I tell you I am about to cum as well and that I am going to have to pull out. You decide to surprise me by telling me to leave my cock in your pussy and to cum deep inside you. This really turns me on and with one last hard, deep thrust I explode deep in your pussy.

You hear me moan “OMG Colleen I’m cumming deep in your pussy baby” as you respond back with “OMG YES Mike I’m cumming with you” I explode deep inside you planting my hot seed in your womb. I fill you with so much cum it drips out of you. I hold you tightly as we subside from our orgasms. I then climb out of the shower and you follow and we dry off. Knowing we have until late in the day, we lie down and cuddle for a bit.

A little later you awaken from our brief nap and go into the washroom and come out dressed in the black lace teddy and matching lace thong. I love how you enjoy dressing up sexy for me, you decide to put some sexy music on and you give me an improved strip tease and lap dance to get me going again. Near the end of the one song you slowly slither down my body and take my once again hard cock in your mouth, looking up at me and smiling, you take me as deep in your mouth and down your throat.

I moan and I grab the back of Ataşehir Escort your head and start fucking your mouth, god it feels so fucking great on my cock and you look so sexy and hot sucking me. I guide you up and down slowly at first then faster. I finally pull you up and lay you back on the bed and start licking your soaking wet pussy wanting once again to taste your sweet juices and make you orgasm. I finger you deeply, going fast and hard and it doesn’t take you long and you flood my mouth with your sweet juices as you cum loudly, shuddering and shaking with the intensity of this orgasm.

Each time you cum, it seems like it is more intense than the last, you decide you want one earth shaking orgasm, so you lay me back on the bed, pushing me back and you straddle me and tease yourself by just rubbing your pussy and clit along the shaft of my hard cock and just as you reach the brink again you slide my hard shaft as deep inside you as it can go with one long hard thrust. You nearly scream out in pleasure as you cum. You start riding me hard and fast, I pull you down and kiss you deep and passionately.

I smack your ass hard and grab your breasts and squeeze them, telling to fucking ride me hard fucking cock, you start to hit your peak once again and I can feel your pussy clamping down on my hard cock and I feel my balls tightening and my cock begins to throb, suddenly you screaming out “OMG MIKE I AM CUMMING!!”. This sets me off and I explode inside you once more and I fill your vagina and pussy with my hot seed, shooting deep in to your womb. I moan loudly “OMG COLLEEN I AM CUMMING TOO!!” and you moan loudly, “Yes Mike shoot deep inside me, give me your baby”, I explode harder and probably more that I had came earlier in the day or ever in the past.

You feel me thrust extremely deep and hard into you as I erupt and cum inside you, the head of my cock hitting your cervix and you feel my hot cum shooting out of me and entering your body and your baby making factory. We are so out of breath at this point you just lay back, allowing my cum to flow deeper inside you.

We catch our breath and we grab a towel and wipe the sweat off of each other. We cuddle and kiss deep and passionately. We lie in the bed and just look deep into each others eyes and know without saying a word that this has been the most intense sexual experience of each other’s lives.

We decide at this point that both of us are pretty much spent, so we just lay there and cuddle and watch television and cuddle as it is getting later in the afternoon. We get up about an hour before it is time for you to go and shower once more together, quickly and briefly making love, this time you finish me off with your mouth as you want to taste my hot cum one more time before you leave.

Afterwards you dress and you leave to go pick up your kids from school. As you drive away you feel the hot cum that I shot deep inside you dripping out of your pussy and down your thighs, you smile knowing that one day soon we’ll be getting together again and that you’ll get to experience the amazing sex that we just had once again, but knowing you will have to clean yourself again once you get home to avoid hubby from knowing about today and about me as this will be our little secret affair.

I get up and get dressed and I leave from the motel and head home, hoping to see you again later in the week as I know as hard as it is not to develop feelings for you, that you by far are the sexiest and most amazing lover I have ever experienced or been with. I look forward to talking to online again later and arranging our next rendezvous.

We both get online later in the evening and secretly share our feelings for each other and talk about how amazing the love making and sex was between us and I tell you how I can’t wait for another day later in the week to see you again and you type “Why wait until later in the week, hubby leaves early tomorrow morning for work, meet me at the Tim Horton’s after I get the kids off to school and we’ll grab the room again and make love again”.

I smile and tell you I am looking forward to it. We talk for another half hour and we both sign off and head to bed knowing we are both going to need to get some sleep as we’ll need our energy for the next day.

Both of go to bed and we are both sexually excited we masturbate thinking of the amazing love making we had earlier in the day and how hot things will be the next morning, we both bring ourselves to orgasm and that night before I go to bed I pack some massage oils, candles and incense as I plan on making tomorrow romantic and all about pleasing you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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