A Woman’s Kiss

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She sat between my knees and I massaged her neck and shoulders while we sat and listened to 10 on the CD — so sexy, so soulful. We had been talking about what it was like to have sex with another woman and I had been describing to her how wonderful it was, the smells and the tastes, the softness and smoothness of the skin.

It was a warm night and she had on a bikini top and very light blouse, with a pair of yellow shorts and I had on a light long shirt. I had already taken her blouse off so that I could get my fingers deep into the knots along her shoulders. She snuggled deeper between my knees and we could both feel the electricity travelling between us.

She shivered suddenly and settled back down again, her head dropping forward as I dug my thumbs into her neck. I moved down her spine and across the strap of her bikini, putting my thumbs underneath it and carrying on down, feeling her relax under my fingers, knowing that she would, as she always did — what were best friends for? Her shoulders brushing against my knees were driving me nuts but I stayed quiet and carried on my work. She leant forward and put her arms around her knees, sighing gently as my hands continued across her back, silent in our companionship.

She sat up slowly and reached around her back and flicked her bikini top open with her thumb. Taking it off, she leant forward again and I ran my hands up her back, she shivered and sat up straight. My hands moved back up to her shoulders and continued to massage the knots out of them, feeling her tense again under my fingers as her hands came up and took mine, pulling them back down her front until one hand cupped each breast, feeling her nipples hard against my palms. She leaned back between my legs and kissed the inside of my thigh as my finger and thumb rolled her nipple and pinched them gently, making her arch her back and sigh quietly, her lips running gently across my thigh.

I was sure that she would be able to smell my wet cunt and how much she was turning me on but she gave no indication of it. She pulled my arms around her neck and whispered, “Take me to bed now, I want to do this but if I think about it I won’t.”

I stood up and took her hands in mine and led her to the bedroom. Standing by the bed I could still feel her shaking and asked her if she was sure — she said, “Yes,” and I bent my head to take each nipple in my mouth one by one, feeling her relaxing under my tongue — her shaking becoming less and less as she got lost in the sensations overtaking her. I moved back up and drew level with her lips, she licked them and I watched as her tongue ran around her pink lips, her breath ragged.

Softly, so softly I kissed her, ever so gently wanting her to get used to the idea. She started to respond, slowly at first, and then with more passion as she found she liked it. Our tongues entwined and I feet her arms come around me as my hands moved down to her shorts. As I unbuttoned her shorts she started to pull my shirt off and they dropped to the floor simultaneously. I pulled back from her and she pulled her breath in raggedly, looking at me. I smiled re-assurance and asked her if she is sure this was what she wanted, she nodded her assent and stepped out of her shorts and sat on the bed.

I climbed on beside her and pushed her back, moving in beside her. Slowly I traced circles with my fingers around each nipple and then I took the nearest one back into my mouth, rolling it between my tongue and my teeth, making her moan again, my fingers continuing their downward journey and playing across her stomach, a soft “Ahhhhh” escaping from her throat. After what seemed like a lifetime I reached my first goal and my fingers slid slowly across her slick, shaved pussy.

I put my head on her stomach and looked at my prize, glistening wet, as I felt her hands move into my hair, stroking it as my fingers toyed with her. I slid one finger into her soft, wet pussy lips and she moaned loudly while I felt her fingers tighten in my hair. I slid a second one in and felt her clit, hard and swollen already, carrying on down until I found her deep wet cunt. Her legs opened instinctively and her hips rose to meet my fingers as I slid two into her.

She groaned and squirmed under me as I slid two fingers in and out of her cunt so very slowly. I moved down the bed and kissed her mound, licking the juices from it. She screamed as I did and I looked up her stomach to see her looking down at me. I asked her if she wanted me to continue or stop. Her answer was to put her hands on my head and push me down. I buried my face in her, drinking her in and tasting her; this woman is my best friend and I am making love to her and intended to make her cum.

