Al’s Sexual Desires Broaden

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This is the second story in this series. My first was titled Awakening Desire. This was under a different auther name. Destroyer_gt69. If you care to read it first for background. Thank you .


Shari is my twin and is a knockout by any standard. She weighs about 130 lbs. and like me is tall, and blond. I stand 6′ 1″ 190 lbs. Shari and I are very close and share strong emotional bonds as do most twins.

Shari’s friend, Cassy, was spending the night. They’ve been friends since grade school and they had sleepovers at each other’s houses several times a year while growing up. I had gotten kind of used to seeing Cassy around so I hadn’t really noticed how she had filled out in all the right places. Maybe it was because I hadn’t been out with a girl in awhile and was horny that I noticed it this time. Whatever the reason was when she first walked in the door I couldn’t help but notice that she was looking very nice.

At eighteen Shari’s friend was a very sexy looking girl and I wondered how I had missed that fact for the last two years. She had long dark hair, nice hazel eyes, and nice breasts for a slender girl. She stood about 5′ 8″ tall with long legs, nice hips, and a great ass. I just sort of stood there staring as they walked by me with that knowing little smile. My mouth just hung open as my cock started to twitch. That was probably what they were smiling about. Cassy was as tall as my twin sister, Shari but with a lighter build. Shari’s breasts were a little larger and her hips were a little more full.

I don’t date a lot because my other activities keep me pretty busy. When I do get a chance to take a girl out I try to stay away and not date any of Shari’s friends. Since we have gotten so close after that unforgettable weekend we had together it avoids any problems between us. I’ve noticed however that when I do take girls out, or Shari notices that I’m getting serious about any girl, she gets very critical of them in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. I guess this is natural though, because I constantly check out any guy she happens to date, and if I decide he’s not good enough for her, I let her know. She used to have dates come to the house to pick her up for a date but she’s started meeting them at the place they were going for the evening. She saw that I was giving them the third degree and a threatening warning on how they’d better conduct themselves, and then dad would take over and run them through the mill again.

Needless to say this didn’t set well with either dad or I, but with her being 18 now there wasn’t a lot we could do about it. Which brings us to our present situation. I know I mentioned earlier that I tried to avoid dating or getting involved with any of Shari’s girlfriends, let alone have sex with one. Cassy though was looking pretty good to me and I was thinking how I’d like to get next to some of that. We were having a barbecue dinner outside so the girls went up to Shari’s room to change. When they came down I right away started checking Cassy out. She was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a halter-top. You could see her nipples pushing against the fabric. She was definitely giving me a hard on so needless to say my decision to stay away from Shari’s girlfriends was momentarily forgotten. I even noticed dad checking out the merchandise when he thought mom wasn’t looking.

After dinner we all decided to go swimming and I almost shot my load when I saw the girls come out of the house in their skimpy swimsuits. Talk about a bulge; guys you haven’t lived till you’ve seen what a girls rounded pussy lips do to the front of the thin material of a thin swimsuit.

Both babes had long shapely legs and firm round asses. I had to force myself to keep from going over and clamping my lips on both of them. Dad started choking on his drink, and the look mom gave him gave the impression she’d like to help it. I think dad’s reaction and the drinks she had made mom a little more daring. I heard her say softly to herself, “He wants sexy. I’ll show him sexy.” She abruptly got up and headed for the house. When she came back out she was wearing the skimpiest white suit I’d ever seen.

You could see that she’d shaved her pubic hair because the patch of cloth just barely covered her bulging crack; I could see how the cloth sank into the crack of her rounded pussy lips. She turned slowly letting everyone check out her assets. The patch was held snugly to that luscious looking pussy by thin strings running up inside the crack of her very Gaziantep Escort firm ass cheeks. She had the same size patches of cloth barely covering her full breasts. Her large hard nipples pushing out made small tents on her suit. Mother or not she was so hot looking my cock got rock hard. I hurriedly covered it up before it was noticed by anyone, especially mom.

We all had a lot of fun playing around in the pool until it started getting late and was getting too cool to swim, We decided to call it a night, got out of the pool, and headed for the house. Whatever the girls suits showed before was doubled now that they were wet. The wet material clung to every bump and curve that it covered plus the cool air made their nipples stand out hard. I watched mom as she climbed out, and headed for the house. I watched her as she walked toward the house, hips swaying in an exaggerated walk. Boy! She is one sexy looking woman. Large breasts and a firm ass, her cheek muscles moved as she walked. The light colored material was totally transparent now that it was wet. That small indentation I mentioned earlier now sank deeply into her pussy slit. The aureoles and hard nipples showed dark and large. I think she was letting dad know that the girls weren’t the only sexy looking women here tonight.

Mom herded dad up to their bedroom, as soon as they got into the house. Dad, trying vainly to hide the large bulge in his wet suit, left the three of us alone sitting around in the family room and listening to some music. The girls went up to change and returned in shorts and tops that barely reached their belly buttons, and no bras; boy, were they looking good. Shari was really looking sexy.

