All Consuming Lust

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I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 25 years ago, when I was 16. I never married his father because at the time, he was married to my best friend’s mother. He promised to look after us if I agreed to never tell anybody that my son was his and this suited me well. He paid for my college education, our living expenses and my son’s university fees. My son, Blaze, only saw his father a few times and never really felt any sort of attachment towards him. It was always just Blaze and me. While he was still in school, I bought a very run down motel, did major renovations and 2 years later sold it for a tidy profit. Today I am the proud owner of twelve medium sized but very exclusive boutique hotels, internationally.

When Blaze went to university to study corporate law, it felt as if my world collapsed. He was my pillar and strength. Maybe it was a good thing because I had to learn to depend on myself, although I missed him terribly. Over the years I dated and had one long term relationship which did not last. I never married and never felt the need to. When Blaze got his degree last year, he started working for me and today we both run the company as full partners. We seem to complement each other in every aspect of the business and make a very formidable team.

A week ago I decided to give Blaze and his girlfriend of the moment a trip anywhere for his birthday, because he works too hard. I expected some serious resistance because he absolutely loves his job and is very committed. Big was my surprise when he accepted on the condition that I accompany him. After much deliberation, teeth gnashing and persistence from him, I agreed, not knowing why he would rather go on holiday with me than a young beautiful girl. So, this is where our true story starts….

“Hey Lady, you better start moving that beautiful ass of yours if we want to catch the plane,” Blaze yelled from downstairs. I neglected to say, Blaze very seldom calls my Mother, he nearly always call me Lady.

Seriously annoyed I peered over the balustrade and rudely flipped him off.

Chuckling, he ran up the stairs, threw me over his shoulders and started going down.

“Put me down you silly idiot! I still have to finish packing….”

“Not a chance Lady, if you need anything else, we can buy it when we get there. If I don’t abduct you now, we will still be here tomorrow and I can already see myself on the beach with a beer in each hand. Now pucker up and take it like the Lady you are.”

Knowing how futile my struggles were, I subsided and accepted my lot. “Baby, you do know that you will be paying for everything that I have to buy and I only like the expensive stuff?”

“Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. I am actually looking forward to choosing all your outfits and see you modeling them for me.”

“In your dreams buster…”

Hours later, a very exhausted mother and son arrived at their holiday villa.

Both too tired to do anything else, we each picked a room and went to sleep.

Early morning light bathed my face and rubbing my eyes, I decided to get up and see if we had any provisions for breakfast. Taking a quick shower and dressing in the same clothes as yesterday, I checked to see if my son was awake.

Quietly entering his room, I saw him lying on his back, naked, sporting a morning woody about 10 inches long. Wow, my son is really handsome with his classical tall dark and handsome features and apparently every nympho’s dream. For the first time in my life, I could honestly say that I was very turned on by my son. Which woman wouldn’t be when faced with that enormous piece of pleasure meat? I had to force my eyes away from temptation and looked up at his face. Oh shit, his beautiful blue eyes were watching me eyeing his cock. I have never before felt so embarrassed. Stuttering, I told him that I was going to see about breakfast while he just looked at me with a mysterious grin on his face. Turning around, I started looking for the kitchen.

Luckily the kitchen was fully stocked and half an hour later I felt my son’s strong arms encircling my waste.

“Morning gorgeous, sleep well?”

“Uhm… yes Baby and you?”

Hugging me tightly to his bare chest, he whispered that it could have been better.

Well, whatever he meant by that, I did not want to know. I swear that I am still dreaming because I could feel his erection rubbing against my ass. Not wanting to confirm my suspicions, I moved out of his arms under the pretext of making toast.

Blaze put plates and utensils on the breakfast nook and made coffee.

Curious now, I covertly watched him and saw to my amazement that he was still fully erect. His khaki cargo pants fitted him loosely except across his butt and man oh man, what a stunning specimen he is. WTF? Here I am, ogling my son when I knew that it was sooo sick.

“Hey Lady, when we finish breakfast, you and I are going to do some serious shopping, okay?”

“Yeah sport, I hope that you have been saving up because I am going to ruin your credit rating, I don’t even have a clean set of underwear.”

“Are you telling me that you are naked beneath those clothes, Gaziantep Escort Lady?”

“Blaze, what a question to ask your mother and by the way, I am pleading the fifth! Come darling, let’s go do some shopping.”

