A Wine Tasting with Chris

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I was returning from my daily trek to the bay, just topping the hill. As I always do I turned to look back for one last glance at the beautiful scene. I was always amazed when I looked back down at how beautiful and serene it was. The boats sailing and fishing. Children playing on shore. People just walking the trails and enjoying the seagulls and pelicans doing what seabirds do.

I was just about to turn and continue making my way into town when I noticed just off to my side a man who was peering at something thru binoculars. I watched him momentarily with curiosity wondering what he saw and if I might let my curiosity get the best of me and just go ask if I could have a look.

I took about two steps toward the direction of town and thought what the hell, we are all out here enjoying the view, surely he wouldn’t mind letting me have a look. He seemed to be totally engrossed in his vision, whatever it was. I started to head his way.

On the way I noticed he was very nice looking. I would have guessed his age in the late thirties to mid forties. Very stylish and sophisticated I thought. He was dressed as one who might be boarding a sailboat or other pleasure craft. Deck shoes are a certain giveaway. He had beautiful dark skin, that probably meant he spent as many hours down here at the bay as I do. As I approached him he was so completely involved in what he was watching he didn’t notice me until I spoke.

“Hi,” I said. “It looks like you have found something worth watching. Do you mind if I have a look?”

He was startled and pulled the binoculars down immediately to his chest, then smiled at me. “It’s nothing, just a beautiful day.”

I noticed his cheeks flushed as if he were embarrassed. I said, ” Do you mind if I just take a quick look around?” He thought it over for a moment and surrendered the binoculars to me.

I held them up to my eyes and looked in the general direction he had been looking. I moved them slightly upward to make any adjustment that was due to his height. Then I peered through the lenses. I saw the same things I had seen before. I saw the walkers, the birds, then the boats, then, the boat. I suddenly knew what my binocular clad friend had been watching.

He was peering at a very large sailboat anchored in the bay. On the deck of the boat was a completely naked woman lying in the sun, propped up on her elbows. There was also a completely naked man sitting at her feet holding her foot to his mouth and licking her foot. As I watched he began to place her toes in his mouth and I saw her head fall back. I could almost hear her moans just from the look on her face. I must have sighed or leaned in closer because the owner of the binoculars asked if I had spotted something interesting. I did not reply. The man on the boat rolled the woman over on her belly and was burying his face behind her knees. I felt a sudden heat rise through my body. I quickly handed the glasses back and laughed nervously.

I thanked the man and began to turn and leave, feeling slightly embarrassed at the flush in my face. He stopped me by saying, “By the way, I am Chris.”

I replied with a smile “I am Elle.” I am not sure why but I went quickly into my next statement and explained I was going into town now and would he care to walk with me and maybe stop for a beer.

He never hesitated but quickly replied “sounds great.” With a very attractive grin he let the binoculars fall to his chest and fell in beside me as we continued on our way to town.

I had not planned on running into anyone special this day. When I got up I just pulled on some cutoff blue jeans, a halter top and a pair of sandals. My hair was down and the blonde looked even lighter in the sun. The wind would catch it occasionally and blow it across my face so a lot of the time I held it back with one hand.

We walked quietly for a few moments and then he asked me if I had seen the couple on the sailboat. I shook my head in the affirmative. He continued on and explained that the boat belonged to him. I was puzzled. It ran through my mind that the woman on the boat was his wife or lover. He must have noticed the look. He quickly responded to me that the woman on the boat was a stranger to him. The man on the boat was a colleague.

I Van Escort had so many questions but I held back, feeling like I did not know this man well enough to be so inquisitive. We reached the sidewalks of town and just walked mostly quietly until we arrived at one of the local pubs. He pulled the door open and moved to the side for me to walk past him into the bar.

The bar was dark and almost empty. We stood for a moment letting our eyes adjust to the darkness. After a moment we headed for the far end of the bar and sat next to each other on barstools. He was so relaxed. I could hardly believe that I had just met him fifteen minutes ago. We ordered a couple of beers and the bartender went to retrieve them for us. I waited for him to say something.

He reached across the bar to where my hands were resting and he took my hand into his. The bartender set two chilled glasses of beer in front of us and we drank. I don’t know why he took my hand but I do know it felt good. The cold beer was finished very quickly and I signaled the bartender for another.

Sitting there drinking beer with Chris was interesting. We chatted about the bay and the recent oil spill. We talked about sailing. I kept wondering throughout all the small talk why he had been spying on his own boat. I was filled with curiosity over this. The beer was starting to take over the ability to keep those thoughts to myself and I knew soon I would not be able to stop myself from asking that question.

