Aisha’s Exercise Ch. 02

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“Now, bend down as before.”

As Aisha bent forward, her father held her by the waist and fitted his bulge tightly between her ass cheeks.

“Good, darling… good. Now hold the position for a while.”

For a moment Aisha lost her balance. She didn’t realize that her father had deliberately made her to lose her balance by loosening his hold on her at the waist.

“Daddy!” shrieked Aisha, thinking that she was going to fall face down.

Her father laughed, “Ha ha ha… Don’t worry, darling. I did it purposely… scared you, did I? Ha ha ha…”

“funny, daddy!” Aisha chided her father playfully.

“Daddy will hold you, don’t worry.”

Her father took this opportunity to pull her behind tighter against his bulge. Aisha was still bent forward and the movement of their bodies allowed her father to rub and jab his bulge intimately against and between her ass cheeks several times. Aisha was aware what her father was doing and she was getting aroused more and more.

After at least a full 5 minutes her father allowed her to straighten up. But still hugging her from behind, he asked, “Can daddy kiss you, darling?”

Aisha turned her head and they kissed, open mouthed, exchanging tongues in their mouths and sucking each other’s tongues. The hugging and kissing had become very arousing for Aisha. After a while, her father released her and stood in front of her.

Again Aisha had to adjust her tube top. This time even her nipples had slipped out. She saw her father look at her chest and smile at her. She smiled back as she adjusted the tube top. At the same time her eyes seemed to be drawn to her father’s crotch area. She could see the bulge… the big round head of her father’s penis was pushing his pajama bottom outward and upward. It must be a big head, thought Aisha.

“Shall we do it again, darling?” Her father smiled at her and slowly dropped his eyes to her chest.

Shyly, Aisha nodded, again her eyes seemed to drop to her father’s bulge.

Her father again went behind her body and asked her to spread out her legs. This time he did not hold her by the waist. Instead he put his arms around her waist, his fingers and palms resting on her bare body below her navel.

“Bend forward, darling… yes, that’s good… now hold the position for a while as before.” Aisha slowly let her upper body drop forward and downwards and stayed that way.

Aisha felt her father again adjust his bulge between her ass cheeks. Yes, she did feel the head of his manhood slowly rub and jab against her. At the same time his hands were caressing her bare flesh below the navel, going down to the upper edge of her pubic mound.

“Good, darling, good… this will develop your muscles… here… yes, all over here… (his hands rubbed generously her flesh below the navel to indicate what he meant by ” here”).

Meanwhile he was rubbing his bulge against and between her butt crack. Because of the thinness of her pants and her father’s shorts, Aisha could feel the hard erection against her firm tender flesh. Then suddenly, he pretended to drop her down.

Again Aisha shrieked, “Daddy!!!”

He laughed, “Ha ha ha ha…” And held her again.

“Funny, daddy! Funny… Funny… Funny…” laughed Aisha.

As they laughed and their bodies struggled to regain stability, Aisha felt her father hugging her tighter and, keeping her body bent forward, rubbing and jabbing his bulge more forcefully and more intimately actually dry humping her now. His hands too were caressing her bare torso generously. He caressed her bare flesh from below her breasts to her pubic mound at the edge of her pants, gently squeezing her smooth tender flesh. Aisha of course was stimulated and her juices were wetting her hot pants around her pussy opening.

“Good, very good… do you like this exercise, Aisha?… do you like this?” Aisha wasn’t sure whether “this” meant the exercise or the caressing or the poking of his bulge.

“Hmm.” She was shy to say anything else.

“Good… I’m glad you like this… I too like this… this is good.” To what did “this” refer, she wondered.

After a while her father said, “Straighten yourself, darling.:

Aisha straightened herself but her father still hugged her from behind, pressing his bulge against her butt and kept caressing her bare flesh below her navel, way below.

“Another kiss, darling?”

Aisha again turned her face and offered her mouth. Her father kissed her eagerly and she responded with equal eagerness as she experienced thrill upon thrill. Only after a while he released her.

Aisha found that both her nipples were again uncovered. Her father came around to stand in front. He smiled at her and she smiled back as she adjusted the tube top. Again her eyes dropped to her father’s huge bulge. The thin fabric of the shorts was well lifted up by the head of her father’s cock. She blushed as she realized that the big knob she was looking at had been rubbing up her buttocks.

