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I am lying here on my own in my bed, thinking about the times we have spent together. Those were stolen moments when my husband has thought I was shopping, or on some sort of errand and your wife assumed you were working. Never enough time, never enough time to spend looking, feeling, touching, tasting, listening: always aware that we were limited, had to return to our normal, everyday boring lives of work, family and responsibility, of pressure and bills.

But what we would do in that time….passion and excitement…using our senses to explore each other; losing one another in each others’ bodies, loving and laughing.

Meeting you in a quiet corner of the countryside for a quick urgent fuck, bending me over the bonnet of the car, or on the back seat, thrusting your cock into my pussy, quickly, hard. Spending the afternoon on a blanket in the sunshine; taking our time to explore with our hands, fingers, our lips and tongues.

And now you are on a business trip to Italy…without me….how am I going to make it through the next 3 weeks without seeing you? How am I going to endure my husband’s almanbahis adresi fumbled advances? We have been together for so long that there is no passion, no surprises, no tenderness, and no consideration. When was the last time my husband bothered to take the time to make me cum?

I can count on one hand the times in our 18 year marriage that he has made me cum. He is a good, kind man but no good with sex. Is it my fault? Maybe.

You are the opposite. You love me the way I am. My curves, my body, my eyes, my lips. You want me.

But you are not here now.

You e-mail me to tell me how much you miss me and to ask me to tell you what would happen if I were with you…

I would like to be wearing a long leather coat and heels…you would invite me in by moving to one and I would walk past you, saying nothing, giving you nothing but a glance as I pass. I put my bag down and turn, undoing my coat and letting it fall to the floor to show that I was wearing nothing but a black basque with red ribbon, a matching thong and stockings…

I would walk over to you and undo your belt…then almanbahis adres your zip…taking your trousers down, you have no underwear on. I look up at you as I do…and back you over to the bed where I push you down and kneel in front of you…

You take hold of my hair while I take you in my mouth….pushing yourself deep into my throat…I nearly choke…slowly…deeply….I squeeze your balls…gently then harder…running my nails over the sack – you love it. I use the other hand to move up and down your shaft to the rhythm that only you and I hear.

You pull me up so I am standing in front of you and take my tits out so you can lick and suck my nipples…tweak them between you teeth and pull at them with your fingers….you make me gasp with the pleasure of the pain you inflict.

I will sit with you between my thighs…pushing you so you are laying on your back while I guide you into my pussy…so very wet…rocking back and forth….looking into your eyes…watching your face…..slowly…deeply…I have control…I sit up on my thighs so you are just entering…moving just ever so almanbahis adresi slightly…before plunging you deep inside me…again and again…slowly, gently and then faster and faster, deeper. Riding you hard. Moving together.

We move so we change places so I am underneath you and kiss your way down till you are between my legs…licking my clit…sucking so that you can feel the blood surge…..feeling me cum. I close my eyes and let out a shout.

I am now on all fours….you are behind me…and you are not interest in my pussy…you want to push your cock into my arse….gently…gently….there is a place that it hurts ever so slightly…you need to make sure I am wet….so you lick your thumb and slide it in, stretching me, making me ready for your cock….gently…slowly, working your way inside until you fill me…what a wonderful feeling….deep inside me….I can hear you breathing hard….but you are not ready to cum yet. You take your cock out and pull me forward and facing you, kneeling on the floor. You are holding my hair again so I am unable to move while you look deep into my eyes and wank, while you cum over my face and tits….warm liquid spurting everywhere. I open my mouth and taste you, lick my lips. You pull me to my feet and kiss me so you can taste you and me on my tongue and lips.

I will be waiting for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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