After we finished several drinks, I excused myself and headed for the ladies room. This was a very small pub and the lavatories were single bathrooms allowing only one occupant at the time. I went in and was about to push the door closed and lock it when it opened back up just slightly. I looked through the opening to find Chris looking back and grinning. I opened the door and he slipped in locking it behind him. We were both openly laughing. As quickly as the door was locked he pulled me into his arms in an embrace and kissed me so completely. His lips were a perfect match for mine, his tongue went forcefully into my mouth and then began to probe and explore while I felt like I had stopped breathing.

I thought the scent of him would drive me crazy with want. All my mind said to me was “I want, I want.”

He pulled my arms up over my head and pulled the tie to my halter loose watching it fall to the floor. I felt him lift me to the vanity and seat me there in front of the mirror. He cupped my breasts in each hand and buried his face between them licking them and then sucking the nipples until I felt the sweet sting of erotic pain deep down within them. He began to kiss my sides working his way to my armpits and like no one had ever done before he found a spot beneath my arm and in the very pit and began to suck and gently bite, I could not think only allow moans of pleasure to escape from my lips. The sensation drove my already wet pussy into an immediate earth shattering orgasm without him ever touching my pussy.

He saw this and he unzipped my cutoffs and pulled them down around my ankles discovering a perfectly smooth shaven pussy that emitted a scent that could not have been mistaken for anything other than a woman who has just cum and still wears it like a badge of honor. He knelt down and took his hand to massage my clit while entering his fingers into my pussy. I was floating away in the process when he brought me back by placing my toes in his mouth. Where was I, was this real? In fact I was in the Ladies Room at the local pub being caught up in the most erotic, sensual, perfect sexual encounter I could ever remember.

As my mind began to organize itself and come to some sort of terms with all the intense signals happening at once, I felt my arm reach out to find his cock. It was so hard I could see the veins popping out. It was flushed with the blood that was being pumped into it. I ached for this cock. It was my ambition now, it was my goal.

I took it tightly into my hand and he moaned loudly as I gripped it with the strength left in my body. I began to stroke it so tightly and firmly while I watched the precum ooze from the head. Chris could no longer focus on what he was doing for me and just stood up. I pulled him to me Van Escort Bayan and put his large cock in my mouth which was full of warm saliva just from the anticipation. I began to suck hard, then harder. Taking his balls into my hand with a firm grip squeezing them. I looked up and his head was to one side, with his mouth open moaning in ecstasy. I pulled him by his waist closer to me and with all I had I sucked him in and swallowed hard. He groaned so loudly I thought the bartender would immediately come to see, then he shot a load of cum down my mouth and throat that left me breathless and dripping cum from both sides of my mouth.

He stood back and looked at me, then grinned , winked at me and said “I think I have sobered up.”

We got ourselves put back together and tried to quit giggling like school children then left the lavatory one at the time. I’m sure it was obvious to the few people in the pub what we had been up to. We sat back down at the bar, finished our drinks, paid the tab and left.

When we walked out on the sidewalk Chris asked if he could give me a lift home. I was happy to accept. We walked back to the bay past the hill where we had been strangers just a few hours earlier and approached the parking lot. Just before we got to the automobiles he stopped me and kissed me asking if I would like to see his boat. I was overjoyed, smiled widely and nodded a very firm yes.

We walked out on the pier where the city lights sparkled on the water making it look magical. He turned down a row of boat slips and stopped in front of the stern of a beautiful sailboat that had the name “MY GIRL” painted in bright blue letters across the back. She was beautiful and elegant. She floated on the water with grace and style.

He stepped aboard, turning and extending a hand to me. In one large step I was aboard. What a romantic and sexy place. I began to recall the image of the couple I had seen on the boat earlier thru the binoculars and could feel my body become aroused. My nipples hardened so erect and so tight that they throbbed, my pussy was drenched again and the scent even stronger than before because of the steamy lavatory encounter. I felt heat escaping my body in the cool night air. I knew I must have this man one more time before the night ended.

Chris gave me a tour of the “My Girl” . It was easy to tell that he loved this boat. When we had covered every inch he left me on deck and went below to fix us some wine. As soon as he was out of sight I quickly removed my clothing once again and I lay down on a towel on the deck. When he came up from the galley and turned to look for me, I was laying nude waiting. I was in the exact place and position of the woman I had seen earlier thru the binoculars.

He smiled and even laughed a little. He put his glass of wine down then lowered himself to his knees. When he offered the glass of wine out to me just before it reached my hand he tilted the glass and splashed my breasts with the cold wine. The shock of the cold liquid falling on my warm body surprised me and I gasped a little then I grinned. He just said “oops” with a laugh and continued with his antics.

