Amber’s Family Pt. 03

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Part 3: A Week With Daddy Continued

Amber finally stopped crying and rested against her father. Her young body was exhausted and she almost fell asleep under the shower rain.

Michael picked his naked daughter up and took her out of the shower. Grabbing a towel he sat her down in the bathroom and toweled her sexy body dry. She could barely keep her eyes open as her father took care of her. Having finished, he carried her to his bedroom and lay her on the bed, covering her up with a sheet. She murmured sweetly and was soon fast asleep.

Michael kissed his daughter on the cheek and then got his laptop out. He walked to his study and sat down to begin working from home, going over submitted documents for an upcoming case he was assigned to.

An hour later Amber woke up and smiled. Her body felt so wonderful, completely satisfied. She gently patted her cunt in contentment. She got up and went to find her Daddy. She skipped into his study and wrapped her arms around her father as he continued to read on his laptop. she began giving him small kisses all over his face with a playful smile.

Michael smiled back and gently took her head in his hands. He kissed her full pouty lips, then began to make out with his sweet young daughter. She quickly straddled her father and wrapped her legs around him in the chair, her nipples gently smashing against his chest. As their kiss became more passionate. His cock began to stir against her generous ass in his lap.

His daughter would whimper into his mouth every so often during their make out. After a few minutes of tongue play, he removed his lips and cupped both her firm large breasts in his hands. He leaned down and began feasting upon her right nipple, and massaging her other breast.

“Oh yes Daddy. suck my titties like you do Mommies!” cried Amber. Michael’s cock was now mostly hard and it was poking his daughters ample ass.

Michael was curious to see whether his daughter had inherited his wife’s nipple sensitivity, and ability to have breast orgasms. He continued his sucking and fondling of his daughters sweet young breasts, alternating sucking one nipple, then the other.

Amber’s hard nipples began to feel swollen and even more sensitive as he continued to suck on them. She loved the feeling, and she was soon murmuring to her Daddy in encouragement. “yes Daddy, like that!” and “my nipples feel really good!” She began squirming on her father’s lap, trying to feel more of his hard cock against her ass. Her cuntal juices were flowing freely as her father continued his breast worship.

A couple of minutes passed and his daughter moans became almost constant, his expert manipulations sending her to even higher planes of pleasure. Finally, she went rigid in his arms, and released a wailing moan. His teen nympho daughter was having her first breast orgasm. Her hips bucked against him and her pussy juices began trickling onto his cock. Her body shook and shivered for a few moments before she slumped down against him, breathing heavily.

Michael released her tortured nipple and kissed his young daughter. “I’m proud of you baby girl” he said. “You can have breast orgasms like your mother.”

“I like them Daddy” she said. “They make me come hard, but not too long.” She smiled at her Father and took his hard member into her small hand.

“I’m very hot, Daddy. Will you come swimming with me?” she asked.

“Sure baby girl” he said. “lead the way.”

Amber got up from her Daddy’s lap but didn’t release her grip on his cock. She smiled at him and said “I will lead you by your fat cock Daddy” she giggled.

He chuckled and got up, allowing his sexy young daughter to lead him by his now fully engorged penis. As he walked behind her, he watched the way her ass jiggled slightly with each step and the way her firm muscles would change it’s shape as she moved. He enjoyed watching his daughter’s beautiful ass as she led him through the kitchen and out the sliding glass door to the pool, the whole time pulling on his cock.

She began descending the steps into the pool still pulling her father behind her by his cock. Finally, she released his cock as the water was deep enough for her to have to swim.

Amber was a good swimmer and loved doing it. It was her second favorite exercise. Michael leaned back escort bayan against the side of the pool and watched his daughter’s tight young body glide through the water. This was turning out to be a very fun day, he thought. He slid into the water and let himself relax.

His daughter wanted to play however, and she splashed him, giggling. He swam after her and quickly grabbed her firm young body dunking her in the water. they wrestled for a while, laughing. He would release her and she would swim away, only to ask her father to come catch her, trying her best to stay out of reach. He was strong and fast though, and always caught her, wrapping his strong arms around her body and lifting her out of the water, or dunking her in. They played like this for a half hour, Amber thoroughly enjoying the way her father manhandled her so easily.

They decided to get out and after toweling off, they took turns rubbing tanning lotion all over each others bodies. His young daughter spent a lot of time making sure his cock had plenty of lotion on it. They then sat on the pool chairs next to each other, holding hands and taking in the sun.

After laying out for about an hour, they went inside together and Michael fixed sandwiches for both of them. Over lunch Michael began asking his daughter questions about her life.

She told him that she was happier now than she had ever been in her life. Her life was good before her 18th birthday, but now it was amazing! Continuing to ask her questions, she told him about her friends, and about how she missed being on the drill team. Amber had been on the drill team ever since middle school, and before that her parents had her training in dance since she was a little girl. It was her passion in life to dance and she enjoyed it more than most things.

