Alice’s Wonderland Ch. 03

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Alice remained in her sex coma for over eleven hours. Jen’s side of the bed was empty, but Alice could hear clattering in the kitchen and smell her cheap coffee brewing. Groggily she sat up, her stomach spilling out almost as far as her knees. She reached out and could barely bring the tips of her fingers together around her massive middle. Ironically, given her current size, Alice felt empty. Dinner felt like a week ago, and she had probably burnt off a thousand calories per orgasm the day before. As tempting as it was to just lie in bed all day, stroking her gravidity, her hunger could not be ignored.

Alice almost fell over as she tried to stand up. A thrill ran up her spine as she realized that her center of gravity had shifted so much that she would have to adopt the classic pregnant-waddle to get around now.

God I hope this never goes away!

She walked to the kitchen with spring in her step that was disproportionate to her new figure. Alice had pancakes on the mind. And bacon. And toast. And hashbrowns! And sausages!! Hell, she felt like she could tackle an entire buffet table and still have room for dessert.

Mommy is eating for at least three now, she deserves to be pampered! thought Alice.

Jen turned and threw Alice a huge smile when she heard her girlfriend enter the room.

“Hey, look who’s back from the dead! I tried to wake you a few times but you didn’t even budge. You woke up just in time for breakfast thought! Your fridge was almost empty so I ran to the store and bought a bit of everything. Hope you’re hungry!”

Alice eyed the spread ravenously, saliva moistening her lips in anticipation.

“It looks amazing hun, but what are you going to eat?” Alice said with a smirk.

Jen laughed at what she presumed was a joke, but fifteen minutes later she was still hungry, having liberated only a small pile of eggs, half a pancake, and one piece of bacon.


“Oh that was good! And now I have room for dessert!”

Jen gaped. “Wow, that was… weird. And casino oyna sorry hun, I think you just ate everything. I guess I can run to the store and get a pie or something if you really want…”

“Don’t worry about it, my amazing, sexy girlfriend,” Alice said with a wink, “I had something a little different in mind!”

With that she grabbed Jen with one hand, and the bottle of whipped cream in the other, and dragged them both back to the bedroom. Little time was wasted in removing their clothes. This time it was Jen stretched out on the bed as Alice straddled her hips, her belly resting heavy between Jen’s breasts.

“Now since you fed me breakfast, I think it’s only fair that I feed you dessert,” said Alice as she shook the whipped cream bottle vigorously. She turned the bottle upside down and sprayed a thick white line all around her belly button, and then sprayed thick mountains of whipped cream all over her tits.

“I hope you are still hungry!”

In this case Jen found that actions spoke louder than words, and drove her face against her partner’s midsection. Alice felt her sex heat up as Jen lapped up the cream from her huge pregnant belly, and a shiver of pleasure rushed through her when her girlfriend chased some whipped cream hidden deep in her navel.

When she was finished Jen turned her face upward and asked for seconds. Alice was more than happy to oblige. Alice’s stomach made it difficult for Jen to get access to all of her favorite parts so Alice rolled off and they took turns drawing delicious patterns all over each other. Alice playfully followed the line of whipped cream from one nipple to the next, her tongue dancing around, teasing her partner. The path then slowly took her down past Jen’s taught stomach, and then down to Jen’s hot, moist sex. The whipped cream was gone within moments, yet she lingered there long enough to repay her girlfriend for the tremendous orgasms from the night before. When her labor of love was completed she slowly wriggled her way back up to Jen’s face, where slot oyna she deposited several deep kisses that tasted strongly of sex.

“Wow,” was all Jen could muster.

“I thought you would like that,” Alice replied with a smile. “Besides, I think I owe you a dozen more ones just like that for last night… although I wouldn’t argue with a repeat performance…”

“Oh, really?”

Jen traced a large heart around Alice’s bellybutton and then flipped her onto her back. She had always thought that her girlfriend had the nicest nipples she had ever seen and all she wanted to do was give them a good suck. She had been frequently called a tease by her previous girlfriends because she loved to suck and nibble, but to hold off on sex until they couldn’t take it anymore. Last night had been a freebee, but today Alice was going to have to suffer a little!

Jen positioned herself so that she could reach Alice’s breasts, which was no easy task considering the mountain of flesh that now protruded from her. She tenderly took a nipple in her mouth and gently nibbled on it, the way that she knew Alice loved. At the same time she used her left hand to explore the depths of Alice’s bellybutton. Alice squirmed with pleasure.

Jen nibbled and bit, lapped, and then sucked. She was completely surprised when a spray of warm milk hit the back of her throat.

“What the fuck??” she cried as she tore her mouth away from Alice’s breast.

“Mmmm… I don’t know what you just did, but it felt AMAZING!” replied Alice.

“I think… I think you are lactating!”

“Mmm… that’s sexy! Why are you stopping??”

Jen gave a half-shrug, and dove back in. She moved her left hand away from Alice’s mountainous middle and began alternating between massaging Alice’s tits, and gently squeezing toward the nipples. Another torrent of thick, creamy milk spurted out, spilling into Jen’s mouth, and leaking all over Alice’s chest. Alice issued a guttural moan as an orgasm began to build up deep in her loins. Jen found the milk to canlı casino siteleri be surprisingly sweet, and, encouraged by her partner’s vocal enthusiasm, she began suckling in earnest.

In the interest of easy access she once again positioned herself in a modified 69 position, this time with her mouth attached to one tit, while one hand roughly milked the other and her left hand ran up and down Alice’s belly.

The combined pleasure was almost too much to endure for Alice. Her breasts were starting to swell up like balloons as her body struggled to keep up with the demand. She had always loved rough nipple play, but the feeling of her body nourishing Jen was one of the sexiest things she had ever felt. Having her belly rubbed at the same time was an incredibly intense feeling. She could not remember feeling as horny as she was, but despite the amazing foreplay she just couldn’t climax.

Jen continued teasing her for another ten minutes until she could tell that Alice’s air thrusting and gyrating was beginning to get desperate. She repositioned one last time, this time with face hovering over Alice’s navel, and a hand resting lightly on her sex.

Still caught up in the game of teasing Alice, Jen blew lightly over Alice’s gravid peak, and brushed her fingers lightly through her moist lips. Alice mewed with desperation.

Without warning Jen plunged two fingers deep into Alice, while her mouth latched onto her stomach. Her fingers wiggled frantically, searching for the spot she knew that released her every time. Meanwhile she deposited hungry kisses all over Alice’s belly before she drove her tongue deep into her protruding crevice. Alice bucked, twitched, and spasmed, as the massive orgasm that had been taunting her finally washed over her. Instinctively she brought her hands up to the crest of her stomach, and as the orgasm began to subside she took a deep breath and pushed her belly out as far as she could. The orgasm redoubled its efforts, hitting her like a hurricane, as she expanded outward by another four inches. Milk exploded from her tits, coating both of them in a sweet, creamy rain. When her orgasm finally subsided both girls were very sticky, and very tired.

Exhausted, Alice rolled onto her side and asked, “So… What’s for lunch??”

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