An Evening in the Country

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Too fast, He was going too fast. Matt knew it and knew it was reckless but he couldn’t really blame himself.

Matt was thundering through the countryside roads and it was around 1.00 am, one hand on the wheel and one hand up the skirt of Sarah, his girlfriend, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

God she was wet!

15 minutes ago the two of them were nestled in a bar back in town, out on a Saturday night with some of Sarah’s friends to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Matt wasn’t too pleased at having to go out with his girlfriends circle of friends, but hey it was better than having her be mad at him for not coming out with her. The party had dragged on from the beginning but Sarah seemed to be enjoying herself so he didn’t mind too much. By half past midnight Sarah had just finished dancing with some of the girls and came over to talk to him. Matt leaned forward expecting her to ask him to get her another drink, and nearly did a double take when she leaned in to whisper in his ear…”I want to fuck.” Matt simply looked at her and saw the sheer lust inside those brown eyes. “Fuck me she’s serious” Matt thought. He didn’t need telling twice, Matt immediately went to collect their coats while Sarah moved off to say a few quick goodbyes.

They reached the car within five minutes and in the dark of the car park they came together, kissing ferociously. He could taste the wine on her breath and knew she was definitely up for this, as they broke apart she held the bottom of his lip within her teeth for a few seconds. Matt barely even noticed the sharp Escort Bayan pain.

Matt and Sarah were both college students at home for the weekend, and so there were precious few places that they could go to be alone together, during the weekends at least.

So when Sarah groaned “Take me somewhere private Matt” He had to strain himself to think clearly. Something made quite difficult due to the fact his cock was being massaged through his jeans. Matt’s mind was racing, Sarah’s lust was infectious and he was desperate to find somewhere, and so an image of an old country lane he had driven past in his youth popped into his head with the clarity of a fever dream. Matt Buckled up and speed off.

The lane was a slow bend just off a back road in the country side and it only led to a single field and was hidden from sight from the road by a hedgerow so once Matt pulled up in the lane they were hidden perfectly from the casual glance of any passing motorists.

Matt and Sarah immediately came together again, kissing, caressing and biting with savage ferocity. Sarah pulled herself apart from Matt with a tremendous effort, but it was necessary, they needed to move to the backseat. Sarah pushed Matt down on the backseat and started to unbuckle his jeans. Matt’s thick cock burst out and she immediately took him in her mouth. Working her tongue around the end of his stiff cock she knew she was driving him mad. He was already dripping but she had only been sucking on his dick for a few minutes when he groaned “I want to eat that pussy!” Sarah Escort was a bit taken aback that he wanted to move on from getting his cock sucked with such fervour until Matt finished after another groan “While you keep sucking me!” Sarah looked at Matt, a wicked grin on her face. She crawled on top of him and kissed him, Matts fingers moved to unclip her bra and in one swift movement it popped open. She laughed ” You’re getting too good at that!” but she pulled off her top while she said it.

Turning around on him Sarah took him again into her mouth whilst Matt began to pull her thong to the side, exposing her tight wet pussy. Matt kissed, sucked, flicked, rubbed with an almost animalistic passion. He could feel her nipples moving delicately across his stomach as Sarah sucked and grabbed his balls. This drove his passion further and he licked her clit faster and faster while he drove his fingers in and out of her wet pussy, he even touched her asshole but gently and he felt her shudder. Matt felt more than heard her moan and in turn her intensity on his cock increased. They continued in this bliss for a few more minutes and Matt felt his orgasm building in his balls. Sarah was close too and by this stage she was desperate for his cock. She pulled her head up from his throbbing cock and pleaded “Fuck me now Matt, I need your cock in me”. Sarah moved forward in the seat and Matt sat up. Sarah was on all fours on the back seat with her creamy ass in the air. The sight alone was almost enough to send him over the edge but Matt restrained himself. He Worked Bayan Escort his cock into her pussy slowly, just putting the tip in at first and thrusting slightly. The moan that escaped from Sarah was sheer pleasure. “Awhhhh!” Matt smiled, she was so warm on the end of his cock and so tight. Matt had a few more small thrusts and then plunged the full length of his cock into Sarah’s pussy. This time she screamed in pleasure through her gritted teeth, “Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!”

Matt slapped her ass and she squealed again and looked back at him and whispered “Harder!”

Matt did as he bid and thrusted hard and fast into her tight pussy. Sarah squealed and shuddered into her orgasm “Uhhhh.” Words seemed to be beyond her at that point and Matt stopped thrusting with his cock still lodged deep in her pussy. Matt hadn’t come yet though and when Sarah had regained herself she told him that when he was going to come he had to do it in her mouth. “Awesome” thought Matt and his cock stiffened up even more. He thrusted again and again into her sweet pussy until he could feel himself about to spurt and he scrambled back out and onto his feet at the side of the car. Sarah spun and lunged out the side of the car to her knees, heedless of the dirt underneath and plunged his cock into her mouth. Matt pushed forward, burying his cock down her throat an instant before he burst into his orgasm, sending thick torrents of cum down her throat.

Matt stood there unable to move for a few seconds before he staggered back. He asked feebly ” You ok?” “Yeah”, Sarah replied, “I just didn’t expect there to be so much!”

Matt leaned over and kissed Sarah deeply, and she pressed her body against his. The broke apart redressed and headed off for Sarah’s parents house. Each with a slightly dazed smile playing across their faces.

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