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“Roses are Red,
Nuts are Round,
Skirts are Up,
Panties are Down,
Belly to Belly,
Skin to Skin,
When it’s Stiff,
Stick it In!”


Joe was surveying the crowd. His friends were all dancing, flirting or drinking. Joe had a drink in his hand, he was slowly drinking from it, but he was more interested in the people in the club. The music was loud enough so that he could barely think let alone hear anything anyone else was saying, and it didn’t look like anyone else minded that. The people who came to a club like this weren’t worried about finding their soul mate.

The crowd was mostly a hopping, jumping, gyrating mass of brightly colored clothing and flying hair and as people got closer and closer to being drunk you could see some of them on the outskirts of the dance area with a bit more flirty on their mind than could be dealt with here in public. As the night wore on he saw more and more couples sneaking out to the bathrooms, the private upstairs areas or out to their cars – they would come back in disheveled but happy looking and order more drinks.

Then he saw her. He was certain the age of admittance to this place was twenty-one, but she didn’t look a day over eighteen. Her hair was in a simple pony-tail, she had little makeup on though her fingernails were brightly painted. Her whole stance was innocent and she laughed a lot with her friends. Wide-eyed, fresh, new. Maybe she snuck in at nineteen or twenty with her friends? Maybe she was still a virgin!

He finished off his beer and left the glass on the counter. He wiped his mouth, ran his fingers through his hair and went over to introduce himself. Maybe she wasn’t traditionally “beautiful” but she was definitely attractive and he was drawn to her both as a man is to a woman and as a hunter is to prey. If she was a virgin, then that would change tonight!

Joe went close to her, but as she was in conversation he held back a step, just where she could see him and his dazzling smile but also courteous and not interrupting. He saw her looking at him more and more often and eventually she broke away from her friend and turned to face him completely.

“Hello!” she said, holding out her hand.

Joe, instead of shaking her hand, took it and kissed it. “Hello to you as well. Are you having a good time so far?”

She had blushed from her shoulders to her cheeks when he had kissed her hand in greeting and replied with an enthusiastic “Yes!” as he let her have her hand back.

“Would you like to go dance with me?” He asked.

“Eehhh, not really. The dance floor looks a bit crowded! And the music is so loud, how would we seyranbağları escort be able to get to know each other if we were jostled about in that mess?” Which was exactly what he had been thinking.

“There are a few open tables on the far wall there, we might be able to talk.”

They made their way through the throng and found a small table in a corner that fit their needs. Joe and his companion sat down and ordered drinks.

“My name is Joe,” he said.

“Amanda,” she replied “Have you been here a lot?”

“Oh, I usually come with my friends to be their ride home. Today I’m on my own. Well, I was.” Joe smiled, it was clear that he didn’t mind not being alone anymore.

Amanda blushed again. She and Joe talked for an hour before the club wound up again. It was getting late, people were drunk, and the music got louder with each song. Joe leaned over the table and was almost yelling over the noise, “We should find someplace less … active!”

Amanda nodded and stood up, Joe tossed some money on the table to cover the drinks and they went to find her friends. When they found them she told them she was going outside with a guy and unless she came back in not to worry about her. They smiled knowingly, Joe thought. Maybe he was right and she was off to catch her first fish! Oh, how he enjoyed the whole newness and shyness that came with virgins!

Once the door behind them closed it was like a knife cut the noise level down to a quarter of what it had been, though the base could still be felt under their feet. Luckily this club didn’t open till everything else on the street was closed. What kind of business could run next door to this?

Amanda and Joe walked side by side, with small talk and uncomfortable silences as their companions.

“Where do you live?” asked Amanda.

“Oh, just over a couple streets.”

“Me too, only in the other direction.”

“Hey, that’s cool. Do you want me to walk you home?”

“No, thanks though, I’d rather see your place than mine right now. My roommate is a bit of an uptight bitch.”

“Lucky for me, I don’t have a roommate. Would you like to go get a nightcap then?”

“Sure!” She was so innocent, so sweet, so excited about everything!

They went back to his place and had a glass of wine each. He found out that she was actually twenty-two, but had just moved to the city from the mid-west a few months ago and was working hard to make friends where she went to college. They talked for another hour, Amanda had two more glasses of wine and was quickly losing her inhibitions. Joe waited for the right moment and leaned in to kiss her. Success! There was no question about it, sincan escort the way she kissed, the way her hands wanted to touch him but didn’t know where to land, this girl was a virgin and he was going to have her tonight!

