Adriel’s Surprise

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My heart fluttered when I heard the unmistakable sound of her ringtone echo in my car. I immediately answered and put the phone on speaker so I could drive.

“Hi, baby!” I exclaimed.

“Hey, Brody!” she said excitedly. “How far away are you?”

“Looks like about 45 minutes. You?”

“45 minutes! I can’t wait!”

Being in a long distance relationship, we had been looking forward to this day for weeks. I met Adriel at the boarding school we attended, but we ended up at different colleges and lived in different cities. On top of that, since we were only 19, getting away from home proved to be difficult at times. We visited each other as often as possible, but the minimum three-hour drive and lack of money limited how often we could see each other. Because of this, we always looked forward to seeing each other again, but this time was especially exciting. We had both told our parents we would be staying the night at the other’s house, but instead, we decided to rent ourselves a hotel room in one of the cities between us.

We continued to talk for the remainder of the trip. I pulled into the hotel parking lot just a couple minutes before she did, and as soon as I saw her car, I jumped out to greet her. I felt that familiar anxious-excited feeling I get whenever we’ve been apart for so long as I waited for her to park. A few moments later, she stepped out of the car, looking even more beautiful than I remembered. Her curly blonde hair that usually hung down to her waist was up in a bun. She had her favorite green sunglasses on over her big blue eyes. She wore a top that rested under her shoulders and hinted at the tops of her breasts and a pair of tight black leggings that hugged her full, perky bottom. I soaked it all in as she walked forward and embraced me, her chin resting just a few inches below mine.

“Let’s get checked in,” Adriel whispered in my ear.

I gave her a quick kiss before turning back to my car to grab my bags and help with hers. The hotel was cheap, but it was one of the best reviewed online for our price range, so we tried our luck. We were pleasantly surprised to see the place appeared well-kept and fairly new. The lobby was homely, and the person working behind the desk was very friendly. He gave us our room keys and we made our way down the hall. The room had one bed and a bathroom. It was furnished with a couple chairs, a desk, dresser, and TV. It wasn’t anything fancy, but all we needed was the bed and each other.

Once we had our bags inside, I locked the door and turned to face my girl. Adriel smiled at me and bit her lower lip. I knew exactly what she wanted. I walked up to her and placed one hand on the back of her head, pulling her lips towards mine. Our lips collided in a fit of passion as I slowly walked her towards the bed. She paused for a moment to rip my shirt over my head, then resumed our make-out session and invited our tongues into the mix.

We fell together onto the bed, being careful not to let our lips separate. I felt the cool touch of one hand softly wandering across my bare chest and back, the other grabbing the hair on the back of my head. I began to feel her hand slide downward, slowly inching across my stomach, coming to rest just under my waistband. I could feel myself growing to meet the tips of her almanbahis adres fingers as we continued to kiss. Just as the tip of my cock brushed her hand, she pulled away and pushed me off so she could stand.

“I need to grab something,” she smirked. “You better not have any clothes on when I get back.”

She grabbed her purse and ran into the bathroom. I bit my lip in anticipation and slid off my shorts. I could see my cock peeking out from under my briefs, and I removed those to reveal my semi-erect member. My mind raced with ideas as I lay there, slowly stroking myself to every dirty thought I could think of. A few seconds later, I heard her footsteps leaving the bathroom.

“Nah uh, hands off,” Adriel demanded, her hungry eyes locked on my body. “I never said you could start without me.”

My eyes were drawn down her arms to see she had one hand behind her back.

“Put your hands above your head,” she said.

I did as I was told, still craving for her to reveal this secret of hers. She smiled and held out four red silk sashes, each a couple feet long. “You’re mine, tonight,” she purred. I watched as she crawled onto the bed directly on top of me and pinned my left hand with hers. She leaned down to kiss me, and my eyes shut just long enough for her to slip one of the sashes around my wrist. She bit my lip, slid off of me, and tied my hand to the bedpost in one smooth motion, pulling it tight to make sure it would stay. She walked around to the other side of the bed and leaned down to kiss me once more as she tied another of the sashes to my other wrist, then pulled away to secure that to a post as well.

Now that I wasn’t going anywhere, she took her time softly treading to the foot of the bed and turned her attention to my legs. She carefully tied a sash to each ankle, then dragged each leg until my toes pointed towards the corners of the frame. She wrapped the ends of the sashes around the last two posts and took a step back, and I watched as her eyes were drawn to my now fully-erect cock. I could tell she was craving me, but now that I was under her control, I knew she would take full advantage of this opportunity. Her eyes lingered a little longer before moving up my body to meet my gaze.

“Oh, you probably want me to take my clothes off now, don’t you?” she teased, knowing the answer before it even left my lips.

“Fuck yes, baby,” I begged. “Show me that beautiful body of yours.”

“You want to see my perky tits?”

“Fuck yes.”

“You want me to show you my tight, round ass?

“Oh, fuck yes.”

“You want to see my soaking wet pussy?”

“You’re such a fucking tease.”

She slid her hands into her panties. I could hear her juices as they coated her fingers, and stared at her longingly as she closed her eyes and drew her fingers up to her mouth for a taste.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned softly.

I felt my cock get even harder than before as I watched my girlfriend lick the sweetness off her fingers. She giggled and smiled as she saw the effect she was having on me. Still smiling, she removed her shirt to reveal a strapless bra hugging her chest. Her hand reached behind her back, and with a click, her bra fell off her body. I melted into the bed as I stared at her bare breasts. They were the almanbahis adresi perfect size for her body, just large enough to fit in my hands. I could tell her nipples were hard. I wanted so badly to touch them and suck on them again.