Both girls sat with their long legs were pulled up giving me a perfect view of the rounded outline of their pussies with the seam of their shorts running up the middle, pushing into the slits and puffing out the rounded part of their pussies. That, along with the sight of their nipples pushing against their tops, was giving me a hard on that was getting difficult to hide in my tight shorts. I’m sure Cassy noticed my discomfort because she whispered something to Shari, and smiled.

After awhile they said that they were tired and were going to bed. I waited awhile, then I went on up too. Hoping to listen to what they were talking about, I quietly walked up to the door of their room and listened. Cassy was telling sis that she thought I was sexy looking; just sitting there looking at the bulge in my shorts and imagining what my cock looked like, all big and fat, and hard as a pole, made her pussy itch. Hearing that, I gently cracked the door to see what was going to happen next. The bedside lamp gave off just enough light to see what was going on in the room, while leaving me in the shadows.

Cassy had pulled her shorts off and was starting to finger herself. Startled, Shari asked her what she thought she was doing. She calmly explained that she was playing with herself to get rid of the itch. Shari acted all put out by it, and was telling her to stop, till Cassy told her that she would probably do the same thing if she were here alone thinking about how my cock looked, all hard and slick. Shari, of course, got a little red faced and denied it.

Cassy then reached over and started rubbing Shari. At first my sister tried to stop her; then I could see her legs open a little and she quit pushing Cassy’s hand away as she let out a soft moan. After awhile she lifted her hips and slid her shorts off too and really got into it. My cock was straining so I pulled it out and started to slowly stroke it while I watched the girls sliding their fingers up and down their slits and around their clits. Yeah, Shari had joined in.

I watched both girls moving on the bed in complete ecstasy. Their fingers were deep inside their wet pussies, their heads thrown back, eyes closed, as first one then the other came to a climax. I slowly shut the door and sneaked on to my room to finish my now aching hard-on while I visualized my sister and her friend writhing around, wet with the sweat of their passion. After I finally came I fell asleep thinking of how I’d love to get in between the long naked thighs of those two girls. I suddenly realized that I wasn’t even concerned that one of them was my sister and that it would be in the same room with Cassy; it only seemed to excite me more.

I woke up to the sound of my parents leaving for their weekend shopping. I lay there for awhile thinking Gaziantep Escort Bayan about last night. I then decided to get up and go take a pee and a shower. I walked into the bathroom, and had just started to go when a loud shriek came from behind me. I turned around not thinking, forgetting I was naked. I saw Cassy looking at me from behind the shower door.

“What are you doing in here when I’m taking a shower?”

I told her I didn’t know that she was in here, and I had to pee. She looked at me, all of me, as I stood there with my hand wrapped around my dick. When her eyes finally got back up to my face, she said, “Well please hurry up and then leave.”

She then slid the door shut, and turned the water on. I stood there and watched her silhouette through the glass, thinking about last night, seeing her wet with sweat, as she brought herself to a climax. My cock started getting hard again, and I thought to hell with it, slid the door open and stepped in. Her eyes got real big, and she started to let out a loud protest as they slowly traveled down my body again, stopping at my now very hard member. This was all happening, while she shyly tried to cover herself up. I stepped closer, my cock just touching her. Her eyes dropped down to where the head pushed against her belly button. She uttered a low moan as she closed her eyes.

Taking the soapy wash rag from her, I started to wash her. I started at her shoulders and worked my way downward. She just stood there, sort of stunned, not saying anything, or moving. I reached her hands covering her breasts and paused. She lowered her eyes, looking at what I was doing; slowly she moved her hands down, baring her pert breasts to my hungry eyes.

Her gaze continued downward, once more, until they came to my hardened joint pointing up at her. I heard her suck her breath in at the sight of my large cock with its single eye seeping its clear slickness so close to her lower stomach. Her eyes came back up with a frightened but hungry look. I cupped her breasts and caressed the nipples till they stood out hard. She closed her eyes and gave a little moan. Her hand slowly moved as if it had a mind of it’s own until it wrapped itself around my hardness and started a slow movement up and down.

I moved my hand slowly down her body, teasing her with the slowness till she hissed out at me to do it now in a husky urgent tone. She pushed her hips forward and forced my hand downward. I slid my hand between her legs, and cupped her mound. I slid my finger into her and she let out a long, “yeesss,” as she started moving on my hand. She kept squeezing and working my cock. She grabbed me by the shoulder, and pulled me toward her and hissed between her teeth, “Take me!”

Cassy pulled me toward her in a desperate urgency to feel my hardness deep inside her. She spread her legs, putting one on the edge of the tub to allow me easier access. I slowly slid into her till I hit her barrier. I slowly pushed against it till she cried out, “take me now,” as she pushed down on me. I felt the head of my hard shaft break through as I slid the full length of the ridged hardness into her. The tight warmth of her pussy walls almost brought me to a climax.