“Shall we do the exercise again, darling?”

This exercise was arousing her too taksim escort much.

“Daddy, this exercise stimulates me a lot.”

“Then it’s good, darling. Remember what Mr.Cockrin has said? Stimulation produces RH, and RH helps your body shape and sexuality?”

But Aisha wanted to change the exercise.

“We have done this exercise tree times. How about doing the next exercise, daddy?”

“How about one more time, darling? I like it very much. Please, Aisha… I like to do it once more… please, darling… please.”

Well one more time wouldn’t make much difference, would it? And her father’s “please” softened her.

“All right, daddy… let’s do it once more.”

“Let’s make his one a bit extra nice, darling.”

“What do you mean, daddy?”

“You still bend forward, but this time you do so differently.”


“You stand near the bed and, by leaning forward, rest yourself on your elbows on the bed.”

Her father made her stand facing the bed, bend down and support herself by resting herself on her elbows. This thrust her bottom towards her father. He stood behind her and placed his hands on her full lovely pants covered buttocks.

“Now spread out your legs, darling… yes, a bit more… yes, that’s good… now relax while I hold you from behind.” Aisha knew that her father was going to do more than just hold her.

“In this position you can’t scare me, daddy… by pretending to drop me… ha ha ha,” laughed Aisha.

“Well, we’ll see.” Aisha wondered what other tricks her father had.

Just then Aisha felt her father caressing her tender ass cheeks and pressing his bulge against her buttocks.

“Is this more comfortable, darling?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Relax and enjoy yourself, darling.”

She felt her father’s hands gently parting her ass cheeks and pressing and rubbing his bulge up and down the crevice between her cheeks. After several seconds he asked, “Like this, Aisha?”

Of course she liked that. But she couldn’t say yes, could she? So, Aisha didn’t answer the question.

Then she felt her father spread apart her cheeks wider, adjust the head of his cock deep between them and then release her cheeks. Her ass cheeks trapped his knob between them. Her father’s hands then returned to hold her by her bare waist.

“Good… very good… this is a good exercise, Aisha… I like it… do you like it also?”

Her father now began a steady rocking of his hips so that his trapped knob pressed in and relaxed, and did this again and again between her ass cheeks. As her father pressed in he also pulled her at the hips; when he relaxed he didn’t pull her. So her butt rocked back and forth in rhythm with her father’s pressing in and relaxing of his cock head between her ass cheeks. Aisha was getting very wet and her juices were soiling the fabric over her cunt lips.

“Oh God! You are good Aisha… very good… in doing this exercise… I like doing it with you.”

Her father continued his rhythmic rocking into her ass. And Aisha was very stimulated and was concentrating on her father’s bulge in her cheeks. She didn’t realize that each time her father pulled her at the hips, he also kept pulling her shorts down over her hips. Eventually he managed to pull them down over her butt but his erection between Aisha’s ass cheeks was in the way. So, he pulled out his bulge and pulled down her shorts, completely baring her butt. But her cunt was still covered by the fabric of her pants.

It was then that Aisha realized what had happened. She panicked.

“Daddyyyyyyyyyyy…” She shrieked and flopped face down on the bed and tried to craw farther into the bed by pulling up her right thigh. This only helped to open out her thighs and bare ass cheeks.

Her father quickly fell on top of her, fitting his thin fabric covered long hard erection between her naked ass cheeks. And lying with his face close to hers,at the same time he was trying to pull his own shorts,with out she noticing his stiff penis pop out injecting it self between her two buns, the head of his swollen member right at the entrance of her tight pink sphincter, he gently started to trust his cock into her but, making sure not to penetrate her but enjoying the feeling of her butt cheeks as they griped his cock.

“Daddy,what you doing my pants are down. Please let me up.”

“Let’s kiss for a while first, darling… please.”

Aisha knew there was no other way to get her father off her virtually naked body. So, she turned up her face and they mouth kissed. Her father was rhythmically pumping his cock between her naked ass cheeks, wildly stimulating her. Aisha kissed back, sucking her father’s tongue when it explored her mouth. Her juices were wetting her shorts over her cunt.

“Good… very good, Aisha… I love this exercise… I’m also producing a lot of RH.” What he meant was that he was also getting very stimulated, Aisha knew.

“Daddy, please let me up.”

“Yes, darling but let’s produce a bit more RH… is daddy stimulating you enough… to produce RH?”

