All the Devils are Here Pt. 01

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So here is the unofficial sequel to Spector_Dugan’s three-part, dark masterpiece “LIKE THE DEVIL WITH A DEAL”. If you haven’t read that first I suggest you do so as it will make everything in this story make a lot more sense.

As such the characters in this story are extensions of the characters created by Spector_Dugan and as such this is a completely unofficial follow-up un-endorsed by Spector_Dugan himself, so if you don’t like this story and you feel it ruins the original then it is all my fault.

Also I would like to thank Spector for his superb assistance and support in making this story possible, without his encouragement I would not have been able to finish this in the short time I have. All the active participants in this story are over 18 years of age and as they are fictional most of them know what they are getting into.

That said, let’s get into it. Enjoy.

Part 1 – “Fancy seeing you here.”


“Andrew,” Kate said. We’d come to this now. My stunningly beautiful ex-wife was now calling me by my full name. Of course there was always a chance we’d bump into each other at the same place, in this case entering a restaurant, after all, that’s life, but it had been three years since that night of debauchery with Brian and Vanessa and a full year since the split, one would think I would be over it, but I wasn’t. The fissure between us was a wound that still hadn’t closed, and seeing her looking more incredible than ever brought all of that back.

“Andy, who’s this?” asked Nikki. I looked around and remembered my own pretty girlfriend standing next to me as she nodded her head towards Kate, her light brown frizzy hair bouncing all over the place.

“Oh, sorry. Nikki, this is Kate. Kate, this is Nikki,” I replied as they gently shook hands, Nikki smiling enthusiastically and Kate smiling with slightly more reserve, as was her way. Kate was wearing a floral dress that buttoned-up the front and it was hard not to remember how good she looked with those buttons undone, her perfect cleavage showing, her dark luscious hair, her tan legs and all the way back up top, those alluring eyes, those eyes, those fuck-me eyes. The amount of times I’d seen her like that and pulled her to me with that open dress and kissed her hard. I’d move my hands to that right breast and squeeze and feel her tongue slide into my mouth while her hands would go to my belt, pulling them open to get to her prize. She’d slip them down and then turn and bend to get her treat. I’d lift her dress up and stroke that tight ass of hers and rub my cock up and down her snatch and then…

“Nice to meet you, Nikki. This is Troy,” Kate replied, destroying my daydream of fucking her against the kitchen work tops.

“I’ve heard a lot about you!” Troy said, extending his hand to reach out for mine.

“Really?” I replied, smiling nervously. I gave a sly glance to Kate who shook her head gently while brushing her hair back. Whatever secrets may have lurked between us over what happened three years ago were clearly our secrets still.

“Yeah, she speaks about you all the time, thankfully I’m not the jealous type,” Troy laughed in a friendly manner. I knew he didn’t mean anything by it but the words “Jealous type” felt like a gut-punch. Jealousy and resentment had ripped Kate and I apart. We’d tried for months to save our marriage but we kept coming back to the same arguments and bitterness over our own stupid decisions on a night that we both agreed should never have happened. We’d managed to get home in silence and Kate on the morning-after pill, she’d decided it was that or have an abortion and she didn’t want it to get to that stage. Kate risked her life to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and save our marriage and whilst she was successful with the former we weren’t with the latter. But that wasn’t the worst of it, although Kate was safe, Tara, Kate’s sister, wasn’t.

Only three weeks later she announced to everyone she was pregnant. This made any events where Tara and her other half, Jesse, attended incredibly awkward. I would be wondering if their child (Jesse Junior, cute right) was mine and Jesse would be looking at Kate and I with this smug, self-satisfied grin that spoke volumes about how much he enjoyed fucking her that night. Every time I’d see him I’d have to fight back the urge to punch him repeatedly in the face. It was fair to say that between Jessie and Tara, who duped us into swapping with them, and Brian and Vanessa, the two people who invited us to their stupid party, were the four people I blamed most for the demise of our marriage, with Kate being the last of the people I held a grudge against, even though she was as much a victim as I was.

This more than anything is what broke me up, this perfect woman that I considered myself lucky to be with, this woman that I shared so much of myself with and agreed with on most things was now gone due to the efforts of these people.

