Amber Pt. 02

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School was out for the summer. Amber had graduated, 9th in her class. She had gotten enough scholarship money that, if she continued to live at home, she would have enough to pay for her tuition, books, and other fees at the local community college where Bobby and Billy were already enrolled.

In the two months since she and Bobby had first become intimate, Billy had become serious with his girlfriend and often stayed all night with her at her apartment. This afforded Bobby and Amber some privacy. They still had to be careful if their mother was home, but she rarely came upstairs at night.

While Bobby and Amber found opportunity, almost every day, to enjoy a kiss and, perhaps, a little fondling, they didn’t engage in intimate activity that often. Amber had told Bobby that she never wanted to do anything really intimate when their mother was home and that she didn’t think it was good for them to do those things often. She made it clear that she wanted Bobby to continue with his normal dating life and that she would too – should such opportunities present themselves.

Her “growth spurt” had continued. She had gotten even taller – she was now 5-3, and she had gained 10 more pounds. Best of all, her breasts had gotten even bigger. She was practically giddy when she went shopping one day and bought a couple of new, B-cup, bras. She couldn’t wait to model them for Bobby. She had cleavage, now. Her body had become shapelier, as her waist stayed small while her bottom filled out even more. Now she was beginning to worry that it might get fat! She bought clothing that accentuated her shape and even gave a slight hint of her newfound cleavage. She didn’t want to look slutty, but she did want to look like a woman. She kept her hair cut moderately short and, at Bobby’s suggestion, often wore her hair in pigtails.

She was getting plenty of male attention now and really didn’t know how to handle it. She hadn’t started college yet, but a couple of guys with whom she had attended high school had called her, asking for dates. She had turned them down, remembering how they had treated her before she got her growth spurt. They were obviously shallow. She didn’t like shallow.

One boy, Sam, who went to church where she attended, however, did hold some attraction to her. He had talked to her a few times at church and had always seemed friendly to her. Shortly after she graduated he asked her if she would like to attend a party for the college-aged people from church. She readily accepted. It had turned out to be pleasant, and not a big deal. He hadn’t done anything even slightly inappropriate and, when he walked her to the door that evening, she had kissed him on the lips, very briefly.

She hadn’t expected, however, that Bobby would ask so many questions about her date. He wanted to know every detail. He seemed a little miffed when she told him that she had kissed Sam at the end of the date.

“Bobby, I’ve never asked you to explain anything about a date, have I?” she asked him. “Am I your girlfriend?” she asked, angrily.

Bobby looked hurt. “No. But you know how I feel about you. I’m sorry. This is just hard on me. I wish I hadn’t said anything,” he explained.

Amber took her brother’s face in her hands and leaned forward so that their foreheads were touching. “Bobby, what we have is…special and it’s unique, but it’s forbidden. We have to act as if there is no future in it…” she looked into his eyes, as she brought her face back a few inches. “We don’t know yet if there is a future for ‘us’, right?”

Bobby thought back on the night that they first became intimate with each other. He had masturbated while she watched, then he had sucked her breasts and did oral sex on her. Later, he had showed her how to assist him as he masturbated and he had, again, worshipped her little, sexy body with his mouth and hands. They had slept together, naked, all night. They had talked about their love for each other.

He had assumed that night that they would soon be having intercourse, but it hadn’t happened. She had never mentioned wanting that and he was not going to bring it up. He wanted it to happen, but if it never did, it was okay. He knew that he was in love with Amber, but he realized that having intercourse with his sister could lead to major life problems. Still, he was jealous when she gave her attention to other guys. Her body had continued to develop and she was now a fully-blossomed, beautiful, young woman. He knew he was no longer the only person who noticed this.

“Earth to Bobby,” Amber smiled. “What’s going on in there, Big Brother?”

Bobby took her hand. “I was just thinking about our situation. I’m just crazy about you. Right or wrong, forbidden or not, I love you. I know what you just said is right, though. We have to act as if we have no future together. I agree. I will try to do better, but you’ll forgive me when I’m jealous, right?” he grinned.

“Yes. It’s flattering. I just don’t want you mad. Okay? You’re my man, you know that? I’m your woman, too. I am. I want to be!” Giresun Escort she whispered.

They kissed, passionately.


Both Bobby and Billy were taking summer classes, but at different times. Amber occasionally helped one or the other of her brothers if they needed help getting a lawn mowed while the other twin was at class.