“Yes, çapa escort yes… but daddy this is very sexual.” Her father was continuing to pump his erection into her bare lush buttocks.

“It has to be, darling… to get you stimulated… to produce RH.” He started to kiss her again and she responded. Yes, she was very stimulated. Inwardly Aisha was getting Horny.

Finally her father got off her body and pulled her pants up into place. Aisha raised herself up and sitting on the bed adjusted her tube top. He father smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Lovely, darling. I love doing this exercise with you… it’s so exciting!”

Aisha just smiled.

“Are you enjoying yourself? Do you like doing this with daddy?”

Aisha just smiled and nodded, too shy to speak.

“Do you want to do it again? Or do you want to do the next exercise.”

“The next exercise, daddy.” she smiled at her father.

“All right, Aisha. Come and lie down on your back across the bed… yes, that’s good… now pull up your legs.”

Her father made her lie on her back, her head resting on a high pillow. He pulled up her legs, by bending them at the knees. He placed her some distance inside the bed deliberately.

“Now we’ll do exercise for the hips.”

“What am I to do, daddy?”

“Daddy will help you.” Her father stood close to the bed and reached forward and placed his hands on her knees.

“Now the exercise will involve opening out your thighs as widely as you can, holding that position for a while and then closing your thighs together. And we do that several times. That will exercise your hips.”

Her father smiled at her. She too smiled although she was feeling uneasy because she knew that opening out her thighs will give her father a good view of her crotch where the skin-like fabric will show the outline of her cunt lips and slit.

“You just relax, darling. Daddy will help you to open out and close your thighs.” Again he gave a smile and she smiled back.

Holding her knees, her father’s hands slowly opened out her bare beautiful thighs wider and wider. At the same time her father’s hands kept descending along her bare sensitive inner thighs until her thighs were pointing out in big V and her father’s hands were resting on the bare innermost sensitive parts of her thighs on either side of her pubic area. Because he had deliberately placed her some distance inside the bed, he had to lean forward and downward. This brought his face close to her crotch.

Holding her thighs opened out like that her father, looked up and smiled at her, and she smiled back. Then his eyes went back to her crotch, looking closely and intently at the cunt lips and slit, clearly outlined by the wet skin-like fabric which, wetted by her excited secretions, was now quite transparent… The touching hands and the close looking of her loins were arousing Aisha. She was producing more juices and wetting the fabric more and it became more transparent.

Only after a while her father asked, “Can I close your thighs, Aisha?”

The excited and embarrassed Angel said, “Yes, daddy please, yes.” Her father brought his hands back to her knees and closed the thighs, and smiled at her.

Her father let her rest for a while like that. “You do this exercise very well, darling. But you have to do it several times… to exercise the hips. Rest your thighs for a while and then when you are ready tell daddy to open out your thighs again.” Oh God! She has to ask her father to open out her thighs!

When Aisha didn’t respond for a while her father said, “We cannot wait too long, darling. We have several exercises to do before your mother comes back.” He smiled, encouraging her to say what he wanted.

“Yes daddy, you can open out my thighs now.”

Again her father slowly opened out her lovely thighs until they were wide open. He slid his hands along the bare inner thighs and rested them on either side of her loins and caressed her there. Her father’s face was once again close to her pussy.

Aisha knew she was very wet there. Her father could probably see her cunt lips and opening through the wet fabric. She blushed with the realization.

He held her in this position and said, “Good, very good, Aisha” and looked up to smile at her. Aisha smiled back, not knowing what was good, the fact that her thighs can open out widely or the view of her vagina.

Saying, “You must hold this position for a while to strengthen the hips,” her father lowered his face close and kept looking intently at her pussy.

“Lovely, darling… yours is lovely.” Now she knew that her father was admiring her vagina. Her cunt lips and slit were clearly seen through the thin wetted transparently clinging fabric. Sexual arousal assailed the hot young teenager and she exuded more juice.

Her father was looking at her vagina for so long time, that at last she had to say, “Daddy, can you close my thighs?”

And he closed her thighs, but he kept opening her thighs several times, getting bolder and caressing the inner thighs next bakırköy escort to her loins as he looked at her pussy closely. And he kept saying, “Lovely, darling… wet and lovely…” Aisha was very aroused. Finally, Aisha herself wanted to bring it to a stop.