Blaze took me to a very exclusive boutique that specialized in up market holiday wear. Seeing the prices, I nearly had a heart attack. We are certainly considered to be very wealthy but I never abuse that privilege, must be due to my conservative upbringing. Blaze had no such concerns, only the best for his gorgeous Lady.

Talking to the saleslady, Blaze gestured for me to take a seat next to a short ramp/runway. Taking the seat next to mine, he poured us each a glass of champagne, courtesy of the boutique.

Next moment, a model came down the ramp with a beautiful red evening dress and another had on a white one in a different style. Both dresses were beautiful but risqué. On and on it went, dress after beautiful dress until they started modeling casual wear. Nice summer dresses, skirts, tops and ridiculously small boy shorts accompanied by tiny tank tops. Nervously looking at Blaze, he just nodded his head at the saleslady and they started with the lingerie. My, oh my, the things I saw that day still have me blushing.

“Lady, will you please go to the dressing room and fit one garment of each category so that the saleslady can get your exact size?”

“What, are you insane? I know my size and will tell them, I don’t need to waste our time by parading around like a washed out model of yesteryear.”

“Mom, please do this for me, I would love to see you strutting your stuff and in any case, you look ten times better than any model I have ever seen.”

Now how do I refuse a request like that, especially when he calls me Mom like that?

Feeling really silly in the red evening gown, I nonetheless took to the ramp. Giving my best Heidi Klum impression, I sashayed down the ramp as if I owned it. I valiantly struggled to keep my D cup breasts inside the bodice of the dress but still my nipples decided to play peek a boo. Blaze couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I have to admit that I do look good. A while ago I had a breast reduction and my breasts felt and looked like a twenty year olds. Long toned legs, raven black hair and blue eyes two shades darker than my sons. Blaze started to look uncomfortable.

“Honey, if you are bored, we can go. I will just pick a few outfits and then we can hit the beach. How does that sound?”

“Sorry to disappoint you Lady but I’m not leaving until I see you in everything, okay?”

“Okay (sigh….)”

Modeling the casual wear went much quicker and it was worth it to see my son speechless when I came out onto the ramp in a tiny tank top and boy shorts. Well, if I struck him mute in this getup, imagine what the lingerie will do to him. Suddenly I could not wait.

“Blaze, please close your mouth and remember that this was your stupid idea.” With that said, I returned to the dressing room.

Choosing a red lacy see through bra and thong matched with 4 inch red stilettos, I tackled the ramp again, feeling like a pro. By now, Blaze was casually leaning against a pillar. Looking up, I thought that he was going pass out. Eyes bulging, tongue nervously licking his sensuous lips and his enormous cock straining against his cargo pants. What a sight, my handsome son, hot and bothered by his mother. What a turn on. I know that this is not socially acceptable behavior and I did not previously feel this way about my son, but knowing that a handsome and virile younger man finds you sexy is extraordinary, albeit your own flesh and blood. Slowly dragging my hands over my breasts and looking at Blaze, I started panting. He could definitely see my state of arousal as I continued my torturously slow self touch which continued across my stomach, hips and ass. Coming to my senses, I realized what I was doing and almost ran for the dressing room.

Before reaching the door, Blaze stopped me.

“Hey Lady, why are you running away, I never even saw the back side of this outfit. Show me!”

“Uhm… I… ugh…. I don’t think that is such a good idea Baby, I am going to get dressed and then we better leave before something bad happens.”

“Would that really be so bad? Please turn around and show me what my money will be buying.” Taking me by the hand, he slowly turned me around. Knowing that he was staring at my bare buttocks in the almost non-existent thong, made me cream. Too scared to turn around and gauge his reaction, I stood like that for what felt like ages.

“You take my breath away, Lady, Blaze whispered in my ear.” Feeling his body warmth but not touching, he asked me to wear the boy shorts and tank top when we leave.

Very relieved to be able to leave the sexually charged situation, I left.

I have never been able to deny my son anything, so I dressed to please him, knowing how wrong this was but I did not care.

Blaze was waiting for me at the counter and has just finished paying for our purchases of which I still did not know the selections. Taking me by the hand, we left the store, Gaziantep Escort Bayan leaving behind a broadly smiling saleslady.

“They will deliver our purchases at the villa later today so we can do some sightseeing,” Blaze commented.

