An Afternoon with Amanda Ch. 03

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The following day, I waited in anticipation of a message from Amanda, letting me know when she would be coming over, with a friend.

By two o’clock in the afternoon, I was beginning to think she may chickened out. Had our little chat at the end of our last fuck session, made her rethink what we were doing?

My fears were laid to rest when my phone beeped and there was a message from her: “Hey there, big boy! Why don’t you come on over to my place in thirty minutes. I’ve got surprise for you. No need to knock. The door will be unlocked.”

Dropping my phone on to the couch, I stripped off my clothes and headed for the shower, excitedly wondering what the surprise could be.

As the hot water cascaded over my body, I closed my eyes and fantasized about what was to come. I was hoping it was a female friend and we would engage in a lifelong fantasy of mine, to have a three-way. Of course, it could also be another guy. Not as good a fantasy. The thought of another cock wafting around in the breeze didn’t exactly turn me on.

My cock was reacting to all of these thoughts and soon my fingers were firmly wrapped around its girth. A few strokes later and my cock spewed its contents down the drain.

I dried myself quickly and dressed in a dark blue polo shirt and beige chinos. I decided that it might be prudent to wear some underwear, just keep my semi hard cock under control, should I happen to run across any of the neighbours. So I pulled on pair of black micro-fibre boxers.

I slipped on a pair of sneakers and grabbed my door key.

As I walked towards Amanda and Robert’s apartment building, it suddenly hit me that agreeing to Amanda bringing a friend into the equation had made this all the riskier. What if he/she couldn’t be trusted and told Robert? Worse: what if he/she was a friend of Jen’s and Amanda didn’t know?

My heart was hammering in my chest as I approached the door to her apartment.

Was it the anticipation of what lay behind that door, or the fear of where this would all lead?

I pulled on the door handle and the door opened.

Her apartment was built on two levels, with the bathroom, lounge and kitchen on the first floor and the two bedrooms on the upper floor. I closed the door and stood in the hallway. From upstairs I could hear the muffled sound of moaning. I removed my sneakers and padded softly up the staircase.

The door to the bedroom was directly opposite the top of the staircase and wide open when I reached it. The muffled sounds of moaning were much clearer now and sounded more like the moans of ecstasy.

Then I heard Amanda’s voice softly say, “Ahhh!…right there. Stay right there…that’s it…Ohhhhh!”

I peeked through the crack between the door and the doorway and saw two women, naked, on the bed. Amanda was lying on her back, her thighs wide apart. Between them the other woman was kneeling with her delightful backside in the air. Her butt cheeks spread apart and her cute little rosebud appeared to be winking at me. The woman’s hands held Amanda’s thighs apart and I could hear the sound of slurping. It didn’t take much imagination to know what she was doing to Amanda.

As I watched, Amanda arched her back from the mattress and low guttural moan escaped her lips. The other woman suddenly leaned back as a jet of liquid erupted from between Amanda’s thighs, catching the other woman in the face.

They both collapsed into fits of giggles. I took the opportunity to show my face around the door.

They both saw me and Amanda said, “Ah, there you are. I was wondering what had happened to you.”

Then pointing her finger at me, she asked, “Have you been spying on us?”

I admitted as much.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?” I asked.

Pointing to her friend, Amanda said, “Paul, this is Adrienne. I’ve known her since we were 10. She lives in France, but is over here to study for a few months.”

Adrienne had long blonde hair that fell around her shoulders. Her breasts were bigger than Amanda’s B cups, but not as big as my Jen’s, who was a D cup. Her breasts were topped by small nipples surrounded by mid flesh coloured areola. Her pussy was shaven, like Amanda’s except for a tiny triangle of trimmed pubic hair that pointed the way to top of her slit.

Both women were sat on the bed, their legs wide open, their pussies glistening.

I reached out my hand to Adrienne and they both laughed.

“So formal,” said Adrienne, her French accent strongly coming through.

She rose from the mattress and quickly walked around the bed to where I stood and wrapped her arms around my neck. I was taken by total surprise when her lips met mine in a very passionate kiss. Her tongue slid into my mouth, searching for my tongue. After the initial surprise, I settled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her into me.

My cock began to harden.

“She’s quite friendly,” said Amanda.

Her voice seemed a million miles away.

I let gorukle escort bayan my hands slide from Adrienne’s waist to her ass and I cupped each buttock, giving them a gentle squeeze. Adrienne could feel my erection and ground her pussy into my groin area.