One day she had helped Billy mow a lawn because rain was threatening that evening. Billy was always glad for Amber to help him, and was glad to pay her half of whatever he made, even though she rode the riding mower and he did the really hard work. He knew that they needed her help from time to time and he wasn’t going to do anything to cause her to stop helping them.

They had gotten home, Billy had showered, and Amber had just finished her own shower. She heard Billy shouting before she ever came out of the bathroom. She could tell he was angry and that he was using quite a bit of profanity, including the word, ‘bitch’, several times. By the time she had dried off and gotten dressed, she had figured out that he was on the phone.

When she came out of the bathroom, she glanced in her brothers’ open bedroom door and saw Billy throw his cellphone down on the bed and yell, “fucking bitch!” He was dressed only in athletic shorts and, of course, looked almost identical to Bobby. “What?” he shouted at Amber when she stopped and looked at him curiously.

“Nothing. You seem upset. Can I help?” she said calmly.

Billy lay back on his bed and pulled a pillow over his face and yelled into the pillow. Amber tentatively walked into his room.

Billy lay the pillow aside. “That was Teresa. She’s breaking up with me,” he said, obviously on the verge of tears.

Amber sat on the edge of his bed and took his hand. “I’m so sorry, Billy. Why? Did she give you a reason?”

“She wants to date other people,” he muttered. Billy was not an emotional person, but Amber could tell that he was on the verge of tears.

“That breaks my heart, Billy,” she whispered.

Billy’s eyes flashed with anger, but a quick glance in his sister’s face told him that she wasn’t being sarcastic. Who was this girl? How could she still treat him tenderly and commiserate with him when he was hurting? A tear coursed down his cheek; he angrily wiped it away. “Thank you, Amber.”


“Yeah, Sis?”

“Please don’t get mad at me, but I don’t think calling her a bitch is going to help the situation. It will just ostracize her – and it doesn’t help you either. A soft answer turns away wrath,” she said tenderly as she stroked his hand.

“I was just mad. I’ve heard that quote before. Is that in the Bible?”

“Yes. There’s a lot of good stuff in there, whether you are a God-follower or not!”

“I know. I’ve read some of it…back when Dad left. I felt so low that I didn’t know what to do, so I read some of the Bible. I’ve always admired people that try to live by it. I sure don’t. Sometimes I wish I was a better person, like you, Amber.”

“Nobody’s really good, Billy. We’re just human. We need all the help we can get,” she told him.

“So, give me some advice. What should I do? I mean, I already feel bad about all that yelling I did. She’s not going to forgive that.”

“You need to apologize. Whether she forgives you or not is on her. You’ll feel a lot better if you just apologize. I don’t know much about relationships, so I wouldn’t dare give you advice about that, but I do think you should apologize. And when you do it, don’t text it. You have to call her,” she smiled.

“Is this the longest conversation we ever had?” he asked. “I mean without yelling at each other?”

“Maybe. Do you want to change that? I mean, I am your sister. I love you, even when you’re disgusting and mean.” She let his hand slip out of her own and closed his door as she left his room.

Later that evening, Bobby and Amber and their mother were downstairs watching TV. Billy came down and flopped into an easy chair, uncharacteristically not demanding that the TV be changed to what he wanted to watch.

In a few moments, Billy said, “Well Teresa broke up with me.”

“What? Why?” Kaley asked.

“She wants to date other guys. I called her a bitch and told her what she could do with them. Then I called her back and apologized for what I said,” he told them as he glanced at Amber. “That was Amber’s idea.”

“And?” Bobby asked. “You know, you can apologize to people whether or not you expect forgiveness.”

Billy sighed. “Well, she was impressed that I apologized. She really was. And I feel better, too, just like Amber said I would. Of course it didn’t change anything, but still…”

“You’ve got an amazing sister, Billy,” Kaley told him. “You should listen to her more often.”

“I may just do that. And you’re right, she’s okay,” he grinned. “And she sure has saved our lawn care business this summer.”

“That’s so sweet of you to say,” Amber blushed. “I’m so glad you’re my brother!…both of you!”


