Amy Rushes Delta Epsilon Pt. 01

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Fair warning that this story gets off to a slow start; there isn’t really much more than a little girl on girl kissing here. I wanted to spend some time introducing Amy, and also some of the side characters, since I plan on writing more chapters, which will definitely turn the heat up way more than this one 😉

** Every single character in this story is 18 or older **


Delta Epsilon was known as the most prestigious sorority in all of Melkener College, or Melk as its students would call it. Delta Epsilon was known to have the hottest girls and its brother fraternity, Phi Delta, was known to have the hottest guys. That aside though, DE was also a fantastic career booster for its members; the sorority regularly handed out hefty scholarships to its distinguished members, and was rife with business connections, as most of the girls’ parents were business tycoons of some variety.

And this was precisely why Amy Li was so keen on always impressing her hopeful soon to be sisters. She had managed to become a pledge solely because of her older sister, Katie, who had been one of Melk’s DE representatives for the Panhellenic Conference three years prior. And though Amy was ever so grateful to her older sister for that, a part of her did feel a sting of resentment that she required her older sister’s help to even be eligible to rush. After all, Katie hadn’t required anyone’s help to secure her bid.

Though she would hardly admit it to anyone, Amy was always a little jealous of her older sister. Katie Li was the talk of the school, at every school they had ever attended, even as far back as Stratford Middle. While Amy was smart, Katie was brilliant. While Amy was a good pianist, Katie was a great pianist. And while Amy was a rather fragile, petite young woman, Katie was a strong, athletically built, sexy grown woman, though only 3 years set them apart. Strangely enough, Amy was proud of that last distinction between her and her sister; in school she had developed the reputation as the “cute one” and Katie had developed the reputation as the “hot one”. Amy took pride in being the “cute one”, and besides, she would never be comfortable being the recipient of all the gawks and gazes that Katie got everywhere she went. Though, she did sometimes dream about what it would be like. This latent jealousy and innate sense of competition Amy felt with her sister, had pushed Amy to rush for DE, a move high school Amy would never have been comfortable with.

Amy reflected upon all this as she rushed down the Ave towards the sorority circle. She couldn’t believe she was already twenty minutes late. God, I hope they’re not too mad, Amy thought frantically. She couldn’t lose the opportunity of a lifetime, simply because she’d lost track of time binging Terrace House.

She arrived at DE’s house at almost 7:30, and gingerly knocked on the front door. She waited with bated breath, silently going over her checklist in her head. Heels? Check. Lipstick? Check. Purse? Check. Sexy but revealing dress that she did not feel comfortable in? Check. That last one had been on Katie’s behest.

The door in front of Amy slowly opened, and she was met face to face with Vanessa. Amy swore silently to herself. Of all the girls in DE, Vanessa was easily the bitchiest.

“Oh! Amanda right?” Vanessa said in her vaguely Southern drawl. Amy narrowed her eyes and she opened her mouth to retort, but she held herself back. They had literally gotten dinner three times this week, but whatever, it was okay.

“No, sorry, Amy. We got dinner together yesterday, remember?” Amy responded politely. Vanessa smirked.

“Well, Amy, if I can barely remember your name, you probably can’t afford to be thirty minutes late,” Vanessa sad delicately, staring Amy down. Amy flushed, but didn’t retort. Truth be told, Vanessa intimated Amy more than a little. Vanessa was like the poster girl sorority girl; tall, but not too tall, leggy, conventionally attractive, blonde, Southern girl. Amy was a shorter, skinnier, black haired, Asian American girl. She felt insecure around some of the sisters, like Vanessa, and couldn’t help but marvel at how Katie had not only managed to fit in, but become one of the most popular sisters.

“I-I’m sorry. I got caught up…w-with work,” Amy said lamely. Vanessa rolled her eyes and beckoned Amy to come in.

“Follow me,” she commanded. Amy obliged. Vanessa led Amy into the house. Though this was probably her millionth time in the house this week alone, Amy still marveled güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri at the relative luxuriousness of the DE house. It was the largest frat or sorority house on campus, and thus, by definition, larger than all the other student houses. It was a three story mansion that sprawled over a large hill. If Amy remembered correctly there were 15 bedrooms alone and multiple kitchens and lounge areas.

