Adventures In Hitchhiking

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My buddy and I had just gotten out of the Army, and were living in a small town just west of Syracuse N.Y.

We were renting rooms in a house on a small two lane road, which ended on a big 4 land route running east and west.

One Friday we both got a ride to the local shopping center about 5 miles closer to Syracuse. We did some shopping and had a late lunch at a Conney Island there.

Our ride had to take off and the gone to work, and left us on foot. But a 5 mile walk was no big deal for us if we had to. We started walking and put our thumbs out hoping for a ride. Soon we were picked up by a guy who was noticeably older, driving a real nice older Caddy. He said he could take us to the intersection of route 5 and our road, and we would be able to walk home from there. That was fine with us. As he shot the breeze with us I noticed him adjusting his cock a few times. Then he said, that he had an appointment right then, but he could come back about 7 that night and we could all go to his house for some party fun.

I know my buddy was really not into this idea at all but we feigned interest to keep things moving, and our ride going. He let us out at a gas station on the corner and said, “OK, I’ll be back here at 7, and pick you guys up, and we can have a little party.”

We said “Sure.”, and hiked on home.

My buddy said right away “No way we’ll be back there is there I think that guy is weird.” I agreed, but immediately started thinking I was really interested in going back.

As 7:00 approached, I made myself scarce, and walked back to the gas station.

I waited on a grassy area around some trees. 7:00, came and passed, I noticed that I was disappointed. I waited a bit more, and kept waiting and hoping, and about 7:30 the Caddy pulled in. I could see the guy inside look around, I got up, and with my heart pounding, dry mouthed, I walked to the car. He smiled and greeted me as I opened the door. “Your buddy wasn’t interested.”, he said as I got in. “No, it’s just me for some party time.”, I replied.

“I got the feeling he wasn’t up for it this afternoon, but you did seem more sincere.”, he noted, and then adjusted his cock again.

“Yeah, it did sound, mmm, interesting.”, I said, as I looked at his crotch, “and there is nothing else to do anyway.”

“Here.”, he said, bahis firmaları and handed me a bottle of Southern Comfort.

I took a swig, and then another. Having not eaten anything it started a buzz real quick.

“So what are we going to do at your party tonite?” I quizzed.

He adjusted his cock again and said; “Oh I think we’ll come up with some good ideas for you to have a good time.”, and he adjusted his cock again.

I could see the outline of his now hardening cock in his slacks. My cock was getting nicely hard and popping up in my jeans. I know he notice the bulge in my pants, and he now was rubbing his cock full time through his slacks. I was nicely buzzed now, and my heart was beating so hard I could hear the beats in my ears. He reached down and undid his zipper. Then pulled out a nice smooth, hard 7 inches of cock, and waved it.

“Do you like the look of this?” he asked. I could only nod dumbly, my mouth was dry my head kind of ringing.

“Good, we’re coming up on my house and you will be able to really enjoy this.”

He pulled into his drive, and got out. His cock still out of his pants as he walked up to the door. Dumbly, I followed my cock hard in my pants, and my knees weak.

As soon as we got inside, he turned and said “Get down on your knees.” I never hesitated. I knelt before him, him and his hard cock. I was now looking straight on to his cock head, it was on the end of such a nice hard shaft. My cock ached, rock hard in my pants. He put his hand on the back of my head and moved a little forward and his cock touched my lips. My lips parted and his cock was sliding into my mouth. Deep in, over my tongue, and pushing against my throat.

“Suck it!” he kind of hissed. I sucked down on this hard shaft and the helmet like head, that was now ready to use my mouth. I had never done this before, but always wondered about sucking cock. I always noticed that looking at another man’s cock was stimulating, looking at other guys in the Army, watching their cocks swing, but still never made any moves towards a cock.

Now a cock was in my mouth. Now I was sucking on a cock, a nicely hard cock. It felt all right to be sucking on cock, nothing weird about it at all. He moved his cock in and out of my sucking hole. Sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, and pushing cock into kaçak iddaa my throat. And, I found, it felt good it was turning me on.

