An Ode to Lust Ch. 02

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Note: – This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to any person, living or dead is purely coincidental. All characters in this story are of or above the age of eighteen.

This story has a strong proclivity towards incest, between brothers and sisters and aunt and nephew. If this bothers you, in any sorts, please turn away immediately.

Thanks to ‘Anonymous’ for delivering me the idea of this work.



My name is Robert Kinsley. I am eighteen years old, live in an old villa in a small fishing village near Cornwall, and until last night, I was a one hundred percent certified virgin.

You see, it started with the day Miss Evelyn Rochford moved into our house. She is a twenty-two year old girl from Essex who has come to stay with us for a few months in order to finish her novel. The moment I saw her, I was absolutely smitten. She was definitely the most beautiful lady I have ever seen and I even had the privilege to see her naked as she took off her clothes in her room while I was hiding under her bed.

A few days later, Aunt Rita, mum’s younger sister, and her husband Andrew, paid us a visit. One day, as I was in their room finding my football, I accidentally watched them having sex on their bed. I was hiding in the closet while he fucked Rita in front of my eyes. Later, I was discovered by Rita and she told me that if I kept my mouth shut, she would return the favour in kind. Two days later, Uncle Andrew left, leaving Rita to stay with us until he returns. That afternoon, Aunt Rita and I went through the first rite of our sexual odyssey as she sucked my cock as I sucked her cunt. It was as hot as it was entertaining. She even told me sneak into her room that night when everyone was asleep.

Mum, Kate, Emily and Evelyn returned home by dinner. I was helping Rita for preparing dinner and the way we behaved, there was no way anybody could have know that only a while ago I was in her room, giving her a head. After the dinner, mum found that she had caught a cold and was showing febrile symptoms. Rita told her that she should take some rest and escorted her to her bed.

I, on the other hand, was far from tired. In fact, I didn’t think I would be able to sleep at all. Rita’s promise this afternoon has excited me way beyond measure. After dinner, I went to the bathroom to take a shower as a usual habit. I rubbed my body rigorously with the soap as I was sort of in a hurry when I suddenly heard the door open and someone walk in. I quickly hid myself behind the curtain. Shit! In my hurry, I forgot to lock the door. I kept myself hidden behind the curtain, hoping whoever it was would leave soon. I heard the person, washing hands in the sink.

But then suddenly the curtain was ripped aside and I found myself standing naked face to face with Evelyn, the one person in the world I wished wouldn’t see me like this. She was wearing her earphones, so maybe that’s why she didn’t hear the water running. The moment she saw me, she gave out a shriek and turned away from me. I jumped out of the shower, but slipped on the wet floor and fell on the ground with a loud crash, hitting my head on the tiles.

For a moment I lay there rubbing my sore head. I opened my eyes and saw that she was still standing there, and that I was still naked. Though I noticed something very peculiar about the way she was looking at me. Her gaze lingered on my body a bit too longer than necessary, particularly upon my prick, which was, under the effect of how excited I was feeling, have remained hard throughout the day. She was looking at it with marked astonishment, her open eyes fixated upon it. She continued to stare it for a minute or two, flushing scarlet up to the neck, before finally she came to her senses and rushed to my aid, helping me up. I grabbed the towel to cover myself and, apologizing to her, dashed out of the bathroom.

Inside the safe haven of my room, I finally gave a sigh of relief. It was the first time that Evelyn has seen me naked. It was both exciting and unsettling. I thought about the way she had looked upon me. But of course, to her, I was still mere an innocent boy. But today onwards, maybe she’ll think of me of something else, something…more than just a boy.


I joined the others downstairs a while later. Kate, Emily, Rita and Evelyn were watching TV. Since Emily was sitting with Rita, I sat beside Kate. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Emily look at me for a moment then turn back to the screen. Since that night, she hasn’t talked to me even once. I felt really bad since we were such good friends. Although it wasn’t overall my fault, I never wanted to hurt my little sister the way I did and now I would do anything to mend our relationship.

The movie playing was some action film about the Iraq war, or something, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I didn’t even see the name. My mind was occupied about the events which had occurred to me in these past few days. Occasionally, I would find Evelyn giving istanbul escort me a funny look and then turn back to the screen. I wondered what she was thinking.

