Amy Falls in Love Ch. 02

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A bright summer sun shone into Amy’s room shortly after dawn, and its warm rays tickled the sleeping young woman’s eyelids, setting off bright colors and enticing images of the strong, handsome man who had visited her in the night.

Amy awoke, smiling and satisfied, and stretched. Her mind buzzed with the possibilities of who her secret lover might have been. She knew she knew him; she’d smelled that aftershave before, even in his grunting there were hints of familiarity.

But as she ran down the list of the men she knew to still be in the cabin, each seemed less likely than the others. There were three. Of them, Sam had been married for years, but he had never so once as glanced slyly in her direction, and besides, his wife was with him. Chad was a friend of Larry’s, but he was too chubby to be the muscular hunk who’d so delightfully ravished her in the night.

That left … no, of course not.

The fact that the whole memory depended on touch and sound, on imagination, left Amy in a state of happy wonderment. She didn’t want to spoil the mystery by talking about it. After she donned jeans and a tight black sleeveless T-shirt, she made herself a cup of coffee and went to sip it out on the screened-in sun porch.

So lost in her reverie was Amy that she didn’t notice the double doors open, or notice who had come in until she heard the doors locking closed.

“Oh, hi, Larry,” Amy said dreamily.

“Good morning, Amy,” her brother replied sweetly. “Sleep well?”

Amy blushed to the marrow. She felt as if she had been doused with icy water as the mystery evaporated in a flash. She recognized the breathing pattern now, and that low, guttural laugh as her own brother’s. She leapt to her feet, furious.

“You– you– rapist!” she snapped.

“I don’t think you can call it ‘rape’ after the fifth orgasm,” Larry replied, grinning.

“You bastard! What were you thinking!”

“The same as you, I think,” he said. “That maybe Chuck isn’t good enough for you.”

“Oh, and you are?”

Larry said, approached her. “You had the time of your life last night, Sis. Admit it.”

“You son of a bitch,” she snarled, and turned her back to him. “Stay away from Giresun Escort me.”

Silence. Amy almost thought he’d left, but then Larry’s brawny arms encircled her waist from behind. A warm, insistent length nestled in the cheeks of her denim-cloaked ass, and Larry’s breath was hot in her ear.

“I hate you,” she said, stiffening her back.

Larry’s lips found the nape of her neck, and his fingers popped the snap in her jeans. He opened the zipper slowly, exposing her dark panties. His hand slid easily, with familiarity, under the elastic, digging happily through her thick, black thatch of pubic hair.

Against her will, Amy sighed. Larry pushed his throbbing cock against her, and Amy pushed back.

“Maybe you hate me,” he breathed, “but you love this.”


But he nibbled her neck and massaged her clit at the same time. Amy felt her outrage and resistance melting; somehow, Larry got his other hand under her T-shirt and was rubbing her tiny, willing breast to full arousal.

“Turn around, honey,” he whispered.

Amy obeyed her older brother, closing her eyes and tilting her head back, knowing what would be next. This was complete betrayal of her fiancee, but, she rationalized, maybe Larry would be satisfied with just one more …

Larry’s lips were hot and moist, his tongue dove down long and deep. Amy kissed him back, hating herself for her weakness, hating herself for knowing Larry’s motives, but … last night …

“I’ve locked the doors,” Larry said as he lifted her T-shirt off.

“Brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do this,” Amy said, unbuckling his belt.

“Inbreeding is how we get thoroughbreds,” Larry replied.

Amy was now lost in lust. Brother or not, she had to have just one more fuck from him. Tactile memories, memories built on scent, while evocative, leave out the more powerful memories you can only retain through sight. Yes, they had made love like crazed wild animals; yes, each had had the most powerful erotic experiences of their lives.

But Larry had never seen his sister’s nipples, never saw her breasts rapidly rising and falling with desire, desire for him, never saw her hair splash Giresun Escort Bayan across the pillow in the night as he rammed his powerful cock forcefully into her.

