Amy’s Christmas Guest Ch. 22

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When I woke in the morning, the skies were grey and rain was running down the windows.

Amy stirred, still in my arms, and opened her eyes. She grinned. “Bet the sun’s shining in – how do you say it? Kalaikunda.”

I kissed her cheek. “Looks like we’re the first ones awake again. We should probably all have a decent breakfast – I know the airline food is good, but it won’t hurt to have a proper meal inside us before we get going.”

I got out of bed, and Amy followed. We went down to the kitchen and I started frying bacon, while Amy buttered bread.

Sarah and Laura came into the kitchen. “Smells good,” said Laura.

I put a plate of sandwiches on the table, and we started to eat.

When the sandwiches were gone, I poured us more coffee, and we went through into the living room. It was still raining steadily.

“The car will be here for us in an hour,” I said. “We’d better do our last bits of packing.”

The girls disappeared upstairs, and I followed Sarah after them. I dressed, then looked round the bedroom again, making sure I’d not forgotten anything vital.

“Got your passport?” Sarah grinned.

I patted my jacket pocket. “We all got new ones when we went to Satpura.”

I picked up my case. “Mine’s on the landing,” said Sarah.

We went out onto the landing and I picked up Sarah’s case in my other hand. I heard the car pull up outside.

“Ready, girls?” I called.

Amy and Laura reappeared with their cases. We went down the stairs, and I opened the door. The driver took our luggage and put it in the boot.

I locked the door, then walked away from the house, turning to take one last look.

I squeezed in beside Amy and Laura in the back seat, and Sarah got into the front. The car pulled away down the drive and out of the gates, the windscreen wipers moving hypnotically.

Sarah turned to look at us.

“You OK?” she asked.

I nodded.

“We’ll be fine,” said Amy, putting one arm round Laura’s shoulders and the other round mine.

We were soon on the motorway, and as we approached the airport a 747 thundered low overhead.

“Unmistakeable, aren’t they?” said Sarah. She sighed. “Such a shame they retired Concorde – I would have liked to be the second female pilot to fly her.”

“Second?” I asked curiously.

“Barbara Harmer was the first,” Sarah explained. “She got to fly with Tom Cruise in the cockpit once.”

“Huh,” I said.

“What’s up, Tim? You sound a little jealous,” teased Laura. I pinched her lightly. “Ow!”

Another aircraft flew overhead. “Now I’d settle for flying that,” said Sarah.

“What is it?” asked Amy.

“The new Airbus. I think Tim booked us on it.”

“That’s right,” I said. “Remember, girls, our first flight was on one of those last time, when we went to Satpura.”

Amy grinned. “They’re pretty luxurious.”

The car pulled up at the departure area, and we got out. I found a trolley and put the suitcases on it, and Amy and Laura pushed it through to the check-in area.

We checked in, and cleared security straightforwardly, şişli bayan escort then made our way through duty-free. I spotted the coffee shop where we’d stopped before.

“Apple Danish, Amy?”

She grinned, pleased that I’d remembered.

“Spiral one for you, Laura?” I continued.

Laura nodded. I turned to Sarah.

“How about you?”

She looked at the selection. “Hmm, pecan and maple, I think.”

I bought the pastries and coffee and we sat down to eat.

Laura used her finger to pick up the last crumbs of her pastry, then glanced up at the departure board.

“Looks like they’re ready for us,” she said.

We made our way to the departure lounge, but before we had a chance to sit down, the announcement came over the address system. “Would all first-class passengers please report to boarding.”

We walked to the desk, and the smiling stewardess checked our boarding passes.

“Please, Mr Smith, follow me.”

We walked after her down the metal corridor. I felt the usual thrill as we approached the aircraft door, and then we were inside. The stewardess took us up the stairs to the row of first-class cabins.

This time we walked to the end of the corridor, and the stewardess opened the door to a larger cabin than we’d had on our previous trip.

“Goody,” said Amy. “Room for all of us.”

The stewardess smiled at her, and closed the door behind us. Amy bounced on one of the couches and Laura took the adjacent one.

I let Sarah choose from the two remaining couches, then sat down on the last one.

“Better strap in, girls,” advised Sarah. Unsurprisingly she had picked up the sound of the engines spooling up before I did.

We fastened our lap belts and settled back for takeoff. The plane started to move, and shortly we were pressed back into our seats by the force of the engines. I reached across to take Sarah’s hand as the plane lifted from the runway.

We reached cruising altitude, and I brought the images from the plane’s cameras up on the viewscreens. The blue of the atmosphere faded to black, and I could clearly see the curve of the Earth.

Sarah squeezed my hand.

“I’d love to be flying this thing,” she said, “but right now there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than here with you and the girls.”

There was a discreet knock on the cabin door. I undid my lap belt and opened the door to find a stewardess with a trolley standing outside. “Ready for a meal, sir?”

I nodded, and she brought the trolley in and served us.

“To drink?” she asked.

“Bottle of wine?” I asked Sarah. She nodded.

“Red, please,” I said to the stewardess. She opened a bottle and poured for us, then left.

We enjoyed our meal, and finished the wine between us.

“Now,” I said, “should we get some sleep? Long trip still ahead of us.”

Amy smiled. “Are you kidding? All this privacy, and you’re not going to take advantage?”

“The couches are a bit small, though,” said Laura.

“This cabin has one more surprise,” I said, opening a sliding door at the back that the girls hadn’t şişli escort noticed.

