After-work Fun

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This one is a thank you to a certain person for having faith in me, inspiring me and setting me on this crazy path and kicking my arse into putting my thoughts to paper as it were. I’m sure he knows who he is.

I was walking home from another dull night shift. It was a saturday morning so I had a four mile walk to the train station but it was a welcome break in the fresh air. It had become an unspoken routine that you would join me for the walk up the hill to the station. Laughing and joking all the way although recently the light hearted banter had given way to heavy flirting. Steamy text messages were exchanged and things were spiraling into more sexual frustration and tension than I could cope with.

As we made our way up the path I kept giving sidelong glances at you, I could see the way your combat trousers were tenting across your groin, the way your blue eyes glistened in the predawn darkness and the way you kept sneaking looks at me.

I couldn’t take it anymore. There was no way I would settle for just a hug and a kiss at the station as we parted ways. We were in a narrow passage with a flight of steps, I stopped and stood in front of you. Blocking your way, I stepped in towards you grabbing your thick beard in one hand while the other wrapped behind your neck. I pulled your face towards mine.

Our lips met, my tongue slipping inside your mouth almanbahis adresi as the kiss deepened. My heart racing as my stomach flipped and my pussy got even wetter. I groaned as I felt your cock hard against my stomach, I squirmed against you before pulling back. I started to walk away from you leaving you to follow me with your bike.

As we walked we came to small wooded area with a gap in the fence. We normally just kept walking past it but this time I took your hand and led the way inside. I used the torch on my phone to look through the trees to ensure nobody was sleeping rough there. It all appeared as if we were the only ones there. You leaned your bike against a tree then stepped towards me. Pushing my back against a convenient sycamore tree.

We kissed again your lips and tongue thrilling me. Your hands had worked their way under the hem of my work shirt, gripping my waist and squeezing as I struggled to feel more of you pushing against me. I was feeling frantic and knew time was limited so I pushed against your chest, giving myself room to manouver. I dropped to my knees in front of you, knowing my jeans were going to get filthy but I couldn’t help myself.

I reached out and undone the buckle on your belt and unzipped your trousers. As your combats hit the floor I eyed the bulge in the front of your boxers, I licked the length of you making almanbahis adresi you moan. I pulled your boxers down finally freeing your hard cock. It looked every bit as good as it did in the pictures you’d sent me in messages. I licked along it again getting my first taste of you as your fingers buried themselves in my hair.

I moved one hand to your balls stroking and feeling the wait of them, my other hand stroked your shaft as you looked down at me. I ran my tongue around the tip, my lips sucking you in, as my tongue flicked over the underside. I moved my head down taking as much of you as I could. Bobbing my head in time as my hand started to speed up, sucking as hard as i could. You started pulling my hair as your hips gently thrust towards me pushing yourself deeper. I could taste your pre cum on my tongue making me more excited.

Suddenly you pulled away from me leaving me gasping for breath. You bent down and kissed me as you pulled me gently to my feet again. You never broke the kiss as you pushed me to the tree again. My knees were weak and my thighs shaky as your fingers fumbled through undoing my belt and jeans.

Your fingers slipped inside and you stopped kissing me and stared as you realised I was wearing no underwear. I gasped as you stroked the length of my now very wet shaved slit. “You dirty little slut, princess!” You muttered as almanbahis adresi you kissed me furiously again. Two of your fingers pushed inside me and you started to slide them in and out. I ran out of patience at that point. I pushed you away from me.

I turned around pushing my jeans to my knees and bending over to grip the tree. Your big warm hands stroked and squeezed my arse cheeks and i could feel the tip of your cock twitching against my now dripping pussy. “Please, please just fuck me, I need it now.” You chuckled in reply and started to slowly slide in. I was wet and very tight as I pushed back onto to you. I groaned as you filled me, after absolutely months of wondering and frustration it felt amazing.

You started to thrust into me as I pushed back. Your balls hitting my clit with every thrust. I no longer cared that it was a public place and the sky was getting lighter I just needed the release that was crashing towards me. My groans were getting louder, my body trembling and the muscles in my pussy started to spasm. You reached around and your finger my clit. I lost control then crying out as I shuddered my way through a hard powerful orgasm, my nails digging into the tree.

I felt you speeding up and starting to lose your rhythm, swelling inside me. Your breathing getting heavier. Suddenly you pulled out I heard you grunting as you covered my arse in salty hot spunk. Spurt after spurt, hitting me, making me shiver.

After we had gotten dressed we rushed to the train station, my jeans sticking to my wet arse cheeks. I dont I have ever sat on my daily commute smiling to myself so much before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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