Halfway through the movie, Kate got up, followed by Emily and they retired to their room. I stood up too and excused myself to my room. Once on my bed, I lay awake, barely containing my excitement. The hours passed and there was still no sign of Rita. All the while, I was thinking about the charms of her beautiful body she had presented before me this afternoon and I longed once more to thrust my tongue down her moist, juicy cunt.

I tossed and turned in my bed, my patience growing thinner and thinner. My cock was throbbing almost to the point of bursting. I restrained from frigging myself, thinking that it would thwart the fun afterwards as she had said.

At last, I heard hushed footsteps climbing up the stairs and then the door opened and I saw Rita peek her head in. Spotting me, she at once came to my bed-side sat by the bed. Finding me awake, she leaned in and kissed me on my lips. I breathed in her beautiful scent, her very being. My heart skidded to a halt as the soft brush of her mouth against mine forced my knees to go weak. I closed my eyes and my fingers slid up to grip her arms, pulling her body closer to mine. I felt her tongue slip out and when it touched my lips, I opened my mouth willingly.

I felt the spark of heat rush through my body and my face flamed hot from the emotion which ran over me. She began to run her hand down my body, her soft fingers gently sliding my skin, inching below, and then slowly slipped under the waist band of my night-pants and softly grasped my cock. I was lost as her fingers encircled around the girth of my manhood and then stroke it nicely. I gave out a low moan into her mouth and grabbed her head, coaxing her to deepen the kiss, and she did.

Finally, our lips parted and I looked upon her with hazy eyes.

‘You are learning fast,’ she said and I could have sworn I had never heard a more sultry voice. She rose, helping me up.

‘Follow me,’ she said, and I did.

She took me downstairs, through the corridor which connected the eastern part of the villa to the western part. Like me, Rita too had grown up in this very house and although we were never allowed to come to this part of the house, she however, has ventured here quite often since she seems to know where she was going.

She finally stopped before a door to a medium-sized room at the far-end corner, secluded enough so nobody could hear us. She opened the door and led me inside. Inside, it was warmer than I had anticipated. There was an old fireplace by the wall which hasn’t felt the warmth of fire for many years. The walls were chapped and the paint was peeling off. There were a couple of candles lying on the floor. She went to it and lit them. I noticed that the floor has been recently cleaned.

‘Your mum and I used to play in this room when we were little. Ah! How wonderful those days were.’ She sighed, her eyes floating towards her childhood. ‘I have managed to sneak in a blanket and a mattress earlier today. Here help me lay it down.’

I complied, helping her lay it down on the floor. She asked me lay on the mattress while she commenced undressing before me. She was wearing a lavender night gown and a silk house coat over it. She first removed the house coat, laying it neatly on one of the old chair. Then she removed the gown, peeling it off, revealing her stunning hourglass frame. I devoured her naked charms as it was presented before me greedily. Her strikingly beautiful face was shining under the hue of the candlelight, and her eyes, light green in colour, gleamed in an ethereal beauty.

She walked towards me, her hips swaying enticingly with every step she took, until she reached the mattress, after which she bent on her all fours, and walked thus the rest of the way, until her face was directly above mine. Keeping her chartreuse eyes open, she closed the distance between us, and her tongue slipped out, tracing the shape of my upper lip, and then my lower lip, and then eventually slid her tongue over the seam.

I opened my mouth, begging her to come in and devour me. My heart was palpating inside my chest and my body tingled with anticipation for more. She jumped back and winked, not allowing me to kiss her. She returned however, and this time she slipped her tongue over my teeth, and I enjoyed her taste. Her teeth tugged on my lower lip and before long, she was too aroused to deny herself. ‘Kiss me’, she said.

I did.

The kiss lingered on for a long time. She teased me with her tongue, like two swords clashing each other in a duel. Her hand moved down towards my prick, finding it hard as iron, throbbing in her anticipation. She rolled to her back, pulling me over her. With her long taper fingers, she guided my prick to the vault of her vagina. I was trembling in every limb and almost felt sick with excitement.

But the moment I felt the head esenyurt escort of my cock slowly insert the warm, oily folds of her divinity, I gave but one shove and immediately I felt a mind-numbing elation as I came inside her and then swooned away, falling upon her milky-white bosom.

