Abby (2)

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Abby (2)

It was about 2pm when I woke. Rosco was lying next to me, keeping guard I assumed as the back door was still open. I staggered upstairs making sure Rosco stayed in the lounge. By now I was fed up of constantly taking baths, and although every muscle in my body ached I settled for a long hot shower.

Half an hour later I was drinking hot coffee, this time dressed in the correct white dress. I looked out of the patio doors and could see that the rain had stopped some time ago. This of course brought up the prospect of me going outside and having to face Mr Robertson again, and I had no doubt whatsoever that he would be even more outrageous than he was before. It was only at this point that I realised he had never said a word to me, not even while he raped me in the laundry room. Why this should make me so angry I didn’t know, but angry I was. I stormed out the side door and as expected there he was with his cock in his hand, no longer hidden in his pants but on full show to anybody who wanted to see, which of course could only be me as the sides of our houses were only visible to each other.

I didn’t try to hide my body, what was the point? I just walked down the garden doing my very best to ignore him. I grabbed the dry washing and piled it into my arms making sure that it would block my view of him as I returned. I heard him laugh as I passed and with a huge effort I ignored him. He must stand there all day every day waiting for me to go out. What other reason was there for him to constantly be there.

I pulled the ironing board out and set about ironing the bedding. This of course gave me time to think about what had happened with Mr Robertson and just what I was going to do about it. In effect he had raped me. And now I was shutting myself in my own home afraid to go outside just because I knew he would be there, looking at me with his….huge erection in his hand, pointing at me, knowing me, thrusting into…. NO, I screamed to myself. I mustn’t do that. I can’t think about it like that. He raped me and I hated it. I would not shut myself alone in my own home. Afraid to go out because he would be there. I will be brave, I will face him with what he has done. I will demand an apology or I will call the police.

Satisfied that I had made the right decision I folded the last of the ironing and put it on the settee ready to make the bed later. With my new found strength I went to the side door, steadied myself and then threw it open.

“Oh hello my dear.” Mrs Robertson said. “I was just saying to Henry it’s about time we invited you in for a neighbourly cup of tea. Now seems as good a time as any if your free my dear.”

Totally taken aback I stammered, “er er er yes, er free.”

“Oh that’s good.” Mrs Robertson said all smiles. “Come in, sit down. Henry put the kettle on while I get changed. Just home from work dear. You don’t mind do you? I will only be five minutes, Henry will look after you.”

Before I could say anything she was gone and I was sitting in her kitchen with Henry. He stood at the sink drooling at me as he stretched out and flicked the electric kettle on. His hand went back inside his shorts and pulled out his erection, slowly he moved towards me. I was frozen to the seat but my eyes kept flicking from him to the door that Mrs Robertson had used. Henry just smiled as his foul smelling cock brushed my mouth, his hand went to my head and he forced his cock into my mouth. I tried to use my hands to push him away but they ignored my commands and just gripped his cock. I refused to even move but my mouth was sucking hard on that filthy rod and my head was thrusting hard against his stomach as I took his whole length down my throat.

Then he stepped back. I nearly fell off the chair with his sudden withdrawal and I almost cursed him angrily but at that moment Mrs Robertson walked into the kitchen. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand as I turned away from her.

“You have to ignore Henry my dear.” Mrs Robertson said as she made the tea, “He is a shy man with strangers and never say’s very much. So how are you getting along with your new home? Your husband works abroad I hear.”

We must have chatted for over an hour about silly mundane things. All the while she sat with her back to Henry who still constantly had his erection out, waving it at me, smiling gleefully, drooling at me and making disgusting gestures. Finally I had enough

“Well I have to go and finish my laundry.” I said “Or I will be sleeping on the mattress tonight.”

“And I have to get dinner ready my dear but lets do this again. “ Mrs Robertson said, “And if you ever need any handy work done while your husband is away just call Henry. Fixing things is the only thing he is good at.”

