Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 08

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Big Dicks

Letter from the Author: This is a story about an older promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. She knowingly commits adultery and likes to be dominated and even humiliated. If you have any moral issues with this, please go read another story.

These events take place ten years before chapter 7.

Addison hurriedly unlocked the door and rushed to the ringing phone and picked it up.


“Hey mom, it’s Cole.” The caller replied.

Cole was Addie’s 21 year old son.

“Hi sweetheart, how is everything at school?” She asked him.

“Fine thanks.” He assured her. “You and Patty are still coming for the weekend right?”

“I’m not sure.” She said with a big sigh as she set down her carry-on bag.

Addison had just returned from a business trip to Dallas. It had taken longer than she expected, and she was not sure she wanted to repack and jump back on another plane the next day to Florida for the weekend. She and Patty had become close since her first plastic surgeries, and they traveled regularly together to relax and look for young hard cocks to fuck. She told herself on the way home from Dallas that she was going to beg off the weekend and plan it for some other time.

“Come on mom.” Cole pleaded. “You have to come.”

“Honey I just got back from Dallas, and I’m really tired. Can’t we come down in a few weeks?” She asked, hoping to convince him.

She was not lying. She had just spent the last four days on her back, her knees and bent over with the cocks of a very important client in every orifice of her body. It was what she needed to do to close a mega deal for her firm. She wanted to rest her body and just relax for the next few days.

“No, you guys need to come this weekend.” He insisted.

“Why? What’s so damn special about this weekend?” She said sarcastically.

“Because, Trent called and he invited Mitzy and me to meet him at Hooter’s for some beers and to catch up.”

Mitzy was Cole’s long time girlfriend.

“He wants to go bike riding tomorrow too.” He told her enthusiastically. “He asked about you and I told him you were coming down for the weekend. He said he would love to see you again and that he could put you and Patty up in his parent’s hotel for nothing.”

Addison knew she had no choice but to go now. Two years ago Trent had graduated from the same university that Cole attended. Since then, Cole had constantly complained that Trent never called. Addison knew how much this meant to Cole, so she assured him that they would be there Friday.

Cole had idolized Trent ever since he met him back in prep school. Trent was a border at the school that Cole attended as a day student. Trent’s family was from Panama and had sent him to America for an education. He liked it in America, but he was all alone. Cole had befriended him and all through their school years Trent had been a fixture at the Cameron house, even spending some of the short vacations like Thanksgiving there. He was older than Cole and had finished school and headed off to college where Cole joined him a couple of years later. Trent was quite a looker. Addison’s daughter and nieces had all been quite smitten with him. His good looks and muscular build had not escaped Addie’s notice either. She had spent many days by their pool with Patty discussing how desirable he was.

Trent had spent the last couple years establishing himself in his parent’s business, which left little time for him to spend with Cole. He had assured Cole last night that everything between them was fine, and that they would all have a great time this weekend.

Patty and Addison landed in Florida Friday morning and spent the day shopping. About five o’clock they entered the lobby of Trent’s parent’s hotel. The desk clerk took great care of them and they commented to each other how special he had made them feel. They got off the elevator and walked to Patty’s room. It was a very nice room and on the table was a fruit basket with a note.

It read: Nice to have you here, see you all in the lobby at 6:00 for dinner, Trent.

Addison hustled to her room to get ready. When she arrived in her room, there was a basket for her too. However, hers was filled with champagne, wine and other fine liquors.

Her note read: It’s been a long time. Look forward to seeing you. Hope we get a chance later to speak in private.

Addison smiled and prepared herself for dinner.

Addison, Patty, Cole and Mitzy were all waiting in the lobby when Trent arrived at six. He whisked them off in a limo to a private dinner club. The food was excellent. The wine and champagne flowed and everyone was toasting to the Ataşehir Escort good ole days. Trent asked Cole if he would like tickets to sit in his firm’s skybox at the university’s football game the next day, and Cole enthusiastically accepted. Everyone finished their dinner and as they exited the club, Trent asked if anyone wanted to go to an underground club.