“Daddy, can you do it for the final time? My joints may ache otherwise.”

“All right, darling.” This time, keeping her thighs spread out, and with his face close to her crotch, he looked up at her and asked smiling, “Can daddy touch you, darling? Please…”

“Is it part of the exercise, daddy?”

“No, but I love to touch you, Aisha… please… I really love to.”

“But it’s wrong, isn’t it, daddy?”

“It’s wrong if I hurt you… but I promise not to hurt you, darling… please.”

“I don’t know, daddy…”

“Just for one minute… for one minute only, Aisha. Please… please… please, darling.”

“All right, daddy… for only one minute.”

“Thank you, darling. You are a wonderful daughter.”

Her father used the index finger of his right hand to touch her vagina lips through the already transparent thin fabric. He kept running his finger up and down the tender young lips and then up and down the wet slit, making sure that the finger made contact with her clitoris through the fabric again and again. Aisha was already twisting her body feeling much aroused. A gush of juices exuded.

“Lovely, Angel, lovely… thank you, darling, thank you very much… you are wet and nice… you feel very nice to the touch.”

What could she say except smile at her father. She had thought one minute was a short time but the way the finger was caressing her along the slit and the clitoris, it seemed an hour. She knew she was wetting herself. She liked it and this embarrassed her. Finally when her father stopped, she wasn’t sure whether she really wanted him to stop fingering her.

Her father now said, “Aisha, can you now help daddy to do this exercise? To strengthen my hips?”

Aisha couldn’t refuse, could she?

“All right, daddy.”

Her father now lay as she had done on the bed. “Come and hold daddy’s knees and then open out my thighs.” He was smiling at her and looking at her chest where the skimpy top revealed much of her big breasts.

Slowly Aisha opened out her father’s thighs. “As you open out the thighs, run your hands down the inner sides, like the way I did to you.” Again her father smiled encouragement.

So, as her father’s thighs slowly opened out her soft young hands slide down along his firm hairy inner thighs until they rested on either side of his crotch. She had to lean forward to do what she was doing and this brought her face close to her father’s erection.

“Hold daddy’s thighs like that for a while, darling.”

What Aisha saw embarrassed her. The fabric of her father’s shorts was extremely stretchable. So, her father’s monstrous manhood was practically upright, pushing up the fabric, the huge head or knob, (whatever they call it, thought Aisha) clearly outlined! He too had secreted his pre-cum semen and wetted the fabric, making it transparent. The big head and its opening were visible.

“Thank you for helping daddy with the exercise, darling,” said her father, smiling at her. Then he added, “Press your hands against daddy’s inner thighs a bit harder.”

So, Aisha pressed the firm bare flesh of her father’s thighs on either side of his crotch. While doing that she had to look at her father’s monstrous erect bulge! God! He was a very big man!

After a while her father said, “All right, Aisha, you can close the thighs… unless you want to look at daddy a bit longer.” She closed her father’s thighs quickly.

“Aisha, you are doing it very nicely. Thank you. I would like to do it a few more times to exercise the hips. So, when you are ready, you can open out your father’s thighs again… and look at daddy.” Why did her father say “look at daddy’? What has that got to do with exercising his hips?

Might as well get this over quickly, thought Aisha. So, she again opened out her father’s thighs, sliding her hands along the sensitive inner thighs until her hands rested again on either side of the massive erect bulge. Her face was again close to her father’s loins.

“Aisha, darling, can you please rub the thighs where your hands are… massage the area a bit.” Her father again smiled.

Aisha rubbed gently her father’s flesh beside his crotch. The huge bulge, especially the knob was clearly seen by Aisha. The wet fabric was transparent. The knob jerked and jerked, lifting up the fabric rhythmically. Her father’s manhood was alive!

Aisha saw that the constant lifting of the shorts by the knob enlarged the leg hole of the shorts. And lo behold! One of her father’s big hairy balls slipped out into the open, and made contact with her hand.

“Enough, daddy?”

“A bit longer, dear. Rub the flesh… the innermost flesh… give it some exercise.”

As Aisha rubbed the flesh on either side of her father bulge, the upper side of one of her hands kept brushing against his bare ball, the one that was out of the shorts. Aisha also saw her father’s knob jerking up against the wet fabric again and again. He has secreted more pre-cum semen and the soiled fabric enabled Aisha to see the whole of the huge knob.

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