“Oho,” said Sarah, “a proper bed!”

“Not as big as we’re used to at home, but it’ll do,” I grinned.

Laura was first into the room, and sprawled out on the bed.

“Hey, don’t take up all the room,” Amy pretended to scold, and the two girls scuffled playfully.

“Room for another one?” I asked, kneeling on the end of the bed. “Hey!”

Amy had hooked one arm around my neck and overbalanced me so that I landed between her and Laura. They stopped scuffling, and looked down at me; they were breathing a little heavily because of their exertions.

“Well, Amy, look what we’ve caught,” Laura said, anticipation obvious in her voice.

“What shall we do with it?” asked Amy.

“Well, we’ll have to unwrap it first,” said Laura, starting to undo my shirt. Amy grinned, and undid my belt; my role as unwilling captive slipped slightly as I lifted my hips to allow her to remove my jeans and then my Y-fronts.

Laura slipped my shirt off. “Wonder what it tastes like?” she said. She leaned down and kissed me on the mouth, lightly at first then deeper. She used her tongue, and I responded in kind. As we kissed, not surprisingly I started to get an erection.

“Hey, Laura,” called Amy, “this bit moves. It might be useful.” She quickly slipped off her jeans and t-shirt, leaving just her panties and bra, and knelt over me so that she was pressing her opening against my hardness, separated only by thin fabric.

She moved against me. “Mmm, definitely useful.” She paused, and finished undressing, then returned to the same position, sliding her wetness against me.

Laura broke our kiss to watch Amy for a moment.

“Wonder what else it can do?” she said. She followed Amy’s example and undressed fully, then knelt over me, facing Amy. I took my cue and extended my tongue to lightly touch her back opening; she gasped, and said, “Amy, it moved by itself.”

Amy lifted her hips slightly and guided me into her as she eased back down. Her face took on a dreamy expression as my hardness filled her.

I tongued Laura again, then moved my hand up to begin to touch her clitoris and enter her with my fingers.

“Mmm,” she said, “this is good. Pity it can’t reach our breasts at the same time.”

Amy brought her hand up to her mouth, used her tongue to moisten her fingers, and reached out to Laura’s breast, sliding the tips of her wet fingers over the nipple. Laura gasped, and I felt her tense. I probed a little more deeply with my tongue, then swirled the tip around Laura’s pink star.

Amy started to caress both of Laura’s breasts, and as if in a trance Laura moved her hands to touch Amy in return. Amy leaned forward, and the two girls kissed. Amy began to slowly move her hips, and I responded to her movement, sliding in and out of her, feeling her hard clitoris pressing against my shaft. My fingers and tongue on Laura became more insistent, and she broke the kiss with Amy and gasped.

Sarah had been watching from beside the bed, and I caught her eye. She smiled, mecidiyeköy escort moving to a position behind Amy. Sarah reached into her bag and produced a familiar slim plastic cylinder. She used her tongue to wet the shaft thoroughly, then very gently touched Amy’s rear opening with the tip.

A wild look came into Amy’s eyes as Sarah touched her, and she began to move more insistently on me. But I could tell that Laura was nearing her climax, and as my tongue slid across her opening, and my fingers continued to move in and around her wetness, suddenly she cried out, her muscles contracting and her body shaking as Amy continued to touch her nipples.

As Laura’s climax subsided, I could no longer hold back my own orgasm as Amy continued to move on me, and I flexed my hips, giving a deep groan as I began to spurt into her. As she felt me release, she reached her own climax and I felt her ripple around my hardness as she orgasmed, pushing down with her hips so I was deep within her.

The two girls wrapped their arms around each other, their rapid breathing slowing. Laura slid off me first, then Amy lifted her hips, looking almost regretful as I came out of her, still fairly hard.

The girls lay down on the bed, holding one another.

“So,” I teased, “you won’t be throwing this one back in and hoping to catch another.” Amy shook her head.

I turned to Sarah. “That was a nice extra touch.”

She grinned. “Anything to help. Now, do you need a bit of a break?”

I nodded. “But not long – I think after a little while, you could easily make me ready again.”

She smiled. “Well, here’s something to be going on with.” She began to undress sensuously, her hands touching her own body as she removed jacket, skirt, blouse, bra, panties.

She lay down facing me, and I put my arms round her and pulled her close. I felt her nipples already hard against my chest, and looked into her face.

“You’re ready now, aren’t you,” I said.

“What do you expect after watching – and helping – you with these two?” she smiled.

I kissed her, and she put her hand behind my head, deepening the kiss. As I felt her tongue on mine, I began to get hard again, and she felt me stir against her stomach. Something in her eyes changed, and she rolled over so that I was on top of her. She parted her legs, and somehow my hardness was already against her entrance. She reached down and guided me into her, lifting her hips slightly so I could slide into her to my full length.

I began to move in her, then lifted myself slightly on my arms and bent my head to tongue her breasts. She reached out and began to stroke my nipples with her fingers. I moved more quickly inside her in response, and she flexed her hips to match my movement. As I gently suckled her, she put her head back and gasped, then moved her hands to my back, her fingertips pressing into my skin.

She began to moan quietly with each thrust, and I felt the tension building within her body. I covered her mouth with mine, and she kissed me hungrily. I felt myself approaching my climax again, and once more groaned as I orgasmed. But Sarah was not quite there, and even after I’d spent myself in her, I continued to move in her. Then finally I felt her rippling around me, her fingers digging almost painfully into my back, her wordless moans of pleasure.

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