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Chapter 236 � Another Soul To Salvage



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.




Aaron Munro � Ward of Shawn Walsh and Roberrt Berrill

Aiden Walsh-Johnston � Adopted son of Shawn Walsh and Stephen Johnston

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Bhanubhakta Gurung � AKA “BG” Gurkha on assignment to Fort Connor by the British Ministry of Defense

Billy Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Daiki � Crown Prince and Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne

Enos Worthington � Adopted son of Gloria Worthington and biological cousin of Caleb Worthington

Gloria Angelus Worthington � Biological daughter of John Worthington III

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori – Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Johann Emmanuel – Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

John Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Kichōna Mono Hashimoto � Grandson of the head of the Japanese Yakuza

Luke Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

Melech Leib � Adopted son of Uri Leib and younger brother of Michael Leib

Omoikane Kinugasa Ito � Adopted son of Tokugawa Kinugasa and Akihiko Ito

Omoikane Ryujin Hashimoto � Partner and lover of Tony Worthington

Ricardo Mendez � Six Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu Administration

Ricardo Mendez, Jr. (Junior) � Son of Colonel Ricardo Mendez

Rod Landry � Six Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu Tatical

Richard Rod Landry-Mendez � Adopted son of Ricardo Mendez and Rod Landry

Robert Berrill � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Administration)

Shawn Walsh � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Tactical)

Soshi Sato � Captain, Imperial Japanese Marines & Protector of Tokugawa Akihiko Kinugasa Ito

Stephen Johnston � 5 Star General � Medical Director of Alpha Zulu

Theodore Bradford III “Ted” – Son of the US Ambassador to the United Nations

Tokugawa Akihiko Kinugasa Ito � aka TAKI – Adopted son of Omoikane Kinugasa Ito and Ricardo Mendez Jr.

Tokugawa Yoshimune Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Worthington R&D


“Angus” (Name Classified) – (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified) – (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)

“George” (Name Classified) – (Senior head of the Worthington Brain Trust and Top Scientist in residence)

“Tod” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of George and protectee of Alpha Zulu)

“PJ” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of POTUS and protectee of Alpha Zulu)





Luke Worthington was sitting at his desk astonish at the mountain of paperwork he had to face each morning. His phone buzzed and his secretary announced an Emergency Call from the Vance Residence in West Virginia. “Put him through!”


Luke knew the Vances wouldn”t contact him unless it was an emergency. The terror in their voice affirmed to Luke this truly was an emergency. A young mountain boy was caught in a compromising situation with another boy and his family threw him out of their home with only his clothes on his back. They gave him 24 hours to get off of their mountain or they would kill him. No member of their family would be gay and live on their mountain.


No one knows where this boy currently is but the mountain is crawling with armed relatives out to kill the young man. I don”t know what you can do to help but this young man may be dead by sundown. The young `en is Caleb”s 1st cousin. Luke knew he couldn”t refuse.


Give me an hour and I”ll see what I can do to help.


Immediately asking Tokugawa to join me in my office I asked how long it would take for him to reposition our satellite over the Vance mountain in West Virginia. Advised approximately 30 minutes, Luke authorized repositioning the satellite and he wanted to know how many people were out and about and if possible if they were armed. Let me know as soon as you have the data. A life is at stake.


Advising OPS he needed an immediate conference with POTUS… Luke was fortunate POTUS was having a morning with few disasters to address. Luke was about to change priorities for POTUS as he listened to the events unfolding in West Virginia.


POTUS assured Luke Alpha Zulu would be airborne within the hour and on the mountain by noon.


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Our Generals had been having a quiet noneventful few months at Fort Connor and it was a surprise when OPS announced POTUS on an Emergency Channel for you Generals. SEND HIM THROUGH!


As POTUS gave us the highlights and the minute we heard it was Caleb”s cousin we knew we would do everything to protect this imp.


“Select your men and I”ll have them sworn in as Federal Marshalls inflight.” (More than one way to circumvent Posse Comitatus.)


Giving what details we had to our Command Sergeant Major we were asking for volunteers to help save an imp. This would be a hostile environment against civilians who were expert hunters and shooters. Alpha Zulu Actual will be landing shortly and I need two full squads of men in full combat gear ready to get airborne.