The day went by in a blur and if my life depended on it, I could not tell you what I saw that day. My thoughts were occupied by the sick attraction I had for my son. Guilt was choking me up inside and by the afternoon I asked to return to the villa because I was not feeling well.

Very concerned, Blaze tried to find out what was wrong with me and I just pleaded a headache, which I am sure he did not believe.

Reaching the villa, I excused myself and said that I will take a nap. I think that Blaze knew what was wrong with me and decided to leave well enough alone.

An hour later, Blaze came into my room to let me know that my clothes have arrived.

Hundreds of packages were brought into my room and I could just stare at it all, not believing that my son spent so much money. Opening the packages, I saw that there were four evening gowns, numerous everyday outfits, shoes, lingerie and even swimwear, if you could call it that. There were three bikinis, all in different colors but miniscule. The tops would barely cover my nipples and the bottoms imitated a thong in short supply of fabric. How was I supposed to go out in public in this indecent excuse of a bikini?

Blaze was watching my unpacking from the door and I turned to him holding up a bikini.

“What in blazes were you thinking when you bought this, Blaze?”

“I knew that you would never consider buying it and I wanted to show you off. Is that so bad?”

“I suppose not but there is no way in hell that I will ever wear them, I will look ridiculous.”

“No you won’t, you have a killer body and would put everyone else to shame. Please wear it for me.”

Oh shit, why do I always give in to him? I should really learn how to say NO! “Okay Baby, I will wear them but only if I can choose your swimwear. Deal?”

“I already have a pair of swim shorts, buying anything else will be a waste of money.”

Sweeping my arms out to encompass my new purchases, I told him that it did not stop him from buying me an entirely new wardrobe.

Reluctantly saying yes, he agreed to my deal.

Smiling like a Cheshire cat and not wanting to waste another minute, I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the car.

“Okay mister, let’s go shopping…”

Entering the surf shop, all female eyes turned to watch our progress. Jealously taking my sons hand, I dragged him over to the briefs section. Feeling slight resistance to my possible swim wear choice, Blaze did not look happy.

Holding up a pair of white briefs for his inspection, I saw him cringe.

“Now Honey, if you expect me to parade around in your choice of bikinis, I am sure that you can do the same for me,” I coaxed, noticing that the other girls were listening to our conversation.

“Lady, no REAL man will be daft enough to be seen in a pair of those skimpy briefs and I sure as shit won’t do it either.”

“Baby, put them on and we’ll ask these nice young ladies what they think.”

Blaze who did not even notice our audience were startled when they all agreed with my suggestion.

Sashaying up to him, I asked him if he wanted to renege on our deal, knowing full well that he won’t.

Grabbing the offending piece of fabric from me, he went to the fitting rooms.

It felt like ages before the door opened and a very irritated Blaze came walking out with his cargo pants still on, but shirtless.

Disappointment was clearly written on my face and Blaze stopped in front of me.

“The things I do for the people I love and with those words,” Blaze pulled off his pants.

I nearly swooned; there in front of me was Adonis, sculpted to perfection, toned and magnificent. The girls were oohing and aahing, a few actually drooled and thankfully, I was the only one allowed to touch his hot bod. I wonder how long he struggled to pack his huge cock into the miniscule pair of briefs.

“Oh Honey,” throwing my arms around his neck, I kissed him full on the lips, giggling like a young girl. Feeling his penis growing against my panty less crotch, had me hot and wet.

“Lady, if you do not want to be embarrassed, you’d better step back quickly.” Looking down, I saw the thick tip of his cock head blooming past the elastic of the briefs. Licking my lips, I stared and creamed my boy shorts.

Abruptly Blaze turned around and rushed back to the dressing room. Barging out of the door, he grabbed five pairs of briefs in different colors, rushed me to the pay point, paid and almost ran with me to the car.

Bewildered, I asked him what the rush was.

Ignoring me, he drove like a maniac back to the villa, where once again I was rushed inside.


“Lady, you better be at the swimming pool in one of your new bikinis in five minutes or else I will drag you there naked, yeah?”

“Well I guess so Honey, but why the rush?”

“Just do Escort Gaziantep as I ask, please,” Blaze pleaded.

Running to my room, I quickly dressed in the bikini, which actually looked quite stunning on my body. Grabbing a towel, I giddily ran for the patio.

