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“Ms. Thomas?” I was stopped at the gate into the club community where the Cornell’s lived.

“Yes, sir.”

He smiled. “I’m not sir … just Al.” Al was probably in his early 60’s being a security guard for a bunch of rich people. I didn’t see a gun as he stood next to the guard shack by the car. Probably had a hot-line connected to the police which was undoubtedly safer for him, too.

“Yes, sir.”

He paused. “Don’t see many like you around here. Politeness and respect seem to be out of style. Anyway … Mr. Cornell alerted me you would be arriving. He’s one of the nice ones.” He affixed a sticker to my windshield and handed me a magnetic card for the gate when it wasn’t being manned.

Mrs. C was standing at the front door as I drove up. Al must have alerted her. She came out and stood next to my open window. She pointed to the remote on the visor that I hadn’t even noticed until then. I pushed it and the far left garage door lifted. She walked behind me as I drove the my very new car into the garage of my new home. She waited as I gathered my purse and computer bag, then I followed her through the garage to the door into the house. We’d used this entrance before when I was them, of course.

She led me through the house along the familiar route to upstairs and the bedroom I would be using. I was expecting boxes but there was nothing out of place. I looked around puzzled and she laughed. Mementos were on end tables and arranged around the sitting room. The bedroom itself and huge closet was also decorated with my things and clothes hungup. My toiletries, etc. were in the bathroom. I looked at her puzzled.

“Oh, dear. You worked all day. I couldn’t have you bothering with unpacking. I don’t know if I got things where you want them but you can take care of that over time.” I was stunned and gave her a big hug.

“What can I do?”

“Nothing for now,” she said. “Joe is picking up meals for a quiet night home. It is a work night, after all.” I smiled. This was all going to be so strange to combine Mr. C with work and home and adding Mrs. C.

“There must be some house rules or expectations? I mean, what happened on weekends was play; what about normal, everyday living?”

“Don’t fuss yourself, dear,” she came back with. “I know you. You’ll help out around here; it’s part of who you are.” Then, she suddenly looked at me and a smile and look of awareness came to her. “Ohhhh … I bet you’re also wondering about what to wear. Joe has his rules for the house and you’ve elected to be remain basically naked even with the revised policy. Yes … remember Joe tells me everything and I tell him everything. So, around here … do what you want. You like being naked and we like seeing you naked. But, Abby, although you’re a wonderfully exciting, sexy, arousing young woman to both Joe and me, that’s not all you are to us; that’s not the only thing about you we love. You have a wonderfully well rounded personality with wonderful ideas and thought and ideas and a contagious sense of humor and that surrounds a very actively sexual person. We love all of you, dear.” She pulled me into another hug that was only warm and inclusive. She whispered into my ear, “We want you here and we want you to want to be here. If this is your home, relax and act like it is your home.”

“Thank you, ma’am.” I kissed her. Not on the cheek.

She smiled, “So … you know my name is Samantha or Sam …”

“Yes, ma’am.” She chuckled. I explained, “I am absolutely certain I am not submissive, ma’am. Mr. C has said the same as well as many of the VP’s and Directors. With all of them I use ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ as respect for positions. I realized along the way that I use it with you two because I have a deep desire to please you both. I’m not sure what you’d call it. I don’t know how to explain it more clearly.”

“You don’t have to explain it,” she responded with hands softly holding my face. “Now … for dinner … let’s surprise Joe with negligees.”

“Ma’am, I don’t …”

“Oh, yes you do.” She led me to the other side of my closet where a wide variety of negligees hung on soft hangers. “I thought of a way you can wear something and still be exposed.” I smiled as I fingered the very sheer garments.

Not many moments later, we heard the garage door open. She nodded as I picked up the drink we had prepared and strode to the opening to the dining room. As he entered the house, “Good evening, sir,” I said as I held the drink out to him, then took the bag of food from him.

Just then, Mrs. C came out and welcomed him with a kiss, then stood back next to me. “Damn,” he uttered. We both giggled. I wore a floor length gown tied at the bodice. It was very sheer and exposed the fact that I had nothing on underneath but my heels. The bodice was loosely tied (Mrs. C’s idea) and displayed a deep cleavage of bare breast and chest. Mrs. C wore a similar gown but semi-sheer that hinted more than blatantly exposed her nakedness underneath. She admitted she hadn’t been much of an exhibitionist and the idea of dressing like this with the lights glowing and drapes open made her a bit nervous but very excited, too. And, she knew Mr. C would like it very much.

Mr. C’s eyes wondered over his wife’s and my body throughout dinner . We made it an early night. And … I didn’t sleep in my new bed.

