All Four

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Cum On

Megan was sitting in her living room watching TV. The show date room where contests searches the rooms of the people they wanted to date was on. The show was about a woman looking for the perfect Slave girl. Megan Laughed at the show.

“How fake. They really want us to buy into the fact that she a real domme. Please! What you think Tiffany?” Asked Megan.

A Naked Tiffany was being used as a Foot stool by Megan. She was on her hands and knees. Megan’s feet laid on her back. Tiffany’s head face straight.

“I do not think Goddess. You do the thinking for me.” Said Tiffany.

In the last week Tiffany had become well trained. She has become a pussy licker. Despite her hatred of it. Tiffany has been Humiliated and degraded. She been forced to lick pussy, lick ass, and Feet. Along with being fucked in the pussy and ass by a Strap on. Every punishment was a spanking followed by a sexual act. Sexual acts weren’t just for punishment. They were for desire to. Just like today.

Today Megan’s friend Rachel will come and Tiffany will be forced to please her. Any minute now and her hell will start.

Rachel was driving down the Road. Her red beautiful hair was done. She had put on some make up as well. Rachel was driving a black SUV with tinted windows. In the very back laiding on the floor was a naked Shay. The Beautiful blond had a ball gagged in her mouth. Her hands were tied behind her back.

The Black SUV pulled in to Megan’s drive way. She parked right next to Megan’s SUV. Rachel got out and walked to the front door.

Megan could hear knocking at the door. She took her feet off Tiffany’s back.

“Go answer the Door!” Ordered Megan.

Tiffany crawled on her hands and knees to the door. Tiffany then opens the door while still being on her knees.

Rachel is greeted by the sight of Tiffany kneeling.

“Hello, Madam. My Goddess is waiting for you.” Said Tiffany.

Rachel laughed. “Aww, she so cute.”

Rachel begin felting up Tiffany. Megan stands up and walks over to them.

“Yeah she something.” Said Megan.

Megan walked over to Rachel and gave her a very passionate kiss on the lips. Rachel also passionately kiss her back. Both woman separated slowly.

“It’s been a while. Really miss you. Do you have any new guys in your life?” Asked Megan.

“No. But I do have a Crush on my Groundkeeper but he shy. How about you?” Replied Rachel.

“No. Not really. I still hung up on Edward. Hope he will come back soon. ” replied Megan.

“Well Don’t be too sad. You do got a very beautiful Sex slave to keep you company.” Said Rachel.

Megan laughs. “She does get the Job Done. So where your slave girl?”

“She out in the car. Come on let’s get her.” Said Rachel.

Rachel and Megan walk to the back of Rachel’s SUV. Rachel opens the back hatch. Shay is reveal in all her glory. Her legs were spread open. Hand still bound with a ball gag in her mouth. Megan rubs shay’s legs.

“Wow she is beautiful. I am going to have some much Fun.” Said Megan.

While Megan was looking over Shay, Rachel went under Megan’s shirt and began playing with her breast. Megan was getting turn on. She lead her head back and began kissing Rachel again.

“I so miss the taste of your pussy.” Said Rachel.

“I miss yours.” Replied Megan.

“Let’s get this party started.” Said Rachel.

They both grab shay and walk her inside Megan’s house. Tiffany is on her knees in the middle of the living room. Megan and Rachel walk in with Shay. They untie her hands and remove the ball gag.

“On your Knees.” Ordered Megan.

Shay drop to her knees. Rachel grab shay and Tiffany by the hair. And forced them to kiss each other. Shay and Tiffany make sure to use tongue to not anger their owners. They kiss for share a forced kiss for about 3 minutes. Rachel finally let go. Both slave girls fell back.

“Let’s see how good your Slave is at licking pussy.” Anadolu Yakası Escort Said Megan.

Megan pick up a paddle and hit it against her hand. Rachel order Tiffany on her back. Tiffany was force to spread her legs. Megan grab shay by the hair and forced her down to Tiffany’s pussy.

“Get licking Bitch!” Order Megan.

Shay started to eat Tiffany out. Tiffany tries to pretend she somewhere else but her body is betraying that. Her body is getting extremely horny. As Shay gets into her licking, she suddenly felts a blow to her butt. She stop to look over. Rachel grabs shay’s hair forcefully.

“No one told you to stop! Get back to licking bitch!” Yelled Rachel.

Megan smack Shay’s ass harder this time. Shay tried to not remove her tongue at no avail.

“It looks like I have to punish my bitch.” Said Rachel.

“No. Let me do it.” Said Megan. Rachel looks on with a wicked smile.

“Ok. I feel so sorry for you Shay. Megan worst then I am. She actually pretty scary.” Said Rachel.

Rachel looks at Megan. “No permanent marks.”

Megan walk over and Kiss Rachel hard.

“Can’t wait unlit tonight when we make passionate love.” Said Megan.

Megan grabs Shay by the hair and takes her downstairs. Fear fills Shay’s heart.

Tiffany still on the ground with her legs open. Rachel walks up to her and kneels down beside her. She started to pet Tiffany head.

