Ain’t that a Bitch

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Big Tits

It was two o’clock in the morning. Jim took a gulp of coffee as he sat patiently in his car in the deserted park. He put his drink down in the cup holder, and looked at his watch thinking, “where the fuck is this kid?” Jim looked around nervously to make sure no one saw him. He’d be in a shit load of trouble if he got caught. Right then a beat up old Ford Taurus pulled into a space on the other side of the parking lot, and the driver shut off the engine. The old clunker’s high beam’s flashed twice, Jim knew that was the signal. He waited for the driver to get out so he could look him over.

The driver got out of the car with a giant can of beer in his hand, walked to the front, and leaned back on the hood. Jim figured he was probably in his early twenties, average height, really skinny, maybe one hundred thirty pounds. His T-shirt was really tight on him, despite how thin he was. He was wearing jeans and hiking boots, pretty typical, Jim thought.

“The kid looks ok,” Jim said to himself as he opened the door and got out of his car. He took another cautious look around, making sure he saw no one, before moving forward. The kid’s eyes were locked on Jim as he approached. Jim had seen that defiant look many times before, and was used to it. He stared the boy down with an even more intimidating glare as he approached.

When Jim was about two feet from the boy he stopped. They glared at each other for a moment before the boy took a final swig from his beer, crushed the can, and tossed it on the ground. Jim looked over at the discarded can for a second, before returning his glare to the boy. He was about to say something, but held his tongue. He didn’t even know the kid’s name, and honestly didn’t give a fuck.

The looks these two men were giving each other would have made just about anyone else piss themselves, but neither man was giving an inch. The kid held out his hand towards Jim and said, “C’mon pops, I don’t have all night.” Jim finally reached into his wallet, pulled out a crisp hundred dollar bill, and slapped it into the kid’s palm. The boy never took his eyes off Jim as he slipped it into his jeans pocket.

Their eyes were still locked on each other as Jim approached closely enough to grab the kid’s belt buckle. Jim unfastened the boy’s belt and unzipped his jeans. “Damn, I’ve seen chicks packing more than this,” Jim said loud enough for Eryaman Escort the kid to hear. Jim took a second to examine the kid’s maybe two inch flaccid penis for any warts, abrasions, or other signs of disease.

Satisfied that the kid was fairly clean, Jim knelt down and took the tiny love muscle into his mouth. The kid didn’t even seem to notice, but Jim didn’t care. He didn’t give a shit if this little prick got off. Jim wasn’t doing this for the kid’s benefit, he was getting his own nine inch monster ready for action. Jim felt the kid begin to stiffen a bit, as he had his entire penis in his mouth. They were still looking each other square in the eye, when the kid broke eye contact for a second and moaned slightly.

Jim knew it wouldn’t be long now, the kid was getting into it. Jim felt his own loins begin to stir. He reached down, unfastened his belt buckle, and unzipped his trousers, relieving the pressure on his swelling manhood. Jim suddenly yanked the boy’s jeans into a heap around his ankles, and began massaging his balls. The kid’s hips began to sway slightly, he was clearly having a good time.

Jim reached down and pulled his dick out of the slit in his boxers. He fondled it a bit to bring himself to full erection, before grabbing the kid’s balls in one hand and shoving a finger up his ass with the other. “Oh fuck yeah,” the kid said out loud, as Jim sucked his cock, played with his balls, and fingered his ass at the same time.

Jim’s dick was rock hard now, and he was ready to fuck. He wanted to hurry up and get the kid off, so he started fingering his ass mercilessly. The kid’s hips were gyrating like wild when Jim felt the warm semen fill his mouth. Jim didn’t swallow it, he sloshed it around on his tongue a bit as he stood up. Jim violently grabbed the kid by the jaw with his right hand, forcing his mouth open, and spit the boy’s own sperm back into his mouth. “Swallow it,” Jim ordered sternly. The boy swallowed his own seed in one gulp, as Jim glared at him.

“Turn around and face the car,” said Jim. The boy slowly turned to face away from Jim. When he was completely turned around Jim violently slammed his face down on the hood of the car, bending him at the waist. “Step out of those fucking pants,” Jim growled. The boy quickly lifted his feet, freeing his ankles from his Sincan Escort jeans. Jim kicked them about two feet away, and used his foot to kick the boy’s feet into a wider stance.