Patty, Cole and Mitzy said yes. Addie wanted to go too, but the look in Trent’s eye as he looked at her, told Addie she should decline. The three others got into the limo and Trent sent them on their way. He hailed a cab for Addie and himself and they drove back to the hotel, reminisced the whole way about old times.

“Thanks for a fine evening.” Addison said as they entered the lobby of the hotel, extending her hand to shake his. He grabbed her by the wrist and gently pulled her toward the elevators.

“It’s only just begun.” He told her with a mischievous grin.

The elevator door opened and they entered. He pulled out a special room key and inserted it into the slot at the top of the buttons.

“Next stop, my place.” He told her.

Addison got that familiar tingle between her legs as the car rose to the penthouse suite. She was pretty sure why he was taking her to his suite. The doors opened and she entered. It was fabulous. He walked by and pointed at the couch.

“Have a seat. I’ll get you a brandy.”

The couch faced a full length window that overlooked the lights of the city. Trent returned with the brandy and sat next to Addie. The two drank and recalled more old times. Trent was a true gentleman.

“You look fabulous.” He kept telling her. “Looks like your 30 years old again.”

“Yes, I have a fantastic plastic surgeon.” She quipped.

“Maybe,” He replied. “but you have always been hot.” Then he placed his hand on her stocking clad thigh, just below her skirt.

Addie blushed a bit at his compliment and the touch oh his hand made her temperature rise. He continued to compliment her about her looks and her body, and Addison ate it up.

Without warning his hand slid up under her skirt and found the silk of her thong panties.

“I have always wanted you.” He told her as he leaned in close.

Addie spread her thighs a bit. Trent moved the material of her thong to the side and began rubbing her clit softly, all the time complimenting her.

Addie was in heaven. She closed her eyes and dropped her head back to rest on the couch. Her pussy drooled and soon Trent’s finger was sliding between its lips. He laid her down on the couch. He ran his hands up the outside of her thighs, pushing her skirt up past her stocking tops and over her hips, until it was resting in a bunch above her hips. With one motion he grabbed the strings of her thong and pulled them down over her hips. She raised her ass off the couch to help. He lowered his face between her legs licked up her thigh until he reached her female folds. His tongue lathered her now flaming gash. Addison rocked her hips against his effort and moaned her approval. He licked her clit, and slid his tongue deep inside her. She moaned again, and he continued to please.

Addison writhed in pleasure as her first orgasm ripped through her. “Ahhhhhhh!” she groaned while holding his face to her crotch.

Trent slid three fingers inside her as he continued to lick and suck on her sensitive, swollen nub.

“Yes, yes.” Was all she could say. His fingers were sliding in and out of her flooded pussy as he licked up her juices. He coaxed her second orgasm less than ten minutes later. Her body was thrashing around in ecstasy the whole time. She couldn’t believe how expertly he was eating her pussy. She never wanted it to stop.

Addison was still fully clothed except for the thong on the ground when Trent pulled his throbbing cock from his pants and pointed it at her flaming cunt. He slid it in slowly and began to fuck her gently. He slid his cock in and out slowly, complimenting her the whole time. She grabbed his hips and helped him make love to her. Addison was reveling in her pleasure when everything changed.

“I know what you did in Dallas.” He told her, never stopping his penetrations.

“What?” Addie said, not sure what he was saying.

“I was at the JW hotel hailing a cab when a cab pulled up with two men and a woman in it. I could see through the window that one had his tongue down her throat and the other was obviously fingering her cunt.” He told her.

Addison was stunned. She didn’t know what to say.

“Imagine my surprise when I noticed it was you.” He told, as he began to fuck her a bit harder.

“I followed you three to the Kadıköy Escort elevator. I watched from the ground through the glass elevator as you shoved your tongue into one guy’s mouth. I saw one of them pull those gigantic tits out of your dress and the other one lifted your skirt up enough that I could see your slutty, bald, cheating cunt.”