“Hello sunshine. I know you don’t like all this lesbian stuff but hey what choice do you have. I know Megan can be a bitch. She hardcore. Me I prefer light bondage and really don’t care to spank unless I have to.” Said Rachel.

Tiffany sighed. “I will do what ever you want as your a guess of my Goddess.” Said Tiffany.

Rachel touch the rest of her body. She went down on Tiffany’s pussy and began to eat her out.

Meanwhile in Megan’s dungeon, Megan had shay tied up on the whipping post. She was facing away from Megan leaving her back exposure. Megan had a whip in hand.

“You really Shouldn’t have been bad Shay cause now I have you all to my Self.” Said Megan.

“Please Goddess! Have mercy on my Me. I did not mean to misbehave. Forgive me.” Plead Shay.

Megan throw back the whip and hit shay on her back. Shay wince from the pain.

“That’s not going to happen. I have permission by your owner to punish you and that’s what I will do. I will punish you hard.” Said Megan.

“Now after every smack I want you to say I am Sorry. Got it? Asked Megan.

“Yes Goddess.” Answered a crying Shay.

Megan throws the whip back.


“One. I am sorry.” Said Shay.


“Two. I am Sorry.” Said shay.


“Three. I am sorry.” Said shay.


“Four. I am Sorry.” said Shay.

“Five. I am Sorry.” Said Shay.

Megan smiles as she continues the Whipping.

Meanwhile upstairs Rachel had just made Tiffany Cum. Humiliation fills Tiffany’s body. Rachel removes her clothes. She then Grabs Tiffany by the hair.

“Be a good Girl and Eat out My Ass!” Ordered Rachel.

Tiffany Took a deep breath and struck her tongue out. Rachel forced Tiffany’s face between her ass cheeks. Rachel’s ass was nice and clean which was a relieve to Tiffany. Tiffany keep on licking every inch of it. Rachel was getting off. Her breast were obviously hard and she loved the attention she was getting. For Rachel there almost nothing better than this. For Tiffany it was a horrible nightmare that would never end. Tiffany starts to think about shay knowing a worst fate awaits her.

Downstairs in the Basement, Rachel was on the last whipping.


“Fifth teen. I am Sorry!” Cried Shay.

Shay’s eyes were red and puffy from crying. Megan takes off all her Clothes. She walks to the cabinet and pulls back the Whip. She then Grabs a black Strap on. She puts it on and walks back. Megan grabs Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Shay blond hair.

“Usually I am Kind enough to let you suck on it First. But since this is punishment and I can’t leave permanent mark. I believe this will be a lot more fun. Well for me anyways.” Said Megan.

Megan put the dry strap on all the way up Shay’s ass. Shay Scream loud. Megan then began to fuck her like that. Shay Now realized that Tiffany has it 100 times worst then she does. Megan is a real dominatrix. Rachel was more soft-core.

Rachel pulls Tiffany away for her ass. She goes to her purse and pulls out a black Strap on. She pulls it around Tiffany’s Mouth.

“Now fuck me just like this.” Ordered Rachel.

Once again Tiffany face goes back to Rachel’s ass. She forced to move her head back and forth. Rachel rolled her eyes back. She felt so good getting fucked in the ass by Tiffany. This was the life. One day Rachel would finally achieve her dreams of a motel run by her nude female sex slaves. She also imagine how good it will feel to be with Lamar. But unlit then she will enjoy every moment.

Megan was Finally done fucking Shay with the Dry Strap on. Shay Breathing was hard. Her back and ass were sore. Megan took off the strap on and walked over to her cabinet. She walked back empty handed.

“Now that you have been properly punish, I think it time i get off.” Said Megan.

Megan unties Shay from the Whipping post. Shay plays with her hands so the blood flow returns. After a few minutes Megan forces Shay on her knees. Shay begins to get out Megan. the fire is building in Megan’s pussy. Her heart starts to beat fast. Megan thinks to herself. She thinks, Man does she have the Life. She has the perfect friend who always great in bed and her own Cousin Tiffany who is a perfect Sex Slave, and the isolation she craves to carry out her fantasies. The only thing missing is a guy who wouldn’t mind her domination of other women. Maybe one day she will find him. Unlit then she will largely focuses on her Domination of Tiffany. She might even consider getting another slave. After several minutes she came. Megan release all her Juices on Shay’s face.

Rachel was taking in so much pleasure for her ass fucking that she came. Her Juices fell to the Floor. Rachel push Tiffany back.

“Look at this mess you make Tiffany. We got to clean it up.” Said Rachel.

Rachel grabs Tiffany by the hair. She removes the black Strap on from Tiffany’s mouth. She lays it on the ground. She then forces Tiffany to lick up her juices off the floor. Tiffany took in the humiliation.

Megan was breathing hard. She was recovering from the Orgasm she just had.

“Whoa. That was good. I should get you to teach Tiffany how to lick pussy.” Said Megan.

Shay wipes the juices off her face. She still on her knees.

“Crawl to the table.” Ordered Megan.

