Always Seeking Better Ch. 03

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Female Ejaculation

I was woken by the doorbell and then people talking.

It took a few minutes to fully awaken and realise where I was. After the meal and the wine last night combined with all the events of the day I must have gone to sleep almost immediately on reaching bed. Dave had obviously not insisted on more services for my lodging — unless I was too asleep to notice! I wonder why? Is he tiring of me already? Surely I’m not that easy to be bored with so quick? I felt the other side of the bed which was cold. Dave must have been up a while and what time is it anyway? Finding my phone after some searching it registered gone 9 in the morning. Just as well it’s Saturday.

I heard Dave speaking.

“Wow, looking as beautiful as ever, lover. Come on in. Is your friend in the car coming in too?”

Lover? I could not make out the reply, the other voice was softer.

Dave again, “I’ve just made coffee, why don’t we go in the kitchen?”

I put the robe on quickly and went to the top of the stairs. As they moved into the kitchen I heard Dave speak.

“I’ve often thought it’d be good for us to meet again. I still think about you a lot. Yet, much as my ego and I would like to think that you’re here because you missing me was so overpowering you were forced to come we know that’s not the case. Still like your coffee pure and strong m’love?”

I strained to make out the soft voice replying but the almost certainty as to who it was had come visiting caused hairs to rise on my arms and a tightness in my breathing. I heard her finish a sentence with “… fucking her?”

Missing the beginning of Dave’s reply and hearing the end only, speaking in his usual calm way, “about 36 hours, give or take.”

Then he continued, “I have heard an interesting story from Eve. It leaves many questions. The first thing we should decide is whether I ask Eve to come down now or us two old lovers talk first?”

There was a reply I did not hear then Dave saying something ending with, “..wished it had ended different. I’ll fetch her then.”

The problem with trying to run was that I was naked. I ran back to the bedroom and had just got panties on and was fastening my bra when Dave came in the room. He walked over and took my hands lightly in his.

“Don’t freak out. Christine is downstairs. If they wanted you harmed or kidnapped the door would have been broken down and you’d be in the boot of a car. No, I did not ask her round if that’s what you’re thinking. She’s alone and I don’t know precisely what she wants. Come on down. Don’t lie whatever you do. Answer any questions. Christine does not like crying and isn’t the sentimental type so just keep it factual.”

He took a step back but stayed in the room.

“Scared I’ll do a runner?” I asked.

Dave said quietly and seriously,”Yes, a little. You know that if you did it’d be really bad for you but I also know that often people don’t think straight when scared. I know they have one guy out the front and he may well have a partner. “

I put the rest of my clothes on looked at myself in the mirror. What a mess! I brushed my hair. Went into the bathroom and washed my face doing my best to get rid of yesterday’s makeup. I looked at the enigmatic Dave as he took my hand,

“Tell the truth however good or bad it is. Your life may depend on it.”

I nearly peed myself again and my guts wrenched.

He walked down the stairs behind me and led me into the kitchen where Christine was standing with a coffee in her hands.


I poured Eve a coffee. I could see her hands shaking as she picked up the coffee.

“Let’s go next door.”

I led the way through and we all sat down. Christine taking the sofa, Eve in one chair and me in the other.

There was a pause that Christine broke turning to me,

“Imagine my surprise when we were checking out Eve and your name came up as owning the apartment. Then, Eve goes and loses a very valuable items of ours and here she is, in your bed. I mean, what is a girl to think?”

“My love, if you were certain I’d ripped off the Enty I’d have knife in my gut right now and the hand twisting it would be yours. If you even thought it probable the door would be on the carpet and I’d be in the back of a car to be strung up in some warehouse for questioning. The fact you’re here alone means you’re here to listen – for now at least. I’d also wager that you’ve had this house watched for a while. You knew Eve was here and you must have been fairly certain no one other than us two were. “

“Don’t stop now, lover, I want to hear the rest of your analysis.” Christine said quietly her eyes flitting between the two of us.