Addison was getting off on his dirty talk, and his thrusting pace had picked up even more, and now he was pounding her cunt like a jack hammer. She didn’t know what to do; she just laid back and enjoyed the rough play and dirty talk.

“It was you wasn’t it?” he asked. “What would your husband and son say if they knew what a slut their wife and mother was?” He was slamming her so hard now that she was falling off the couch onto the floor. He reached under her and continued his assault as he laid her on the floor.

“Did you fuck them at the same time?” he asked. “Did you have one in your dirty cunt and one in you hungry mouth?”

Addison screamed with pleasure as he fucked her silly and accused her of being a dirty, cheating whore.

“Did you let them fuck you in the ass, you cunt?”

“Did you suck their cocks after they were in your asshole?”

“Yes! Yes! I did it all.” Addison screamed. “I am a dirty slut.

Fuck me! Fuck me like the whore I am.”

Trent reached down and tore open her blouse. Buttons flew all over the carpet and he ripped her bra up over her massive tits. Then he dove onto them and began mauling them, leaving hickeys and bite marks all over.

“Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! You are a dirty cunt!” he told her.

Addison’s third orgasm hit and she squealed like a stuck pig. She couldn’t believe that this boy who had spent so much time at her house, a boy who had been almost like a son to her, could treat her like this. Conversely, she really couldn’t believe how this friend of her son had the knowledge and cock to make her cum like this.

Trent continued his pounding until she calmed down. Then he stood up, pulled her legs straight up and flipped her legs down so Addison was on her shoulders and the back of her head with her pussy and ass straight up in the air. He slid his cock straight down inside her and fucked her like that for quite a while until he was ready to cum. He pulled his cock from her pussy as he came, and shot his cum down all over her. When he was done he pulled her to her knees.

“Clean me you filthy whore!” then he shoved his cum covered cock in her face. Addison willingly licked their juices from his cock until it was clean, then he walked away, leaving her lying on the floor.

Addison stood up and dropped on the couch. Sweat and Trent’s seed covered her body. She laid there for a long time in a sexually satisfied stupor until she finally fell asleep.

A short time later, Trent returned after taking a shower. His heavy footsteps startled Addie. She opened her eyes to see him walking toward her with a drink in his hand, in a robe and nothing else. She took in his body and his good looks. The temperature in her body rose again. And she sat up on the couch. She could feel the dried cum on her body and it made her feel dirty, a feeling she had grown to love.

“You want another?” Trent inquired.

“Drink, or fuck?” Addie quipped with a sexy grin.

“Either?” he chided right back.

“So, now you are going to black mail me for sex?” Addison said snidely.

“Why?” Trent replied. “I like to fuck, you’re obviously a complete slut, nobody needs to feel threatened. Besides, I have wanted to fuck you since the ninth grade. In fact, when I used to stay at you house, I would jack off in your panties all the time.” He picked up the soiled panties that lay on the floor. He placed it to his nose and inhaled deeply. “Mmmmm” he moaned. “I would sniff one pair and cum in the other.”

“How do you know they were mine and not my daughter’s?” Addison inquired.

“Well, they smelled just like that, but, does it matter?” He replied. “After tonight I can say with confidence that you suck cock much better than your daughter.”

Addison was a bit surprised at his answer, but not stunned that he had been with her daughter. After all, what young girl wouldn’t spread her legs for such a good looking, sexy, young man as Trent?

“So did you just rekindle your friendship with my son to get in my pants?” Addie asked.

“For the most part.” He told her.

“Well then I think I will blackmail you.” She told him with some confidence. “I will fuck you, but only as long as you stay friends with Cole. You know how much he admires you.”

“He is a good guy, and besides, his sexy little girlfriend’s cunt Ümraniye Escort might be an added bonus.” He said with an evil look in his eye.

“Don’t you dare you bastard.” Addie told him. “Cole would be crushed if he found out.” Then she got a bit cocky and told him, “Besides, Mitzy wouldn’t have anything to do with you, she’s a good Southern girl.”