The next night Mr. C had the game of the week on ESPN when Mrs. C came into their large family room from behind. “Have you seen Abby, dear?”

I didn’t hear anything from him but I felt his hand leave my bare breast, rise up and point down. I was lying on the sofa next to him with my head in his lap sucking his cock exposed through his loosened slacks. I heard her walk around the sofa, then, “So … I should have known …” I smiled around the cock in my mouth. I wasn’t working hard at sucking him but rather just enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth while I teased him with my tongue and sucking while he watched the game.

“Are you really interested in the game, dear? I thought we could show Abby the video,” she suggested.

“You mean THAT video?” he asked.

“Yes. I think she’d find it interesting. Abby, dear, you can watch the TV while doing that can’t you?”

“Yeth, mawwm.” It’s hard to talk with a big cock in your mouth.

I re-positioned myself for a better view of the large flat-screen on the wall as his hand returned to my bare breast. The video started with credits and Mrs. C sat on the sofa by lifing my legs and settling under them. Her fingers roamed between my legs and I obligingly opened them to allow better access to my pussy as he was fondling my breast and rolling and pulling on nipples. I am naked as much in the house as I am in the office and the two of them are not at all shy about taking advantage of it.

I missed most of the credit … even the title … but was drawn to the appearance of the female porn actress leading her partner through a door into what appeared to be an apartment. They kissed and felt each other up. My attention went from the cock I was sucking and the video. I was waiting for the action to really start and wondered why Mrs. C was so interested in showing the video. I didn’t really need the stimulation and I hadn’t thought either of them had with me around, either.

But then … my eyes opened wide as I stared at the screen. My mouth had stopped moving or sucking on his cock. For a moment, I lay there staring and not quite believing what I had seen. I waited for verification. Then, I got the verification as the camera seemed to finally settle on the man involved. I pulled back with his cock falling from my mouth.

“You!” I turned to look at him, “That’s you!” I turned to Mrs. C who was smiling. “Ma’am … him … that’s him.” She just chuckled as I turned to Mr. C, “You … oh … my … God … you fucked a porn star!”

He didn’t say anything. Neither of them did. They didn’t have to. It was all up there on the screen as he slipped the same cock I was sucking into the hairless pussy of that porn star. He didn’t allow me any more distraction, though. His hand pressed my head down and my mouth opened wide to take his cock back in. I began sucking and moving my mouth over his cock … the same cock I was watching on the screen … going in and out of that pussy. When the camera went in for a super closeup, I could almost feel it myself from the many times it had been inside me and all the while Mrs. C’s fingers played over me.

When he came in my mouth, his cock was in my throat. I felt the pulse preceding his climax but risked holding it in my throat as the first spurt went directly down my throat. I pulled back gasping, some cum escaping my mouth as he delivered the next spurt. It was another first and very exciting.

I was still licking his cock in a more idle manner as the movie ended with a climactic ending of Mr. C cumming on the face and tits of the actress. Mrs. C never stopped playing with my pussy the entire time and had three fingers jammed inside. She grabbed the remote with her free hand and the screen went dark.

“Bend over the coffee table. It’s your turn, Abby.” He just came. What did she have in mind now? As I took the position she requested, my bare ass pointed at her and knees spread wide in preparation … of what I still wasn’t sure. “This is something I’ve wanted to try for quite a while now. And, I think only a slut can manage it. You are a slut, aren’t you, dear? You are our slut?” I nodded. Even more confused of what she was intending. But, as ever, ready, willing, and trusting in her as much as I was in him.

I felt her fingers return to my dripping pussy. She shifted to her knees behind me and it soon felt like three fingers were again moving in and out. I glanced back over my right shoulder and found her intent on what she was doing, her eyes fixed on her fingers moving in my pussy. I noted Mr. C stroking his limp cock in his hand.

Then, she shifted and added another finger, four fingers moving inside me, opening me wider and, with all the manipulation while I sucked Mr. C, those four fingers moved easily in and out as my pussy opened more.

Her fingers came out. When they returned, they felt bigger. That was when it hit me. Fisting. She wanted to put her hand inside me. God. I should never explored porn sites with her for ideas.

I felt her opening my pussy wider and wider as she worked her fingers in to the knuckles at her hand. I groaned as my head sagged and dropped to the tabletop. “Oh fuck …” I moaned.

“Almost there … just … a little … bit …”

And she was in. Or, rather, her hand was fully inside with a sudden push through like jamming a ball or apple up inside. At one moment I was being stretched wider and wider, a feeling of intense stretching, then the stretching feeling gone but feeling stuffed. Her hand inside me! What a slut! The office truly had opened a world unknown, unexpected, unanticipated to me.

