An Online Affair

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“Come on, live a little.” I read the message from “goodolboy42” while laying in bed one evening “I’m a nice guy. I promise.”

I was suffering the aftermath of a debilitating emotional affair I couldn’t shake. I had tried talking to a therapist, getting help from friends, and “taking time out for myself” (whatever that means) but nothing helped.

That’s why I decided to join a dating site to help married people cheat.

Yes I know having an affair to get over an affair is a really bad idea, but I needed something to distract me from Tommy, a guy I met at work I couldn’t get out of my head.

It was agony. I thought of Tommy literally all the time. Getting ready in the morning, at the grocery store, in line at the bank and mostly in bed at night. I even dreamed about the man and to make things worse he was inescapable as we worked together in the same building. Even seeing him casually caused hope to return even though we’d had “that” conversation. The one that went “I’m sorry. I’m married. I can’t see you anymore.”

I reread the message from “goodolboy42” and turned his proposition over in my mind. “Come on, live a little. I’m a nice guy. I promise.”

While debating my turn even further to the dark side, my husband Scott was busy ignoring me in the living room. If he talked to me at all it was to chastise me for not paying a bill or forgetting to empty the dishwasher. The rest of the time I might as well have been an a fly to be waved away at a picnic lunch.

If I talk to him and he’s sweet, I won’t cheat. If he bites my head off or ignores me, well…I’m not sure. I thought to myself. After all, falling into an affair is one thing. Diving in head first is a whole other level of awful. I entered the living room.

“Hi Honey.” I started. I got a dim “um” in response. His eyes glued to his phone.

“How was work?” still nothing. I tried a few more times to get him to talk, but it my efforts were futile. “well, I guess I’m going to bed. Should I wait for you?”

Needless to say, the answer was “no.” I let out a sigh.

The next day I set my GPS for the restaurant Jeff had suggested. I tried to calm myself. It was only lunch. If I changed my mind I could leave. I didn’t have to do anything. Still, my heart wouldn’t listen to my head and it raced right along with the anticipation.

I entered the restaurant and scanned the crowed. Jeff was easy to spot. His beer gut was more pronounced than his profile picture lead me to believe, but he was still muscular and hot in a country boy sort of way. I decided I liked him right off. He was tatted up with a buzz cut probably left over from his days in the military. The fact that he had piercing blue eyes didn’t hurt either.

“Wow, you look good, girl!” he complimented first off, his eyes dancing and his Texas accent evident. “You sure you’re 35?” This guy was a flatterer and definitely from the south. Even if I knew it wasn’t exactly true, I was loving it.

“So tell about yourself. Why did you decide to sign up with a site that helps married people have affairs?’ he asked after we had ordered our sandwiches.

I thought it best not to mention other men in my life. “I needed a diversion I guess.” I answered Alanya Escort Bayan quickly. “You?”

“Marriage got stale…” he said with a drawl. “I don’t want to leave her, but I need something else.” I got the feeling that something else was sex.

“Fair enough.” I continued. I certainly wasn’t in a place to judge. I just wanted to feel better and be taken away from my problems -even if replacing Tommy for Jeff was like replacing pot with heroine.

After we ordered our turkey and ham sandwiches respectively, I asked about his tattoos. I’d never been with a guy who had any ink and was both a little scared and turned on by someone with a lot of it.

“Do you regret them?” I asked remembering something I had read about tattoo remorse.

“As long as you like guys with ink, no. No regrets.” he said and smiled revealing a row of even white teeth.

I felt a strong sexual undercurrent and I looked down with embarrassment at my turkey on sourdough and then over to his hands. They were strong, capable and manly. I couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel wrapped around my torso.

As the conversation went on I felt the crackle of sexual energy between us. The idea of sex with a redneck started to seem appealing, or at least sex with this redneck. I felt myself respond to him as we flirted and talked about everything from the weather to how parents raise kids in the south.

After Jeff paid the check he said, “So I have a room a few blocks over if you wanna come hang out.” I bit my lip and thought about it. He was attractive and cute and I knew he would soon go back to Texas, but sleeping with someone so soon, even for a cheater like me was too much.

“Gosh, I’d love to.” I told him. “But I have clients I have to meet with today.” Truthfully I could have feigned a headache but I needed time to think.

“Are you sure you can’t call in?” he asked.

“I can’t.” I shook my head and looked down demurely.

“If you want you can come back tonight or tomorrow. I don’t have to go back to Texas until Thursday after the show.” he told me talking about the farm equipment expo he was in town for.

“Ok,” I said softly, “I’ll think about it.”

As we reached my sensible sedan he took my hand and pulled me in his arms. He smelled like spices, wood smoke and manliness and lowered his head to put his lips to mine. At that point I was unable to hold back the pent up sexual frustration I had been feeling for years and surprised myself by eagerly kissing him back with a flood of physical pleasure I had almost forgotten existed rushing through my veins.

When he sensed just how urgently I needed sexual release, he grabbed my butt and pulled himself against me. Warmth to bolted to my pussy and a moan escaped my lips as I felt that hard cock through his jeans.

Eventually though, Jeff broke the kiss. He looked into my eyes with his forehead on mine and whispered “I hope to see you tonight or tomorrow.” I nodded my head and kissed him again, tenderly with closed mouth before prying myself away to get in the car.

Driving to work I felt the same as I had after coming down from a trip on magic mushroom in college. It was that what Alanya Escort the hell just happened? feeling. I had been transported to another plane of existence and then taken back to reality. I had a slight headache and an aching in my pussy that cried out for attention.