“No, she’s closer to good southern slut like you.” He retorted.

“I don’t think so.” She replied snidely.

“Let me tell you about that good southern girl as you call her.” he said as he sat next to her on the couch. “The day before you and Patty arrived; Cole, Mitzy and I all went to the sports bar to watch the game. That bitch was eyeing me all night. We were all enjoying the game when Cole got a call. He couldn’t hear in the bar, so he walked outside to continue his call. I could see him through the window and he was very involved in the call. Apparently it was his lab partner and they had a problem. Anyway, I scooted over close to his sweet innocent Mitzy, put my arm around her and gave her a small kiss with just a hint of tongue. That little ho sucked so hard on my tongue I thought she was going to pull it out of my mouth. I reached down over her shoulder and grabbed one of her little titties and she just kissed me harder. I could see Cole walk farther down the street, so I placed my hand on her exposed thigh and slid it up toward her cunt. That little slut couldn’t spread her legs fast enough. I reached under her skirt and found her panties. I slipped my finder under the material and guess what?”

Addie just sat there stunned and did not say a word.

“That good little southern girl has a cunt just as bald as yours. I pushed my finger into that dripping snatch and fingered her right there at the table as I watched your son continue his call. She moaned and sucked my tongue like she wanted it to be my cock. When I had my finger nice and wet, I pulled it out and offered it to her. She sucked it as intensely as she had been doing to my tongue. I put that finger back into her pussy and continued to finger fuck her in the middle of that bar in front of all those people. I was pinching her tit and fingering her cunt and she loved every second of it. I told her to take my cock out. ‘Not here’ she told me, but she did reach down and stroke it through my pants. When she refused to do as I asked, I turned up the heat. I slipped another finger into her flooded cunt and brought her to the brink of orgasm. Just then, I saw Cole flip his phone closed. I pulled my fingers from her and told her to clean them. I excused myself and headed to the bathroom, leaving her panting like a dog. When I returned, Cole was holding Mitzy’s hand repeatedly asking if she was ok. The flushed face and slight trails of sweat had him worried. Then at the end of the night she slipped me a note. It said ‘please call me. I need you’ and it had her phone number. So if you don’t want me to ruin your son’s life, get over here on your knees so I can skull fuck you.”

Addie did as she was told. She knelt between his legs and opened his robe to see that beautiful, thick, hard cock. She swallowed it whole. Trent grabbed her head and began forcing her head up and down on his engorged unit. Addie slid her hand to her sloppy cunt and fingered her clit roughly. Trent was fucking her face feverishly when he spoke.

“Now let me tell you how it’s going to be between us.” He told her. “I am going to fuck you when I want, how I want and where I want you horny old slut.” He pulled her head down on his cock emphatically each time he said something to stress his point.

You will be available for me anytime I want. Just tell your husband you are going to visit your son. If you refuse, I will go find sweet little Mitzy and fuck her like the horny little whore she wants to be.”

His forcefulness and the manipulation of her clit made Addie cum again uncontrollably. She screamed out as his cock filled her mouth. Her body shook with pleasure. When it was over, Trent pushed her off his cock and flipped her face down on the couch. He slammed his cock up her ass and fucked her furiously for more than 30 minutes until he was about to cum. Addie moaned and screamed with delight as his cock filled her rear passage. She came again before he finally reached his climax. Again he flipped her over on her back and unloaded a barrage of cum all over her face, tits and stomach.

Addie rubbed the sticky, hot fluid all over her body as Trent lowered his cock to her mouth and ordered her to suck it clean. Addie finished her duty and Trent left the room. She was still fingering the puddles of cum on her body and licking them clean when Trent emerged from the bedroom dressed. As he walked out the door he didn’t even look at her, “See you soon slut!” He quipped.

That was the beginning of another long, satisfying, fuck filled relationship that has lasted the present.

to be continued……

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