She started to move as the pain subsided and her passion took over. Her movements became more frantic as her passion rose She rode out her climax eyes closed tight, head back, and her nails digging into my shoulders. She collapsed against me as her passion ebbed and her shudders subsided. I pulled out, and was caressing her softly when the bathroom door opened.

Shari stuck her head in and asked if it was Cassy in here and could she hurry it up so she could take her shower. Cassy looked at me and gave a sneaky little smile and while I stood there with my mouth open, shaking my head no, told Shari that she could join her now if she wanted to. Shari hesitated a moment, then said, “Oh hell, why not?”

She saw me as soon as she stepped in. Her face turned a shade of red and her hands flew to her breasts in a protective manner. This didn’t help at all with her tiny hands and nice sized breasts. Seeing my sister like this in all her naked splendor brought back some delightful memories. The sight of her really made my dick get hard.

She stared at it for a moment, gave a little yelp, and asked crossly, “Al; what are you doing in here?”

She turned and started to get out of the tub. Cassy reached out and took her arm stopping her. She smiled and asked, Escort Gaziantep “Why leave now? You’ve seen all there is to see of each other and I’m sure it isn’t the first time you two have been naked together.” Shari gave her a look and started to pull away, then gave a resigned sigh, and turned back around. This time she didn’t bother to cover herself. She asked what was going on, and Cassy told her, “we were just washing each other.”

Shari looked down at my hard-on pointing straight at her and said, “Yeah, I’ll bet that’s what you were doing.” I caught a slight upturn at the corners of her luscious lips.

Innocently, I said, “Sure, what else would we be doing?”

She just rolled her eyes and said, “Gee I can’t imagine.”

I stepped forward at the same moment, and started to gently soap her breasts. I thought Cassy had nice breasts, but Shari’s beat her hands down, so to speak.

She had large round firm breasts with large dark aureoles and hard fat nipples. She flinched when I first cupped them but as I gently caressed them, tweaking her nipples; her eyes closed and she moaned. I slid one hand down lower to her tummy, stroking it, then slowly down each leg, avoiding her waiting pussy. I started up the inside and she spread her legs. Her eyes were still tightly closed and her head was back against the wall.

I continued slowly up the inside of her thighs till the top of my hand brushed her outer lips. Then I slid on by; my fingertips were just grazing the softness of her mound. A soft whimper escaped as she pushed her hips forward. She went for my hand but I kept it just out of her reach.

With a cry of frustration, Shari reached out and grabbed the back of my head, pulling my face into her waiting pussy. I could taste her oil that was already flowing. I slid my tongue up her slit, making her jump and moan as she pushed it harder into my mouth as she lifted a leg to give me better access. I closed my lips tightly around her distended clit, swelling the head as I flicked it rapidly with my tongue. She cried out and shuddered, then pulled my head hard against her, and cried out, “Suck it, damn you!” I stuck my tongue deep into her hole and started sucking hard while I ran my tongue around the inside walls. She started to tremble as I lifted my head and stood up.

I guided my now raging cock toward that luscious hole. I slowly pushed it past her swollen lips, and was carefully guiding it in. Through clenched teeth she said, “Take me now!”

She then lifted her feet off the floor letting her weight force my cock to slide into the back of her hot channel causing her to cry out from her climax. She rested her head on my shoulder, holding me while her trembling subsided and her passion returned. She started moving slowly, letting the feeling build this time. She lowered her feet to the floor and started moving faster her head thrown back, mouth open.

The itch in my bloated cock was starting to take over. Shari matched my tempo as I started to pound into her. Digging her nails into my shoulders her head tucked into my neck she gasped out, “Yes Al, fuck me harder!”

I could feel my cock straining now. The itch inside it was almost unbearable; I had to have release. I slammed into her as I exploded, My sperm pushing through and shooting deep inside her hungry pussy. Shari cried out, her muscles tightening around my spewing cock, as her second climax consumed her she clamped her teeth down on my shoulder. Her nails raked my back as shudder after shudder wracked through her body.

Slowly as our passions subsided, I slipped from her tender pussy. I held her to me as we rested, our breathing returning to normal. I took a warm soapy wash cloth and gently washed the remains of our love making from her tender pussy and legs. We kissed tenderly and stepped from the shower.

After drying each other Cassy and Shari went into their room while I went on to mine. Two nights later my need for Shari was overwhelming. We had talked about it that weekend and agreed that what we felt for each had been there since our first time together. We loved each other and would continue to share that love. I crept down the hall past my parents’ room. On impulse I stopped and peeked into their room. My mother was lying there bathed in the moonlight. Her thin nightgown was hiked up almost to her crotch. I saw where Shari got her beautiful legs and breasts.

The sight of my mom sleeping there, her legs parted and her large nipples hardened by the night air was making my dick jump and start to harden. I gave it a couple of strokes, and reluctantly closed the door and continued on down the hall thinking how very sexy my mom was, but then that’s another story. For now though my hard swollen cock was being saved for the wet warmth of my twin’s waiting pussy.

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