A few hours later at my desk I couldn’t stop thinking of Jeff. God he was hot, and had made it completely clear I was welcome in his bed. I fantasized about telling my husband I was going to a movie, or that my friend Jessica needed a ride home from somewhere and then sneaking off to the Sheraton to fuck Jerry.

That afternoon I had to work to keep my mind on my clients and during my down time weighed my options. Would I throw caution to the wind caution to the wind or stop the cheating and return to my husband like a good little wife? The debate was so fierce within me, even seeing Tommy pass by me at the copy machine didn’t cause an emotional reaction and for the first time in a long time I was able to let him pass me by without feeling the familiar rush I had felt so many times before.

That night at home, everything was boring as usual. The almighty phone was my husband’s main concern after yelling twenty minutes about not being able to find the fingernail clippers after dinner. I didn’t really mind though because I was busy fantasizing.

At about 7:00 that evening, while I relaxed in my room and my husband played games, I got a text. “Well?” was all it said.

“Tomorrow, 12:30.” I answered. “At the Sushi Palace on Montgomery.”

I got a smiley face in return, reread the exchange and then deleted our correspondence.

On the way to Sushi Palace I considered driving past for a moment, but laughed at myself. At this point I knew wild horses wouldn’t keep me away. After the kiss and the anticipation of what was to come, I had barely slept the night before. Even masturbating several times did little to squelch my desire for cock I knew I needed.

I pulled up to the restaurant at 12:25 my heart pounding, wondering what the next hour would bring. Maybe I really should turn around and go back home. What if he didn’t feel the same way about me?

Just when I truly was going to back out, Jeff’s Ford F150 pulled up in the parking space beside mine. I got out of my car. “Hi,” I said sheepishly, and instantly I decided I wanted to at least make out with him if nothing else. I could always back out of sex, right?

He didn’t waste any time. He came up to me and kissed me. “God I’ve been thinking about you.” he told me. I answered him by putting my tongue in his mouth. Damn, his arms were stronger than I remembered and his body was thick and more toned. “Come on, let’s go back to the motel. There’s room service there” he said once we came up for air.

I allowed myself to be swept away. He lead me to the passenger side of his car, and when he said “Come on over here little girl.” I snuggled up to him, he put his hand on my knee and my pussy throbbed in anticipation as he drove the agonizingly long two blocks to his motel room.

When we finally made our way to his hotel room I barely had time to find the bed before falling on it kissing Jeff with the same urgency and passion Escort Alanya I had felt the day before.

All thoughts of backing out evaporated and I knew I wanted to get fucked.

Somehow my shirt came off and his rough hands made contact with the smooth flesh of my midriff I came to life. My throbbing pussy jolted and I moaned in anticipation as I helped pull his t-shirt up over his head and felt his chest hair standing out against his tanned flesh.

I buried my head between his pectorals and drank in his musky, spicy scent. I then kissed down his body to find the outline of his already hard cock. I nibbled it lightly through the denim material and felt the white heat that sprang from his body through mine and directly to my center.

I then unzipped his pants and lowered his underwear to release his cock.

Oh God, it was a perfect eight and a half inches and like someone possessed I began rolling my tongue around the mushroom head before giving way to full on French kissing his meat.

“Oh God, that’s good.” he moaned deeply between downward bobs. “fuck.” he said.

“mmmm,” I answered feeling his cock turn to steel in my mouth as I allowed him to fuck my face while I played with my pussy.

I savored his cock for several minutes then took my mouth from him to concentrate on his balls. I sucked one at a time then swiping my tongue up the shaft to the head as if it were a lolly pop before taking the entire shaft in my mouth to kiss his pubes. “Oh Shit!” he moaned as took him deep in my throat and I knew I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed him inside of me.

I made my way up beside him, kissed him on the mouth and said the words “fuck me.”

He climbed on top of me in missionary style and went agonizingly slow. First he rubbed his wet cock against my pussy lips, obviously intent on drive me crazy. I squirmed on the bed and begged “I want you inside me. Please. I need your cock. I need your cum!”

Finally, he began pushing himself inside me and I relished the feeling of being stretched. It had been months since I had been fucked and he was even bigger than my husband. Finally he bottomed out and let me enjoy the sensation of completeness before moving in and out of my pussy.

I was so worked up it didn’t take long for me to explode. “Oh fuck!” I cried out as I grabbed onto his forearms as he continued to pump. My pussy must have contracted tightly around his cock as I came because he suddenly tensed up, let out a huge moan and unloaded himself inside of me.

I lay there for awhile feeling his cum seep deep in my womb. My orgasm had been so powerful I couldn’t move and felt like I had been hit by a truck from the inside. He put his arms around me and I took notice of the tribal design tattoo on his forearm, memorizing it as I didn’t want to forget how he looked and felt.

We snoozed for twenty more minutes until my phone alarm rang telling me it was time to go to work. My lunch break would be over. I would return to real life and Jeff would return to Texas.

A year and a half later my marriage is the same. I had cloaked my sins well, and my husband didn’t suspect a thing. I’m still blame for any cloths on the floor or dirty dishes in the sink. My husband still bows to the almighty video game and we go to bed at different times. There were no lessons learned, and life goes on. I’m not even sure my one night fling helped my emotional affair. I only hope Jeff will let me know if he’s ever in town again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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