An Age To Wait Ch. 1

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“Are you going to fuck her?”

“Absolutely not.”

“She wants you to.”

‘So you say.”

My wife, a hyper-sexual creature it has to be said has no qualms about treading over the line. My daughter is about to turn 18 and Martine, my wife wants me to give Jade, my girl a birthday present I for one won’t forget. Or probably forgive myself for. Which is why I don’t want anything to do with it.

“When she was 16 she was asking me what it was like being fucked by you. Telling me how lucky I was.”

‘Well you’re lucky because your my wife then. She’s unlucky because she’s not.”

“You know how hot she gets about you,” she goes on. “She adores you.”

“She can have a cold shower then.”

And what about me? Do I need the cold shower too? Jade is like a teen version of her mother, with larger tits, more curves. I’ve been able to disassociate myself from her sexuality to a large degree, but her new womanhood is disconcerting. She oozes sex like her mother, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone to lose their marbles.

“So what about when I pretend you’re my daddy?” asks Martine. “You lose it then. I can hardly walk the next day after I’ve played your little girl. You give it me like an animal.”

“Well that’s the whole thing isn’t it,” I protest. “It’s play. It’s not real.”

“Fantasy is all based on what you’d like to happen… if you had the nerve.”

I’m not sure about that. I know fantasy serves a purpose; even when it enters extreme territory; especially then I suppose. But what are the ramifications of dragging it into the real world? I might like to tell Martine I’d like to see her fucked by a basketball team, but I don’t really want that to happen. But if I tell her we’re being watched by a dozen people all jerking off, then that would be fine in real life. When Martine plays my daughter, she’s not playing Jade. She’s part of a fiction.

“You’re not playing your daughter,” I reiterate. “You’re playing some other daughter. One that doesn’t exist.”

“Oh, sure,” Martine mocks. A car pulls in the driveway “Speak of the little devil,” Martine smiles.

Jade gorukle escort bayan wanders in and throws a bag down on the sofa. She joins us in the kitchen

“What are you smirking about?” she asks her mother.

“We were just discussing what you’re going to get tomorrow,” Martine says impishly.

“Oh really?” Jade replies. “Well look what I already got.”

Jade retrieves her bag and rustles inside before pulling out a plastic pack with something bright blue inside”

“Giant dildo!” she squeals in delight.

“Jade,” I sigh. “Come on.”

“Liz got it for me.” Jade looks me square in the eyes and says “I can’t wait to try it out.”

“And then pass it on to your mother,” says Martine, examining the thick, tightly packaged toy.

“Well I’m going to need it if I can’t find a real man to help me celebrate being an adult,” Jade says quietly.

“Okay, I’ve got things to do,” I say, and head for my study. I can hear Jade and Martine talking and giggling.

I head up to bed at about 11.30 and ten minutes later Martine enters our room.

“Did Jade go out?” I ask.

“No, she’s watching TV”

“When do you want to give her the new phone?”

“Breakfast I guess.”

“Ah huh.”

“Do you know what I’m going to do?”


“Give you the wettest, hottest blow job of your life.”

“Well if you must,” I laugh. “Is that it?”

“Oh no; there’s going to be much more,” says Martine walking into the en-suite to freshen up.

I turn off the main bedroom lights. The room is dimly lit in red now by a small lamp on a chest of drawers near the door. Martine slides into bed and begins to kiss me.

“Just a sec babe I have to set the alarm.”

It’s 11.55. I wanted to be asleep by now I have to admit but Martine’s attentions are worth staying up for anytime. My cock begins to grow as she flickers her tongue around my ears and plunges it in my mouth. Soon she’s gradually teasing my hard-on with her hand, twisting and stroking and licking the head lightly.

“Come on you bitch,” I whisper. “Take it all in.”

Martine nilüfer escort bayan groans and I feel her lips slide down the shaft of my dick until it lodges at the back of her throat. Then she starts to suck hard. She really knows how to build up pressure. It feels like she’s sucking the cum out of my balls. After several wonderful minutes, she eases away. My eyes are closed. More sucking. But now it seems she’s using a different technique; tighter with her lips with less suction.

