Amazing Vibrations

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It is 10am. You already talked to me once online today. Told me about your morning shower you were so horny you brought yourself to three amazing orgasms. Thoughts of last night had gotten you so excited you couldn’t control yourself.

Last night was fun. You made me cum with just your words. Typing out a seductive fantasy that got me so hot I just had to release. It was such a rush knowing you had that kind of power over me. And it made you so fucking horny.

At least it was a quiet day. You could sneak off to the bathroom and cum again during lunch. You checked your email, went on Facebook and played a turn at scrabble, made a few calls. So frustrating when all you wanted to do was lie in bed and fuck yourself into a blissful coma.

That’s when the Fedex arrived…..You weren’t expecting anything……Oh my god! It was from me. You couldn’t imagine what it could be but after last night the ideas that flashed through your head soaked your panties. You hesitantly opened the box, trying to be discreet so your co-workers wouldn’t get curious. As soon as you looked inside you immediately closed it and put it under your desk…..

A remote control vibrator! As you looked down at the box with a mix of trepidation and excitement you noticed a letter attached. As you opened the letter you realized your thighs were grinding together, desperately trying to stimulate your throbbing clit.

The letter was direct and left you gasping for breath. “Jessica, I have sent you a gift. If you accept you must also accept the rules of the game. 1.You must wait until lunch to put this on and then you may not remove it until I tell you 2.You must stimulate yourself every hour….no matter where you are 3.After the first 3 hours you must increase the power every hour 4.You may not cum until I tell you Have fun -Tom”

You couldn’t believe your eyes and you definitely did not know how you weren’t going to cum. As you put the letter down you realized your other hand was pinching your nipple and quickly put it down, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. You could feel your face flush red with excitement.

Well the day was fucked. There was no way you were getting anything done today. As you tried to regain your composure you got up and went to talk to one of your co-workers. You were going to need someone to cover your little bits of work for the day. You could barely speak when you got there.

You got through it and felt pretty confident he hadn’t noticed anything was up. As you walked back to your desk you realized it was 11:30 and you didn’t have lunch until 12:30. This was going to be agonizing and amazing. That’s when you walked past the office.

It was still empty, the same office where you had fucked me a few months before. The day had been over and I was in town on business. We only had 20 minutes before my meeting. You dragged me up to your office and we searched quickly for a place to release all of our sexual tension. You still couldn’t believe your boss was next door the whole time as I stifled you moans with deep, passionate kisses and my hand as your pussy muscles clamped down on my cock and the waves of orgasm washed over you.

You were still standing in the hallway. Another co-worker walked by shocking you back to your senses. At least some time had passed. By the time you had regained reality it was noon. At 12:15 you couldn’t wait anymore. You grabbed the box and orhangazi escort rushed to the bathroom. There was a handicapped bathroom on this floor and you had snagged one of the circulating keys.

You burst in and before the door was fully closed you had 2 fingers plunging into your pussy. Slamming in and out as your other hand first gabbed your breasts and when you couldn’t take it anymore started frigging your clit like lighting. You bit down on your arm as one of the most intense orgasms of your life pounded you into a temporary coma.

You sat with your back against the door almost unable to hold yourself up. That’s when you realized you hadn’t even opened the box. As you pulled it over to you, you could feel your arms shaking. You pulled out the little egg and washed it in the sink. Then you got the batteries out and lightly touched the lightest setting button on the remote. The vibrations of the egg in your hand made you jump and you knew that the rules of the game were impossible.

As you were getting ready to slide your new egg into your dripping snatch you saw that your thighs were covered in your juices. You knew it would be futile to clean them up but you were willing to do anything to give yourself a chance to recover before you tried the egg. That last orgasm had been so powerful you could still barely think straight.

Your excitement is palpable. Your hand is shaking as you slide the egg against your dripping lips. You know you won’t have any problem slipping it in but the rubber is creating such wonderful friction against your lips and you’re still not sure your body can handle its delicious vibrations just yet…..You finally slide it inside of you……very, very slowly. Ahh…It feels so strange and wonderful at the same time. The egg shape is so unlike anything else that has ever touched the soft walls of your pussy. For a time you sit there staring at the button on the remote. Your relish the thought of how it will make you feel but know you are no longer allowed to cum. The task seems impossible but you steel yourself for it and press the lowest setting button ever so lightly.

“Oh My God!!!!!!!” You scream. The sensation is incredible. It was only on for a second but you came and were possibly still cumming. It felt as if your whole body was vibrating. The afterwash of the eggs vibrations rippling through you.

Knock….Knock…..”Is everything alright” A co-worker is standing outside the door. She must have heard you scream. “I….I’m fine” you muble. “I almost dropped by ring down the sink, no problem.”

You hear the co-worker walk away and you know this is just going to be the craziest day ever. You know your body can’t handle anymore right now and you have already broken the rules and cum. After sitting on the floor for another 10 minutes you clean up your juices and prepare to rejoin the world….somehow.

You check the time 12:45, you still have half an hour for lunch and 45 minutes until you need to press the button again. You can’t afford to try and talk to anyone right now, they would notice something was up in a second. You go outside and sit on a bench. All you could manage for food was a bagel from the café on the corner.

As you nibble at the bagel your whole body seems to be on fire. Between the stimulation and the exhaustion you can barely keep your eyes open. All you want to do is curl up into a ball right nilüfer escort there and pass out. But this is not to be. Its time to go back to work, Thank god you have almost nothing to do.