“So Amy, do you know what we’re doing tonight?” Vanessa interrupted Amy’s marveling.

“Um, no actually. My big didn’t tell me anything about today,” Amy responded.

“I see. What a shame. Well, it’s a…bonding event for the pledgees,” Vanessa said, “Each sister gets a group of three or four pledgees and plans an event for her group. I’m surprised you weren’t made aware of this. Actually, I’m kind of surprised you’re not in your big’s group…” Vanessa trailed off. Amy felt her panic rising again. She looked up at Vanessa, trying to discern if she was purposely trying to scare her. But, for once, Vanessa looked like she was being 100% genuine. Amy even thought she saw a flicker of sympathy in Vanessa’s gray eyes.

“M-maybe Gina’s trying to surprise me?” Amy said. Vanessa clicked her tongue.

“Naw, Gina already had four in her group. And they left fifteen minutes ago.”

Amy’s stomach dropped. DE’s rushing and initiation process worked very differently from most sororities, in accordance with its higher statue. As with most sororities, each pledge is given a “big”; but, unlike most other sororities, one active sister could have up to four littles, and at the end of the initiation period, she chooses to keep only one of the four as her little. That girl is formally invited to become part of DE. The other three become fringe members if any other sister vouches for them. If no one vouches for them, then they have their shiny new membership revoked and are told to try again next year, which of course literally no girl does.

And Amy was one of Gina’s littles. Gina and Amy didn’t have the best relationship, but Amy was trying her damndest to change that. And she really thought she was starting to make headway. Amy knew the only reason Gina had picked her was because Gina was one of Katie’s best friends and vice versa. And much to Amy’s chagrin, Gina was supremely disappointed when she learnt Amy and Katie were more dissimilar than similar.

“Well, you’re not the only one without a group today sweetie. A few other girls showed up late too so were disqualified for today’s event. I was supposed to have the week off from sorority activities, but…” Vanessa said. Amy perked her head up. She held her breath, positively quivering with trepidation. Vanessa sighed.

“I guess I could help you girls,” Vanessa finished. Amy yelped.

“Thank you sooo much Vanessa! You don’t know what this means to me,” Amy cried out. Vanessa just rolled her eyes.

“You’re gonna have to…work for it though. Anything I want,” Vanessa said with a sly smile. Amy paused. She didn’t like the sound of Vanessa’s voice, but what choice did she have? Vanessa had made it a point to make every pledgee’s life miserable, so Amy could only imagine what she would do to four pledgees who had missed the most important DE event yet.

“Sure. Of course,” Amy responded. Vanessa turned around and continued marching down the hallway, and Amy followed close behind. Vanessa led Amy into the bedroom at the far end of the hallway. There Amy’s heart leapt with joy as she saw the other girls in the room. The other pledges Vanessa was talking about were Anna, Amy’s childhood friend; Julie, a college classmate; and, to Amy’s ever growing excitement, Crystal! Crystal was one of the other girls that Gina had taken under her wing for this rush season, and unlike Amy, Crystal had a budding relationship with Gina. In fact, Amy was certain Crystal was Gina’s favorite. And seeing as Amy hadn’t gotten to know many other sisters too well, Amy knew Gina was her only way into this sorority period. Which made Crystal her direct competitor and roadblock.

“Anna! You also missed the event?” Amy exclaimed, grateful to see her friend. Anna looked up and smiled weakly back at Amy. Amy raised her eyebrows, but Anna looked away. She was dressed in a tight maroon dress that accentuated her curves and matched well with her chocolatey skin and hazel eyes and looked absolutely stunning as always.

Amy turned to face Crystal. For once, Crystal was quiet. She usually couldn’t keep her mouth shut, but today she didn’t say a thing. Vanessa cleared her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri throat and Amy turned around.