“Eve told me about your visit yesterday. I know good help is hard to find but you going on a collection call is not normal. So that left me with three alternatives. One, that Eve was lying. Two, that you, my love, were playing a game of your own and Eve was the fall guy, in your plan. Three, that some other group is trying Kayseri Escort a move, and you want to know more about it – maybe assess whether Eve is truly the innocent or not. Before you berate me for my lack of faith in even considering option 2 let me say that I always thought it a low probability. The fact you’re here now places that probability even lower.”

Christine’s grey eyes flashed her arctic icey stare at me. It was as unsettling as ever.

“Dave, whatever our past, if you suggest option 2 in front of anyone else I’ll use that knife.”

“Your highness Christine, you and I always spoke it as it is. You may be Crown Princess of the South Side but I’m not much use if we stop saying it as it is.”

“Dave, is Eve such a good fuck, that after fucking her for the first time just the other day, you’re getting yourself involved in all the stuff you walked away from, including me? Swearing you’d never come back.”

Ouch! That was a question that needed careful answering if I wanted to live to an old age. I opted again for truth, or at least part truth.

“I came so close to giving the girl serious hurt just yesterday. Even now I don’t claim to know Eve, or even whether I like her. I gave her a bed, and yes a fuck, last night, but made no promises about today. I’m not getting involved again and anyway I’m sure Eamon would not have me. You, my love, make my heart beat faster like always, but I could not continue that life that way. However there’s always an opening in my property company and then we could raise little brats together anytime you wish.”

Christine gave a genuine and warm smile. ‘Right answer’, I thought.

I paused for breath then continued,

“I suppose one more thing. If I want anything from you and Eamon then it’s justice for Eve. If she’s working for some other party to screw the Enty then do your worst with her. If, she is the innocent party then let everyone know that. Don’t leave her walking around with a target on her back.”

At this point Eve broke in, “I’m here — in the room — you’ve been talking about what I am, and am not as if I weren’t here or dead! Has anyone considered that if I’m telling the truth, that means someone within your ‘Enterprise’ told whoever where to find me and what I was carrying?”

“Yes!” Christine and I said simultaneously.

Christine turned to look at Eve closely and said ominously quietly, “I know exactly who knew the details within. You need to tell me honestly who you told, innocently or not. “

Eve spoke forcibly, “I’ve already told Paddy and you. I told no one. I communicated with no one. “

Christine had been staring at Eve when she spoke and continued to stare after until Eve had to break off her challenge staring and glance to the floor. Then Christine spoke,

“Eve my darling. Until I finish my enquiries it is better if you stay here or your flat and don’t stray anywhere else. If you need anything I’m sure you’ll find a way to persuade Davey boy here to go and fetch. He’s quite easy to train really.”

“Still on the same mobile, lover?”, I asked.

“And if I am?”

“Oh, I don’t know, I might want to send you photos of my prick to get you hot and bothered so you will rush round to re-establish old times.”

“Don’t you think three in a bed might be a bit of a crowd?”

“Two women in my bed is always my favourite dream.”

“Keep on dreaming. Does this mean my sentimental sweetheart you kept my number all this time?”

“How could I ever remove my all time number one lover’s number from my favourites list?”

Christine stood and bid us goodbye saying she’s be in touch. I walked her to the door. In the hallway she turned put one hand behind my head and pulled me in for a quick light kiss.

“Be very careful David. If Eve is enemy and you are seen as her friend then even I might not be able to help. You’ve done well here. I don’t like wearing black or funerals.”

Christine opened the door and left. I went back to the sitting room.

Eve looked at me and said, “There was no rich uncle was there?”

“No.” I did not feel like saying more and there was silence for a while. I looked at Eve and felt a stirring in my balls and my prick tingling. I could see the outline of her nipples projecting.

Eve said, “I know that look, you want to fuck me now.”

“I want to fuck you silly right now for the same reason you are wetting your panties, your nipples are tingling and you want to fuck me. Fear, adrenalin, knowing you have survived to fight another day makes you want to fuck. Be careful Eve, it’s as addictive as any drug on the market and can mess with knowing what’s real.”

I stood, she stood, we moved together. I moved my hand under her short skirt and up to rub her cunt lips through her damp panties. I brought my hand away and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the ground. I stepped back slightly then spoke, “Get that blouse and bra off.”