A Giresun Escort Bayan few days later Amber was in her room, reading. She heard someone downstairs, but didn’t bother to get up to see who it was. She heard singing, and knew it was one of her brothers, but couldn’t distinguish which one it was. From a distance, they sounded almost alike. She hoped it was Bobby. She had been thinking about him and wishing they had some alone time. If nothing else, they could kiss and maybe he could kiss her eager, still-developing breasts. She never could get enough of that. If they had time, they could do even more!

She heard her brother coming up the stairs and, for the first time, thought that his singing sounded like he might be drunk. Both of her brothers had come home drunk before, but Bobby had told her that he was hardly drinking at all anymore. It must be Billy.

“Hey, Sis!” came the greeting of her brother, Billy, as he came into her room, holding a nearly-full bottle of beer. “You want a beer? I got two more in the fridge,” he said, way too loudly. Then he emitted a long belch.

“Ewww,” she said. “Get out of my room if you’re drunk. That’s disgusting. Were you driving?”

“Oh, I thought you were Amber, not Billy Fucking Graham!” he laughed. “Sup, Sis? You looking good, you know that?”

“Billy, please get out of my room. Okay? Go sleep it off or something.”

“But I thought you wanted to talk more. You said that. You told me that we could talk any fucking time I wanted!” be blubbered.

“Sure. Let’s talk when you’re sober. I don’t like that language,” she told him as he stumbled toward her bed and lay down beside her.

“Billy, get up. I don’t like the smell of that stuff,” she complained.

Billy pushed himself up and, resting on his elbows, looked down his sister’s lush body. She had very tight jeans shorts and a tee shirt on. She had taken her bra off when she had arrived home earlier. She was used to going braless and didn’t really see the need of being uncomfortable at home.

“Sis, when did you grow this body? You don’t even look like the same person. Look at these nice titties!” he laughed as he lay his hand on one of her breasts and squeezed.

Amber pushed his hand away. “Get your hands off of me, Billy!” she yelled.

Billy laughed. “You aren’t kidding anyone, Baby Sis. You’re proud of how you look. Nothing wrong with that. You run around in your panties and with no bra on. You don’t care if me and Bobby look. You know we ain’t gonna do nuthin but look. Right? But that turns you on. Am I right?”

“Get up and get out of my room!” she shouted, trying to push him out of her bed. Even as she struggled against him, she knew that what he had said was partially true. It may have been partly subconscious, but she had not changed what she wore around the house, even though her body had changed from that of a girl to that of a fully-ripe young woman. She, of course, wanted Bobby to look at her, but she had to admit that the odd glance from her other brother had been a bit exciting as well. And now he was telling her that he liked how she looked and, as awful as this was, deep-down she liked what he was saying.

Suddenly, Billy swung over on top of her, straddling her with his knees against her ribcage. He ran his hands under her tee shirt and grasped both of her breasts. She flailed at him and pulled at his arms, but it was no use. He was squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She could not admit to him how wonderful it felt. He looked almost exactly like her beloved Bobby, and she could easily imagine what a situation like this would turn into if he, Bobby, did this. She couldn’t help it. Her breasts loved attention. He wasn’t mauling them – he was caressing them and it felt amazing!

“Billy, please get up. I won’t tell on you. I promise,” she gasped.

“Let me look at ’em and I’ll get up,” he laughed.

“No! Don’t!” she screamed as he pulled at the bottom of her tee shirt, endeavoring to uncover her breasts.

She was no match for his strength. He easily maneuvered until her breasts were uncovered and her hands were pinned so that she could not fight against him.

“Damn, Amber! Where did you get THESE? What a set of tits!” he smiled, marveling at how perfectly shaped his sister’s breasts were.

“Billy, please? Stop!” she whined.

He leaned forward and licked one of her nipples. He looked in her face and could see that she was breathing hard. Was she scared or angry or excited? Or all three? He moved to the other nipple and slowly, lovingly caressed it with his tongue.

“Billy, stop,” she moaned, hating herself for not sounding as urgent as she should. She knew that Billy had a lot of experience with girls. He knew what girls liked. He knew how touch and kiss and lick and suck a girl’s breasts. The forbidden pleasure was almost unbearable. She could feel her pussy becoming lubricated. Deep in the dark recesses of her mind, she knew that she would masturbate later and, yes, she would Escort Giresun allow her mind to think back to this. Her body had betrayed her.

Billy had both of her breasts in his hands, tenderly massaging them. He looked into her face for her reaction as he tweaked her nipples, then bent forward and suckled one of them.

