Afternoon Urges

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All characters are fictional.


Tommy was just settling in on the couch. The grass was cut, the trash was out, he’d had a shower and grabbed a beer from the fridge.

His wife Jill was at her mother’s and should be home soon. He hoped she didn’t have more chores for him, the game was about to start.

But the game was delayed by rain, so he started flipping channels. As he went through the channels he was astounded by the amount of crap on TV.

Then he stumbled on one of those home shopping shows. A very pretty girl was modeling a summer dress.

She had a great body, with legs like a gymnast. She reminded him of his wife. Jill had been a gymnast, and still had the body for it.

Tommy was starting to think that he could easily think of things to do today instead of watching baseball, if only Jill was home.

She’d seemed so upbeat and flirty that morning. But they both had things to do, so they had behaved themselves.

Tommy was thinking of pulling his dick out, that would be a good way to waste some time.

He didn’t want to cum. Jill would be disappointed if she missed out on his cum. But he could still play with it awhile. A little edging to build up a nice big load for her.

Just as he was getting a chub on, and rubbing himself, getting ready to whip it out, he heard her car pull up outside.

She came in moments later, wearing a sexy summer dress of her own. The light from the doorway just barely showed her body through the thin fabric.

She kicked off her flip flops, and stopped by the TV and they exchanged their greetings. She noticed what was on the television, and gave him a questioning look.

Tommy made sure to check out her body, and let her see him doing it. He explained that he was thinking about buying her that dress, that he loved seeing her legs.

Jill liked the way her husband was looking at her. And she checked him out too.

She made note of the partial erection in his shorts, and felt herself getting wet. She was starting to think about a little afternoon fun too.

“I love you in that dress.” He told her, “You know that?”

“I know, that’s why I wear it.” She answered with a naughty smile and a curtsey.

“Come closer.” He directed her in his husky voice. She didn’t even hesitate, she walked up to him and, looking down said, “You need a closer look?”

“No.” He answered. “I need to touch you.” He ran his hands softly up the front of her firm thighs. Letting them reach up inside the hem of her dress, and back down.

She felt herself getting wet from his touch and the low, sexy tone of his voice. She had always been aroused by the things he said, and how he said it.

He slipped his hands around to the back of her legs and slid them back up under her dress again, but farther this time.

“How did I get so lucky to have such a sexy wife?” He asked as his hands almanbahis adresi continued up to her ass.

“Must be the sweet talk, I guess.” She answered. Her voice giving away her arousal too.

As he squeezed her firm ass he asked, “Did you go to your mom’s without panties on, you naughty girl?”

“No,” She whispered. “I have panties on.” She caught her breath as he reached some fingers into the crack of her ass and felt the thin strip of nylon right up against her sphincter.

“Ooh, a thong! Very fucking sexy!” He said looking up into her eyes. “Which ones? Show me.”

She smirked at him and grasped the hem of her dress, slowly lifting it, until the small triangle of silky pink fabric came into view.

As small and thin as the panties were, there was no hair to be seen. “Fuck baby you are hot!”

He traced the strings of the thong with just his fingertips to where they met the patch of cloth in the front. And he gently traced the outline of that, to where her thighs met.

“Spread your feet.” He coaxed her, still in the low sultry voice that could talk her into anything.

She obeyed without hesitation. Moving her feet to shoulder width apart, willingly giving him the access he desired.

The tone of his voice, his gentle touch, the sheer lust for her in his eyes, made her feel so desirable, she would do whatever he asked. Or commanded.

His fingers continued on their journey along the silky crotch of the thong. Not touching her pussy, but just tracing it, ever so softly.

He could see her tremble slightly. Noted the way her tits rose and fell as her breath increased. He knew she was getting wet for him.

He slipped his fingers just inside the front of the thong, and followed them up to the strings again.

Maintaining eye contact the entire time he slid his fingers under the strings, following them to her rounded hips. “I have to take these off now.” He told her simply.

She bit her lip and nodded her head to acknowledge that simple fact. She knew it as well as he did.

He slowly, ever so slowly, peeled the panties off her hips. Never taking his eyes from hers. Despite the fact that he was revealing his wife’s shaved mound directly in front of his face.

As he pulled the strings down her legs, the crotch stuck briefly in her wet vulva. Then they were gone, down to her calves. She put her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of the scrap of material and string.

He had to look at her pussy then. The way he gazed at her, so hungry, made her feel so beautiful. She was feeling wetter by the second.

He used one finger to gently massage her swollen labia. Over and around, and through her thickening lips.

“You’re getting wet for me, aren’t you baby?” He asked quietly, looking up into her eyes again.

Jill couldn’t find her voice, and simply nodded her head.

“Aren’t almanbahis adres you?” He asked louder, almost sternly.