My tongue came out of my mouth and flicked the tip of her clit, she swore quietly illegal bahis under her breath and pushed her hips up slightly, her whole body quivering in anticipation of what was to come, of what she thought was going to happen to her. I let my tongue play with her for a few seconds and looked up her body to her face. She lay with her eyes shut, her bottom lip caught between her teeth and a look of intense concentration on her face, the crease between her brows forming a frown.

I smiled inwardly knowing that she was enjoying what I was doing to her and went back to my work. I moved my tongue down and she gripped the bedcovers as I found her deep, wet cunt. Holding her pussy lips open slightly I moved my head and sent my tongue into her, she moaned loudly and I got a mouthful of hot wet juices. Greedily I drank them and went back in search for more, the taste of her so sweet in my mouth. My tongue darted in and out of her cunt, taking in more and more of her, savoring it, storing it.

I pulled away and moved up her body. “Please don’t stop, not now,” she said and I smiled and continued my journey up. When I reached her mouth I kissed her, opening mine and letting her sweet juices out over her tongue as it found its way into my mouth. I kissed her deeply and she returned it with passion, tasting herself on me, the taste making her moan and writhe under me.

I pulled away. “Taste nice?” I asked her.

“Oh God yes,” she replied and I kissed her lightly once more and made my way back down to her pussy again. Opening her lips I moved in once more and started fucking her cunt with my tongue, she moved her hips in time with me and I forced my way deeper into her. Her hand snaked down her body and slid in to rub her clit. While I tongue fucked her I watched her rubbing her clit, her moans getting louder and louder as she begged me to fuck her deeply.

I sucked on her cunt one more time, hard, and then pulled away and moved up to her clit, she moved her hand and put it on my head, holding me gently but firmly as I put my head down again and took her clit into my mouth. I heard “Holy Fucking Shit!” as I sucked her clit in and my tongue went to work on the little spot just at the top that I knew and loved so well, the spot on myself that drives me wild.. Her hips rose and her fingers tightened in my hair as my sucking and tonguing got faster and harder knowing that this was driving her mad.

Very gently I slid two fingers into her cunt and wriggled them around, following it with a third, which I just wanted to get wet. I slid the three in and out a couple of times and then removed the third and slid it down to her asshole. I felt it tighten under me as I ran my nail across it gently and then slowly I started to slide it in. She pushed against it, wanting to feel it as my tongue kept working and I kept sucking on her clit — so swollen now.

With my finger in her ass and two in her cunt I started to finger-fuck her hard and she whimpered and squirmed under me. I stopped and looked up at her, “Does that feel good? Do you like me fucking you? Do you like to be fucked by another woman?”

She lifted her head and looked at me, her eyes full of nothing but lust and need, “Yes it feels good, yes I love you fucking me and yes it feels good to be fucked by another woman,” she replied. “You want me to carry on fucking your cunt? Tell me what you want.” I loved hearing this come from another woman, it turned me on and made me so wet. “I want you to carry on fucking my cunt, I want you to make me your bitch.” “You are my bitch and I love fucking you,” I told her.

So lost in her own lust she looked at me again “I want to be your bitch, your whore and your dirty slut, I want you to fuck me until I scream and cum all over you.” Fuck, this woman was driving me nuts. I slid my tongue back to her clit and she moaned loudly, “Make me cum, please make me cum.” I sucked on her clit hard and started to move my fingers in and out of her cunt and ass faster and faster. She bucked underneath me and started to fuck my fingers as hard as she would fuck any cock, grinding her clit and cunt into my face.

My fingers were moving so fast in and out of her, slipping in and out of her ass, she was so wet. Her hips rose to meet me as I moved away from her clit long enough to look up and say, “Cum for me my bitch, be my whore,” and moved back to my work.

Her face was flushed and I knew that she would cum soon. God I so wanted to taste her, this wonderful lustful woman, to taste her and make her mine. She moved up a gear and pushed my head down. “Fuck me, I’m cumming,” she said as I felt her cunt contract around my fingers and I drove them in and out faster. Her body went rigid and great waves of ecstasy hit her, cumming so hard she did something she has not done in illegal bahis siteleri many years, she ejaculated, all over my face. God it tasted so good and I drank her in greedily.