“I did it!” she exclaimed from behind me as I leaned over the tabletop gasping. “Look, Joe!” Her excitement at achieving it drew a boisterous laugh from him.

“I think, dear, the wonder is that she managed it without screaming.”

Mrs. C giggled as her hand began moving inside me. She opened her fingers and wiggled them as her hand turned and rotated inside my pussy, her fingertips stroking the walls in every direction. She pushed deeper and I felt her fingers at my cervix. I gasped as a fingertip caressed the tight opening before bumping that spot only Mr. C had reached, another erotic spot located at the cervix. I moaned as she probed, hitting that spot over and over. Then, I felt a finger probe the cervix opening, pressing at it, rotating, and pressing. I moaned more as I felt the opening giving and her finger continue to probe and press.

“Ohhhh … Goddddddd … what … are you … OHHHH FUCCKK!”

Her finger gained entrance, slipping just the tip past the opening. My breath escaped me as her fingertip flexed. She pressed harder and more finger passed in before she pulled part way out and pressed gaziantep escort by in.

“Joe,” I heard her say as I gasped and moaned, “I’m fucking her cervix.”

“That’s why she’s moaning so much.”

Something bumping my forehead, nose, and eyes. I opened eyes to find a very hard, massive hard-on. I raised my face with an open mouth dutifully and it passed through my lips into my mouth to the entry of my throat. I hand in my pussy, a finger in my cervix, and a massive cock in my throat. I couldn’t concentrate on any particular stimulation as they each seemed to overwhelm each other for attention.

“I have an idea, Joe,” she commented as if she was about to suggest something for dinner.

I felt him lean over my back, his cock driving a bit further into my throat in the process. Whispers were exchanged and, though were just above me, I registered none of it as my body was building to an explosion point.

Suddenly, the cock was pulled from my throat and mouth. I gasped for air and nearly came when she changed position while keeping her hand in my pussy which caused new contact inside and the heel of her hand jamming against my g-spot. A moment later I felt my ass cheeks spread and my asshole being probed. OH FUCK. Her hand in my pussy and he’s about to penetrate my ass?

It was tight … very tight … and I cried out as the bulbous head of his cock stretched and abruptly drove past my sphincter. He was inside my ass … she … her hand was inside my pussy … I had never felt so full! I exploded in orgasm. My mouth gaped open but no sound escaped as it seemed there was no air left in my lungs. My entire body quaked. They never stopped, though. Her hand and fingers began moving, again. Then it hit my … her fingers were stroking his cock as it moved through my ass. Her fingers in my pussy were stroking his cock in my ass!

Her fingers moved with his cock at times and again bumping my cervix. I shivered, again. Minutes passed … I had no idea how many really as my body reacted to all the stimulation as they performed their strange, obscene, and very erotic and stimulating hand-job-fuck.

I was being pummeled by hand and cock. My head and upper body had collapsed to the table, my ass obscenely presented to them for their use. And use they did as I felt him stiffened and jerk and pulse in my ass and her hand, sensing the same, began stroking faster and more firmly as he fucked harder and more powerfully. All the while the actions of both separated only by that thin membrane between the two chambers.

I felt him explode, a strong stream of cum propelled into my ass. She must have felt or sensed it as she seemed to try to grasp his cock to stroke it. That was when I came, again. She wasn’t done with me, though. Even as her husband was still releasing the last of his cum into my ass, her hand left the cock and probed for my cervix, finding it, and slipping a finger back inside. This time, though, she pressed more firmly to drive the finger inside. The orgasm I was already riding spiked even higher. I cried out. As the cock pulled from my asshole, I collapse further but her hand and finger remained as she continued to fuck my pussy and cervix, her knuckled bumping that spot deep inside and the heel of her hand pressing on the g-spot. I continued to experience peaks of glorious orgasmic surges until I lost all ability to support myself.

I was barely aware of her hand pulling from my pussy and being rolled over onto the rug. My awareness came back slowly. My head was resting on someone … my body was being softly and lovingly caressed and stroked. Mr. C cradled me on his lap on the floor. Mrs. C lay next to me lightly touching and stroking me.

I looked from one to the other. I opened my mouth to speak … then tried again. “That was so … fucking freaky …” A smile grew on my face as the feelings surged back to awareness. “God … that was amazing!”

They both laughed. Maybe partially in relief …

* * * CHAPTER 12: THE OFFICE CHANGE will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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