“Alright girls, so it looks like we have a full group, so I guess we’ll do this makeshift rushing event. The purpose of tonight was twofold. It was both to develop stronger relations with your sisters and also to make rounds at some of our sister groups, frats and sororities alike,” Vanessa said. She was making exclusive eye contact with Amy, so Amy guessed that she had already told the others all this.

“Now, I hadn’t planned on having a group of stragglers, so we have no dinner reservations, nor a social invite to attend. So I’m thinking we can play a little game to get to know each other a little more intimately,” Vanessa said. Something about her voice simultaneously sent a shiver down Amy’s spine, but also made her heart beat faster in excitement. She’d heard that DE used to have certain…hazing rituals. Katie had allegedly gone through some, but she always had refused to tell Amy about them, always saying that the sorority was phasing them out even when she had rushed, so they would definitely be gone by the time Amy rushed. Amy, then, could only resort to her imagination as to what these hazing practices could be. She had come up with many scenarios in her mind, and had even taken up to deciding which hypotheticals she would be okay with and which she wouldn’t.

“We’re gonna play a little Strip Dare!” Vanessa exclaimed clapping her hands together. Amy’s heart fell. She had figured there would be something embarrassing planned, and from some of the whispers she had heard during earlier events, DE’s used to love forcing its pledges to put themselves on display, so to speak. Now she understood Anna’s tenseness and Crystal’s quietness.

“B-b-but, I thought…I thought that these sort of practices were banned,” Amy piped up. She heard Crystal hiss from behind her.

“Hmm, you’re right I guess. Well, maybe I’ll just have to report you four as latecomers. You won’t get any credit for tonight’s event, and I’ll be sure to make special mention to Gina,” Vanessa said. The other three cried out in protest from behind Amy.

“I’ll give you four some time to think about this. My offer is non negotiable, take it or leave it. Either all four of you play, or none of you do,” Vanessa said, relishing each word. She spun around and left the room, closing it behind her. Amy turned around slowly to face the other three. They all stared at each other for a minute. Finally Crystal spoke up.

“Look girls, I know we don’t all know each other too well, but I for one, really need this bid. We have to do this,” she said. Julie nodded her head. Anna looked back at Amy, seemingly waiting for Amy to respond first. Amy stared back at Anna.

“I-I-I don’t know. What do you think?” Amy asked Anna. Anna twisted her straight, jet black hair nervously. She sighed.

“I’m in” she said finally. Amy gazed into her hazel eyes and saw a resoluteness she knew all too well. Anna really wanted this bid too. Amy paused. Me too. I really want this too. Right? She wasn’t sure anymore. She hadn’t stripped in front of anyone ever; she and Anna had of course seen each other in their undies in the gym, but that was it. And even that used to make Amy uncomfortable. Luckily this would just be in front of girls only; and all of whom she knew, even if regrettably so. She sighed.

“Fine, I’m in then too,” Amy said.

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” Anna said dejectedly, as she walked past Amy to open the door. She called out for Vanessa. A few minutes later, Vanessa appeared. She leaned against the door frame, hands on her hips, waiting expectantly.

“We’re all in,” Crystal said firmly. Vanessa beamed.

“Excellent! Let’s get started,” she said. They all sat down in a circle on the ground, and Vanessa took her phone out and placed it in the center.

“Just so there isn’t any collusion amongst you ladies, we’ll use a little app one of the DE girls created to give us our dares. When it’s your turn, tap the phone, and it’ll give you a list of dares to pick from; pick one and choose someone to do the dare. That person can either perform the dare or take off some clothing. There are three levels of dares, the level being based off how humiliating the dare is. If you choose to strip instead of the dare, you have to remove as many pieces of clothing as the level the dare was of; this is to basically punish constantly passing on tougher dares. Person who gave the dare gets to choose what the other person should güvenilir bahis şirketleri remove. Make sense?” Vanessa said. Amy nodded as did the other girls. Vanesa clapped her hands together.

“Perfect! I’ll go first then,” she said as she reached over for the phone in the center.