Shay Crawls on her hands and knees to the table. Megan Jumps on the table. She tangles her feet in front of Shay’s face.

“Worship my feet.” Megan Demanded.

Shay begins to lick Megan’s feet.

Rachel had release Tiffany.

“You been such a good girl for me I think it time you get a little reward.” Said Rachel.

Rachel picks up the strap on and puts it on. She orders Tiffany on her back. Tiffany’s legs are once again spread. Rachel starts to fuck Tiffany. Pleasure starts to fill Tiffany’s body. Her breast have gotten horny. Rachel took notice of this and began sucking on Tiffany’s hard breast. Tiffany’s orgasm is Building. Tiffany close her eyes and pretended to be getting fucked by a handsome guy. She closes her eyes. She was in the moment. She Cums.

Shay was on the last toe. She had lick and suck both all ten toes. She also lick from heel to toe. Her eyes were locked on Megan. Megan was extremely relax. Finally shay finish. Megan got up.

“Come on. I think it’s time to prepare Escort Anadolu Yakası dinner.” Said Megan.

Megan and Shay walked up stairs. As the basement door opens Tiffany Screams out. She has just Come. Her breathing is hard. Rachel gets up to see Megan nude.

“I see you had fun.” Said Rachel.

Megan laughed as see also notice Rachel being nude as well.

“Yes and it appears you did to.” Said Megan.

Megan looked at Tiffany.

“Tiffany. You and Shay go prepare Dinner.” Ordered Megan.

“Yes. My Goddess.” Said Tiffany as she got up.

“Shay before you go, come here.” Said Rachel.

Shay over to Rachel in defeat. Her head was down. Rachel took her finger and lifted her chin to make eye contact.

“Did you learn your lesson?” Asked Rachel.

“Yes mistress, I will not disobey you again.” Said Shay.

“Good now go help Tiffany.” Said Rachel.

As shay turn to walk away Rachel pop her good time on the ass. Shay walks away. Megan laughs then jumps up to kiss Rachel again.

Rachel takes the warm embrace. She looked Megan in the eye.

“I need to get Shay’s bowls from the car but when I get back let’s continue this. ” said Rachel.

Rachel walks out of the house. Megan grabs two wine glasses and expensive bottle of red wine. Megan sits down on the couch.

Rachel returns with you shay’s food bowls. She place it on the ground next to Tiffany’s bowls. She then rejoins Megan.

The two woman began making out. While drinking the wine. They also began talking.

“Ha-ha wow I can’t believe you actually branded her. That’s evil.” Said Rachel.

“Well, I got to make sure my bitches know what they are and who they belong to. Branding them ensures this.” Said Megan.

“I don’t think I could ever brand a slave. I prefer the Collars they kept them line.” Said Rachel.

“Your collars don’t come with Shock.” Said Megan.

“No but the blackmail keeps them there.” Said Rachel.

“Oh, and you call me bad?” Joked Megan.

“Aren’t you the one keeping your Cousin as a prison here?” Joked Rachel.

Rachel rubs her hand through Megan’s hair. She passionately kisses her. She starts to feel Megan’s breast. Megan is getting noticeable hard.

“I can’t wait to take you.” Said Rachel.

Megan smiles. “I can’t wait to take you either. I almost want to right now.” Said Megan.

Suddenly Shay walks back into the living room.

“Goddess Megan and Mistress. Dinner is ready.” Said Shay.

Both woman got up and walked into the living room. A table for two were set up with a candlelight dinner. Megan and Rachel were still nude. The two woman talked while they ate.

Shay and Tiffany were in the kitchen eating from their bowls like dogs.

“How bad is Rachel?” Asked Tiffany.

“Not too bad. She makes me sleep in a dog cage and forces me to eat this way all the time but it nothing like what Megan did to me earlier.” Said Shay.

“Yeah My Goddess can be a bit cruel. I don’t always get to sleep in my dog cage. Sometimes I have to sleep standing up on the chains which is hard or sleep tied up the table. But that’s only if my behavior isn’t right.” Explained Tiffany.

“How long have you been her Bitch?” Asked Shay.

“Not long. Maybe Two weeks. I am not exactly sure as Goddess doesn’t allow me to know the day of the week. She claims it takes away my ability to think only of her.” Said Tiffany.

At that moment shay realize just how sorry Tiffany’s life is. Rachel allows her to know the day of the week. Tiffany is truly enslaved. Shay maybe Rachel’s pussy pleasing bitch but that in no way compares to Being Megan’s Slave. Shay getting a weekend of Megan. Tiffany gets a lifetime. She thinks to her self, man it’s only friday night.

After everything had been ate and all the dishes were done. Megan and Rachel went to the master bed room. They tied up shay and Tiffany and laid them with out any pillows are blankets on the ground next to the bed. They were hogtied and gagged. Rachel and Megan were in the bed Making love to each other.

“This is the best night ever.” said Rachel.

“Don’t say that. We still got Saturday and Sunday.” Said Megan.

“We are only beginning to have fun.” Said Megan.

The End

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