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I stood at the window and watched Alice walk up the path to my front door.

Her coat was open and I could see her tight black sweater moving back and forth across her sweet young tits. Hardening the nipples as she walked. Her long legs striding firmly in and out of a tight skirt which rode high and showed a delicious hint of her sweet cunt lips covered by the thinnest silk.

I opened the door for her and took her coat.

“Come on in sweetie,” I murmured as I hung her coat and lead her into the lounge.

“Sit down on the sofa sweetie and I will get you a drink.”

She sat, her long legs crossed, her skirt riding up to reveal her tight bikini panties.

“Thank you Shelly,” she smiled

I went to the cabinet and poured two glasses of red wine. Sat down on the sofa beside her and handed her one as I raised my own glass to my lips and took a sip.

“So how have you been my sweet bitch,” I asked as my hand slid over to her knee, caressing gently and moving slowly up.

“Very good, but I have missed you Shelly,” she sighed as she leaned back into the cushions and uncrossed her legs for me.

“I have missed you my horny young bitch,” I breathed and moved my hand till it was caressing her soft inner thigh, the back rubbing slowly against her silk covered cunt.

“Ohhhhhh that’s what I have missed Shelly,” she whispered as she opened her legs wide for me.

” I know you have baby, and mommy will look after you and you know that mommy will hurt you real bad baby”

She groaned as I turned my hand so I could feel her hot swollen cunt lips through the damp silk.

Calling myself “mommy” and by doing so also reminding Alice that she should call me “mommy” has always turned me on. She is not my daughter but just the sound of the word brings images of hot incest to my brain. Images of my daughter lay between my legs, her sweet tongue caressing my wet swollen cunt lips and flicking my hot hard clit from side to side till I orgasm.

Reluctantly I pushed her away.

I leaned over and kissed her slowly and deeply. My tongue sliding between her teeth and caressing hers. I smiled inwardly as I felt her shudder in anticipation.

I got up from the sofa. And walked slowly into the bedroom.

“Come with mommy my horny slut. Come and let mommy work you over like you deserve you.”

Perhaps dear reader I should tell you who I am, Who Alice is, and what we are like.

I am Shelly. I am 50 years old, divorced, two adult children , a male 26 and a female 24 and for the last two years I have been fucking them both. I am tall and slim with black hair, small cute tits which are firm for my age with long pink nipples. Alice is my niece. She is 23, blonde, slim but with nice large tits and really huge brown nipples. Alice like most women of her age and standing shaves her cunt regularly and is very smooth, on the other hand I don’t believe in shaving so I have a thick soft mat of black hair spreading over my mound, round my cunt and round bursa eskort bayan my hot tight asshole.

Well Alice followed me into the bedroom and I motioned for her to sit on the bed. I stood in the middle of the room. My hands went to my blouse and I opened the buttons one at a time starting from the top and working down and then shrugged it off. My blood red bra holding my firm tits in place as Alice watched, her breathing quickening, and her eyes glued to my hard nipples pushing sensually through the flimsy material. I smiled at her and unhooked my skirt and let it fall. Sucked her breathe in loudly.

“Oh mommy,” she groaned and started to rise from the bed.

“No,” I said quietly but firmly, “you stay there sweetie.”

My hands reached behind my back and my sweet tits burst free as I pulled the unhooked bra off. Letting my hands come back round to the front I cupped a hot firm tit in each hand, my index finger and thumb squeezing and pulling on the long pink nipples.

“Would my baby like to suckle on mommy,” I murmured moving close to her and offering a hot tit to her mouth. She leaned forward and sucked the nipple slowly into her mouth.

God it felt so good, her tongue kneading the soft underside of my tit as the nipple was pulled into her throat. I could feel the sweet wetness spreading between my legs as she started a rhythmical sucking. Resisting the temptation to touch myself but smiling as her hand went down between her own legs and worked up and down between her silk covered hot wet cunt lips.

“Oh yes,” she gurgled as she sucked. “My god,” she groaned as she sucked on her mommy and started to finger fuck herself through the silk of her panties. My hand was round her head and I stroked the nape of her neck, encouraging her to suck harder. As she pulled hard on my tit I could feel the contractions deep in my own wet cunt. She was going to make me cum and I was going to let her.

“Suck on mommy baby. Suckle hard sweetie. Flick and roll that bitch clit my sweet whore” I was groaning. I could smell the bitch. She was close. I could hear her breathing quickening. Feel her sucking getting erratic. She was about to explode and so was I.

“Oh god,” she wailed as her legs came up and my nipple was sucked deep into her. “Oh my fucking god,” she cried as she burst, her fingers slamming deep into herself ripping the silk, her legs jackknifing in and out, her tits rising and falling as her hard contractions came. I could see the panties turning dark with her sweet cunt juice, smell her sex, as she squirted and peed a little.

The heat deep in my own cunt slammed hard up into my brain and exploded sending hot hard jabs of pleasure down to my hot hard clit. My girlie cock throbbing and pulsing as my cunt muscles jerked over and over.

“Yes baby, yes,” I stuttered as the waves of heat spread through me.

“Yes my sweetie bitch, yes,” as I held her head against me, cunt juice dripping form my throbbing slit.

I moved bursa merkez escort away from her and stood again in the middle of the room. Pushed my drenched panties down and off and moved over to an arm chair. I sat and pushed each of my legs up and over the chair arms. Spread wide for my sweet bitch Alice.