Her body contorted as wave after wave hit her and she came over and over again, her hands tight in my hair as she forced herself onto my face, grinding her clit into me. She collapsed back onto the bed moaning gently as I finished drinking her, every flick of my tongue made her moans louder, I love the noises she makes. I finished drinking her and cleaning her up, I didn’t want to miss a drop of this beautiful woman’s cum, then I moved back up her body, kissing her lightly and flicking her nipples one by one with my tongue.

She opened her arms and I moved into them, looking her in the eye. I smiled at her, “Did you enjoy that?”

“Mmmmmmmm,” she said and I kissed her.

We lay together and I listened to her get her breath back while I traced circles around her nipples with my fingernails. Her hands moved across my body as she tentatively made her way down across my breasts to my pussy. I heard her ragged breathing, felt her shaking hands and I looked up at her, “You don’t have to do this you know,” I said.

She smiled,”I know, I want to. I’m just worried I will do something wrong.”

I laughed softly, “Just do what would make you feel good babe,” and she smiled.

Travelling slowly down my body she kissed her way down, tiny butterfly kisses all down my breasts and stomach, her long hair leaving a trail behind her tracing its way down me, making me shiver as it tickled. She reached my pussy and drew her breath in hard, as though getting ready for a new task, as I watched her face concentrating, making her mind up what she was going to do first. I broke her concentration, “Tell me what it looks like, describe what you see.”

She looked at me and smiled again. “It’s very wet and slick. It glistens, and I can see your clit just sticking out between your lips. Do you want me to show you where?”

“Mmmmmmmm, yes,” I said.

She ran her finger down my mound and slid it down my slit and across the tip of my clit, her nail brushing across it, making me moan. I parted my legs slightly to give her a better view and she immediately ran her fingers across my pussy lips and then put them to her own lips, I watch her tongue snake out of her mouth and lick them. “Mmmmmmmm, you taste nice. I think I would like to taste more,” she said.

I laughed gently and put my hand in her hair and brushed it back from her face. “You taste as much of it as you need to hon, and you might like this to play with too”.

I handed her a vibrator, one that I used on a regular basis, not too small and not too big, one of my favourites. She switched it on and a familiar quiet buzzing filled the room momentarily before she switched it off again, and put it to one side until she was ready to use it. Her fingers slid back into my pussy and I felt her exploring me, sending shivers through me with her light touch, her nails tracing the folds and contours of me. Taking a deep breath she put her head down and very lightly I felt her tongue glide across my clit.

I moaned loudly and squirmed. “Oh God yes” I said. Encouraged by my moans she continued, gently taking my clit between her lips and sucking it, her tongue flicking back and forth quickly over the top of it. My moans became louder and in the back of my mind I confirmed my thoughts that any woman can eat pussy well, simply because they know what they like themselves. The thought was lost as quickly as it came, I because lost in her again.

Her mouth moved down me and she licked me from asshole to clit, one long stroke of her entire tongue, making me groan. “Oh god baby that feels so good, please don’t stop”, I told her as she continued to explore me with her tongue. Her tongue stopped momentarily as she put her lips against my cunt and sucked hard. My reaction was immediate, I raised my hips screaming and my fingers tightened in her hair “Jesus fucking Hell — you are soooooo good baby, suck my cunt, make me cum.” I was so horny that I knew I would not just cum once but over and over and I wanted her to have it all, every last drop.

She continued to suck on my cunt but I suddenly felt something else and it took me a few seconds to work out what it was — she had taken her hair and was running it lightly across my clit. The sensation was extreme, my clit was so swollen and sensitive that I could feel every hair as it trailed across. My hands tightened on her head as I started to feel myself building up to cum, every nerve ending on fire, every sense alive and screaming for attention. Her tongue suddenly shot deep into my cunt and I started to cum, deep in the pit of my stomach, every muscle in my body going canlı bahis siteleri rigid. “Oh yes, Oh fuck, Please, please don’t stop fucking my cunt, make me cum more, drink it baby, taste my cum.”

“Mmmmmmmm,” was all I could hear from her as she ate my cunt and drank my cum greedily.