When I finally came to my senses, I found myself enfolded in her lovely embrace and my cock sheathed in her tight, moist cunt, up to the hilt. It was throbbing ecstatically, the tight muscles contracting and easing through each and every fold of my prick. In no time, it turned rigid once again, returning to its pristine condition. I looked up at her, an exquisite smile played on her thin lips.

‘That was a substantial amount of load, you’ve given me,’ she said. ‘Did you like it?’

‘I loved it,’ I said. ‘I felt like I was in heaven. Surely nothing could have given me a greater joy than what you’ve given me right now.’

‘My dear boy, it was but the surface of the vast depth of the ethereal ocean of desire, and I am sure that by our mutual efforts, the pleasure could be extended to an even greater extent. Now do as I tell you. First pull out, and now gently move your hips in and out, but not too fast.’

I did as she said, moving my dick in and out of her warm cunt in a steady pace and she moved in perfect unison with me, meeting each slow thrust down with an equal movement upwards, and with each up thrust, she was squeezing my prick through the inner muscles of her vagina, sending a jolt through my body every time.

My cock swelled even more, reaching to its utmost size and I knew there couldn’t be a better place I would ever want to be this very moment.

My hands began to caress her sweet buttocks, feeling their supple flesh, and my lips were wrapped around her succulent nipples, one after the other. They were hard as diamonds, and tasted like strawberries.

I continued to fuck her for a long time, guided by her instructions, and both of us were thoroughly enjoying the long bout. She was constantly encouraging me, filling my ears with epithets and murmurs. The fact that I was thrusting my cock into the most intimate part of my aunt’s body was driving me mad with desire. Filled with enraptured pleasure, and maddened by the intensity of the situation, I quickened my pace and so did she.

My orgasm came rushing towards me like a wave of an ocean, pulling me into its depth, tossing me, tumbling me, then receded slowly like a tide, yielding down to the most copious and delicious discharge.

We both lay mutually exhausted, basking into the afterglow. None of us spoke, letting the silence do the work. Although I had retained sufficient rigidity and wanted to have another round, but she didn’t allow it and, with a last trailing kiss, bade me good-night. That night, we slept peacefully in each other’s arm.


When I woke up, the early light of the dawn was beginning to break through the dusty window. First thing I noticed as I opened my eyes was the unfamiliar environment and lack of the familiar warmth of my bed. But then my gaze fell towards the beautiful lady sleeping by my side and the events of last night flashed before my eyes and I smiled.

She was facing away from me, her plump bottom pressing against my rampant cock. It was throbbing and began to force its way between the cheeks of her immense bottom, seeking the sheath, it had so fallen in love with the night before.

She muttered something in her sleep. I assumed she was still asleep and she raised her right thigh to allow me easier access. I felt the tip press against the opening of her cunt and I pushed my hips stoutly forward, shoving several centimetres into her tight bottom. For some reason, I found it harder to penetrate. It felt much, much tighter than last night, but nevertheless, I kept pushing. Finally the folds gave way to the rock-hard length of my cock and grabbed her hips, pulling her towards me to facilitate deeper penetration.

Halfway through, I realised what was wrong. Looking below, I found out that instead of putting my prick into her cunt, I had accidentally penetrated her bottom hole. Well, that explains the tightness. I was about to pull out and put it in the right hole but then she suddenly gave a convulsive squeeze, causing me to shudder in excitement and resolved to carry on. I felt her stirring in her sleep. She moaned and told me to pull out. I was persistent and kept on pushing. I slipped two fingers into her cunt, feeling the warm juice coat them, as I thrust my hips with all my might, shoving the rest of my cock inside her anus.

This woke her up and she immediately tried to push me back. ‘Andrew what are you doing! You know how much it hurts me when you fuck me in the ass.’

But then she felt the ministrations of my fingers in her cunt and she began to squirm in excitement.

‘Fine.’ she said, ‘You could carry on if you want but only for a little while. I…’

Suddenly she realised who she was etiler escort talking to and she turned to face me. ‘Robert!’ she exclaimed, ‘Do you have any idea what are you doing?’

‘I did not know I was doing anything wrong,’ I said.

‘Doing wrong indeed!’ she said. ‘Robert, you must pull out immediately.’