She moaned into my mouth and broke off the kiss.

Turning her head to look at Amanda, she said, “He’s ready, I think.”

She let go of my neck and moved away from me.

Yep, sure enough, my cock was trying to poke a hole in the front of my chinos.

I watched as Adrienne looked at Amanda. Amanda winked and nodded. Dropping to her knees in front of me, Adrienne undid the button of chinos and opened them up, pulling them to my knees. My cock was stone hard and straining against the confining material of my boxers. In one quick movement, Adrienne yanked the garment to my knees. My cock sprang from its prison and pointed straight up in the air.

I feel I have to explain that normally this doesn’t happen. The only time I experience an erection of this magnitude is first thing in the morning, before peeing. Most of the time, my old cock is erect at an angle of about ninety degrees. So you could say I was pretty proud of myself.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Adrienne. “He’s huge, Amanda. I know you said he had a big cock, but this, this is a monster.”

“I know,” replied Amanda, smiling. “He also knows what to do with it.”

I sucked in a sharp breath as I felt the warming sensation of Adrienne’s mouth, as it enveloped my erection. Her hand gripped my girth and moved back and forth as she stroked it in time with her sucking. Her tongue wrapped its way around my cock head and her hand massaged my scrotum.

I felt my knees buckle.

“I can’t take much more of this,” I hissed. “I’m going to fall over in a moment.”

Adrienne reluctantly released my penis and I collapsed on the bed. I shimmied up the mattress so that I was almost lying next to Amanda.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” asked Amanda.

“Oh, she’s very good,” I replied, smiling.

Adrienne climbed on to the bed and knelt between my legs. Once more, she gripped my erect phallus and closed her mouth around its thickness. She massaged my balls once more and loud slurping sounds came from her mouth as she moved up and down, along the length of my cock.

Amanda knelt up beside me.

“I can’t let you have all the pleasure,” she said.

I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or Adrienne.

She swung one leg over my chest and straddled me. She moved herself closer to my face until her wet pussy was over my mouth. I placed my hands on each of her buttocks and pushed her closer to me. Her thick, rubbery labia were slippery and glistening with her sweet juices. She settled her cunt onto my lips and I stuck out my tongue. It glided straight into her soft, wet hole and Amanda moaned.

I poked my tongue in and out of her vagina, licking to outer edges and then sliding it, as deep as I could. I was using all of my powers of concentration to please Amanda, but it wasn’t easy under Adrienne ministrations. She sucked each of my testicles into her mouth, while her hand expertly stroked my iron hard cock. She slipped her lips over my mushroom head once more and tried to take my whole length into her throat. At the same time, I felt the intrusion of her index finger as it penetrated my anus.

I adjusted my position slightly, bending my legs and parting them more, to give her better access. I felt her finger go deep into my ass, until it reached my prostate.

I guessed what Adrienne was trying to do.

I increased my tongue fucking of Amanda, who was now frantically rubbing her blood engorged clitoris, in a desperate attempt to come. I could sense she was close to coming and with Adrienne’s finger massaging my prostate I wasn’t far from my own impending orgasm. Both Amanda and I came simultaneously. Her pussy erupted in a torrent of warm, sweet juices, some of which poured into my mouth, the rest flooded my chest. Because of the prostate massage that Adrienne had given me, my orgasm was one of the most intense I have ever had. Rope after sticky rope of hot creamy semen ejaculated from the tip of my cock and into Adrienne’s mouth. She fought to take as much of it as she could. Some it dribbled from her lips and ran down the sides of my concrete cock.

What I didn’t know was that Adrienne had been rubbing her own clitoris and had managed to achieve her own orgasm at the same time.

We had achieved a three-way orgasm.

Adrienne went down to the kitchen to get some orange juice, from the fridge, as we were all very thirsty after our exertions. This left Amanda and I cuddling on the bed.

I took the opportunity of the brief alone time I had with her, to voice my concerns about her friend.

“You know,” I began. “Adding an unknown element to this equation could prove dangerous. How well do you know her?”

Amanda sat up and supported herself on her elbow.

“Adrienne and I have known nilüfer escort bayan each other since we were teenagers,” she replied. “She was a pen friend at first and then after a couple of years, she came to stay with my family as an exchange student. That’s when we really got to know each other, if you get my drift.”

