Abnormal Obsession

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I was twenty three when I got married. My husband tried everything he could think of to give me orgasms but I didn’t have my first one until four years later. Chris and I divorced after two years. I spent the next two mostly working and helping my sick father as much as I could.

A girl friend from high school had somehow gotten into erotic dancing at private parties and started her own business. Linda was doing really well with her business and had three employees. They mostly did birthday and batchelor parties but occasionally she would get a job for one of the many corporations here in Portland.

Between Linda and her three employees they were doing as many as five parties a day and more on weekends.

One night we were visiting and she offered me a job and promised that I could make at least three times the money I was making at my current job.

I attended a couple of parties with her to check it out and see if I really wanted to give it a try.

As linda had explained would happen, I was hit on by several men at both parties. To be honest it was kind of exciting. I enjoyed the attention to say the least after the long dry spell I had been going through.

I spent three days learning from Linda and her girls. They all agreed that I was ready as we sat having drinks at a bar one evening after they had all finished their separate parties.

The next morning Linda spent several hundred dollars on me at Victoria’s secret. I was more than nervous as we drove to my first gig.

Linda called a number she had been given when we pulled up in front of the house. A minute later one of the five garage doors opened. A handsome man came out and introduced himself. Travis Taylor.

He asked Linda to pull her car into the garage.

It was a surprise, poolside, bachelors party in the back yard of a beautiful three story home. I was glad to see that only about fifteen guys were there.

As planned, Linda and I just hung out in the garage, hidden from everyone until the batchelor arrived. They had only paid for one dancer but Linda must have felt my appreciation. She laughed at me as she pulled a few things out of that big bag of a purse she always carried. She eryaman escort changed into the sexiest outfit I had ever seen her in as she giggled, hiding behind a Corvette.

Just as she had changed and stuffed her clothes into the bag, Travis came in and announced that the Batchelor had arrived. It was his twin brother Terry. Travis pointed him out as we all peeked through a slightly open door leading into the back yard.

Before we went out, Travis asked if we both would be willing to just spend a couple of hours flirting with all the guys but to pay special attention to Terry. He offered an extra five hundred dollars on top of the five he had already agreed to.

I got kinda tickled because Linda was going to dance for free just to take the edge off for me.

Linda and I opened the door and walked around the pool with little covering our tits, butts smoothly swaying as we slowly made our way to where Terry was standing with his back to us.

He blushed when all his friends laughed as Linda knelt behind him and ran both hands up the inside of his legs.

The laughter took the edge off everyone. We were being paid to flirt and tease. To be totally honest, it ended up being the most fun I had had in a years. It was a different kind of fun than I had ever had but none the less, it was over the top for me.

I was totally amazed at how many of those guys would get bulges in their pants just from being able to look at my breasts with only the nipples covered and make comments about them, or compliment me on my ass or legs.

I literally had to go to the bathroom and wipe my own juices from between my lips twice, for fear of leaking and having it run down my leg.

After about an hour and half, one of the guys pulled me aside. He said that all the friends had agreed to pitch in and offer Linda and I each a grand if we would give Terry a blowjob and one for Travis for throwing the party.

I walked around the pool to where Linda was laughing and flirting with Terry. I whispered in her ear and explained the offer.

She only winked at me as she turned her attention back to Terry. I watched her kneel down in front of him, unzip his pants and pull out his cock escort ankara right there in front of everyone.

He didn’t argue one bit as he sipped his beer and just let her have her way with him.

I turned around and spotted Travis walking towards us with the rest of the guys.

My heart was pumping so hard I could feel it in my ears. I waited for him to get close then I walked up to him. With all the guys standing close watching, I knelt down on my knees in front of him.

He reached down and offered his hand, motioning for me to stand back up. He put his arms around me and leaned close. Whispering in my ear, he asked, “Do you do this often?”

I answered back, “I’ve never done this, this is my first party.”

He said, again in whisper as if telling a secret.

“Do you know that if this goes any farther I’m going to throat fuck you until I cum?”

I felt something stir in me that I had never felt in my life. I had given Chris blowjobs many times in the two years that we were married. They were always slow and sensual. I had never heard the term throat fuck.

I knelt back down and slowly unbuckled his belt, never taking my eyes off his. He stood, his blue eyes seemed to be smiling as we stared into each others. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down. He never moved as his pants dropped to his ankles. The crowd of guys seemed to disappear in my mind, there was nothing but the sound of my heart beating. My fingers shook as I slowly pulled his underwear down. Our eyes still locked on each other’s.

I let my gaze drop as I set his gorgeous cock free.

After a moment of looking at it, I looked back into his eyes. He watched me seductively lick my lips, they parted and I opened my mouth.

I looked back down at his cock as he slowly grasped it in his hand. “Look at me!” He said in a tone different from his normal voice.

I locked eyes with him again and felt the big, soft head of his cock slip into my mouth.

Closing my lips around it, I watched his hands gently grasp the sides of my head. The cock began slowly moving back and forth over my tongue, drool began to trickle from the corners of my mouth.

I felt sincan escort the cock growing harder as it seemed to be inching it’s way to the back of my throat.

“Take a deep breath and hold it!” I heard him say.

I drew a deep breath through my flaring nostrils. His spread fingers squeezed my head, he pulled me up slightly and tipped my head down just a little. his cock pushed past my tonsils. It seemed we both were surprised that there was no gag reflex.

He began a gentle fucking motion that now pulled out then back in past my tonsils. My eyes began to water, tears trickled down my cheeks. He pulled out, “Breathe!” He said.

I drew in another deep breath. He held my head tight, the fucking resumed. Another breath was demanded then without any warning I felt his cock sliding down my throat until my face was smashed into the soft flesh that covered his pelvic bone. He held me still for a moment, unmoving, his cock pulsed in my throat, it seemed to be growing longer.

He pulled out, I frantically exhaled then drew in a breath. My vision was blurred with tears. The cock was shoved back down my throat. I tried to concentrate. I counted numbers in my mind to keep from getting frantic.

My world was fading quickly. He yanked out, I gasped, he shoved back in.

My body began to tremble, I didn’t realize that I had my hand between my legs.

The cock was literally fucking my mouth, my throat, his balls slapping my chin. I began to quiver all over. I was feeling like my toes were stuck in light sockets, I was being electrocuted, I forgot about breathing, I listened to my own whimpers, my fingers digging into my own cunt.

He yanked out, I heard him telling me to breathe. I don’t remember doing it. I do remember the most wonderful feeling exploding through my body that I had ever felt in my life as the cock was shoved back into me. The fucking grew faster and harder. I was pinching at my cunt. Everything came to an abrupt stop, everything except the pulsing cock. I felt it pulsing, I heard Travis grown, I felt warm cum pumping deep into my throat.

Still my body shook and trembled uncontrollably. I was cuming for the first time in my life and it was the most profound experience to date.

It was my first and only day on the job. I moved in with Travis a couple weeks later and to this day, getting throat fucked is still the only way I can get off. It’s just an abnormal obsession I guess.

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