POTUS was having a hostile 1 on 1 with the Governor of West Virginia who wasn”t happy over armed soldiers invading his state. POTUS made it clear they were functioning as Federal Marshalls to prevent a “honor killing”. By the time the Governor called out the National Guard or had the State Police on the mountain the young imp would be dead. “Now, Governor, you can be part of the team and take credit for saving this young imp or by the time you fight me in court the young man will either be safe or dead.” “Take the `WIN” and no one will ever know of this conversation.”


Maintenance had two hundred parachutes loaded onto Alpha Zulu Actually immediately upon its landing at Fort Connor. Yes, the United States Army would have a massive showing of strength as it descended upon the Vance”s mountain. I hoped no hostile would be stupid enough to shoot at us as we descended because our technology would give our snipers precise locations as to where the shot was made resulting in lethal retaliation. Our men were advised during transit this was a hostile situation and if shot upon the use of lethal force was authorized.


We Generals knew enough to advise the local Sherriff of what was about to happen. He neither had the manpower or equipment to police the entire mountain and thanked us for any assistance rendered. Whatever he could do, we only need ask.


When Luke advised us over 50 armed men were “hunting” on the mountain we knew time was crucial and our interdiction demanded immediately. As we prepared to descend from Alpha Zulu Actual, Rod looked at me and we both knew it had been years since either of us had jumped into combat. We would never sit back in a command post and lead from the rear. The danger our men faced we would share.


I had to quietly admit I was glad Rod pushed me out of Alpha Zulu Actual. I knew I had to jump but my body and my brain weren”t in total agreement. That first step can be quite daunting.


It had to be a spectacle to see two hundred parachutes descend upon the mountain. From the satellite images Luke had a good idea of where the young man had taken shelter. Alpha Zulu formed a protective perimeter around the area and started a search for the young imp.


It took precious time but we found our victim cold, wet and crying in a dark cave. He was terrified when we entered thinking it was his “family” coming to kill him. He started crying profusely when we told him we were friends of Caleb and he was now under our protection.


As our coms alerted us to the presence of armed hostiles outside of the cave. I took off my flak vest and helmet putting them onto our young imp. As we prepared to exit the cave I asked our sniper if he had a clear shot to any of the hostiles. We had to smile when he advised us he could hit the testicles of any man who was hunting an innocent imp.


As much as the thought of eliminating the man or men from the Gene Pool was tempting, just take a shot and blow his firearm out of his hand. “With or without hitting his fingers?” “WITHOUT PLEASE!” As the sound of a .50 cal Sniper Rifle rang through the mountain followed by the scream of pain from a long rifle being ripped from the hands of a hostile… The squad leader boldly announced that was the only warning shot. The next shot will be to remove your testicles. “The hostiles faded back into the wilderness!”


As we exited the cave, the squad formed a protective ring around me and our young imp as we proceeded to a clearing large enough for Alpha Zulu Actual to land. (I can never thank the Worthingtons enough for giving Alpha Zulu Actual VTOL!) Luke kept us appraised as to any hostiles attempting to ambush us and at least they were smart enough to know when they were outgunned.


As we boarded Alpha Zulu Actual, I asked OPS to advise POTUS, SecDef and the Worthingtons our mission was a success and we were returning to Fort Connor. It was no surprise to see Mama Bear, Luke and John waiting for us when Alpha Zulu Actual landed at Fort Connor.


All during our flight back to Fort Connor our young imp was thanking the men for saving his life. They assured him it was their privilege to help such a special person and they hoped he would visit them at Fort Connor after he got settled into his new home and life.


The imp clutched my hand as we walked toward Mama Bear, Luke and John. Mama Bear was in tears as she opened her arms and welcomed our imp into the Worthington Family. “He is as precious to me as was Caleb.”


As I introduced Mama Bear, Luke and John our young imp told us that “Grandpa Vance” (Now departed) had told him stories about Mama Bear and the Worthingtons. I thought they beylikdüzü escort were too good of a story to be true but I now know everything he said was truthful.


Mama Bear asked so long as we were already at Fort Connor if Doc could do his thing before they returned to Washington and to a life he could never dream of being possible.


Doc was emotional as he greeted Mama Bear and our young imp as they entered Medical. “This is the reason I am part of Alpha Zulu. Give me an hour and I promise to be gentle.” (Damn, Doc was getting soft in his old age.)


Doc drew as many vials of blood as anyone had ever seen before. He was taking no chances with anyone related to Caleb. (The terrorist attack that killed the majority of Worthingtons left emotional scars on all of us at Fort Connor.)