I almost laughed out loud. She obviously had no idea how good he was with his….FUCK. I was doing it again. He is a rapist and don’t forget it.

“Yes Mrs Robertson, I will, thank you.” I replied, doing my very best to avoid looking at Henry

In a daze I made the bed and then sat in the armchair looking at myself in the bedroom mirror. What the hell had happened to me over the last few weeks? This was not me. I am not like this. Am I?

Ever since that night with daddy everything had changed. I now had a father who could fuck me whenever and however he wanted. A neighbour from hell who it seemed could use me anyway he wanted and a dog who owned me as his bitch whenever he wanted. And I didn’t seem to have the will or the want to stop any of them. God I needed someone I could talk to. But I don’t know anybody I could trust that much. In fact I didn’t know anybody. I truly was all alone.

RRRRRRRRRRRRing RRRRRRRRing. God that made me jump. It was the house phone. I grabbed it, “Hello” I said rather loudly.

“Woah. Did I wake my favourite niece.?”

“Oh sorry. You made me jump.” It was uncle Barry

“Sorry. I just thought I would give you a call to make sure you were ok. Your dad told me you were on your own for a while.

“Yes I’m fine uncle. It’s a bit quiet that’s all and I really don’t have much to do so it gets boring.”

“Well that’s why I rang I have a few day’s off work and wondered if you would like your favourite uncle come stay for a few days.”

“Oh yes please, that would be wonderful.”

“Ok so would tomorrow be ok then?”

“Yes that would be great. What time?”

“I will txt you when I leave but I should be with you about 6pm hopefully.”

“Great I look forward to it.”

He hung up blowing her a kiss and suddenly she was as happy as she could possibly be. Uncle Barry had always spoilt her and taken care of her and whenever she had a problem it was him that she would confide in. Whether or not she could discuss her current predicament was extremely unlikely but it would be good to see him.

At a little before 6pm I heard the car pull up on the front drive and rushed to open the door. As he got out of the car I rushed to him and threw my arms around his neck.

“It’s so good to see you. “ I said.

“Hey what’s all this.” He laughed hugging me in return.

“Oh it’s just everything is so quiet here and I get so bored and it’s been ages since I saw you and. Well it gets lonely.” I said.

He put his hands to my shoulders and pushed me back a little. He looked me up and down, “Well how on earth can such a gorgeous girl ever be lonely. You look stunning.” He said.

I flushed with embarrassment. I turned round and started for the house. I have the spare room ready for you.” I said “Take your bags up and I will make you some coffee.”


“Well I thought we could go out for dinner if you can be ready for 7.”

“Ok.” I replied with a smile, “that will be nice.”

By 7 I had showered and dressed in another of dads outfits. This time the top had a deep neckline almost showing my boobs with 3 buttons well below the bust line. The skirt was again short and had a thigh high split at the side. When uncle Barry saw me he took a deep breath.

You look stunning.” He said, “But you need stay ups and heels to go with that outfit.”

“I thought that might be too much.” I said. “A bit slutty.”

“No.” He replied, “You will look perfect.” I went upstairs and did as instructed. The moment I had the heels on all those moves that daddy taught me returned. Not the confidence, but the ever present smile and the overly swaying hips. I sauntered downstairs and past Uncle Barry and then back past him again.

“Perfect.” He smiled, “Just how your dad imagined I bet. Come on then my beauty lest go.”

From the moment I got in the car my body was on almost total display, and as lady like I as I tried to be, getting in and out of a car with that skirt without showing something was impossible so I didn’t even try. As we were shown to our table I saw men’s heads turning to look at me and the effect on my pussy was quite alarming. One thing I did not want was pussy juice running down my legs as we ate. I did my best to ignore them all but of course it was impossible. Once at the table I tried to concentrate on Uncle Barry.

“Did you ever imagine you would turn so many heads walking into a restaurant?“ He asked.