He let wine spill on each shoulder. I could feel it run down my neck and underneath my arms. Then he spilled some on each hand, and my abdomen. Then with a huge grin he spilled the wine over my pussy. The cold wine ran over my clit and down between the lips of my pussy. The feeling was so intense that reflex made me take my hand and reach down to touch my pussy.

Chris gently stopped the hand before I could touch myself and said “Not yet.”

I lifted it back and rested again on my elbows watching him at work. After he had covered my knees, ankles and toes, he was finished spilling the wine. He looked at me in amusement and said. “Elle, you are a mess, let me clean you up.”

With this remark he moved to my feet and began his clean up mission with them. He took each foot and licked between each toe then sucked them one at a time occasionally massaging the arch of my feet. I felt the burning begin in my pussy and the ache was so strong I was ready to beg for him to put his cock in me.

He continued up my leg, licking all the areas where the wine had been spilled. He licked Escort Van each area occasionally stopping to nibble my wine drenched flesh. I could barely take the pleasure. I was obviously moaning. He said to me at one point, “You must like this, it sounds as though you really want this, do you want this Elle?”

I replied with a very hoarse “Yes, please, please.”

After he worked his way to the top of my thighs he moved away from my pussy never touching it and went to my abdomen. The tease was doing it’s job. I had an orgasm building in me and not touching my pussy was exciting me as much or more than if he had. He licked every inch of my torso finally reaching my breasts, and yet again he did not touch them but went to my arms. Each arm was completely licked and each finger sucked until he reached the armpits. When he was there he buried his face under my arm and began to suck and bite until I was moving and squirming, moaning and pleading. As masterful as he could be he did this with both arms and then completely up and down both sides of my neck.

I finally just closed my eyes and used all the willpower I could muster not to reach my hands between my legs and just touch my pussy, just touch it because it was begging me to attend to it. He then leaned over me and took each breast one at a time. Beginning at the base he licked and sucked his way to the nipples , With no warning he bit down hard on each nipple sending that same erotic pain he had delivered before. It was almost unbearable not to pull him down to me and scream at him to put his large hot cock inside my demanding pussy.

When he was finished here, he moved to my hips and straddled me. He took his shirt off, then stood and dropped his pants. He came back down with his face aligned with my pussy and he spread my legs. I felt his tongue enter my pussy along with his fingers. My pussy was so hot and so wet I could feel the heat and hear the slushy sounds as he moved his fingers around. At this point my moans were becoming very hoarse and all I could do was whisper,” Please, please don’t stop.”

He pinched the lips of my pussy together exposing a very erect clit and began to lick it back and forth as lightly as a feather. I could hold back no longer. I exploded in his mouth and my muscles clamped around his fingers. My back arched up from the deck. All the muscles in my hips and thighs were tensed and I had an orgasm that made me cry. It was so incredible.

Chris gave me a moment to recover then offered me a sip of wine which I gladly accepted. He carefully set the wine glass down and moved himself over my head while on his knees he lowered himself until his hard cock was just above my lips. I reached up and stroked it several times then pulled it into my mouth. I sucked his cock with all the strength left in my mouth. I licked the head getting every bit of the precum that he could produce.

After only a short moment like this he took his wet cock from my mouth and moved down my body. He placed himself between my legs. He lifted my legs until each leg rested on both of his shoulders and the he put his hard throbbing cock in the hottest, wettest pussy I could ever remember feeling. He began slowly and easily pumping himself into me. The thrusts became more powerful and deeper. At last he thrust his cock in me with all the force he could and I felt the twinges of his cock as he unloaded his cum into me again and again. The look on his face let me know that he was putting his entire body strength into this climax. Moments later his body relaxed and left him weak. He moved himself off of me and rested by my side.

We both just lay in silence for some time watching the stars. When I finally spoke I asked him why he had been watching his boat earlier through the binoculars. He told me there was no reason. He was just out walking looking out over the bay and saw it there. When he focused the binoculars at the boat he noticed that things were getting heated between the couple. It was arousing him so he decided to secretly watch for awhile. He said he was so involved in watching them that he had not realized I was close by. When I came up to talk with him he had a huge erection and was embarrassed thinking I saw it. When I asked for the binoculars it gave him a chance to readjust his pants.

I started laughing again. It was all so coincidental. It had all turned out so perfect. We continued to just lie there naked with our wine and watch the stars from the deck of the “My Girl”. Tonight Chris had two girls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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