After the Date

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The lights grew dark in the cinema where they sat. It wasn’t her first choice of movie to see but it was time with him so she was not complaining at all. They were the only ones there too except from the couple that sat down at the front.

The movie turned out to be good but half way though she got a grin on her face and an idea. Leaning her head on his shoulder, he moved his arm around her and she moved a hand to his leg…slowly moving it higher. She felt him freeze for a second when her hand reached the top of his inside thigh but he relaxed quick enough. She kept her eyes on the screen as her hand moved and unfastened his belt and the buttons of his jeans before slipping under the denim and over his hardening cock. Still he didn’t stop her and she stroked his cock softly until it was hard enough.

Moving her hand she slid it under his underwear, placing her skin on his. Wrapping her fingers around his shaft she started to stoke him more. She could hear him catch almanbahis adres his breath and feel his heart rate increasing, her eyes still not leaving the screen. He moved his arm from her and lifted his hips, pushing his jeans and underwear lower just a bit to free his cock and her hand instantly moved faster, squeezing his shaft.

His arm moved back around her and his hand gripped at her arm his other covering his mouth. Faster and faster her hand moved. She could tell he was trying really hard not to moan and by the way his body moved that he was close already. The grin filled her face again and she began to stroke harder until his body flexed and she could feel his warm cum slid down on her hand. Slowly she stopped her hand, her thumb rubbing the tip of his cock as she lifted her head and his lips immediately found hers.

Finding the napkin they had from their food she cleaned him up and her hand and they both went back to watching the movie, smiling from ear almanbahis adres to ear.

On their way back from the cinema, their bus was crowded. Only on the back row was one seat left. They decided that it was prudent that he took the empty seat and she would sit sideways on his lap. As the bus followed its tour, slowly but surely the bus emptied a bit and not for long they were the last on the last benches. She lifted her arm and wrapped it behind his head and kissed him full on his lips.

Naturally he enjoyed her kiss and welcomed her tongue in his mouth. He felt her knees lock at first as he laid his hand on her bare leg below her skirt. But after a little moan her legs relaxed and allowed his hand to glide further under her skirt all the way up to her knickers.

His other arm was wrapped behind her back and she started to lean a bit against it as their kiss became more intense, giving him just enough room to grasp her purple patted bra, which made her sigh. almanbahis adresi His hand felt the dampness of her knickers as his fingers took them aside, exposing her soft lips. Gently the man slid a finger between her lips and caressed her clitoris, making her move her legs wider. Her eyes shortly opened, encouraging him to proceed.

His right hand massaged her boob as his fingers explored the depth of her womanhood. Soon two of his fingers reached so far inwards that they could massage her special spot. She briefly stopped kissing because of her shortness of breath. His massaging was not without effect, soon she reached her peak, making her body tense all her muscles as she was burying her nails in his arm. The man gently removed his fingers and licked them clean cause all tissues were used before.

Needless to say they missed their stop and had to wait for another bus to return them. That ride they spend kissing until the red blushes returned to their cheeks. They could hardly wait to return to their home and to start ripping each other’s clothes of. After all this was just a little fore play to take the edge of, as a teasing start to get their juices flowing for a night filled with lust and passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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