He started stroking hard, deeper, and faster. Using my mouth like a man would use a cunt to please himself. Using me for the pleasure of his cock. “MMMmmmm.” he moaned.

Then he pulled out. Leaving me kneeling there. My mouth feeling empty and abandoned.

“Strip off your clothes and leave them there by the door.”, he told me. I stripped.

Naked I started into the living room.

He was on his couch, now shirtless.

“Crawl over to me” he instructed.

I went to my hands and knees and crawled.

“Your my bitch. Understand?” he said.

“Yes.” I replied.

He slapped my face. “Didn’t they teach you in the Army to call your superiors SIR?!” he asked, no; he demanded.

“A AH, Aaah; yes SIR they did.”

“Good bitch!”

He stood up, “Strip off my clothes”.

I removed his shoes and socks. My hands went to his belt and I lowered his pants, he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Now standing naked before me, his hard cock sticking out straight at me, and me on my knees. He looked so imposing, so superior I had no will of my own. I felt small and submissive.

“You may lick and suck my balls.” he said offhandedly.

My mouth moved forward, under his cock and I licked his balls, I took each ball into my mouth and sucked and ran my tongue around them. As I worshiped his balls his cock was right there where I could look at it. His cock looked so big and so superior. I looked at it’s size and admire it. Sucking his balls and seeing his cock was making me feel submissive, so submissive and willing to be his, wanting to be his.

“OK,stop.” He then knelt up on his couch, presenting his ass to me. “You may kiss my ass.”, he said. I kissed ass. “Now get your tongue in my asshole.”


I had never thought about anything like that.


My tongue came out, and I headed for his asshole. Then, I tasted asshole, my tongue licked asshole, my tongue licked into asshole.

“YES, that’s the deal, YES that feels so fine, lick and suck that ass”, he said. It was said as a man who knows he owns the bitch, The bitch who is now his, licking and serving him ANYWAY he wants.

After a couple of minutes kaçak bahis of servicing his ass, he called me off and turned around and sat on the couch. Now his hard cock was ready, leaking pre-cum, and standing proud and superior offering to be sucked.

“Do you want to suck that now?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

“Then ask nice, ask me. And then ask my cock if you may suck him.”

I gulped, then giving up all pride and reveling in humiliation, I said; “Sir may I please suck your cock, please, please let me suck it. And COCK, please, may I suck you?” Then going in deeper into my state of servitude; and loving it, “May I please suck you, may I please you until you are ready to shoot a load of your precious come into my mouth and down my throat.”

Sir said, “OK you may suck my cock.”

I leaned forward and opened my mouth to take in his cock. My mouth slid over it and down, down until my nose was in his hair, and his cock was now deep in my throat.

I sucked down on his cock and moved my head up and down, sucking and loving his cock. Deeply I sucked his cock. Wetly I sucked his cock. My mouth was filled with cock and producing spit that was drooling down the shaft of his cock and over his balls. My view was of his lower stomach and pubic hairs, and I sucked cock.

Then he held my head and moved it up and down on his cock. Moved my mouth for his pleasure. Using my mouth as his hole to pleasure his cock make it feel so good. My cock strained, almost hurt it was so hard. I knew it wanted to come, but I dared not touch it.

Now he was thrusting his cock up and retracting it in my sucking hole. He would move my head and thrust his cock. Fucking his bitch, his slut boy. Then he was moaning, fucking my face hotly ramming and thrusting deep.


Then his cock was exploding in my mouth, thrusting and shooting a load of cum into my mouth, in my mouth and injecting cum directly down my throat. His thrusting cock was spreading the cum around in my mouth and making me drool spit and cum out over his balls.

Soon he calmed down, and released my head from his grasp. “Lick my cock clean, and lick my balls clean of your drool and my cum.”

I leaned down and licked, licked his cock, licked his balls, licked them clean of our juices.

Then someone behind me said, “That was one hell of a show Jake. Now I want me some of that.”

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