Amanda , Her Father Ch. 10

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The sex continued for the next two days. It was so intense that John even shared some of his Viagra with Bill, even though Bill is in his early twenties, but having sex three and four times a day can wear even a young man down. The sleeping arrangements changed, one night Amanda and John were together allowing Bill and his mother to sleep together. The other night Amanda slept with her husband while John and Katie were together

Finally it was the day of the party or as Amanda referred to it as Satisfaction Day. They had the “playroom” set and ready. All the love toys that John had were cleaned and ready to go, there was nothing to do but sit and wait.

The first to arrive was Janice and her brother Larry. Janice introduced Larry to everyone. You could tell he was Janice’s brother. He had the same blond hair as Janice and he too was slight of build. He looked much younger than Janice even though he was twenty and only two years younger than his sister. He was about five foot eight inches tall and probably weighed no more than one hundred and fifty pounds. He had an almost innocent air about him. It was hard to believe he and sister had been fucking since they became sexually aware.

As they sat in the family, making small talk, Larry seemed somewhat nervous. Amanda broke the ice when she looked Larry in the eye and said, “I heard you liked the video tape we made.”

Larry blushed a little. His sister sensing his discomfort said, “You better believe it. He spent the weekend at my apartment and we hardly got out of bed. It took us almost two days to watch the video. We would watch it until we got so horny we couldn’t wait any longer, so we would stop the tape and fuck. It was fantastic.

“What was your favorite part, Larry,” asked Amanda?

“I think it was when the four girls made love to you at the same time. I thought it was better than any porno film I had seen. I guess it was because you were so obviously pregnant. That turned me on. I hope you don’t mind, but I made a copy for myself.”

I made him promise not to show it to anyone else,” added Janice.

Just then the doorbell rang; it was Heather and her boyfriend. Heather introduced her boyfriend Paul to everyone. He was tall about six feet three and very muscular. His dark hair and complexion was a contrast to Heather’s red-hair and light skin.

Paul went up to John and said, “I hope you’re not embarrassed by this, but you were amazing. I couldn’t believe any male could satisfy the entire woman at the party, much less a man of your age. Oh, I don’t mean any disrespect about the age comment,” he quickly added.

“No disrespect was taken in fact I take that as a compliment,” replied John. “But I had a little help, I took a Viagra pill. It really works.”

Just then the doorbell rang again; it was Keesha, Wendy and a beautiful light-skinned black woman. Introductions were made and it was learned that Keesha’s friend’s name was Jasmine. She was an absolute knockout. All the girls were beautiful, but Jasmine was stunning. She was about five foot ten and probably weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. Her face was the face of an angel. Her hair was styled like Halle Berry. She had a beautiful smile and her outfit showed off a spectacular body; nice sized tits, narrow waist and a cute, tight ass.

The group continued to socialize until John said, “If everyone is ready, follow me to the playroom.” The room was all set up and ready. The room was wall-to-wall mattresses, the toys and apparatus were cleaned and ready to go, and there was tape in all the cameras.

“Does everyone want a tape of this” John asked? “It’s made with the understanding the tape is not to be viewed by just anyone.” As he looked around the room, everyone was nodding their head.

“I hope it’s as good as the last tape,” said Larry.

Paul replied, “Heather and I fucked our brains out while watching it.”

“Why do you think we cut our business trip short,” added Bill.

“Since everyone is agreed, I’ll start the cameras I have around the room. I’ll act as camera man, filming some of the groups before I join in. The way my old group started these gatherings was to divide into groups in the beginning and then people were free to get together with other people or to rest and watch until you’re ready to continue.”

Everyone gorukle escort seemed in agreement.

“We have eleven people, we should divide up into three groups,” continued John. “The easiest way to do it is to pick cards.” He went over to the shelf and got a deck of cards. He sorted through them, picking some cards and discarding others. Finally he came back to the group. He handed Bill a club, Larry a heart and Paul a diamond. He then shuffled the other cards and gave Heather the first pick; she chose a club and went to Bill, who gave her a big kiss. Then it was Amanda’s turn, she picked a heart and went to Larry who kissed her also. Janice was next and picked a heart.

“Put that back in and pick another,” said John. “In the beginning, we separate mates.”

Janice picked a club and went to Bill’s group. She kissed him and then Heather. Katie was next, she chose a diamond and went and kissed Paul. Wendy picked a diamond and she proceeded to go over to where Paul was and kissed him and then kissed Katie. It was Keesha’s turn and she got a club. She walked over to Bill and gave him a long open-mouthed kissed. When she finally broke the kiss, Bill was flushed and breathing hard. She did the same to Janice and Heather and got the same results from them.

“Damn, you know how to kiss,” said an aroused Bill. “I’ve never kissed anyone that had a metal stud in their tongue. It’s different.”