“No.” I said quietly. Again I changed the conversation to other matters but my eyes kept picking up the men who just wouldn’t stop looking.

Barry couldn’t drink much as he was driving. So by the time dinner was over I had drunk the best part of a bottle of wine. Barry paid the bill and we left. “We will stop of at the Goat for a couple of drinks and I will leave the car there and pick it up tomorrow.”

“Ok.” I said. The Goat was my local pub. The last time I had been in there was when I saw the man in the leather jacket who had started my sexual change. It was him I had been dreaming about while daddy fucked me in my sleep that first time.

The moment the door opened all eyes turned to see who was coming in. I don’t think a single man in that pub saw Uncle Barry walk in as they were all looking at me. The effect of such blatant lust just switched on all daddies teaching. I smiled and swayed my way between tables picking up there dirty words here and there and slowly made my way to the bar. I found a gap and turned to ask Barry what he wanted to drink and I looked straight into those eyes. “Oh fuck no.” I said to myself. It was the man in the leather jacket.

“Here take my seat.” Leather man said, “I have to leave soon anyway.”

I took the offered seat as Barry who was standing behind me ordered the drinks. Leather man was standing in front of me leaning on the bar. He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking up my skirt and doing his best to see down my top. My nipples were so hard and the top such a tight fit that it hid nothing anyway. He placed his hand on my knee while still chatting to Barry. I grabbed my drink and swallowed it all. His hand still kept rising. My heart was pounding. His hand slid between my legs and he put pressure on them, telling me to open up. With a look of horror on my face my legs opened up and he slid his hand further up until he was touching my pussy.

I did nothing to stop him. As much as I wanted to I couldn’t, all I could do was see my dream, him sucking and playing with my clit and bringing me to orgasm. He slipped two fingers inside me. “Oh fuck.” I said, gaziantep escort and jerked my legs aside. Just that simple touch had almost made me come, right there at the bar of an overly crowded pub.

He put his fingers to his nose, then into his mouth as he licked my juices off them. He leant forward and whispered in my ear. “We really need to fuck sometime.”

I went bright red. Louder he called to Barry, “Well it was nice to meet you both but I work nights, so I will wish you well and hope to see you soon.” When he said the last bit he looked right at me.

Uncle Barry gave me another drink. “I think I had better get home I feel quite tired.” I said.

“Ok drink up and I will get a cab.”

The cab arrived and we snuggled up in the back. It was only a ten minute drive but by the time we arrived I was straddled across his lap kissing him like a hungry cat laps up milk. He hadn’t resisted at all but did have a surprised look on his face at my sudden onslaught.

As the cab stopped he pushed me to the door and I got out. He paid the man by which time I had the door open. “Go and make some coffee.” He said. “I am going to get changed.”

By the time I had reached the kitchen I was mortified by what I had done in the cab. All he did was try to keep me warm and I just jumped at him and started kissing him like there was no tomorrow. When I arrived in the lounge with the coffee uncle Barry was sitting on the settee in a long shirt and I assumed a pair of shorts. He had let Rosco back into the house and the stupid dog immediately came sniffing around me.

I stood in front of Barry, “I am so sorry.” I said softly, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Yes you do.” He replied.” And he pulled his shirt wide open. I was mistaken. He did not have a pair of shorts on. But he did have a raging hard on. Throbbing, pointing at me. “Take off your skirt and top.”

I did as he told me without question. My eyes fixed on that erection, my pussy throbbing in rhythm it. “You know what to do.“ Barry’s legs were spread wide and I dropped to my knees. I took that throbbing cock and took it deep into my mouth. I was determined to give him the best blow job he had ever had. Rosco had ideas of his own as he started licking at my pussy.

“Rosco. No” I said. Pushing him away but he kept coming back.

“It’s not the first time he has done that is it?” I just looked at him frozen. “IS IT?” he shouted.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Terrified of what he would think of me if I told the truth.