I have no suspicions, so Martine’s plan, her deception is a massive shock. While I’m lying back thinking she’s giving me a blow job, she creeps up the bed and asks me…

“How does that feel?”

I open my eyes instantly and look down. Between my legs with her hand wrapped around my dick and her head bobbing up and down is Jade, my daughter, slobbering and sucking at me.

“Jesus!” I cry, and move to sit up.

“Relax,” says Martine. “Say hi to your 18 year old girl.”

“No,” I say. “We can’t do this.”

“Too late daddy,” says Jade. “I’m going to be your real little girl now. Your real dirty little bitch.”

Martine breathes heavily and reaches between her legs. “Oh, that’s it Jade baby, suck it hard.”

For several seconds I realize it’s my last chance. If I don’t get out of this now I’ll end up grabbing that girl and fucking her brains out. Impaling her fresh pussy on my rigid boner. I try to move, but like someone woozy from anesthetic I feel like I’ve entered another world. Soon I forget about my objections and all I can think about is the heat of Jade’s mouth, and Martine, eyeballs rolling, frigging herself, and entreating Jade to go further.

“Oh…Jade honey, sit on daddy’s cock,” she whimpers. “Sit on it so I can see dissapear into your cunt.”

Jade scrambles up and spreads herself across my hips. She grabs my rod and nestles it between her legs, then sinks until I can feel her wet clit against my pubic bone.

“Oh fuck,” she whispers. “Fuck yes… oooh!”

“Fuck the little cat, Paul,” Martine shouts.

I can’t. bursa otele gelen escort bayan Jade is squirming and bucking and clawing at my chest and I can barely move. Martine moves up to Jade and they begin to tongue-kiss.

“This is what you wanted for your birthday isn’t it baby?” Martine says.

“Uh…yeah,” Jade gasps, beginning to shiver with a pre-orgasmic crescendo.

“Get on your back,” Martine orders Jade, and daughter obeys. Before I can think of what I might do Martine is down on Jade, licking at her with long strokes.

“Oh, Jesus mama yes!” Jade squeals. “Suck my clit… suck my clit.”

Martine continues to slurp away at Jade then slaps her ass, and pauses to say, “What the fuck are you waiting for mister.”

“Yeah…daddy…give it to mummy. Fuck her puss- no, fuck her asshole. Fuck the slut in the ass!”

The sound of Jade out of control like this is too much. I can sense that I’m joining them all and to hell with everything else. I grab a tube of lube from the bedside drawer

and smear it on my dick, then squirt more on my thumb and slide it into Martine’s ass.

“Now daddy,” Jade orders, and I direct the tip of my cock into Martine’s butt. I feel her muscles convulse, tightening then relaxing as I press on. Martine lifts her head from between Jade’s legs, breathing hard and says, “Okay, all the way.”

I push hard and my cock is swallowed to the hilt. Jade sighs with delight.

“We’re all going to come together,” she says, the girl in charge.

“Come on fuck me now,” Martine grunts, before slapping her face down again in Jade’s crotch.

Jade looks at me with a wanton smile. I start to pump into Martine as hard as I can. Jade’s body starts to quiver and I thrash my cock up Martine’s asshole with everything I’ve got.

Jade starts to cry, “I’m… yeah… oh… I’m gonna cum!” and as I watch her back arch, I let out an involuntary scream and explode inside Martine. “Now me,” Martine cries. “keep fucking me. Keep fucking me.”

I pump as best I can, still drawing breath from my own orgasm and with her fingers a blur on her own clit, Martine collapses away from me, grabs Jade and shudders with her own orgasm.

For what seems like minutes I stare at my wife and my daughter coiled together on the bed, trying to make sense of the events. I check the pulse of my emotions and I feel fine. The girls look at me with wide smiles. Everybody feels fine. Everybody wants more.

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