“Now come stand by me you hot horny cunt and undress for me”

She got up from the bed. Stood in front of me and pulled her sweater up over her head and unsnapped her bra letting her hot young tits jump free. Her brown nipples swollen and hard. She pushed her skirt and panties off in one motion.

“There mommy, your bitch is ready for anything now “

My hand slide down to my wet slit, pulling the lips open and moving slowly up till I found the hood of my clit. Pushing it back as far as it would go, my sweet girlie cock hard and ready, blood red and throbbing. I pride my self on the fact that my clit slides at least 3/4″ out from under her hood when I am this horny.

“Come bitch, kneel between mommy’s legs and suck on mommy’s love bud”

She knelt, sweeping her hair from her face, and clamped her lips round my clit. Sucking my baby into her mouth as her tongue flicked and swirled round the tip. Each flick of her hard tongue sending a jab of pleasure up to my womb and back to my tight ass muscles. God it felt so good, but I had different plans for her.

I let her suck and flick for a little while and enjoyed all the sensations as my hot juice dribbled down her chin.

Then. Suddenly. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head away from me.

“Ouch,” she practically screamed

“Fuck that hurt, she groaned.

“Not as much as you are going to hurt bitch,” I hissed

Raising my hand I slapped her hard across her full tits. Catching the engorged nipples with my fingers tips.

“Whore,” I hissed, “mommy will have to punish you.”

With that I stood up and pulled her by her hair to her feet. She screamed in pain and I smiled. It felt so good. I just love to hear the bitches scream.

I dragged her by her hair round to the back of the arm chair and pushed her hard against it. Forcing her arms over the top and pulling her a little away from it so that I could get my hands on her belly. I stood beside her as she lay over the back of the chair sobbing quietly.

I kissed her shoulder and pushed one hand hard between her legs. With the other I parted her buttocks and used a finger to slowly circle her hot tight puckered asshole.

“Now mommy is going to show you what pain really is bitch”

I pushed three fingers deep into her cunt and forced three into her tight asshole. She screamed with pain as I forced into her shit pipe and groaned with pleasure as my figures played ring around the roses in her hot wet cunt.

“You like mommy to ream your hot asshole don’t you bitch”

“You love mommy to play inside your hot wet cunt don’t you whore”

All she could do was groan bursa sınırsız escort bayan as she started to hump, her legs bending and straightening, alternately pulling my fingers deeper into her asshole and deeper into her bitch cunt. I opened my legs and pushed my own wet slit hard against her hip. Pushing up and down. Masturbating my clit on her firm flesh as my fingers worked on her hot holes.

I flexed my fingers in her asshole stretching her. Making room for the rest of my fingers. Slamming them in deep and hard.

“Oh fucking god that hurts,” she screamed

“Oh fucking bitch it will hurt more,” I hissed as I rammed my whole hand up her asshole. Feeling her buck away from me and imbed herself deeper on my fingers in her hot cunt.

Masturbating my clit on her hip. Panting and sweating. Feeling the hot sweet pleasure as my girlie cock slid back and forth. Feeling her jabs of pain as my hand pounded her asshole. Hearing her sweet groans and her wet sobs as I slammed my whole hand into her cunt.

Masturbating my clit.

Grabbing the mouth of her womb and pulling and twisting

Masturbating my girlie cock as I churned her asshole

God it felt so good. Hearing her scream. Feeling her pain. My baby sliding over her slick skin.

Feeling the heat. Feeling my muscles shiver high in my cunt. Feeling the fire. Feeling her slime on my hands. Smelling her hot wet cunt. Smelling her sweetie tight asshole. Feeling my fire building.

Jerking and humping



She was about to cum. I could feel her muscles contracting, feel her swelling and hardening, hear her gulping and gasping for breathe.

“Oh fucking God,” she screamed, “here I go”

I felt her contractions as my own exploded. Feel her muscles clutching and releasing my pounding fingers in her cunt as flashes of ecstasy seared through my body. Squirting and pissing on her hip. Pulsing and throbbing. Humping like crazy.

“Oh god yes,” she whined.

I curled my fingers deep in her asshole. My long sharp nails digging into her inner flesh. My cunt dripping and throbbing. Waves of orgasm crashing and spreading through my body. Over and over and over again. My nails digging in her flesh.

“Now bitch, feel this, and enjoy the bitter pain”

I slowly, so slowly pulled my fingers down her anal canal.

Feeling the soft flesh rip.

God it felt good as another wave of contractions bust through me and she screamed out in pain.

God it felt wonderful as I felt the flesh ripping, blood and shit oozing form her as orgasm after orgasm exploded through my body.

“Oh yes,” I groaned as my hand slid, bloody and slimy, from her hot asshole and she collapsed to the floor sobbing loudly.

When she composed her self and had a quick shower she came back and sat on the bed beside me. She took me in her arms and kissed me hard. Then pulling away and smiling.

“That was wonderful mommy”

“Next time can you hurt me even more, please”

I smiled back, took her hand, looked deep into her eyes.

“Of course bitch. Mommy will hurt you over and over again. Mommy will make you cum and scream and cry and beg mommy to do it harder. Beg mommy to really hurt you. This my sweet whore is just the beginning.”

She lay back on the bed, smiling and contented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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