1:30…….”mphmmmm!” You kept it on for 3 seconds. It was all you could handle. It felt sooo good. Even after the vibratons had passed the egg was still rolling around inside you. Every time you moved another wave of pleasure shot through you. Cumming at you desk would definitely be inappropriate but you were on the verge of doing just that. You sat at your desk, trying to be as still as possible. It couldn’t be done. Every shift of your weight made the swivel chair move one way or another and every time you became very aware of the egg. You tried checking your email but you could barely read the words on the screen. Everytime someone walked by you grabbed the phone and pretended to be in deep conversation so no one would notice the glazed look of lust in your eyes.

2:30……”Ahhhmphmmmm!”…..Did anyone hear you? You look around, trying to be discreet. You spot the new guy down the hall. He didn’t hear you but you are so horny right now you are starting to consider using him as a fuck toy in the empty office across from your desk. Even that cute blonde girl who always drives you crazy with her stupid comments in meetings is starting to look like a fun way to pass the time.

How the hell are you going to handle this? Next time you have to raise the power and you can’t believe their isn’t a puddle of your cum coating your chair already. You have to focus. You have to focus, push the lustful thoughts out of your head. You grab your phone, checking for messages. A text has arrived “Having fun?” Its from me. You want to scream. I’m torturing you when there is no way you can fuck me. Its so cruel, so mean. How can I turn you on this much when you know you won’t get to see me for at least another three weeks. Its savagery!

3:30……”Oh fuck Oh fuck Oh fuck!” It was 1 second and you could barely control yourself! Thank god you had gone to the bathroom for this one. There was no way no one would have heard that. Your body was back to shaking. It felt like your whole body was vibrating. Waves of pleasure kept washing over you but you hadn’t cum. You had made it through another hour. You body was aching for release. How much longer could this go on!

“Ashley, they just called a meeting for 4:15, something about the fridge and how people are leaving stuff in there. We have to meet in the break room” Oh shit! This meeting had better be fast. If you have to push that button during the meeting you will be fucked!

4:29 Shit, I have to get out of here NOW. Thank god you were standing in the back. Maybe nobody would notice. There wasn’t enough time to get to the bathroom. You dashed into the nearest office, closed the door and pushed the next strength setting on the remote. AHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!! It felt like you needed to pee the orgasm was ripping through you. That’s when it happened. Thank god you were using your hand as well with the help of your panties it kept the geyser of cum from shooting across the room. You had heard about girls who could cum like a guy but you had never imagined anything like this. The pleasure flowed through your whole body. It felt like a never ending orgasm. But it was different than before. Releasing all that cum left you in a more peaceful state. God bursa türbanlı escort it felt good to cum.

5:30 You hold the button down for over 5 amazing seconds. After cumming so hard the vibrations feel amazing but you can finally handle them. The higher strength makes your whole body vibrate. Wave after wave of wonderful pleasure shooting through every inch of you body. It puts you into a wonderful state of bliss. All you can think about is going home and curling up into a ball. Its going to feel so good getting under the blankets and zoning out for the night.

6:25 You walk down the street, grab a bottle of water and continue your walk home. You pass an alley and think if I were with you right now you would have me fuck you up against the wall just to feel my cock plunge deep inside of you as soon as possible. “AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.” You didn’t press the button but the egg is vibrating and it feels even stronger than before. You can feel your legs shaking. You feel like you are about to collapse from the surging, jolting, orgasmic vibrations. You can feel yourself falling on the spot.

Someone catches you. Thank god, you were about to land hard on the concrete. As the stranger pulls you up he presses up against you. You can feel an amazing bulge pressing up against your ass. As you are about to pull away from the lewd stranger the vibrations fly through you again. Your mind is reeling from to much happening at once. Your on the verge of cumming in the middle of the street, that’s when you catch my huge grin on the “strangers” face.

You immediately start hitting me in the chest as I pull you to me and kiss you deeply. Your fighting is half hearted and within seconds you are returning my kiss grinding your pussy against my leg. “Ahh mmmphmm” I shock you again while my other hand holds your head. I continue to kiss you as I pull you into the alley. I had the same thought as you. I planned it ut as was waiting for you. Waiting to fuck you against the wall of the alley. Its already dark and I can wait to thrust inside you for the first time.

I have been hard as a rock for almost a week while I set the plans in motion. The thought of you in blissful agony had me harder than I have ever been and now I can’t wait to be inside you.

I push you up against the wall. You are moaning uncontrollably as I have turned the egg back on (the low setting) and it feels amazing.

6:30….I thrust inside you. There will be no going slow this first time. I take four long hard strokes, pounding into you. Then I turn the egg back on to its highest setting and you CUM. This is no ordinary cum. Your body feels like it will explode. My cock is sliding in and out as the egg continues to vibrate. Your body I being held up by my arms and my cock. You have no strength left as you cum over and over. You can feel you juices running down your leg. You are sure your thighs are coated.

I, of course, have been fucking you with a weeks worth of sperm built up and a vibrating egg against the head of my cock. I last only a minute. I can feel it building up inside me like lava. I can feel I will cum at any second. I can’t hold out any longer. I shoot rope after rope of my hot cum deep inside you. My cock buried inside you to the hilt. I fuck you for another minute as the last of my cum fills you.

We both collapse onto the ground. Neither of us can move a muscle. After a few minutes I finally have the energy to get up. I pull you up to. Your apartment is still 10 blocks away, but it doesn’t matter as I pull you in the other direction, to my hotel at the end of the block.

I bring you upstairs and after kissing me again you immediately pass out.

To be continued……

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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