After The Beginning

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Angelita has grown into a beautiful young woman with dark hair and eyes to match. Her breasts were filling out nicely with 36C cups for the bras she wears. The soft skin of her sensual legs was begging to be caressed by my hands.

After fingering herself thinking of the time she has had with dad at school after her 19th birthday, Angelita slips on a pink smooth silk short robe. Not worrying to tie the sash because no other person would be up at 3 a.m. Walking down stairs and heading into the kitchen for a late night snack. The soft silk caressed her skin lightly as she moves. Flush still from the ecstasy she just experienced. Nipples firm and peaking from the edges of the loose robe.

While she thought the pillow covered the moans of pleasure, some did escape and filtered through the air. I woke from a dream of my Angelita with the thoughts of her moans so sweet in my ears. Listening intently hoping they were more than a dream. But, by that time the climax was over and she was slipping on the pink silk robe. While trying to hear her moans I did hear the faint click of her door closing as she headed down stairs. Visions of her walking down the stairs filled my mind along with the memories of how beautiful she was at school when I tasted her tender pussy.

Bare feet walking on the cool tile of the kitchen Angelita goes to the refrigerator for find the snack she will enjoy. Bending and searching görükle escort the shelves the back of her pink robe raises over the firm roundness of her bottom. I slip out of bed and the front of my boxers was tented with the hardness the visions of Angelita caused. Walking past my daughter’s room my nose is filled with the scent of sex. I walk down the stairs following the path just traversed by my daughter. Gliding quietly along with my bare feet I enter the kitchen to find her bending over looking for a snack.

Moving up behind her and sliding my hands over her bottom and around her waist. She jumps at my touch. Turning quickly and seeing daddy she squeals and says, “OH Daddy you scared me!” I pull her into my arms and she leans back to me with her head lying back against my chest. She grabs my hands and pulls them tighter around her and starts rubbing her cheeks against my hardness. Closing my eyes and enjoying the tenderness and feels of my daughter’s body against mine. Taking my hands in her’s she places them to cup her breast. They feel so wonderful in my hands.

A low moan escapes my lips as she rubs up and down with her bottom against my now throbbing cock. I softly roll her nipples between my fingers and caress around her breast. Nuzzling her neck I start to nibble lightly on it. Whispering in her ear, “Angelita, I love you so very much and desire you.” It eskort bayan is her turn to moan softly in the dark kitchen. Walking with her in my arms to the table and bending her over it. Her bottom exposed and framed so sweetly with the pink silk. Taking my hands I caress over the smooth cheeks.

Kneeling slowly down caressing down her thighs and calves. Leaning and kissing her exposed bottom. Moaning she pushes back to my kisses. Rubbing my hands up and down her legs and spreading them with soft pressure. Sliding my tongue up and down slowly between the cheeks. Bring one hand up and cupping her pussy. Giving my daughter’s pussy a soft squeeze. Rubbing up and down over it. Feeling the wetness growing more than it already has. The scent filling the air that I smelled while passing her room earlier.

Licking down between her legs I find her swollen pussy lips and kiss them softly. She moans with my kisses and wiggles back against me. Pressing the tip of my tongue between her lips tasting the tartness. “Oh Daddy,” making me lick deeper in and out wanting more of the tender tartness that is my girl. Her hips rolling up and down rubbing her pussy against my tongue. Moving my face up and down to help her rub against me. Licking to her clit and flicking my tongue over it. Sucking her clit into my mouth and licking over it. “Daddy I want you in me. Please altıparmak escort Daddy.” Standing up and pulling my boxers down I hold her hips and position the head of my cock to the opening of her pussy. She reaches between her legs and guides daddy into her. I press slowly in moving in a little then out again. Each stroke in a little deeper than the last. “Daddy it hurts,” as my cock comes in contact with her virginity. Pulling out again and sliding back in slowly fucking to her virginity. Soon she pushes back hard and gives her virginity to her Daddy.

Soon we are both thrusting back and forth to each other driving my cock deep into her. Fast and faster we move. Her juices flowing down her legs as I thrust in and out bouncing against her cheeks. Her breast rubbing against the table with the movements of our loving. I can not last very much longer because she is driving me crazy. I feel her pussy start to spasm around my cock. Knowing she is close I thrust in and out and my cock grows harder if that is possible. My body was growing taut with the building excitement. She covers her mouth and I hear her muffled scream as she climaxes with my cock thrusting in and out. Feeling her pussy sucking on my cock I can’t take it any longer and pull out quickly and cover her cheeks as I explode in ecstasy.

Rubbing my cum into the skin of her bottom I turn her around as she stands before me and pulls me tight to her with her hands rapped around my neck. My arms around her, holding tightly in loving embrace Kissing passionately. Taking her hand in mine I lead her back up stairs and into her room. “We better go back to bed before some else wakes.” It is now 4:30 a.m.

More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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