“Well, enjoy your meal,” Nikki said, smiling sweetly as she did, güvenilir bahis her features bright and cheery, her coffee-coloured skin seeming to shimmer between the warm light inside and the sundown outside.

“We will,” said Troy, and they both turned and walked away…and that was that. Kate was gone. Maybe I’d see her again before leaving, maybe not. Nikki and I had gone out to celebrate our three month anniversary but right now I really didn’t feel like celebrating anything.

“Aw, she seems really nice!” Nikki stated as we waited to be seated. Nikki was wonderful and after the split I became that walking cliche of guys in their thirties trying to date young girls in their twenties. Nikki was twenty-six and a perky, little pixie. Even now she was being a darling over my ex, but she was like that. She was always a ray of sunshine wherever we were. During our first date we’d got caught out in a surprise summer shower and as we hid under a tree, she was just standing there laughing, drenched to the skin. It seemed like the warm weather was still with me wherever I was with her, even though when Nikki and I first met, she initially rebuffed me due to a misunderstanding over what she thought I wanted.

“Any plans for me?” I asked the pretty, new receptionist. She looked at me with a pitying expression as she waved her huge head of hair.

“I have a boyfriend,” She said with a sympathetic smile. I just laughed at her and then noticed her name badge.

“Er…no, Nikki, is it? My name’s Andy. I believe you’re keeping some plans in reception that I’m meant to be collecting,” I chuckled. Nikki looked mortified at her error, placing her hands over her mouth. I couldn’t stop laughing at this point and had my head on reception in tears.

“I am so sorry, it’s my first day,” Nikki apologised as my laughter got the better of me and I was now completely lost in hysterics.

“It’s okay, and don’t worry, I’m not the kind of guy that just randomly asks women I’ve never met out on dates. It’s not my style,” I replied while she searched around reception for the plans.

“I don’t even know why I said what I did. I don’t even have a boyfriend,” Nikki replied with a shrug on her shoulders and the plans in her hands.

“That’s okay I don’t have a girlfriend either,” I stated whilst wiping the tears away. Nikki handed me the rolled-up plans with the name ANDY scrawled on the tube.

“Well…er…I guess…we could go out…if you wanted,” Nikki suggested, as she looked me up and down, checking me out with a sly grin.


And that was that. That was three months together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Nikki was great but I could never really feel fully comfortable with the age gap. It was ten years and while Nikki was okay with it, I never was.

“This way, please,” The waitress instructed in her black waistcoat and white blouse and black skirt, I tried my best to look her up and down as discreetly as possible, but clearly not well enough as Nikki’s elbow to my arm suggested.

“I saw that,” she whispered as we walked to our table, right next to…

“No way!” exclaimed Troy as Kate seemed to sink into her seat. “Wait, this is crazy. Miss, can we have a table for four, please? You don’t mind, do you, sweet?”

I have to admit when Troy asked her that with the adage “Sweet”, that was the biggest kick in the balls, so far. The pretty blonde waitress looked around and spotted a four seater booth at the front of the restaurant.

“Is over there okay?” she asked. I looked at Kate and she looked back at Troy with a pleading look on her face, that was neither approving or disapproving. Just a puzzling look that was neither here nor there, leaving Troy to make the decision. “That would be great, yeah!”

We all headed over to the booth with Troy and Nikki heading in first leaving me and Kate on the outside. We all scooted down, smiling uncomfortably, as the waitress handed out the menus for Chez Jacques.

“You guys look like a real cute couple,” Troy remarked with a crazily infectious smile that would have won me over any other day, if it didn’t belong to the man currently fucking my wife…ex-wife. “Is this just a night out or are you celebrating?”

“It’s our three month anniversary,” Nikki replied whilst nuzzling up to me. Nikki looked great tonight in her own black and white dress and cute brown suede jacket that stopped just under her breasts, as we took advantage of the good weather for early September before the colder climes crept in.

“And…er…How did you guys meet?” I asked while rubbing Nikki’s leg beneath the dress to attempt to show we were at least slightly close.

“At the gym. I’m an instructor there,” said Troy. Of course he was. Troy was around my height but filled his own clothes slightly better than me, but that was mainly because I was no slouch myself now, having used my anger and upset as motivation to get in far better shape. Where I had no chest I now had pecs with stria, Now biceps and triceps güvenilir bahis siteleri filled out my arms which were skin coloured tubes before and I now had wings where my torso was just a box before, but still, I felt I was looking across at a slightly upgraded and younger version of me as he leant over and kissed my…kissed Kate. She kissed him back and gently rubbed his arm.