When she had finished she came up for air and looked up my body “Did you enjoy that?” she asked me, “was it alright?”

I laughed “ALRIGHT??? Jesus Christ, woman, you have just driven my body nuts and you ask me if it was alright and if I enjoyed it! Nah, I hated every second!”

“Well if you are going to be sarcastic I shall just have to do this,” she said as she slid the vibe deep into my cunt and ran a long fingernail over my clit. My immediate reaction was to arch my back and moan loudly, she slid the vibe out of my cunt as I said breathlessly, “But I should be looking after you again now, fairs fair.”

She laughed and said “I don’t want to stop but if YOU want me to…”

“Oh God no I can put up with this all day,” was my reply.

“Good, now shut up” she said as she planted a kiss on my clit and I bit my bottom lip as she slid the vibe back into me and switched it on.

I moaned as she started to slide it in and out, her finger playing across my asshole and her tongue concentrating on that spot above my clit, the same spot I knew so well on her. The more she flicked with her tongue the wetter I became and I could feel my juices flowing out of my cunt the more she pumped the vibe in and out of me. They trickled down and over my ass and I could feel my thighs getting slick with my juices and cum. She continued to play with my asshole, teasing it with her nail and the more she teased the more relaxed it became and the louder I moaned.

I felt her start to slowly ease a finger into my ass as she continued to pump the vibe in and out making sure that it hit every nerve ending on the way. Her finger was covered in my juices and slid easily into my ass, and she shortly followed it with another one. She started to pump my ass with her two fingers and moved the vibe so that I could feel the two of them, as her fingers slid the vibe in and out.

Meanwhile her tongue on my clit was driving me nuts and it was not going to be long before I was cumming again and this time I could feel it building up to be so big that neither of us would know what had hit us. I opened my legs wider and slid my hands down my body to hold my pussy lips wide open. I needed her to hit the spot perfectly and every single time, my mind totally filled with the need for satisfaction, to enjoy this woman eating my cunt like it was her last meal, to feel her fingers fucking my ass.

“Fuck me baby, pleeeeesseeeee fuck me hard. God, you are soooo good at this. I love feeling you eating my cunt and fucking my ass, make me cum, eat my cum baby.” She flicked my clit harder and her pumping in my ass and cunt got faster and faster.

“Mmmmmmhhummm?” she murmured.

“Oh fuck yes, just there, like that, fuck it NOW”

She clamped her teeth around my clit and pulled on it as I screamed loudly and I felt myself start to cum. “Shit yes I’m CUMMMING, FUCK ME, FUCK MY CUNT AND ASS” I screamed as my body writhed all over the bed and I ground my cunt into her face hard.

I came so hard and so much that I also, like her, ejaculated, all over her face and in her mouth, as she continued reaming my ass and cunt with her fingers and vibe, and I started cumming again, the second following the first as hard and violent as the first, making me shake as I collapsed back onto the bed breathless and panting as she continued to slide in and out of my cunt and ass slowly, eventually pulling out, placing small kisses on my cunt as she slowed down, each kiss making me whimper under her.

She moved back up my body slowly, kissing me, licking me, sucking on my nipples one by one until eventually she reached my face and I slowly licked my cum from her face before kissing her deeply and with love. This woman was not only my best friend she was now also my lover and I treated her as such, opening my arms and enfolding her within them, kissing her gently as two lovers would. We lay still for five minutes, each getting our breath and exploring each other with finger tips. Eventually we looked at each other and kissed again, drinking in the taste of each other.

“Well?” I said, “was it everything you expected?”

She smiled at me, “Mmmmmmmmm yes, and more,” she said.

“And will you do it again? With me?”

“Oh yes definitely,” she replied.

I smiled and looked at her. “Oh goodie, cos I have something you are going to love next time.” She raised herself onto one elbow and looked at me suspiciously.

“Oh yes? What are you up to? What is it?”

I leaned over her and took out a new toy and showed her.

“Oooohhh can’t wait to try that,” she said.

“Next time,” I replied and she snuggled back into me.

The other toy? A strap on. But that, as they say, is another story.

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