“No, don’t…” she moaned, halfheartedly. “Don’t do that, Billy, please. It’s wrong.”

“So pretend I’m Justin Beiber or somebody,” he suggested. “Admit it, Amber; this feels good, doesn’t it?” He went to her other nipple, gently bit it, then sucked it gently. In his experience, he had yet to meet a girl that wasn’t driven wild by that.

“Billy what are you doing? I’m your sister!” she groaned.

“You’re hot, Little Sister. Your body is hot and you need this. Don’t you?”

“No, Billy, please!” she begged. As he continued to go from one breast to the other, licking and sucking and kissing and biting, her body was becoming more and more aroused. This was a kind of arousal that she had never experienced. She was aroused by Bobby because she had romantic feelings for him. This was far different. This was just biology. Animal lust.

“Does this feel good?” he asked as he, ever so gently, bit her nipple, then wetly licked around it. “If you can’t say it, nod. If it doesn’t feel good, shake your head and I’ll stop.”

Amber nodded. She hated herself for being so weak. She wondered if she could ever forgive herself for this. Yes, he had forced her into this situation, but now she had given him permission to continue. And continue he did. He was like a wild man, going from one breast to the other, sucking and licking her deliciously ripe young breasts. His voracious lust for his sister’s breasts had made him forget that he had her hands pinned until he felt them in his hair, guiding him as he continued to feast on his sister’s breasts.

“Billy! I’m your sister!” she croaked, time and again.

He sat up. “You’re the sexiest little thing I ever saw, sister or not,” he told her. “I want to hear you say it. Tell me that it feels good. Tell me that you like it,” he whispered.

“It feels good. Are you satisfied?” she challenged him, trying to once again gather her will-power.

Billy was now almost completely sober. It was slowly dawning on him what he was doing and he was beginning to wonder how he would extricate himself from this situation and what the consequences would be.

“I am sorry, Amber,” he gasped. “I was drunk. Can you ever forgive me?”

“Get off of me!” she told him, forcefully.

Billy stood. As his sister pulled her shirt down to cover herself, he gazed at her helplessly.

“Billy, don’t worry about me telling anyone. It’s too embarrassing. For both of us. But get out of my room, now!”


Amber knew that she should feel anger, shame, guilt…something from what had happened between her and Billy. If she felt anything at all, it was shame from the number of times she thought about it and remembered how good it had felt. For the next few days, she just ignored Billy and he ignored her. She had to go help him mow a lawn one afternoon, but they barely spoke. He thanked her when they got home and gave her some money as payment. It was as if it had never happened.

Billy did feel shame for what he had done to his sister. He supposed that she could have gotten him in a lot of trouble, had she wanted to do so. At the very least she could have told Bobby and their mother. But she didn’t, and he didn’t think she would. He knew that she believed in forgiveness – more than anyone he had ever known – it intrigued him. As he lay in bed at night he imagined that one day he might even talk to her more about that kind of life. He wished he could be that way.

That wasn’t all that occupied Billy’s mind, however. Since Amber had blossomed, he couldn’t keep his eyes or his mind off of her – particularly since he had drunkenly held her down and devoured her gorgeous, firm young breasts. They weren’t big, but they certainly weren’t tiny any more, and they were perfectly shaped. Her nipples were hard as rocks and shaped like little inverted cones.

Ever since Billy was old enough to date, he had had sex on a regular basis. Then he had met Teresa. He didn’t know if he had fallen in love with her, but if not it was something close akin to it. He was fascinated by her. She was not only stunningly beautiful, but she was brilliant and interesting. The fact that she loved sex and couldn’t seem to get enough of it was another bonus. Then she had broken up with him. He didn’t even want to try dating anyone else, yet, but he was horny all the time. He had always noticed how hot and sexy his mother was, but recently she had looked sexier than ever to him. He knew that she had joined a gym and had firmed up what was already a fantastic body. She and his dad had not divorced. Billy wondered if she was secretly getting sex from someone. He couldn’t imagine that anyone as sexy as her could just totally abstain.

One night Bobby and Amber mentioned that they were going to the movies and asked Kaley and Billy to accompany them. Billy was still feeling a little awkward around Amber, so made an excuse not to go. Kaley had been worried about him ever since he and Teresa had broken up, so she decided to stay at home with him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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