“Tell you what, you guys stay here, I’ll get the drinks,” I said as I stood up.

“Oh, it’s fine the waitress will bring her over. It’s her job after all,” Troy replied.

“It’s no bother,” I shrugged, took everyone’s order and walked to the bar, wishing the floor would swallow me whole. I closed my eyes to gather my thoughts before a scent drifted in that I recognised instantly. It was strong and always reminded me of summer blooms. When someone entered the room the scent would explode like an aroma explosion with happy memories shrapnel tearing through my psyche.

“Hmmm. Issey Miyake,” I commented, eyes still closed like a younger, more handsome Hannibal Lector. “Hello, Kate.”

I turned my head to the right to see an older woman with a frog’s neck looking back at me puzzled.

“Oh my, I am so sorry,” I began, before hearing a giggle and a snort on the other side of me.

“That was funny,” Kate replied, her hand covering her mouth. As she laughed her breasts moved within her dress in that way that real boobs do. I remembered how they would look after sex with light streaming in from the window, the little bumps on her skin and around her nipples which were neither too big as to be all areole or two small to be those weird men’s nipples you saw on some boobs. They were perfect, just like her.

“I’m glad you found that funny,” I laughed. It had been such a long time since we’d shared a moment like that and it hurt that we probably wouldn’t again. “Listen, I wouldn’t have come tonight if I’d known you were here…not because I hate you or anything…you…you look…pretty.”

“Thanks,” Kate replied with a half-smile as reality crept back in. “Nikki seems nice.”

“Yeah, as does Troy. I guess we both landed on our feet, huh?” I lied. If you’ve reached the highest peak on earth every mountain after that will feel small. So it was with Kate. “Tell you what, why don’t we take the drinks back and just make the best of tonight?”

“I can do that. We’re both civilised enough for that,” Kate replied

“We’re good people,” I countered, to be met with a nod from Kate. As the words hung in the air I tried to place that feeling as I said those words. It was uncertainty.

And so began a very uncomfortable evening, sat at a table with a girl I really liked, whilst across from the woman I loved, who was also with someone else.

The meal went by okay and I could see why Kate would be with someone like Troy. He was charming and funny and in great shape and was a younger guy being in his late twenties…and that was the only niggle to Troy. I mean don’t get me wrong, Kate in her mid-thirties was gonna be the finest catch compared to many a mid-twenties bimbo, but gym instructors are surrounded by those kind of twenties dolls. It just seemed off somehow, although I couldn’t place why? Thankfully Troy didn’t pick up on it and just carried on telling his stories, and I did try listening to his tall tales but all the time I was doing so my head kept picturing him picking up Kate and ramming her against the wall, his hands cupping her breasts, his fingers gently massaging them whilst he kissed her neck, Kate moaning as they rubbed against each other through their clothes, desire burning through them as she pushed her hands under his shirt to gorge on his impressive back, pushing his shirt from his torso as he lifts her off the ground and pushes himself inside her. Kate moans in mind-blowing delight as he fills her and looks deep into those brown eyes, moving with her, their thrusts countering each other as they become one. They push their foreheads together, eyes locked as they fuck. Troy’s rock-hard cock sluicing up into Kate as she runs her nails down his back and says…

“Excuse me, I just need to go to the bathroom,” stated Kate as she got up, breaking me from my nightmare daydream. I half-watched her as she walked to the back of the restaurant to the corridor where the facilities were hidden from sight.

“Kate’s great, man. What happened to you guys?” Troy asked, still friendly but a little baffled. Clearly he was wracking his brains to work out how someone could throw something as amazing as Kate away. It was like sticking the ‘Venus-De-Milo’ in the trash because she had no arms.

“Mind you’re own fucking business, Troy!” I replied in my head before deciding to go down a different route.

“Well, I think Nikki’s amazing. I think we should both consider ourselves lucky men,” I responded, lifting up my glass waiting for the other two to join my toast.