Amy, for her part, had been left thoroughly satisfied by her brother’s cock, but even though she’d been roundly rogered with it, she didn’t know what color it was, or, really, how long it was. For that matter, she had yet to taste it. After the oral adventure she had had the night before, she felt she owed Larry at least a lick.

The siblings peeled each other’s clothing away. Amy’s breasts filled Larry’s palms like large oranges; her nipples covered the round curves like sand dollars, and poked out sharply like pebbles on the beach.

Larry brought them to his lips and licked, nibbling gently.

“Ohhh,” Amy said. “Larry, what are we doing?”

Larry fell back on the sofa, which faced the lake. His cock, purple and fierce, poked straight into the air.

“Your turn on top,” he said with a charming grin.

“Just a minute.”

Amy took Larry’s seven inches in her hand, stroked it for a minute. Then she brought her lips close to the purple tip, her warm breath adding another degree of stiffness to the already sizzling iron flesh.

“I’ve never sucked a guy’s cock before,” Amy said teasingly, masturbating her brother gently. “What should I do?”

Amy kissed the head, and then ran her tongue down the shaft.

“Jesus!” Larry gasped.

“How was that?” Amy asked.

Before Larry could reply, Amy took his thick cockhead between her lips, and licked it thoroughly with the tip of her tongue.

“Was that good?” she asked, and then she took in as much throbbing, stiff cock as she could take. Not teasing now, Amy bobbed her head and worked her tongue around her brother’s pulsing shaft. Suddenly inspired, she brought up her other hand, with its long nails, and used them to scratch Larry’s balls.

“Amy!” Larry gasped. “Sis! If you don’t– too late!”

Larry’s cock stiffened in Amy’s mouth, surprising her. She cupped her brother’s balls in her hand; they were like a pair of hot coals nestling in her palm. Amy drew back and thrust her tongue forward as Larry Escort Giresun came, firing spurt after spurt of sperm into his sister’s sucking mouth.

Not knowing what else to do, Amy swallowed. It didn’t taste that bad; rather salty. Instinctively, she bobbed for more. When Larry’s cock fell quiet, she let it slide slowly from her lips.

“Jesus, Sis,” Larry sighed. “That was so–“

But Amy sat on Larry’s lap, her nipples pressing against his, her groin aligned with his, and she silenced him with a kiss.

“How fast can you recover?” she whispered.

In reply, Amy felt a twitch inside her thigh.

Larry laughed.

“Still hate me?” he said, and kissed her. His hands stroked her ass, then he began to caress her tiny tits. In minutes his cock was erect again, almost at its full glory.

Amy squeezed it, stroked it, made it as hard as it had ever been. Raising her slight torso, she bent his cock back and rubbed the head against her dripping notch. Ever so slowly, Amy slid down the throbbing, hungry shaft.

“You can take more time now,” she whispered as she moved her hips in time with his.

Larry did take his time, playing with his sister’s body, fucking her slowly, massaging her various, and numerous, erogenous zones, enjoying the sight of her long, soft black hair dancing all over her body, and when she leaned close, all over his tawny, hairy chest. He caught strands in his fingers and played with it as he thrust upward into his horny sister.

“I’m almost there, Larry,” Amy whispered. “Where are you?”

“Right here, honey,” Larry replied. He found Amy’s clit with his left thumb, and massaged her to orgasm even as his own approached. The timing would be very delicate, but …

“Yes!” Amy barked. “Yes! Now! Now!”

Larry obliged with a potent blast of sperm, everything he had left from last night and the surprise blow job. Groaning an inarticulate syllable, the tendons on his thick brown neck standing out, he looked at his ecstatic sister with blazing eyes as he detonated the last his overworked, but satisfied, testicles had to offer.

When it was over, Amy fell onto Larry’s chest, gasping and, for now, satiated.

“Wow,” the siblings said simultaneously.

Noises from the kitchen. Suddenly, they knew what danger they were in.

“I’ll clean up,” whispered Larry.

“Good,” Amy replied, hastily donning her clothes. “Let’s talk later.”

Their parting kiss was short, but sweet.

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