I watched helplessly as she caressed them, teasing me like she does so well. She twisted the nubs and moaned, “Oh, Brody!” She was driving me crazy. My mind turned to the wetness that must be building between her legs, and my eyes dipped lower down her body. I studied her leggings, looking for any hint of that perfect pussy of hers. She noticed, and slipped her thumbs into the waistband, sliding her leggings off but leaving on a skimpy pink thong. I could see the dark spot between her legs that revealed just how soaked she was getting. I saw a shimmer of her wetness dripping down the inside of her leg.

Adriel crawled onto the bed between my legs and straddled my cock as it laid against my stomach, then leaned down until our lips met. I closed my eyes and felt her tongue enter my mouth again. It danced passionately with mine for what seemed like an eternity. I could still taste a little bit of her pussy, and it was driving me wild. She arched her back a bit, our lips still locked, and I felt her begin to grind herself against me, her sweet liquid coating the entire length of my dick.

Suddenly, she pulled away from my lips and stopped grinding. I watched her crawl backwards to the edge of the bed, then she turned her full attention to my throbbing cock. She took it into her hand with a gentle squeeze. Keeping her eyes locked to mine, she lowered her head and began to suck on my balls. She teased one with her tongue before taking the other into her mouth, sucking the life out of me. My mind was swimming as she went from one to the other, lightly running her thumb up and down my shaft as she did.

I closed my eyes again and lost myself in the pleasure. I felt her tongue run from the base of my balls up to the tip of my cock. I couldn’t help but let out a gasp and look at her as her mouth enveloped me. She looked me straight in the eyes as she sucked me off, just focusing on the tip for a bit before swiftly taking me deep in her throat. I heard her gag as my cock hit the back of her throat, then she removed her mouth and stood up tall on the bed. The dark spot on her panties had grown larger. She removed them to reveal her natural, unshaven pussy.

I could do nothing but watch as Adriel slowly lowered that tight pussy onto my rock hard cock. She rubbed the tip against the opening, letting me feel how wet I had made her. Then she slipped me inside. My mind went blank as I felt her tight, wet, warm pussy wrap around my cock. She drove me all the way inside, then I felt her squeeze me hard as she slowly lifted her hips. She continued to ride me faster, then slower, then faster again with no real rhythm so I could never tell what was coming next. She would squeeze randomly, and it was driving me closer and closer to the edge.

She pressed her body against mine, rubbing her tits along my chest. She moved them up to my mouth, and I immediately began teasing her nipples. I drew circles around each with my tongue, then sucked them lightly and rolled them between my teeth, switching back and forth from one to the other. All the almanbahis adresi while, Adriel continued to ride me, bringing me to the edge of climax.

“Fuck me, Brody!” she screamed. “Oh, you feel so good!”

I could feel my entire lower body begin to contract as I approached an orgasm.

“Oh, shit, baby,” I said, breathless. “I’m so close!”

She immediately pulled herself off of me, denying my release. I watched as she worked her way up my body, dragging her dripping pussy up my chest until it was right above my face. I could feel the heat coming off of her and saw she was still stretched from my dick, her sweet juices flowing out of the opening.

I heard her say, “If you want to breathe, you’re going to have to do a damn good job.”

Before I could respond, she lowered herself onto my face, smothering me with her pussy. I didn’t hesitate to stick my tongue inside of her which was met with a shaky moan of approval. I could taste us in the mix of liquids inside her, and I couldn’t get enough. I thrusted my tongue in and out, moving at a faster and faster pace. She began grinding herself against my face, attempting to maximize the pleasure. After a few more seconds of this, I quickly slid my tongue out and up to her clit and flicked it a few times in quick succession. The sudden change took Adriel by surprise, and she jerked back just a bit, enough for me to catch a quick breath. She rapidly returned her pussy to my mouth as I turned all of my effort to her clit. I let my tongue go crazy, letting my instincts take control.

I could tell she was lost in the pleasure, but she soon snapped herself out of it and started turning her body around, being careful not to let my tongue leave her. Once she had turned all the way around, she leaned over my body and took my cock into her mouth once again. We continued to suck on each other in a passionate exchange of pleasure. It slowly became harder and harder for Adriel to catch her breath, and I could tell she was getting close. Knowing this, I ramped up my movements, alternating between letting my tongue zig-zag up and down the length of her pussy and going wild over her clit. She alternated between licking the length of my dick and thrusting it in and out of her mouth, and I could feel the pleasure growing quickly to a finish.

Less than a minute later, I heard her scream, “Mmmm! Fuck! I’m cumming!”

She quickly turned around and shoved my cock inside her. I felt every pulse as she came around me, each one adding towards my own climax. I felt her pussy contract over and over, driving me closer and closer until I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” I yelled.

Adriel pulled herself off of me, and leaned forward to kiss me as I felt my entire body contract. Our lips stayed locked as streams of cum shot out of my cock, coating our stomachs. We continued to kiss as our bodies settled into a post-orgasm bliss.

When our lips finally separated, we both looked at the mess between us and laughed. Adriel got up and grabbed some tissues. She wiped us both clean before untying the restraints.

“Holy shit, baby,” I said. “That was amazing.”

“Yeah,” she agreed. “That was something else.” She crawled back into bed and curled up in my arms.

I pulled a blanket over us and told her, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she responded.

We laid there for a few minutes, simply enjoying each other’s embrace before I broke the silence. “You know it’s your turn next time, right?”

She smiled and kissed me.

“I can’t wait.”

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