Meanwhile I undid my trousers and yanked down my briefs Kayseri Escort Bayan then squeezed my rapidly hardening cock.

Eve disposed of her blouse, undid the bra then moved her hands over her breasts as she let the bra drop so I could not see them. She squeezed and rubbed her tits still keeping them hidden. Next Eve widened her fingers so her nipples appeared between her second and third fingers using her fingers to squeeze the nipples from the sides. Still doing this she took a step forward bumping into me firmly. With my trousers round my ankles I overbalanced backwards and into the chair.

Eve went round the back of the chair and kissed my head. Then came round the side on her knees so I could only see her from shoulders up and reached to wank my prick. She rose up slowly pressing against the arm of the chair at first so when her breasts came free above the arm they popped forward small nipples rock hard. Eve lent forward and kissed me hard immediately sticking her tongue deep in my mouth. Her hands grabbed my prick harder. pulling my foreskin right back then moving her hand up almost pulling the skin away at the root of my prick and repeating this action.

Eve moved again so as to kneel one leg on each of the arms which as she leaned in put her breasts at exactly the right place for my mouth to feed on. I sucked more greedily than any baby not fed for a week on their mother’s breast.

Eve had her cunt positioned so as to just graze my hard-as-a-rock prick. I bucked up to get inside and she pushed my hips down with surprising force. Breaking off the kiss to say, “Patience big boy, it’ll be worth it.”

I thought of forcing her all the way down on my prick, that would be satisfying. Who was in charge here? I was aching for that good fucking. Then I remembered our fuck in the shower . Eve had taken control and that was one fantastic fuck. So, I ceased resisting and let Eve be in charge for the moment. Even so I nipped a little harder on her lovely white tits to communicate my impatience. They’d be a mark spoiling the white skin, but right then I didn’t care. Eve was not to be rushed though, moving her cunt around so only the very tip of my prick was barely penetrating.

After an age she moved my mouth away from her abused tits then moved her legs onto the seat of the chair outside of mine and kissed me hard again. In one smooth action she moved her cunt down, leaning back slightly, I watched as she took in the full engorged length of my prick so that it disappeared entirely in her wet cunt. I felt Eve shiver and her cunt tightened on me. Was it a small orgasm? Maybe just a signal for us both of what we anticipated.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered, “Slow now.”

I was slightly miffed that Eve thought she needed to give me instructions, I was no virgin, I did not know even know how many women I’d had . Next time, I’d show her how to fuck, I’d lead throughout! These thoughts were soon displaced by the rising pleasure from the current fuck. Eve was now sitting straight up, her arms keeping me back in the chair and her movements gaining pace. We moved to the final act with her bending back to get that angle where I could feel all of her cunt rubbing those sensitive nerves on my prick. Eve was making little twists, corkscrews then pushing down hard on to my legs pushing me as far in as I could go.

The final push sent us both into orgasm. Eve looked down at me a big silly smile on her face. I pushed her hair back over her shoulders so I could see all of this wondrous body.

Then the moment was over, Eve jumped off and brought us tissues to clean up.


Every time I thought that I started to understand Dave, something happened to prove me totally wrong. When he first told me about being in a gang I thought he meant knocking off a few things, stealing cars maybe trading in some illicit substances. If you were some bit player you didn’t get to fuck the boss’s niece not just once but lots. You didn’t get to talk to her like that either. Despite all the so-clever word play she and he had some deep connection. Chiefly what the hell did that mean for me?

I thought I’d try for light-hearted to find out more.

“So, Davey boy, fucking Princess Christine of the South Side?”

He jerked when I said that,

“Eve.” He said sharply, then took a breath before continuing in his usual soft voice.

“Understand this above all else, Christine didn’t get to where she is by being a nice girl. When we were young the fact she was Eamon’s niece didn’t make it easier, but instead a lot harder for her. Christine had to be smarter and tougher because of it. If it suits Christine she would arrange for the demise of one or both of us. Don’t let our chatter make you think anything else. I told Eamon and Christine why I couldn’t stay in the Enterprise. Yet whilst I did not exactly spurn Christine I was still in a way walking out on her. Not many do that and live.”