After over an hour, Doc and our imp exited the Exam Room and Doc advised the Worthington unless something shows on his blood work you have a young healthy addition to your family.


As the Worthingtons exited Medical the aroma of our Mess wafted through the air stimulating the taste buds and appetites of our guests. Mama Bear assured their young imp they were always welcomed to have a meal with the men of Alpha Zulu.


After retreat, the Chaplain blessed the food and the hands that prepared it and thanked God for the safe return of our men and bringing such a precious young life into our Alpha Zulu family.


No more than the Chaplain saying Amen, the imps were off at a full run to be at the head of the food line. The Worthingtons and their young charge held back and went last with us Generals. This gave us time to really talk and feel comfortable this imp could assimilate into the life of a Worthington.


The one awkward question asked of us over dinner was by our new imp: “What is going to happen to my relatives?” Nothing if they don”t try to kill another imp. We hope they have learned their lesson but if not they will end up with long terms in prison. Hate crimes will not be tolerated in our country. EVER!


As our meal was finishing, our “Trilogy of Terror” came bearing gifts for our newest Worthington. “From the men of Alpha Zulu… You”ll find them mighty comfortable.” Knowing the young imp only had the clothes on his back until Mama Bear could correct the situation… it was greatly appreciated. (The only problem Mama Bear would have was our imp having a closet full of clothes he still preferred to wear his black Alpha Zulu BDUs constantly.)


It was a tearful sight as our newest imp went to Worthington Actual carried atop the Command Sergeant Major with his legs around the man”s neck. Accompanied by every off duty member of Alpha Zulu it was a tearful goodbye but it left no doubt in the imps mind he would always be welcomed back.


It was a quiet ride back to Washington in Worthington Actual and a major shock to finding an Armored Limousine to take them to his new home with the Worthingtons in the Marriott Penthouse. Mama Bear was excited to have a new imp in her life considering all the “free” time she had stepping down from running the “Worthington World”. She knew she had to be careful not to spoil their young imp, but then there are some perks to being a rich “grandmother”.


Allowing our young imp to sleep in after all the excitement from the previous few days… the smell of food definitely motivated the young `n to emerge from his bedroom to face a new day. Mama Bear advised him he needed to take a shower and clean up because our friendly tailor would be here shortly to fit him for his new clothes. As our imp emerged in his black BDUs Mama Bear knew they were the only decent clothes he owned.


Our Friendly Tailor was warmly greeted by Mama Bear and introduced to our new imp who was a cousin of Caleb. Just the mention of Caleb”s name had our Friendly Tailor tearing. As Mama Bear excused herself, she knew her precious imp wasn”t wearing anything under his BDU”s.


As our Friendly Tailor took all the basic measurements, he asked our young imp to drop his BDU”s so he could get precise measurements… our Friendly Tailor was in shock to see the reincarnation of Caleb in all his naked glory before him. He quickly completed his measurements and thanked Mama Bear for her business. He”d have the order ready for a final fitting in a few days.


Handing Mama Bear the details as to sizing, he knew her Personal Shopper would be following up buying the basic necessities for the young imp. By the end of the day our imp would have more clothes than he knew existed.


Mama Bear warned her new imp not to plan anything for Saturday night. There was a big surprise for him.


The rest of the week our imp was begging Mama Bear to tell him what surprise awaited him on Saturday. Mama Bear held firm and he had to wait and see.


Saturday late afternoon, Mama Bear told our young imp to clean up good and put on his suit and tie. He was so embarrassed when he exited his bedroom as he had no idea of how to wear a tie. Just on que, “Uncle Luke” walked into rescue the moment. A quick course on how to tie a “Windsor Knot” had our imp looking mighty fine for his date with destiny.


As Mama Bear was dressed in her diamonds blazing in all their glory… Luke told everyone, “Uncle John” was in the Limo so we best hurry or he”ll leave without us.


As security escorted them across town our imp was terrified when they pulled into the drive of a building that could bilecik escort only be the “White House”. POTUS and his partner met their guest at the private entrance and said the Generals were running a little late. Time for a private tour of the White House. POTUS”s partner offered Mama Bear, Luke and John the comfort of their private residence and some fine 100 year old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey which he knew wouldn”t be refused.