Jim looked the kid in the eye. His face was turned sideways, as Jim forcefully held it against the car hood with a hand on his neck. “This is what a man’s cock looks like boy,” Jim taunted the boy with his throbbing nine inches of meat. Jim took his free hand and caressed the kid’s creamy white ass cheeks, “Mmm, you got a tender little ass don’t you…Yeah I’m gonna fuck this up.”

Jim reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom. He tore open the package with his teeth, and slipped it onto himself, while never letting go of the kid’s neck. Jim leaned over and whispered into the kid’s ear, “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of this tight little ass boy.” The kid let out an “Ahh Fuck”, when Jim forcefully thrust himself into his sphincter.

Jim didn’t waste any time, he started off pumping the boy hard. The poor kid was groaning in pain at first, Jim’s massive dick was stretching his little booty to the limit. Jim didn’t care, the kid’s tight ass was squeezing his dick like nothing he’d ever felt before. “Fuck, it feels so good,” Jim screamed. Jim let the kid’s neck go, placed both hands on his hips, and started to thrust even harder. The kid was spewing a stream of expletives, as Jim was mercilessly assaulting his asshole.

Jim looked down between the boy’s legs and noticed his cock was starting to stiffen a bit. Jim grabbed it, gave it a little massage, and said, “Yeah you know you like it you little punk…who’s your fucking daddy?” Jim slowed his pace a bit, letting all nine of his inches slide out before slowly sliding back in, while he massaged the kid’s little cock.

Jim was gently milking the kid’s stiffening dick when the kid shouted, “fuck me dammit.”

Jim grinned as he let the kid’s dick go, and grabbed his hips, “whatever you say kid.”

Jim resumed his merciless assault on the kid’s asshole, pumping even harder this time. The kid was groaning with pleasure when he placed both palms on the car and pushed himself back a bit. Jim didn’t resist, and adjusted himself to let him, he knew what the kid wanted to do. A half smile came over Jim’s face as he saw the kid spit into his palm, reach down and Etlik Escort begin to furiously jack himself off.

They were both moaning with pleasure when Jim felt it. Jim started pumping even harder when he felt the semen start to flow out of his dick. Both men were winded when Jim pulled out, carefully holding the base of the condom. Jim stood up straight, and carefully removed the condom, making sure not to spill any of the precious seed. “Turn around kid.” Jim ordered.

The kid was still naked from the waist down when he turned to face Jim, who was holding the used condom out in front of him. “Drink it.” Jim barked. The kid took the condom, and emptied the contents into his mouth. He consumed them in one gulp. “All right, get the fuck out of here,” Jim said dismissively. Jim watched as the kid grabbed his jeans, and put them back on. Jim waited until he had jumped into his car and pulled off, before zipping up his trousers, tucking his shirt back in, adjusting his tie, and brushing the dust off his suit.

Jim took another quick look around, making sure he saw no one, before getting in his car and driving off. “That was pretty fucking good,” Jim thought to himself as he pulled into the parking lot of a non-descript brown brick building downtown. Jim ascended a short flight of stairs, and entered the lobby. Jim’s friend Tom, the one who’d set him up with the kid, was waiting in the lobby when Jim arrived and asked, “How’d it go”

Jim gave his friend a big grin and a thumbs up as he said, “Damn…I’m speechless buddy.”

“Told you.” said Tom

They parted ways and Jim walked down a plain gray hallway to his office. He reached his desk, cluttered with papers, and took a seat. He’d barely gotten his butt in the chair when the phone rang. Jim picked up the phone and answered, “Metro Vice Detective McGuffin.” Jim listened to the person on the other end and responded, “I’ll be right there.”

In a gray windowless room, a visibly terrified, balding middle aged man in a rumpled gray suit sat in a folding chair, with his arm handcuffed to a steel table that was bolted to the floor. The guy was probably a manager of something or other, with a wife and a couple of kids at home. The poor bastard probably had never even gotten a speeding ticket before, and now he was in this mess. “What the hell was I thinking?” the guy said out loud as he contemplated his dumb decision to proposition an undercover cop.

Suddenly the door burst open. Jim glared at the poor guy for a second before slamming both of his hands down on the table, putting his nose a millimeter from the poor terrified guy’s nose and screaming,


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