“You’re his bitch aren’t you. He has been fucking you since your dad left. And don‘t lie to me it‘s obvious what he is after.”

I looked into his eyes pleading. “Please lets ignore him I just want you.”

“On your knees here.” He ordered, pointing between his knees. As I knelt down he opened his shirt and there, instead of a pair of shorts was his huge hard cock. “Open you legs.”

I looked up at him confused but then Rosco moved in behind me. “No please Uncle Barry. Not here. Not now. I just want you.”

He just smiled at me as I gasped as Rosco’s tongue lapped at my wet pussy. “I will give you some free information about dog fucking.” He said, “Once a dog has claimed his mate, in this case you, then you cannot ever say no to him. Because if you do he will slowly get very angry, and could become quite vicious. So I advise you in future, to allow him access to his bitch whenever he wants her.”

By now Rosco’s tongue had been hitting my clit consistently and I was close to orgasm. Even being in front of Uncle Barry was not going to stop it now. “Please make him stop. I am going t…oh fuck yes ohhhhh shhhiiiiitttt mmmm”

Uncle Barry had lifted my face so he could look me in the eye as I had my orgasm. He kept me like that while Rosco jumped on my back and while he prodded to find my pussy and kept looking as Rosco pumped into me. Then he took his cock and rammed it down my throat.

“Hey Jack.” Barry said, “You were right. She is a cock crazy slut.”

He was on the phone talking to my dad. I tried to pull my head up to beg him not to say anything else but he held me solid and Rosco had brought me to another orgasm so I was lost.

“Yes but I bet you never expected to see this.” With that he turned the phone like he was taking a video of me and Rosco. A moment later he said, “You like that eh. Well it seems when you left she replaced you with Rosco. I dunno I will ask her. Hey slut who else you been fucking?”

“Henry.” I gasped between ooo’s and ggggnnns of orgasm. And I pointed to next door.

“That slime ball next door.” He said down the phone, “Here have a listen to this Rosco is making her come real hard.

Tears were streaming down my face with shame but however much I tried I could help but scream out in pleasure as he lifted my head off his cock.”

“Ohhhhh fuck yeeeessss ohh fuckkkk me harder aaaaghhhhhh mmmmnnnnn.” Then he again rammed his cock into my mouth.

“Yes ok I will spit roast her with him and send you the video.”

“Well your dad is well proud of his little girl.” He said letting my head go. I gasped in air and let out a loud moan as Rosco pulled out of me. “Now be a good little doggy bitch and offer yourself to me.”

I knew I was totally lost now. Totally ashamed of what I had done and what I had become. I turned round and still on my knees offered myself to him. Lubricated with doggy come as I was he just rammed into me as hard and as fast as he could. I was no longer his favourite niece I was just his bitch. And still I jumped into orgasm. They just never seemed to stop and within seconds I was screaming for him to take me harder to fill my doggy bitch cunt with his seed.

He took hold of my hair and using some of the filthiest words I have ever heard he rammed into me till he shot his load. I felt it pumping into me spurt after spurt. That stupid feeling of pride came over me again. Proud that I had satisfied him. He pushed me away and then sat back on the settee. Again he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me round, making me take his come covered cock deep into my mouth.

“Clean all that good doggy come off me bitch.” He said putting his hands behind his head and relaxing while I did my work. I kept doing it till he told me to stop. Then as though I wasn’t even he stood up and went up to bed. Leaving me covered in dog come and with tears streaming down my face. I staggered upstairs, showered and fell into bed.

I woke the following morning with my legs either side of my head with Uncle Barry pumping his seed in to my throbbing pussy which was already in the throws of an orgasm. I instantly screamed and started thrusting back at him and I wasn’t even properly awake. For some stupid reason I thought I was in heaven. I just completely gave myself over to what was happening and as much as I hate to admit it, having accepted it all I thoroughly enjoyed it. Finally Uncle Barry pulled out of me and my orgasm started to subside.