Our little imp was astonished at the beauty of the White House and having the President as his tour guide. At the conclusion of the tour POTUS slipped the little guy a Presidential Coin and told him to only use it in an emergency. It would open many doors to help you if needed.


As they enjoyed a wonderful meal, POTUS asked if everyone would join him in the Oval Office. It was time for our imp to pose with POTUS for a Presidential Photo Op. The imp would receive a framed copy at the Worthington Penthouse early the next week. As the evening drew to a close, POTUS commented we had some legal “stuff” to discuss and your input as an imp is important.


POTUS had to remind our imp how his biological parents threw him out of their family and then hunted him down trying to kill him. The Worthingtons want you to be part of their family but only if you agree. As our imp ran to Mama Bear and hung around her neck he promised to be the best son ever. Mama Bear was in tears as she threatened anyone who tried to take this precious imp from her. “He will be an adult by the time my attorney”s drag any attempt through the courts!”


Luke and John knew they now had a brother in their lives and they were happy to welcome him into the family. The Generals only smiled wondering how their “Trilogy of Terror” would do as a four sum.


As the room returned to a resemblance of normalcy… POTUS handed Mama Bear an envelope containing a revised birth certificate for Enos Worthington and a Military ID Security Pass. POTUS quipped not to try using it to get into our Nuclear Command and Control sites.


Even Mama Bear was shocked with the birth certificate and security pass. POTUS only commented much is possible when you have the Secretary of Defense, the Attorney General and the Chief Justice of the United States on speed dial.


We Generals assured Enos that little card will let you visit Fort Connor anytime you want provided Mama Bear approves and your schoolwork is done.


A happy little imp named Enos slept securely in the arms of Mama Bear as they returned to the Marriott Penthouse. This was the start of a life he never would have believe possible.


As the smell of delicious food wafted through the Marriott Penthouse, Enos quickly showered and cleaned up before he joined the family for brunch. Mama Bear suggested eating a light brunch as we have guests coming for dinner.


Precisely at 1900 hours security advised the “nerds” had arrived. Mama Bear warmly greeted Tokugawa, Akihiko, Omoikane and Junior to her home. Asking how Taki was coping with grad school, the family smiled saying Taki was getting great grades even on the days he could barely get out of bed and walk. The entire room erupted in laughter and poor Enos had no idea of what was funny.


As Omoikane did the honors and presented Enos with two wrapped packages, the little imp tore open the beautiful wrapping to find the customary high speed laptop and laptop backpack… a gift from the “nerds” to a new “Nerd in Training”.


Enos knew enough to thank everyone for the gifts. Mama Bear assured him he”d be using them a lot with his schoolwork. You start testing for classes in the morning so get a good night of sleep. Mama Bear wasn”t concerned that Enos current abilities tested below his age level. Formal education wasn”t a priority in the mountains. Looking at the IQ and aptitude tests given to Enos, he tested well above that of his adopted brothers Luke and John. The Worthingtons had a new addition to their Brain Trust and it was from only wanting the best future for a precious imp.


Mama Bear knew something was up when a shy quiet Enos joined the family at the dinner table. Finally, Mama Bear broke the quiet and asked her newest son what he wanted. She had raised two sons and she knew when something was going on.


An embarrassed Enos shyly asked if his imp friend from Alpha Zulu could join him in the Penthouse over Spring Break. “How many are we talking about?” Mama Bear was shocked when Enos only told her only THREE.


“Of course, and invite the Generals to join them for a vacation also. They deserve a little pampering also.”


Enos finished his meal, asked to be excused and rushed off to invite his three friends. After his elated friends accepted on the condition the Generals approved. Enos only smiled and commented Mama Bear has invited them to join you. (Some unflattering comments were made about “some vacation” having the Generals around.)


When Enos extended the invitation from Mama Bear to the Generals they knew refusal wasn”t an option. They were happy to accept the invitation even if the “trilogy of terror” would prefer a vacation without them and unchaperoned (The feelings were mutual).


As the week of vacation concluded the three imps ganged up on Mama Bear to let Enos return with them to Fort Connor. Mama Bear apologized saying it was impossible. Enos was going with her on an around the world junket for Worthington Industries. He will meet many people of influence that will help him the rest of his life.


Mama Bear assured the imps she would revisit the request when they returned from their trip. Right now, Enos doesn”t know about the trip so: “Mums the word! OR ELSE!!!”







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