“Hmm alrighty: kiss the person you find most attractive in the group. Level 1 dare. How about you, Amy?” Vanessa said pointing at Amy. Amy’s heart started thudding and she felt her hands become a little clammy. She looked around nervously. Should I strip? Who should I pick? If she was honest, she found Anna the most attractive; they’d been friends forever, and since the day they met, Amy had always been a little envious of Anna’s curvy yet petite body.

“A-Anna…I think you’re the cutest,” Amy said her voice trailing off. Anna giggled nervously. Amy looked over at Vanessa, and Vanessa just raised her eyebrows in response. Amy crawled over to Anna, and looked into her hazel eyes. Anna gave her a slight smile and a half shrug, and Amy leaned in and kissed Anna. She gave a small peck and withdrew, but Vanessa cleared her throat.

“I think the spirit of the game probably calls for a little more passion Amy,” Vanessa said with an exaggerated drawl. Amy flushed. She leaned back and planted another kiss on Anna, this time wrapping her right hand around Anna’s waist, and leaning in on her. To Amy’s surprise, Anna reciprocated, and even stuck her tongue into Amy’s mouth. Amy shivered a little, half from nervousness and half from the electric pleasure from kissing. This was her first time kissing another girl; even besides that, she’d only really ever kissed two guys, so there was still a huge rush of novelty when she kissed someone. Amy withdrew after a minute, and sat back down, hot from a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. She felt her panties become a bit moist and felt her face simultaneous flush deep red. Vanessa whistled, and Amy looked down, unable to look either Anna or Vanessa in the eye. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was incredibly turned on already.

“Ooh, you went from 0 to 100 real quick, I like it girl. Alright, Amy you’re up next,” Vanessa said. Amy leaned over and tapped the phone. Three dares were presented: Spank your ass the ass 10 times [Level 1], finger yourself over clothes [Level 2], bind your hands and feet with rope until your next dare [Level 2]. Amy’s heart sank. While grateful she wasn’t the recipient of these dares, she hated to be giving them out; but also, she was starting to realize exactly what sort of game this would be, and she wasn’t liking it.

Which one? And who should I pick? Her first thought was to target Vanessa, but she didn’t want to earn Vanessa’s ire, because she would be sure to target Amy in turn, and pick the worst dares at that. Amy glanced up at Crystal. She thought about all the times Crystal had sucked up to Gina, all the times she had explicitly pulled herself ahead in this sorority bid race, oftentimes at Amy’s expense. Amy smiled slightly.

“Crystal, I dare you to let me spank your ass 10 times, Level 1” Amy said boldly, surprising herself at the firmness in her voice. Crystal, too, seemed surprised and looked up at Amy with widened eyes.

“Yeah, I’ll just strip,” Crystal said cooly, standing up. She reached behind and unzipped her dress, and then slipped out of it in one smooth motion. She struggled a little shimmying the dress down her body, gradually revealing a light grey lace bra, and eventually, matching light grey panties. Amy couldn’t help but notice how firm Crystal’s breasts looked; likely 34C’s and very much perky, they looked like they were begging to be set free from the sexy lace bra.

Crystal stepped out of her dress, folding it and placing it behind her. She sat back down, perfectly poised. She hadn’t seemed the least bit nervous or rattled! Amy seethed internally. She was surprised at just how badly she had wanted to humiliate Crystal.

Vanessa cleared her throat, “Sorry one more thing. When you’re completely naked you have to perform a forfeit dare. Think of it like a Level 4 dare; it’ll be way, way more…involved…than the dares we’re getting right now. So don’t think removing clothing is a one way ticket out of doing a dare,” she said with a wink and a mischievous grin. Crystal opened her mouth seemingly in protest, but then closed it, and regained her normal cool composure.

Amy nervously processed the new information. So she had to be sparing with how many dares she passed.

“Wait, so then how many rounds will we play? Or will everyone eventually end up doing a forfeit?” Amy asked.

“Good question! We’ll play until last woman standing; so basically three people will ‘lose’. Give you incentive to get other people out of their clothes fast,” Vanessa said with a wink aimed at Crystal.

The game had suddenly become way more interesting.

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