Joe and Amanda kissed. She let him undo her bra and didn’t blanch when he took off his shirt. She sat on his lap on the couch and he pulled her closer to him, grabbing her ass and pulling her slight frame against his chest. He removed her shirt and licked down her neck, nibbled a bit on her collar bone and kissed his way to her nipple. With one hand on her other breast and one on her backside he sucked and licked and flicked her nipple with his tongue.

“Oh, wow!” moaned Amanda and her body instinctively started grinding against Joe. He was looking forward to showing her all of the wonders that sex would hold for her, and couldn’t believe his luck that he got a girl that wasn’t pukey or tired when she was drunk!

Joe spent a little more time on her breasts, playing with them and driving Amanda crazy, before lifting her up and carrying her to his bed. He didn’t think she even noticed, she was so into the movements of his mouth. He laid her down on the bed and pulled off her pants to reveal very practical and not unattractive white panties. Joe sucked on her toes, kissed up her legs, massaged her thighs and slowly pulled her panties off. Before anything else he went back up and tenderly kissed her, holding her hand.

Joe’s mouth moved down her body once more, his hands caressing her breasts and her sides and her thighs as he moved so very slowly downwards. When he paused to lick her belly button she wiggled and let out a moan. Her hips were rising from the bed and she kept running her fingers through his hair. When he reached the area between her legs she cried out. Joe was so pleased! The first tongue on her clit was his! He carefully slid one finger into her tight and dripping wet pussy as he licked and sucked on her clit while she went wild on the bed. She’ll probably come within a few minutes, he thought, she’s never felt anything this good before! He slid another finger inside her when he could feel that she was ready for it, and then a third. She started spasming and came all over his hand. He waited till the tremors stopped before pulling his hand out and removing his mouth, he hoped he had given her a full and satisfying orgasm. This night was going to last a while!

Amanda shuddered out a breath, she kept saying “wow, wow” and when Joe came up to kiss her again she reacted hungrily. Her kiss was intense and passionate and she even licked his fingers.

“What do I do?” Amanda asked quietly, “How do I do that to you?”

“Well, sıhhiye escort first you have to take off my pants,” Joe almost laughed but caught it, he didn’t want to frighten her away. She would probably be really sensitive right now. Amanda got his jeans unbuttoned and unzipped but fumbled around trying to pull them off so he helped her. She wanted to do his underwear herself though so he stood and watched her as she was confronted with her first erect penis. He sat on the edge of the bed so she wouldn’t have to stretch or be uncomfortable and she was kneeling between his legs.

“Just do what you want with it,” Joe said. “Follow your instincts.”

Amanda touched him gently, feeling his balls and shaft. She moved up a bit and kissed the tip of his cock. Joe closed his eyes and ran his hands through her hair and stroked her forehead. She was getting more familiar with the size and shape and smell of his member, and with the surprise wearing off she was bolder. She licked up the vein on the underside of his dick, sucked on the tip and took his balls into her hand. She grasped his cock and started moving her hand, massaging his balls and licking the tip like a lollipop. Suddenly she pulled back.

“Oh! What was that?”

“That was pre-cum, lover dear. That means you’re doing it right.” Joe answered breathlessly. He picked her up and put her back on the bed, then started kissing her as he slowly moved into position. He penetrated her gently, moving slowly as she gasped and groaned. He made small movements in her, not thrusting but making sure that he didn’t hurt her, opening her up in order to get himself buried in her.

“Joe! Wow, Joe! Oh!”

Joe had sex with Amanda, slow and steady, his “thrusts” were gentle and amazing. Amanda reached her orgasm before he did, so he pulled out to let her recover and started to finish himself off. Amanda leaned down and helped him masturbate by sucking on his balls and licking his head around his fingers. He came all over her tits and her stomach and flopped down on the bed with a pleased smile on his face.

Amanda cleaned off his jizz with some Kleenexes that were on the nightstand and laid down next to Joe. He wrapped his arm around her and they cuddled a bit, talking and laughing and gradually drifting off to sleep. When Joe woke up there was a note on the pillow next to him.


My name is not Amanda, I don’t live nearby and I don’t attend the college here. I was not a virgin. I will not call you. You were a kind of decent lay, but I hope this will teach you to stop taking advantage of the innocent.

My friend Amy sends her regards.


Joe was stunned. He remembered a girl named Amy. She was one of his first virgin conquests and he had left a similar letter on her pillow. My name is not, I don’t live close, I won’t contact you, you were an ok fuck. How did these girls find him? How many others are going to try something like this?

Shit, thought Joe. I’m never going to be able to get another fuck, am I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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