Some time later I mentioned Escort Kayseri that I had no clothes and would have to get some. I was relieved when Dave offered to drive me, and for me to pack a suitcase and then for us to return here.

Whilst in the car Dave asked suddenly, “I suppose Janey knew about the gig?”

“When I said I told no one I meant it. It’s true I did tell her the day, but I didn’t know any more than that the last time I saw her so I could not have told her any more, anyway. Another thing, I’ve known her years. “

We had just arrived at my place as I finished the reply. So we went in. I made coffee then set about packing a suit case and emptying the fridge.

I had put my phone down on the counter whilst I was packing and heard it ringing. I went through and answered it ,

“Which accident was that? I have so many. In fact my life’s one big accident. So big in fact that no make believe lawyers are likely to get me compensation or be able to sort it. Got it? Now fuck off, Sweetie, and don’t ring again.”

“Bloody spammers. Should be illegal.” I said to Dave.

When I returned a couple of minutes laters, Dave had my phone in his hand and was busy studying something. I went to snatch it back. He may be fucking me but that was my private stuff! He moved his hand so I missed my grab.

“Hold on Eve. Answer a question can you please? Have you set up shared locations with family members?”

“My sister in Newcastle has this address. Not that she writes. Is that what you mean?”

“Eve, don’t fuck with me. The stakes are too high. I’m talking ’bout the bloody phone here in my hand. “

“I’m not fucking with you. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’t know anything about the phone other than everyone seemed to think iPhones were the best so I got one. Why does it matter anyway?”

“One last question. Do you remember who you were with the last time you lent someone your phone or went somewhere and left the phone out on the counter or a table like you did just now?”

“Janey.” I whispered and collapsed in a chair.

Dave looked at me a long time before speaking. “Apple in their wisdom allow ‘family sharing’. Families can share lots of things including their location. That’s how your phone is set up. There is a number entered as a family member and they can see the location you’re at.”

“You mean Apple let’s anyone track where I am?”

“No. You have to agree or someone has to have your password to set it up.”

I thought I had a clever little password and had told several people what it was because they were friends.

Dave told me he was keeping my phone and that he could lend me a spare when we got back. He carefully powered it off.

We didn’t say a lot on the way back to his. Whatever else, there were times Dave could be considerate and he made a salad for lunch. After the late lunch he asked if I wanted to watch a film and insisted I choose. He watched it a while and then after studying his phone said he had some apartment issues that were urgent to sort and had to make some calls.


After we got back and Eve was watching a film I called Christine and asked if we could meet as I had an update for her and would prefer to talk face to face. Her reply disturbed me major — she named a pub near Barking for meeting. This was a significant trip north and east across London for both of us. Adding to my concern she said on no account to tell Eve we were meeting or indicate I was going out to do with Eve’s problem. Continuing she asked if I had forgotten old skills and to ensure carefully I was not followed. I said I’d see her there in and hour or so.

Recalling what I had told Eve earlier about how dangerous Christine could be, I asked myself briefly, surely she wouldn’t take me out, would she? I hadn’t messed with Enterprise affairs, just asked some questions on behalf of Eve, that was all. Yet there was no way I could not go to the meet after asking it so tried to put the worries to the back of my mind.

I went back to where Eve was watching her film saying that there was a major problem with a water leak in one of the apartments and I had to meet the plumber with some keys. Also that’d I’d probably have to help the plumber as he did not have any help with him and I could be gone 2-3 hours. I told Eve I’d lock the door behind me and to help herself to whatever in the kitchen and not to leave the house for any reason.

I studied the street for any signs of watchers. Given that many houses did not have driveways and the street was full of cars so this was not particularly conclusive. I got into my car and drove. Watching my mirror and taking a few extra turns down some quiet streets to start with I decided no one was following me. Though traffic was heavy I got to the pub in Barking sooner than I expected and entered. It was upmarket and I spotted Christine in a corner with a drink already on the table for me. She stood as I approached and gave me a kiss on the lips lingering a little and smiling. Did that mean she did not want me dead or hurt?

There seemed little point in small talk so after taking a good drink on my pint I explained about Eve’s phone and why we suspected Janey. Watching Christine as I spoke I went on to add:

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