Amber had a few boyfriends during high school, and she told her Father about them. She always broke it off with them when they wanted to get too serious, or when they tried to have sex with her. She loved to make out and she wanted to have sex, but only with the right man. She talked about her last boyfriend named James. “We made out a lot and I let him play with my tits and pussy a few times” she had said “but he never got me off. I guess I knew he was the wrong guy for me all along.”

She told her father how men and boys would look at her body all the time, and how she didn’t mind at all, and liked the attention. Many of the girls were jealous of her throughout high school, but she had a few good friends, mostly the girls on her drill team, and she simply didn’t care about the rest of them. She had just graduated High School and was happy to be moving on.

As they began talking about sex, she told him that one of her girlfriends had lost her virginity a short while ago. She didn’t like it though, because it hurt too much. She told him that her first time wouldn’t hurt her though, she had broken her hymen last year. She had been fucking herself with her hairbrush.

“It hurt a lot Daddy, she said, but Mom helped me clean up and told me she was glad that I had done it.”

“How long have you masturbated hun?” he asked.

“Since I was 14” she told him. “And… I like to think of you while I masturbate Daddy.” she said.

“Tell me what you think about” he said, his cock getting hard again.

She looked at her father and said: “I think about being your wife, so that you would fuck me every night and use me whenever you felt like getting off. I also think about your powerful cum and how good it tastes”

Then with a serious look on her face she said “I want you to be my first Daddy, I want to be your little slut.”

Michael stared at his daughter, her hidden desires turning him on, his cock getting harder with every word. “Thank you for sharing that baby” he simply said.

“You’re welcome Daddy!” she smiled brightly. They got up and hugged each other. He leaned down and kissed his daughter hard on the lips, his hands moving to her ass cheeks, massaging them as his tongue explored her mouth. She kissed him back with vigor, massaging his cock between them with both of her little hands. She couldn’t help herself. Now that it was ok for them to touch each other, all she wanted to do was play with his massive member.

They kissed like this for a few minutes altıparmak escort bayan then Michael broke it off. “I have an idea baby” he said.

Amber continued to massage his fuck stick as she said “what is it Daddy?”

“I think it’s time I teach you a few more things about sex. Come sit down on the couch.” he said.

“Oh yes please, thank you!” said Amber, giving his cock a few more jerks before bouncing to the couch and sitting down.

He walked to the couch and stood above his sexy teenage daughter and said: “Our first lesson will be oral sex. I want you to open your legs wide hun, and scoot your pretty ass down.”

As she complied he knelt in front of his daughter and stared at her cunt, small, wet, and glistening. Bending over he gently gave his baby girl her first kiss on her cunt.

Amber looked down at her father’s handsome face kissing her young cunny. It felt good! Her heart began to pound and she moaned “yes daddy, kiss my cunt!”

Michael began tonguing his daughters sex. He tasted her for the first time. She was tangy and sweet. He liked her taste very much and began licking the length of her entire pussy, over and over. After licking her for a while he stuck his tongue in his daughters tight fuck hole as far as it would go. His daughter’s hips bucked up off the couch and he gently pushed her back down so he could continue his tongue fuck.

Amber loved her Daddies skillful tongue on her twat. She closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts while he tongue-fucked her, taking in the sensation. She was feeling good! her pussy was hot and leaking, her nipples were hard and felt good too. Her hips began to buck off the couch on their own. Her Daddy held them down though and kept up his relentless assault.

Michael was now massaging his daughters small clitty with his tongue, while holding his daughter on the couch with one hand, he took his other and slid it up and down her pussy, getting his fingers nice and wet. He took his middle finger and began to fuck her with it, sliding his digit in and out of her tight wet channel.

Amber was now constantly moaning, her sex being assaulted fiercely by her father’s tongue and finger. “Yes..” she moaned “fuck my cunnie with your mouth!” Her hips continued to buck, but her father held her down. She continued to moan and massage her own breasts and pinch her nipples for two minutes until the pussy assault became to much for her. “I’m cumming Daddiee!” she screamed as her fuck juice flooded his face. Her legs quivered and her chest shook, as she wailed and writhed on the couch. Her cum lasted over fifteen seconds and her father kept his licking up the whole time.

Finally spent, her clitty too sensitive, she pushed her Daddy back off her cunt. “Daddy, it’s sensitive!” she said.

Michael got up and sat down on the couch next to his daughter, his hard cock sticking out proudly. His daughter’s hand automatically went to his cock rubbing it’s bulbous head, coating her hand in his precum. He chuckled to himself. Amber certainly did like his cock! he thought.