“Yes!” She blurted. “Yes I’m getting so wet for you!” Her voice cracking with desire.

“Take the dress off.” He told her firmly. She didn’t hesitate, she pulled it off over her head and cast the lovely summer dress aside. It landed in a heap on top of her damp thong.

Sitting on the couch he gazed up at her body hungrily. “Now that bra, it has to go too.” He told her.

She quickly reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. Concentrating as his fingers delved deeper into the folds of her pussy.

She cast the bra aside, panting, looking down at this man who had such control over her. She felt his fingers teasing the entrance of her body, wishing him to reach inside.

She saw his eyes gazing at her hard nipples, saw his tongue peak out between his lips. She heard him moan, almost to himself, “So fucking beautiful.”

He looked back up to her eyes, as if to challenge her, and slipped a finger an inch into her pussy. She caught her breath as she looked back at him, accepting the challenge.

Tommy could feel how wet she was. Could tell by the hardness of her nipples and her heavy breathing that she was getting very aroused. Her eyes and face showed her need.

He turned his hand until his palm was facing him and slipped his finger inside her, until he had to curl his other fingers into his fist. He reached into his wife as deeply as he could.

She whimpered and he felt her inner muscles grasping his finger, trying to hold it inside her.

He felt his now full erection twitch when he heard the sexy noise escape her. And he started to move his hand up and down, slipping his finger in and out of her. Being sure to drag his fingertip over her Gspot with each stroke.

“Yes!” She panted, rolling her hips to match the movement of the finger that was driving her.

“Are you going to cum for me baby?” He asked quietly. She nodded her head and whimpered “Yeah, I think.”

He could feel her body start to tremble. Her wet pussy leaking over his knuckles. He slipped a second finger in with the first.

She left out the sexiest groan and rocked her hips against him. She grasped his shoulders tighter to steady herself, and broke eye contact as hers went closed.

He looked down then, at his hand working her pussy. He could see her clit peaking out of it’s cover. He knew he needed to taste her.

He slipped off the couch to kneel in front of her and pulled her body forward with the fingers inside her and his other hand on her hip.

“Ohh, fuck!” She gasped as she felt his lips suck her clit. Her hands moved from his shoulders to his head, and she held herself to his face.

She spread her legs wider, and tilted her pelvis into his face. She briefly pictured herself standing in her living room, almanbahis adres being serviced in the middle of the day by this sexy man. It was such a naughty vision.

He felt his wife start to cum. Felt her inner muscles contracting and her legs quivering. Heard her crying out, “OH YES, OH, YES, FUCK YES!”

She was so fucking wet and sounded so sexy as she gripped his fingers with her pussy and pushed herself against his face. Her legs taut, her belly clenched.

He couldn’t’ get enough of her taste this way. He slipped his free hand between her legs and gripped her ass tightly, then withdrew his fingers from her sopping hole and moved that hand to grab her other ass cheek, and drew her pussy into his mouth.

She squealed and humped his face as he craned his neck and tried to suck her flowing snatch dry. He sucked and drank from her, grunting in his excitement as she whimpered and cried.

Too soon though, she felt herself getting weak. “Ehh, I can’t, can’t stand much more! Going to fall!” She managed to say as her legs were failing her.

Quickly, Tommy pulled his hands off her ass and grasped her narrow waist. He turned and flung her on the couch, her legs flailed as she squealed in surprise.

She barely quit bouncing and he was on her. One knee on the couch, one foot on the floor, he pulled her legs up to his shoulders and lined up his cock with her still spasming pussy.

He thrust into her pussy to the hilt, grabbing her tits roughly and fucking her hard and fast.

She couldn’t even scream, her breath caught in her chest as she came so hard.

Finally she gasped for air and panted to match his thrusting. He pounded his cock into her with all he had.

He tried to regulate his breathing and maintain his rhythm as his wife tried to fuck him back.

“Oh fuck baby, your pussy feels so fucking good!” He exclaimed, he knew he couldn’t last long. She was gripping him so tightly as she continued her climax

“Fuck yeah baby, cum! Cum in me!” She gasped in response. She was so far gone, she just needed to feel him fill her with hot cum. She tried to muster her strength to work her snatch on his dick as he hammered her.

“Fuck baby, I’m going to cum in you!” He told her, adding, “Are you ready?”






Jill felt the hot spurts of jizz filling her pussy. She could feel the excess flow out of her and down into her ass crack as her husband’s cock kept right on pounding in and out of her.

Soon he had to stop. Totally spent he rolled backwards onto the other end of the couch and exclaimed “FUUCK!”

Jill lay there, trying to catch her breath. Not caring about the stain on the couch under her.

Tommy was in a daze, but when his senses returned, he wondered if the rain delay had ended and the baseball game was being played on TV.

“Fuck it.” He thought. “I need a nap.”

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