“You think that’s different, wait until she gives you a blow job, what a wild feeling,” added John.

Keesha looked at John, “I intend to give you an even better one tonight.”

“I look forward to that,” answered John.

John moved to Jasmine and held out three remaining cards for her to pick. She grabbed the middle one which turned out to be a heart. She moved to a smiling Larry and gave him a long kiss, trying to out do Keesha. After what seemed like forever, at least to Larry, she broke the kiss and turned to Amanda. First she patted and rubbed Amanda’s pregnant belly, then gave her a kiss to equal the one she gave to Larry.

“I’ll join a group later,” said John. “I want to go around get some close-ups of the action in the different groups. I have three stationary cameras” and he pointed out the locations to everyone. “If each group would go to one of those areas and stay on the white mats, you’ll be in the camera’s view. I’ll wander around the room until I can’t stand it anymore and then I’ll pass the camera to someone else. Is that alright with everyone?” Again everyone nodded in agreement.

“Before we start,” added John. “My old group had a ritual, we started each of our sessions with a little poem and I’d like to continue that, so here goes. Orgies are wicked and orgies are wild, but I like an orgy once in a while.”

Everyone chuckled at John’s little poem.

“Alright, get naked,” yelled John.

The groups moved to the white mats and began to undress. There were hooks on the wall where they could hang their clothes. John moved around to the different groups, taking video of the people undressing. He got Bill’s group just as Jasmine was taking off her bra and panties. It was a sight to behold. When her sexy black bra slipped off her body, John gazed upon her perfect tits. To look at them, they took your breath away. They were the size of a large grapefruit, standing firm and proud. Her nipples were already erect and stood out almost a three quarters of an inch. Her areoles were about the size of a quarter. She looked right at John and the camera as she slowly pushed her thong panties down her legs until they hit the floor. Her pubic hair was shaven so that there was just a little triangle above her pussy. She turned and faced the camera, spread her legs slightly apart, smiled and said, “I hope you like me.” Then she did a slow turn so that her tight, firm ass was facing the camera. She stopped, looked over her shoulder, ran her hand over her ass and smiled. It was the kind of smile that asked “do you like what you see.”

It was all John could do to continue filming. He wanted to put the camera down, tear off his clothes and fuck her. He promised himself he would do exactly that, fuck the shit out of her when he was finished. He turned to the other groups and filmed more people undressing.

He taped Paul’s group next. altıparmak eskort bayan Paul and Wendy had already undressed and they were both helping Katie shed her clothes. They had her blouse and slacks off and Wendy went behind Katie and unfastened her bra. Paul was in front of Katie; he grabbed the straps of her bra and gently slid it off her body. Wendy put her hand under each of Katie’s breast and held them up to Paul, like an offering. He bent down and kissed each breast, then gave embraced Katie and gave her a sensuous kiss. Wendy grabbed Katie’s panties and slowly pushed them down. When Paul’s cock made contact with Katie’s naked flesh; a low moan escaped from her lips. All three people lay down and explored each other’s body.

John got close-ups of Paul sucking one of Katie’s tits and Wendy sucking the other. One Katie’s hands were playing with Paul’s dick and balls while the other was fingering Wendy. They changed places a few times, but finally Paul had Katie lie on her back and Wendy on top of her, with their pussies grinding together. Paul got behind them and took turns fucking Katie and then after ten strokes, he pulled out and fucked Wendy. This continued until Katie came first and then Wendy. Paul put his dick between the two cunts and pumped away until he came, shot his load between the two women.

By the time John got to the last group, they had already taken off their clothes and Bill was lying on his back and Heather was straddling his head, pushing her pussy onto his mouth. Both Keesha and Janice were licking and sucking his cock and balls. John got a close up of Keesha’s studded tongue rubbing up and down Bill’s cock. The girls were playing with each others tits while they licked and sucked Bill. John didn’t think Bill would last much longer and he was right. As Janice was sucking his cock, Bill’s hips thrust upward and he emptied his first load of the night into her mouth. When he was finished cuming, John got a shot of Janice sharing the cum in her mouth with Keesha. He got a close up as Bill’s cum went from Janice’s tongue to Keesha’s and then back again.

The fun continued all night. One encounter had Katie taking on all four men. Paul was fucking her ass while Larry was shoving his cock up pussy. She took turns sucking off her son and John. Another activity had all the girls making love while the men watched. This allowed the men to rest and get ready for more. Someone wanted family members to fuck, so the three pairs had center stage.

When it was all over everyone had sucked, fucked, licked, fondled, and groped everyone else. As they say, a good time was had by all. At the end of the evening everyone was well satisfied and quite tired. When the company was leaving, each young woman reminded John to call if he wanted to get together after Amanda left. Jasmine gave him a big kiss and gave him her phone number.

The guests left and Bill, Amanda, Katie and John sat, still naked, around the kitchen table talking.