“Ok baby now it’s your turn to learn how to suck a mans cock.” said Michael. “kneel down in front of me” he commanded.

Amber jumped off the couch and knelt between his legs a big smile on her face. “Oh Daddy,” she said “I want to be the best cocksucker for you. I love your big cock so much.”

“The first rule” said Michael “Is that you must worship the cock in front of you with your mouth. Start by kissing and licking it all over.”

Amber happily began kissing and licking her father’s prick. she licked up the precum coming from his piss slit and liked the silky texture in her mouth. It tasted salty, but other than that had no additional flavor. She much preferred his cum. She busily kissed his shaft and even went down to his balls, licking them all over. They were totally shaved clean of hair. She planted small kisses all over his beautiful tower, little moans of appreciation escaping her lips.

Michael watched as his pretty young daughter worshiped his cock. She couldn’t seem to get enough of it. He liked the feel of her wet tongue on his sensitive cock flesh.

“Ok Amber hunny, now it’s time to put it in your mouth. I know you won’t be able to fit it all in there, nilüfer eskort don’t try. Just fit what you can. Remember, use your tongue to lick it all over while it’s in your mouth.”

Amber nodded excitedly and quickly put the tip of her fathers cock in her mouth. She sucked it deeper until she coughed and pulled it back. She could only fit about 3 or 4 inches of the cock into her small mouth, but she happily did so, tonguing it quickly while it was inside.

“Now you suck on it baby” said Michael “and bob your head up and down on it.” He placed his hands on the side of her head and gently guided her first ever blowjob.

Nodding that she understood, she obeyed her father’s commands. Sliding his shaft in and out of her mouth. She wrapped her two small hands around the base of his cock and began to jack them in rhythm with her sucking.

Michael looked proudly down at his daughter. She was doing well for her first ever mouth fuck. He removed his hands from her head and let her daughter set the pace. Amber’s beautiful face had a look of intense concentration as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Michael’s cock felt good in her young mouth. “You can suck it harder baby” he said “pretend like your mouth is a cunt.” She moaned and sucked him harder and began to bob faster on his cock.

“Yes baby like that, keep doing that” said Michael. He was almost there.

Amber was happy she was getting her father off and started bobbing her mouth even quicker, hoping he would shoot his jizz straight into her mouth, like she had seen him do so many times for her Mom.

Only two minutes went by and Michael was about to cum. “I’m going to come baby” he said She removed his cock from her mouth and said: “Shoot your cream into my mouth cunt Daddy!” quickly resuming her work.

A few seconds later he was cumming into his sweet daughter’s mouth, heavy ropes of jizz coating it white.

Amber’s mouth was too small and gobs of jizz fell out of her mouth and onto her breasts and his legs. She swallowed and kept swallowing load after heavy load of cum, but more spilled out of her mouth and onto their bodies.

He leaned back and watched as his Daughter finished swallowing his spunk while continuing to jack him off with her small hands. After swallowing what was in her mouth, she continued to suck his rod for about 30 seconds. She then took it out of her mouth and said “That was yummy Daddy. Your cum tastes so good.”

She then began to lick up the jizz on his legs and her tits, making sure that she didn’t miss a drop. After finishing this she got up and hugged her father tightly.

“Did I do ok Daddy?” she asked.

Michael hugged her back and said “Yes baby, you did good.”

Amber smiled, then sat on her father’s lap and curled her legs up, trying to have as much skin touching him as possible, she then rested her head on his strong chest.

Michael stroked his daughters hair and let his mind drift for a while.

He needed to get more work done at home, so he asked Amber to call one of her friends and go over to their house for a while. She agreed and called her good friend from her drill team back in high school. After putting on some sexy panties and shorts, a bra and a tank top, she left to her friend Andi’s home just around the block.

Michael worked for six more hours, writing documents and notes on his findings, writing emails, and making a few calls. His daughter called him and asked to stay till Nine o’clock, and he agreed. Satisfied with his accomplishment for the day he watched sports center for a while, then some comedies he had saved up on his DVR. He ate a t.v. dinner while he watched them.

His daughter arrived home at 9, and quickly went to her room and shed her clothing. Michael watched as his sexy tanned, naked daughter walked down the stairs, her breasts jiggling, and quickly ran to his side, hugging him. She sat next to him on the couch and watched the comedies with him, making comments and giggling. The whole time watching she always had at least one hand playing with her father’s penis, and before long he was hard again. His daughter began slowly stroking his rod as the show continued to play.

Shortly after Ten, the show ended and he turned off the t.v. At this point his Daughter had gotten him quite worked up with her constant cockplay. He noticed her simply staring at his cock, her jacking hand now slick with his precum.

Amber felt her father looking down at her, and she tore her eyes away from his cock and met his gaze. Michael saw the lust in her eyes. “Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?” she quietly asked.

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