“Get cleaned up and put on stay ups and heels.” Barry said, “You wont need anything else. And cheer up. You are one hot fuck believe me. You should be proud of it.”

I can’t explain why I had suddenly accepted everything that was going on and decided that actually I was loving it. I couldn’t explain why, or justify it but I couldn’t fight the reality of it all either. And bolstered by Uncle Barry’s comment I truly felt relaxed with it all. When I got downstairs Barry had made breakfast.

“I put some of my stuff in the washing machine.” He said, “After we have eaten your going to hang it out to dry. Naked.”

I opened my mouth to protest but, just smiled and thought ‘hey what the fuck.’ We finished breakfast and then I took the washing out of the machine and headed for the side door. Uncle Barry close behind me As I expected Henry was there with his cock in his hand. I gave him a big smile and while uncle Barry stood at the door I hung all the washing out. Then I slowly made my way back, all the time smiling at Henry. I had a sneaking suspicion that this was the spit roast that my dad was waiting for.

And I wasn’t wrong. I reached the back door and looked at uncle Barry, he smiled and so I pulled his shorts down and, making sure that Henry got a perfect view of my already wet pussy took Barry deep into my mouth. I opened my legs so Henry would make no mistake that it was on offer to him and as I hoped a moment later that big fat cock thrust it’s way right into my waiting hole, forcing me to take e uncle Barry deep down my throat.

Henry wasn’t gently, and if I am honest I didn’t want him to be. I hated the man but I loved his cock and I loved the way he violated my hole and brought me to such a monumental orgasm. If it hadn’t been for the fact that both men were holding onto me I know my knees would have caved in and I would have collapsed. But as it was I was thrusting back harder and harder and muffled screams of ecstasy escaped my come filled mouth. Then I felt Henry fill my pussy with his seed. He kept thrusting till he was drained and as he pulled out uncle Barry turned me round so I could clean up that foul smelling cock. Through all this nobody had said a word. As Henry walked back to his house uncle Barry broke the silence.

“I thing you enjoyed that didn’t you?”

“Mmm. I hate the man but I do love his cock.” I said very relaxed now.

“Yes I have to admit he is quite well endowed.” We had reached the lounge by now and Rosco was sniffing around me and pushing his snout into my pussy. I think Rosco wants his turn honey.”

The relaxed way he said it let me know that he wasn’t as disgusted with me as I had been with myself the night before. “I think your right. Could you make the coffee while I see to him.”

“Of course.”

I got down on my knees and let Rosco clean me out by which time I was again in the throws of an orgasm which just tripled in strength as he mounted me. At this point the house phone rang.

“Oh yes hello Mike this is uncle Barry. Yes she is exercising but I’m sure she can chat.”

As he brought the phone over to me I shook my head, horrified that he would want me to speak to my husband while I was being fucked by our dog. But he just ignored me. Not only did he give me the phone but he dropped his shorts and started to masturbate. I don’t know what Mike was talking about I was on auto respond at this point my orgasm reaching a second crescendo of pleasure and if I am truly honest the situation was just so fucking hot. A couple of times I had to tell him I was on the running machine. Then Barry shot his come all over my face, and as Rosco pulled out of me Barry pushed his cock into my mouth. I knew he didn’t expect too much so just licked it as best I could. Finally Mike hung up.

“You’re a real bastard do you know that?” I laughed.

“Yes I know but was that hot or what?”

“Oh god it was horny. But I nearly burst out laughing. It was just so cool”

“You seem to have changed a lot since last night.” He said.

“I have.” I replied, “I have admitted that I really love cock, and I am going to enjoy as much and as many as I can. So what have you got lined up for the rest of the day.”

“Wait and see.”

I had no idea what he was planning. But what I did know was if it involved lots of cock, then I was up for it.

Maybe more to come

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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