“Well Katie,” asked John, “how did you like your first orgy?’

“It was fantastic. I have never cum so much since I realized sex was something to be enjoyed, not avoided. Although I will say one thing, it was nice to have other people to make love with, but I prefer the three people sitting around this table. Don’t get me wrong I had fun and I would like to do it again, but I get more intense orgasms from the people here at this table.”

“I agree with you,” said Amanda. “This condition I have, being constantly horny, made tonight very satisfying, but I don’t think any of those people could make me more content than the three of you. I think it has to do with the love I feel for all of you.”

“I feel the same way,” added Katie. “How about you guys?”

John said, “I know what you mean.”

Honey, how could I not feel that way about you, I married you,” replied Bill. “Mom, growing up I never thought our relationship would become sexual. although, I saw the caring side of you that you hid from other people.”

“Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired and am going to bed,” said John. “Anyone coming with me?”

“Sure, I’ll come, John.” Turning to her son and daughter-in-law, she said “good night,” and kissed them.”

John did the same.

“After they had nilüfer eskort bayan left, Amanda and Bill looked at each other with a happy but surprised look on their face. “That was interesting,” said Amanda. “It looks like my dad is falling for your mom.”

“Don’t read something in their relationship just yet. Hell they only have been together the last three days. It may be purely sexual. Your father hasn’t had a companion in a few years and mom has never been in a caring, sexual relationship. Don’t make something out of this, at least for now.”

John and Katie got into bed; Katie rolled over and hugged John. “I hope you don’t mind. I know you have had a lot of people grabbing you tonight, but I need you to hold me.”

Sure Katie come on over. I always like to feel an attractive, beautiful, naked woman lying against me. I have always been a sucker for cuddling.”

“John,” said Katie softly.

“Yes.” He answered.

“Never mind, just hold me for now.”

They were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Katie woke up in the middle of the night, still in John’s arms. She looked up at him sleeping, a smile appeared on her face and she hugged him tighter and then fell quickly back to sleep.

When John woke up the next morning, he had rolled on his side, but Katie’s arm was draped over him. He could feel her tits pressing in his back. He needed to go to the bathroom, but he didn’t want to wake Katie up. He slowly removed her arm and sat up. Just as he was getting out of bed, Katie woke up.

“You’re not trying to sneak out on me, are you?” She asked with a slight smile on her face.

“Katie, I have to go to the bathroom, but I’ll be right back.”

When John got back into the bedroom, Katie was waiting to go use the bathroom. As her naked body disappeared into the bathroom, John starred at her ass. He like what he saw. It wasn’t as firm like the girls at the party last night, hell she wasn’t twenty. A lot of women her age had big, fat, sloppy asses, but not Katie. Just as John was thinking about her ass, the bathroom door opened and Katie came out walking toward the bed. Now John’s attention focused on her boobs. Katie’s boobs were on the small side, but not too small, with small, hard, dark red nipples. His gaze dropped to her bare pussy, she was a sexy woman he thought.

Katie saw where he eyes were looking. “I’m sorry I don’t have a body like those girls that were at the party last night. I supposed you don’t want a fat, old woman to share your bed.”

John held out his arms toward Katie. “Come on, get in bed with me.” Katie got in bed and John pulled her close to him. “Katie, you are right, you don’t have a body like those girls, but I don’t think their bodies will look as good as yours when they get to be your age. Fooling around with those girls is fun, but I wouldn’t want to live with one. What about you? You seemed to enjoy Larry and Paul.”

“John, I haven’t had many sex partners, you know that. It was fun to be with those two, but neither one is the lover that you or Bill is. I guess I just don’t want this to end. I have not had so much fun in all my life. You have had more than your share of sexual encounters and I probably don’t turn you on like some of those women.”

“If you want me to be honest, I will. Yes, I have had other women who have given me great sexual pleasure. However, that’s why we got together, for sexual pleasure. Everyone was very experienced before they joined our ‘club’ and they were looking for the excitement that you get from different partners. But Katie,” John looked Katie directly in her eyes, “you are one helluva a lady. Bill and Amanda taught you well because you are a great lay.”

Katie kissed John, held him tight and whispered “thank you.”

John and Amanda stayed in bed telling each other about their lives and all the important things that happened to them. They were content to stay that way for much longer until there was a knock on the door.

“May I come in,” asked Amanda?

“Sure come on in,” said Katie and John together.

“Are you guys getting up and having breakfast or are you staying in bed all day?”

John pretended to think about it, “We’re not sure. Have you made breakfast already?”

“Bill is putting on the plates now; you better hurry before it gets cold.” Then Amanda left the room.

John got up handed Katie her short, silk robe and grabbed his robe and they both headed downstairs. Bill and Amanda were already eating when they sat down at the table. The four of them ate their food and made small talk until it was almost noon.

To Be Continued

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