Flicking her long hair away from her face, Amanda continued her story.

“She came back from France, a couple of years ago, to study at a university up in the North and we’ve tried to see as much of each other as possible.”

Tentatively, I asked, “Are you bi-sexual?”

She smiled at my inquisitiveness.

“I wouldn’t say that I am bi-sexual. I have never been attracted to any other women and I’ve slept with more guys than I could care to admit. I just like being with Adrienne.”

I nodded.

“She sort of gives me something that a guy, not just Rob or you for that matter, any guy, could never give me.”

Shifting positions, she added, “There’s no danger of our little secret getting out. She’s not all that keen on Rob anyhow and I think the feeling is mutual.”

“I take it then that you haven’t told him about your relationship with her,” I asked.

“I don’t really feel it would be a good idea, not right now at any rate,” she replied.

The bedroom door swung open and Adrienne walked in carrying a tray with a large glass pitcher full of orange juice and three tall glasses. She set it down on the dressing table, opposite the foot of the bed and began to pour juice into each of the glasses.

Her back was too us and I sat up to take in the beauty and elegance of her naked body. Her long blond hair stopped at the middle of her back, which was long and slender. Her slim waist accentuated the upper and lower halves of her frame. Her buttocks were slightly rosy red and perfectly rounded. The crevice that separated them, parted at the juncture to the top of her thighs affording me a view of her glistening vulva.

My cock began to throb with interest.

“She really is quite beautiful, isn’t she?” I heard Amanda ask me.

I turned to look at her and realised that she had been watching me studying Adrienne.

“Stunning,” I replied.

“Don’t think I can’t hear you,” said Adrienne.

She turned to face us, holding two full glasses of orange juice.

“I hear everything,” she said, smiling.

Adrienne climbed onto the bed, being careful not to slop the juice across the mattress and the bed sheets. She handed a glass to Amanda, who took a huge gulp of juice, but instead of handing me the other glass she lifted my semi erect penis up and dipped the head into the glass, submerging it in the cold juice. I winced a little as the cold fluid covered my mushroom and an inch of my hardening shaft. She stirred the juice a little before lifting my cock from the juice and slurped it into her warm mouth. She sucked along my shaft, without using her hands, taking me all the way into her throat.

It felt incredible.

Amanda drank a little of her orange juice and turned me. Our lips met and she opened her mouth. I realised what she was doing and allowed the cold liquid to pass into my mouth in what turned into a passionate kiss.

Adrienne allowed my cock to slip from her mouth, while she took a gulp from her glass. Keeping the orange juice in her mouth, she took a hold of my now hard penis and pushed into her mouth. The combination of the warm, wet confines of her mouth and the icy cold orange juice was overwhelming. She swallowed the juice and sucked on my cock. At the same time, she had moved the glass under my scrotum and was now dunking my testicles in the sweet, sticky juice.

This girl was a real professional. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Because I was concentrating so hard on not shooting another wad down Adrienne’s throat, I wasn’t paying too much attention to Amanda. I felt her grab my left hand and place it between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet and it was easy to slide two fingers into her sopping hole.

Adrienne stopped sucking my cock and placed the empty glass on the night stand, to my right.

My manhood was now at full attention once more and I felt a delicious warmth envelope it as Adrienne slid her warm wet vagina along the shaft. I must confess that for the most part I had my eyes closed, savouring the experience: a girl on my cock and one riding my fingers. I opened them to see both girls locked in a fevered and passionate kiss. Amanda’s fingers were frantically rubbing Adrienne’s clitoris as she rode my cock harder and harder.

Adrienne took my cock from her pussy and turned around. Adopting a squatting position, she slid back onto my cock once more, to ride me “Reverse Cowboy” style. I supported her body by holding her buttocks and she steadied herself by placing her hands on my thighs.

Amanda changed positions and knelt in front of Adrienne. I couldn’t see, but I could hear that while Adrienne was bouncing up and bursa otele gelen escort bayan down on my cock, Amanda was licking her clitoris, trying to make her come.

Adrienne suddenly cried out and I felt the muscles of her pussy grip my girth.

Then they relaxed, followed by a gushing sensation as her pussy ejected juices along my shaft. She soaked my cock and my balls and I felt Amanda’s tongue licking and her mouth sucking the base of my cock and my scrotum.