“Aw! Thanks, babe,” said Nikki, her hand moving over my legs causing me to respond iddaa siteleri involuntarily. If this were any other night, I would have slipped my hand between her thighs below the table as I kissed her above it. Her smile was a knockout and I regularly got looked at in envy over being with someone as pretty as her, but tonight I was not feeling lucky and I needed to find an excuse to stretch my legs.

“Actually I’d better head off to the little boys room, myself,” I replied before moving out of the booth and heading to the hidden corridor. This had started as a night in which I should be guaranteed to get lucky with a knock-out gal to celebrate an anniversary and yet, like Romeo and Juliet, it seemed to be ending in tragedy, it was a night where what I wanted and what I’d got was so very diff…

“Kate!” I exclaimed as she came out of the ladies and walked right into me. As she remained standing in the same spot her eyes and mine were on the same level. God, those eyes, I’d often heard the phrase a man could drown in those eyes, but in Kate’s you could just float away.

“Kate…God, you’re amazing,” I sighed. It just slipped out as an honest exclamation. Even at the end of our marriage when we were no longer Andy and Kate I’d sometimes look over at her and she’d take my breath away. Now though she wasn’t doing that. She was looking at me with mournful eyes, as if she missed hearing that as much as I missed saying it…but then she was no longer mourning, she was determined and angry and for a moment I prepared myself for being slapped across the face, but that look of anger became something more, something I’d not seen for three years, a wild expression, a frightening momentary look that was filled with lust, a wanton gaze that scared and excited me in equal measure. She looked over my shoulder and yanked me into the disabled bathroom, locking the door behind me.

“Kate, I…” I tried to apologise but had no chance to finish as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me like we were teenagers, her fingers in my hair as I grabbed her ass and pulled it against me, kissing her neck as she slipped a hand down the front of my jeans.

“You’ve grown your hair.” Kate remarked as she deftly slipped my belt and jeans open, removing my rapidly hardening cock. My hair was bushier now, partly out of the envy for seeing how Mason fucked her. At the party a surfer dude name Mason enjoyed my wife plenty and fucked her with her on top bouncing on his cock. The third man she had ever had sex with.

“You’ve had yours cut.” I commented as I kissed her and felt her tongue slide against mine as she jerked my erection. She tasted amazing as her warm wet tongue moved around my own. I yanked her dress and pressed my fingers against her mound, sliding them down and rubbing her clit as she stared into me, her sunflower eyes seeming to be exploding from deep within.

“I’ve missed this!” she said, looking down at my strengthening girth.

“It’s missed you.” I responded. She flicked open her dress and shucked her bra down, I quickly bent my head down to suck on one of her delicious nipples, rolling it, sucking on it, gently biting it.

“Mmmmm,” Kate whimpered as my teeth teased her tit, before she shoved me back against the wall and getting on her knees and beginning to rub my rod on those incredible golden tits of hers and then after rubbing my pre-cum all over them she took me in her mouth while her hands went to work on the shaft and my balls. I lifted my head up in shock before realising I was missing the show. I looked down and watched as this woman who was so reserved for years sucked on my cock like it was the last remaining popsicle in the freezer.

She slurped on it and hungrily sucked me down, pausing only to move her mouth to my balls and sucking the left one inside her mouth, her tongue working around it like a gobstopper before doing the same to the other one. Her mouth felt so warm around me and I could see reaching beneath her dress stroking her own sex as she pleasured me.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. She looked up at me with a dark lust-filled expression that I didn’t recognise. She started gently sucking on just the head of my cock and looking at me with a mixture of girlishness and minx before gulping me down again, her head bobbing up and down, brazenly. I remembered where we were and that I might have only minutes to enjoy this and so began to pull on my cock as Kate did wonders with the end.

“Kate…UNGH…This is amazing…Oh FUCKING…Hell…Don’t stop, Honey…I’m gonna cum…oh God!…YES” I commented before releasing my load all over her breasts and in her mouth as she wrapped her lips around my cock and rolled her tongue around my sensitive end and sucked on it like a baby lamb on its mothers’s teat.

“Kate…I…That was…” I began as she stepped up and stepped back, wobbling on her heel, before straightening up. She regained herself then to being the woman I’d always known, the awkward and innocent princess, straightening her breasts, fastening up her dress, unlocking the door and leaving me there with my cock hanging out and a dumb look on my face. I’d just had a lightning-fast, completely unexpected blow-job and yet I felt deflated. Why?

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