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This is my first submission. After reading a bunch of stories here I decided to try my hand at one. It does contain oral, anal and a golden shower, so if that’s not your thing, then you might not like this one.

That said, any comments and suggestions of improvements are appreciated.


We were on vacation, an old friend of mine, Mark, his wife, Amy, and myself. Mark and Amy were married for almost 3 months, and I had become good friends with her quickly. We had rented a small hotel room for a couple days in Ocean City, Maryland to celebrate Amy’s 19th birthday and our 20th birthday, since they were all a couple weeks apart. Me and Mark had done this a few years ago, and decided we’d go again, but this time with his wife. The only issue, only one bed. I only found this out when we got there, and by that time there was nowhere else we could go that we could afford. It was nice enough, a small loveseat, a kitchenette, even a full size bathroom. But still, only one bed.

“What are we going to do? Me and Mark have the bed, but what about you?” Amy asked me.

“Well, there is a couch. its a little small, but I’ll deal, its only for a couple nights,” I suggested. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but we had already spent the money for the room so I’d have to deal with it.

“Its too bad we forgot the air mattress…” Amy said.

“Shoot, I booked with the same place as our honeymoon, guess they gave me the same type of suite.” Mark clearly dropped the ball, but for some reason he didn’t seem worried at all about it.

I was annoyed that he was being so nonchalant about it, but I didn’t want to start a fight on the first day of vacation so I tossed my bag and a pillow on the couch.

With sleeping arrangements in place, we brought the rest of our stuff from the car, which seemed like it was all Amy’s, and started planning for dinner. I said I needed a shower before we went out, since I wasn’t used to the hot 90 degree day and was sweating by now even though we cranked up the AC. While I was in there I swore I heard a soft moan, but it was hard to tell over the sound of the shower running. As I was rinsing the soap off I realized I grabbed Amy’s bag… Seriously how did we buy the same duffle bag? Luckily I heard the hotel room door shut, so I figured the coast was clear, but still wrapped myself with a towel just in case. The site I saw when I came out, though, shocked me so much I ended up dropping my towel right there.

Amy was lying there, eyes closed, naked with a pink dildo running in and out of her. I could tell she close to cumming and I got an instant hard on. Lust overcame me and I started jerking slowly. After all, this is the first time I saw a real girl naked, and right there was a very slim woman with great 34B tits fucking her thick hair covered pussy. I was envious at first that she dated Mark and not me, but I got over that, mostly. One time Escort bayan I was at their apartment I found a pair of light blue panties in the bathroom and “barrowed” them for jerking into at home.

She lifted her little butt from the bed and I could tell she just came, especially the look of pure pleasure on her face. At this point, I was jerking faster, being lost in the moment.

“Don’t cum yet” She said as she opened her eyes looking straight at me. I froze, knowing I was caught red handed, and then I noticed what was in her other hand, the panties I packed for jerking off in when they were asleep.

“I know you took these, after all I left them out for you to find.”

I just stood there, scared of what to do.

“Don’t worry, Mark went out to get dinner and bring it back here. He said he would be gone for about an hour.” And with that she got out of bed and came over to me. She grabbed my still rock hard 6 in cock and started stroking it.

“I know you’ve had a thing for me and I know you’re still a virgin.”

I was still in shock and was now embarrassed about her knowing I was a virgin.

With that, she leaned in and kissed me passionately, still slowly jerking my cock. As I started to taste her, an odd salty taste was there. She must have noticed me wince because she broke the kiss and told me her and Mark had a quickie before he left and he came in her mouth.

“I thought I heard a moan”

“Yeah, Mark told me not to be loud but I purposely let one slip out so you could hear it.” She said smiling with a lustful glare in her eye.

With that she got down to her knees and started licking my tip, before wrapping her lips around my cock and taking all of me in. Although I had no one else to compare, she sucked me better than it looked like they did in pornos. It didn’t take long before I was cumming and before I could say anything she opened her mouth wide and wrapped her soft fingers around me just as I started blasting into her. After 4 shots she started jerking me fast getting every last bit out. By now, her mouth was full of my cum and her tongue was sloshing in around before she closed her lips and swallowed. She got up and kissed me again. This time I was more into it and started to explore her body with my hands. First I grabbed her tight little ass cheeks, and moved up her sides until I was at her little tits, squeezing softly with both hands.

“Suck them, please,” she begged. “Mark never gives them much attention because he says they’re not real tits” As I look her left tit into my mouth she told me that he had tried to get her implants and he didn’t like small tits, which she always said no to. I have no idea why though, they are so firm and fun to play with. By now she was getting into it and as my free hand moved down thru her thick bush, I felt so much wetness it felt like she had peed herself. I must have Escort hit her clit because I could feel the shock run through her.