Adrienne continued the fuck me through her orgasm and I felt Amanda’s tongue tickle below my scrotum, over my perineum and between the cheeks of my butt. Her tongue probed the outer rim of my anus before I felt the intrusion of her finger. She pushed it all the way in until she found my prostate again and began to massage it.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Adrienne. “Your cock feels massive in my pussy. Come inside me. I want you to come inside me.”

I tried to hold back for as long as I could, but it was all in vain. As I felt my sap rising along my shaft, I pushed my cock up as far as I could into Adrienne’s cunt and then exploded. I painted the walls of her vagina with my thick, creamy semen. Streamer after streamer erupted from the head of my cock.

Adrienne’s body suddenly went rigid and then she relaxed and another flood of pussy juice, mixed with my creamy cum, streamed out of her pussy and flooded my balls and thighs. Adrienne climbed off my cock and between the two of them, Amanda and Adrienne licked and sucked my cock and testicles clean.

As Amanda closed her lips around my extremely sensitive mushroom head, my still hard shaft quivered and jumped in her mouth. Adrienne took each of my swollen balls in her mouth and sucked them, cleaning them of the sticky mixture of cunt juice and semen.

Slowly, my erection subsided and my penis deflated and softened.

Knowing that it would be a while before I could perform again, Amanda turned her attentions to Adrienne again.

The two girls engaged in fevered tongue kissing and each massaged the other’s breasts, tweaking their hard nipples and squeezing their fleshy orbs. I watched as Amanda climbed onto Adrienne, with her ass pointing at Adrienne’s head. Adrienne opened her legs wide and Amanda lowered head over Adrienne’s pussy. Slurping sounds ensued as Amanda lapped at Adrienne’s soaking cunt. Moaning could be heard from behind Amanda’s butt, as she enjoyed Amanda’s ministrations.

From where I was laying, I saw Adrienne reach up and grab Amanda’s buttocks, prying them apart. She lifted her head from the pillow and rimmed Amanda’s arse hole, before plunging her tongue into her equally wet pussy. A gasp erupted from Amanda as she felt the welcome intrusion of Adrienne’s tongue.

I was stunned and amazed at how these girls managed to keep going. In spite of all the orgasms they had previously experienced, they were still hungry for more and still had the energy to please each other.

Amanda looked up momentarily from sucking on Adrienne’s clitoris and winked at me.

“Come over here,” she beckoned. “Get a closer look.”

I crawled over the mattress to these two sex sirens.

This intoxicating scent of sex started to have an effect on me and my cock started to raise its head again. The blood was once more flowing to my pole and it began to rise.

I peered closely as Amanda carefully took each of Adrienne’s thick, rubbery labia between her teeth and nibbled on them. She licked two of her fingers and slid them into Adrienne’s soaking hole. Amanda rammed her fingers right up inside Adrienne’s cunt and pushed up hard.

The result was explosive.

Adrienne let out a howl and a jet of pussy juice erupted from her hole and sprayed across the bed sheet, catching me on the arm and chest, as I tried to get out of the way.

As I licked Adrienne’s sweet juice from my arm, the two girls changed positions and it was Amanda’s turn to be underneath.

Once again, I watched as Adrienne pleasured her lover, sliding her tongue along Amanda’s open slit, onward towards her perineum. She bent Amanda’s legs and almost bent her double, so that her ass was completely exposed. Once again, she poked her tongue into Amanda’s starfish and wiggled it about. Amanda was moaning in ecstasy, whilst finger fucking Adrienne’s arse hole.

My cock was now at full erection and ready for action.

Breathlessly, Amanda said, “Come over here and stand behind Adrienne.”

I stood astride both girls on the mattress. My cock was dripping pre cum over Adrienne’s flawless back.

Amanda motioned for me to squat a little, as she scooped up the copious amounts of pre cum that I was depositing on Adrienne’s body. I watched as she used it as a lubricant, smearing it over Adrienne’s puckered anus, before poking her finger inside her once more.

“Do you want fuck this ass?” Amanda asked.

I nodded.

She smiled and pulled Adrienne’s butt cheeks wide apart, gaping her arse hole a little, at the same time. I smeared some of my pre cum across my cock head and pointed my hard shaft at Adrienne’s cute little puckered hole. I was amazed at how easy it felt, sliding into her butt. But then again, she had the combined juices of me, Amanda and her own to help smooth the passage.

Adrienne’s head rose and she looked back at me, smiling.

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