I kept thrusting my cock in and out of her one orifice, and my fingers working in the other. The tightness of her sphincter around my dick was beyond anything I could conceive, and although Rita was telling me to stop, I could tell that she was enjoying it as much as I did.

‘Oh my God, Robert! Stop…I…I am going to cum! I AM GOING TO CUMMM!’

She leaned her head back and gave out a light scream as she spent in my hand. The rhythmic contractions of her vaginal muscle travelled along her whole body sending erotic chills down the length of my cock. I couldn’t hold out any longer and I spent inside her as her juices squirted all over my hand.

When it was over, she jumped out of the mattress, lest I would try something crazy again. She grabbed a fresh towel she had brought with her last night, and wiped herself clean. I lay there on the mattress, propped up on one elbow, taking in her naked charms as she presented it before me.

Her broad shoulders, her bountiful breasts, capped with long dark nipples, her beautiful cascades of wavy hair framing her thin face, marked with her perfect long features, her small, naturally thin waist, and her charming swelling hips, and a bottom which could attract the gaze of any man. It was almost out of proportion, large, but still beautiful. Then her belly, flat and undulating so enticingly, the lowest part receding to her shaved pubis and her pink swollen lips, delicious and succulent, her two alabaster thighs, followed by long shapely legs, perfect to have them wrapped around a waist. Her skin was white and flawless, dazzlingly smooth and fair.

To my eyes, she was the perfect example of pure ethereal beauty, the goddess of love incarnate. Even now, after all these years, and so many girls I have slept with, not a single one of them could hold the candle to her. All of them had at least one remarkable quality—some had beautiful breasts, some had glorious eyes and even some had a wonderful rump, but none of them surpassed her as whole in terms of beauty and perfection.

She was and forever will be, the most beautiful lady I had ever the grace to sleep with. She is my true lover, my friend and my mentor, who have taught me the mysteries of love…and lust.

Unable to keep myself any longer, I went to her and pulled her in a loving embrace. We caressed each other, our hands moving all over our body, exploring each and every crevasse, each and every curve, and each and every indentation. I brought her back to the mattress and laid her down. Then I proceeded to kiss her all over her body, starting with her beautiful feet, travelling up her luscious thighs and—reaching her beautiful mound, took a long whiff and skipped it altogether. She groaned in displeasure.

‘Tease,’ she said.

I continued planting kisses upon her flat belly, licking her navel, then I reached her tits and stalled there, taking my sweet time sucking each of her nipples. I trailed my tongue up the side of her neck and lightly nibbled her earlobes. I kissed her cheeks and finally mashed my lips upon hers. Her fingers tangled in my hairs and pulled me closer to her. The feel of naked flesh rubbing against each other was exquisite and we enjoyed the raptures of that embrace fully for half an hour, our bodies moving in a perfect unison, like a duet song sang perfectly. She wrapped her legs around me, just the way I had imagined, pushing my back towards her with her heels and at the same time raising her hips to meet mine, taking my cock deeper than she ever did, and I had never felt my prick grow so thick and hard in my life. Every time I pulled out her cunt seemed to close around the base of my cock with the force of a vice.

We both reached to the orgasmic delicacy at the same time and we were actually screaming with delight. Rita, in her fury of excitement, had bit upon my shoulder, almost drawing blood. I barely felt any pain as I was in the seventh heaven. It is only after she let go and collapsed in my arm did I noticed that she had left a rather noticeable mark where her teeth had sunk.

‘God fucking damn it!!’ she gasped, ‘that was the most wonderful orgasm I ever had in my life. I can tell for sure that even Andrew didn’t come close to giving such pleasures to me, and he and I had been fucking him for years.’ She looked up at me and I saw in her eyes a light I had never seen before. ‘Oh, dear boy, you are such a perfect angel. I only fear that I may come to love you too much.’

We lay there side by side facing each other while she prattled on, delighting me with her toying, embracing and gaiety. My cock once again became hard and I nudged the tip against her cunt.

‘Oh no, you don’t!’ she said, moving away immediately. ‘So much as I would to like to have another bout of hard unforgiving sex with you right now, I must also consider your health. You have spent way more calories than you could afford at this age and you should recover strength first or will fall sick.’

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