“Yeah, rub me right there” As I started rubbing her clit I let go of both her tits and slowly pushed her onto the bed. I moved down to start sucking her clit like I saw in the pornos, and I guess I was doing it right because she put her head back and started breathing heavily. I saw her dildo still there, so I decided to give her a little extra pleasure. She moaned loudly as I inserted it, almost like she was in pain, but she didn’t stop me. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Go slow!”

I slowly worked it in and out of her. As I picked up speed, so did my assault on her clit. She started cumming and I got on top of her to see her face as she came. When a woman cums the look on their face is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

When she calmed down she opened her eyes. “I can’t believe you shoved my dildo in my ass and I can’t believe how good it felt.”

I kneel on the bed and look down at the ass, the dildo stuck in her cute asshole, not her pussy like I thought. “I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where it was going and when it went in I figured I had your pussy.”

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t the first time something went up there, but Mark isn’t into anal.”

Just then Amy’s phone buzzed and we realized time had gotten away from us. I look at the clock and she looked at her phone she started crying. As I tried to console her, I found out that Mark had sent her a text just saying “it’s over Amy, thanks for that last quickie.” I didn’t even know what to think. Who says something like that, to their wife, in a text message? Amy tried calling him and she said she could tell he was hanging up on her. After I tried a few times myself, he sent me a text saying he was sorry for leaving me like that, but he was done with her and even joked that I was lucky I drove separate. Then he sent her a text that he was already on his way home and his friends had already started packing his things. After that, we just spent the rest of the night with her crying into me. Clearly he was no the man we thought he was.

That’s how I woke up the next day, still with Amy clinging onto me naked, with a dildo still stuck in her ass and my morning wood resting against her bush. Given everything that happened last night, I figured Amy needed all the rest she could get.

Replaying the events of last night, I watched one of the hottest girls I’ve met masturbate, then got my first blowjob, ate my first pussy, and then found out that the woman I did all this was suddenly abandoned by her husband. I should have felt guilty, especially when I realized that she is now single, but I wasn’t, since Mark turned out to be such a douche. As I lay there, careful not to wake her, I slowly start jerking. I did have enough control not to stick it in her, even though it was Bayan escort so close and I was still a virgin. I’m still a gentleman after all.

As she started to wake up I did stop and she did look me in the eyes and tried to smile, but I could tell she was still devastated. I got up went to grab my clothes to put on, still feeling self-conscious being naked in front of someone, but she stopped me.

“After last night I don’t think you need to be shy around me. But I could use some coffee.”

As I went over to the fridge and got out some iced coffees from the fridge she was pulling the dildo out of her ass and pulled on those same blue panties I took months ago.

“THESE I will wear since you like them so much” she said with a smile. As we drank our drinks, she told me that things between her and Mark hadn’t been going well, and that he changed since they got married. She wasn’t surprised he was going to leave her, just not like this.

Since we both skipped dinner the night before, we decided we needed to get something to eat before we figured out what to do next. I offered to go out and grab some food to bring back, and instantly regretted it. Before she started to totally melt down, I said we both go, which made her feel better.

“I know you wouldn’t abandon me like Mark, but I don’t want to be alone right now. I do need a shower though.”

I tried saying that I could bring back food before she was done, but she grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. The coffee was getting to me and I really needed to pee and she said she always wanted to watch a guy piss, and in return she pee for me. So we got into the shower together and at that point, I let loose aiming straight at her bush. After about 15 seconds I finally stopped, enjoying the view of her body soaked from the waist down in my urine.

“Wow. Here lift my leg up.”

I grabbed her left leg and lifted it up to my shoulder as she steadied herself on the wall. With her free hand she parted her lower lips so I had a good view and shot a powerful stream, hitting my cock which was now rock hard. It was amazing, so warm and so intimate. When she stopped She said the two words I’ve been waiting for so long.

“Fuck me!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I lined up my manhood and shoved it in to the warmest, wettest, and tightest hole I ever felt.

“You’re so much bigger than Mark! He was only like 4 inches.”

Now I won’t claim to be huge, I’m average size, but hearing that was all the encouragement I needed. I picked her up by her ass as she wrapped her legs around my waist, pushed her back against the wall and pounded ad hard as I could. Just as I felt her pussy clamp down around me, I shot my seed deep up into her. After that, we spent most of the time naked together, unless we had to go out, but she never left my side. When we got back, we found that Mark had left a note, saying she was just a first marriage and he needed to move on. All of his stuff was gone so we packed up what little he left, mostly just her clothes, and she moved in with me. One year later we were married and Amy was pregnant with twins.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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