Blaze was already in the swimming pool and lounging on the steps, waiting for me to dive in.

“Gee Baby, you sure are fast but why the rush?”

“Come into the pool and I will tell you, Lady.”

“Nuh uh, I think I will lie here and catch the last rays of the disappearing sun.” Spreading my towel on the lounger, I heard a noise behind me. Turning around, I saw Blaze in the white (by now see through) briefs coming towards me. I could not have moved move even if somebody paid me to. The skimpy wet fabric clung to the tubular shape of his thick long not yet fully erect cock. I knew that I was in trouble but couldn’t care less.

Blaze picked me up and walked into the pool with me, hugging me to his chest.

Shrieking like a banshee when I felt the cool water against my ass, I clung to his neck for dear life. Grinning, he dunked us both. Sputtering, I came up, gulping for air and pushed away from him.

“You idiot, do you want to drown us both?”

“Nope, just want to play with my mother, you deserve a bit of fun and laughter in your life.”

“Aw Baby, just when I decide to be angry at you, you say something sweet. I love you so much Baby!”

“Ditto Lady! Do you want some bubbly?”

“That would be great.”

Blaze left the pool and returned with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Filling both, he called me over to the steps and handed me one.

“What shall we drink to Baby?”

“To us, now and together forever,” Blaze cheered, clinking our glasses together.

“Come on beautiful, sit next to me.”

Relaxing next to him on the steps, I once again asked him why we had to rush home.

“Lady, be one hundred percent sure that you want me to answer even if you might not like what I have to say.”

“I do Baby, you know that you can tell me anything.”

“Well, in order to answer your question, I have to ask you something else first.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“Why do you think I asked you to come on this trip with me instead of someone else?”

“Uh…, you felt sorry for me staying behind all alone?”

“Not likely, Lady,” pulling me onto his lap, straddling his legs and facing him, he said that he had no choice in bringing me along.

“Lady, you know that I love you but, I am also totally IN love with you.”

“Uhm… Honey, what…”

“No, Blaze said, don’t say anything, and just listen.” Putting his arms around me, he pulled me closer to his chest while staring into my stunned eyes.

Taking my face between his big gentle hands, he spoke earnestly and honestly.

“I know that the feelings I have for you are considered incestuous by society but my heart tells me different. If we were not meant to be together as lovers, why would I have this overwhelming love for you? For years I had to hide what I felt in order to abide by societies rules, but no more! I want to be with you, around you and most of all, inside of you. I asked you to come with me on this trip because without you, I am but an empty shell of a man. I need you as a man needs a woman and you make me whole.”

“When we were inside the store and I saw how you looked at me, I knew that I had to get you home as soon as possible or else I would have fucked you there, in front of everybody. I know that you want me in the same way as I want and need you…”

“Baby, I don’t…..”

Pulling my lower body flush against his erection, I could not utter another word.

“Mom, I not only want your body, I want the whole package. I need you to need me, depend on me and love me to distraction, the same as I do you. Feel my need pressing against your pussy, see the hunger in my eyes and know the love in my heart…”

With those beautiful words, he kissed me with all the pent up longing in his body.

Grinding my pussy against him, I did the only thing I could. I gave in to our mutual need.

Gulping for air, I stared at him, I’m sure that I looked like an escapee from a lunatic asylum because I was dumbstruck by what we were doing. Trying once again to stop our incestuous behavior, I tried to get off his lap.

“Lady, do not move another inch backwards, you belong on my lap.” Gripping my thighs, he pulled me onto his straining penis again. Not stopping at that, but dry fucking my pussy to distraction while slumberous blue eyes were looking at me intently.

“Lady, I love you mind, body, heart and soul. You belong to me.” All this said while driving me insane with his erotic moves.

Slowly, he moved his big hands up by backside, untying my skimpy bikini top. Watching in disbelief, I see my top floating away…

By this time, I had no misgivings anymore. My body had taken over and it wanted sex. Taking my breasts in both hands, I started rubbing them and sucking on my own nipples. Blaze’s eyes went stormy and his cock nearly exploded from his briefs. Feeling his cock pulsing against my fevered pussy, I looked down. My, oh fucking my… I came right there and then just from seeing his enormous cock fighting to escape the restraining fabric of the now infamous briefs. Offering one of my breasts to his succulent mouth, I touched the bulbous head of his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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