An Unexpected Match Pt. 03

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This is a continuation of Martin’s later in life sexual awakening with his fellow tennis player Lori. Whilst it can be read as a stand alone story I would recommend reading parts one and two for the context of this encounter.

Martin drove home from Lori’s house, his mind somersaulting as he tried to process what had just happened. He had witnessed the transformation of the pristinely presented, confident and controlled tennis player into a foul mouthed, filthy minded whore. And he had loved every minute of it. Lascivious scenes flashed back into his consciousness, almost causing him to lose control of his vehicle as he drove back home.

During the following days those flashbacks continued to pop up both at inopportune and opportune moments causing his cock to stir and swell at the recollection. They provided more masturbation fodder than any amount of erotica or porn had ever afforded Martin in the years since his wife’s passing. It was as though he had been rejuvenated sexually.

He found himself reliving scenarios he had found himself in during his early 20’s when he would seek out any opportunity to orgasm whether that meant finding a private space or even risking being caught in semi-public.

During the next few days Martin was tempted to drive around to Lori’s house and knock on the door but he didn’t dare. Was the encounter a one off for Lori? He knew little about her. Would another man have already been in her bed by now?

Martin chastised himself for thinking such things about her. Yet things had progressed so quickly that Thursday and she had taken control with such ease that he was reevaluating everything he had imagined Lori to be like.

If he were younger he would have been communicating with her via social media but Martin had driven away from Lori’s house without even exchanging phone numbers. Partly that was down to his age but mainly it was due to the state he had been in when he left.

Yet day by day the next Cardio Tennis class was approaching. Would Lori be there? What would she say? And more urgently in his mind – would he be able to keep his cock under control for the hour?

Soon enough the day arrived. Martin entered the court and began to warm up with some of the other players, hitting the balls back and forth to each other. Lori was nowhere to be seen. A pang of disappointment surged through him as the minutes ticked by. It hadn’t even crossed his mind that she wouldn’t show up to the class. And then, ten minutes after the lesson began she arrived, pristine and demure as ever.

“Sorry I’m late. Something came up” she cried in a cheery voice as she joined the line of players taking part in the first drill.

Martin felt relief coursing through him and then a measure of excitement as the sight of her brought back the remembrance of his previous time with her.

How could someone so prim and proper, as Lori once again appeared on court, be so utterly filthy at other times?

The hour passed by quickly with one drill following another, interspersed with some doubles and singles points as usual. There was nothing unusual about the session at all apart from Martin’s battle to keep his eyes off Lori’s ass and his cock under control was much more intense. But to his credit he managed it.

At the end of the hour everyone made their way to the foyer to change out of their tennis shoes and leave the facility. However, before he had a chance to remove his he heard Lori’s voice behind him.

“Martin, could I just have a quick word with you before you leave?”

“Erm…sure” he uttered, feeling his face grow warm as blood surged to it. It wasn’t the only thing blood was surging to either.

Lori headed down the narrow corridor which ran between the entrance foyer and the bar area. Martin supposed she wanted to chat there on the couch or chairs which were scattered there. Beşiktaş escort But to his surprise she pushed open the door of the disabled washroom as she passed it on the right.

He was stopped in his tracks, his mouth slightly open. Lori turned her head back toward him and grinned.

“Well come on in, or do you want me to mail you an invitation?”

Martin needed no such thing. As he followed her through into the space she quickly flipped the lock behind him, pulled him toward her and kissed him passionately on the mouth. Martin’s senses were flooded with the taste of her, her scent filling his nostrils and her soft flesh pressing against his body.

“Fucking hell Martin,” she gasped. “Do you know how wet I’ve been during this last hour thinking about what I want to do to you?”

Lori grabbed his hand and moved it under her short tennis skirt. His fingers instinctively closed around her mound as he felt her sopping panties. She gasped as he did so.

“Oh…you are…so wet” Martin exclaimed. Then, somewhat overwhelmed by the situation, uttered,

“I didn’t think you were coming.”

“Oh, I was coming” Lori beamed.

“I was so fucking horny at the thought of seeing you today that I had to sort myself out…if you know what I mean. So I was coming – hard. That’s why I was late to the class!”

Martin’s cock was now fully erect and straining at his shorts. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. Lori’s eyes were drawn to it and before he knew it she had pulled them down to his ankles and dropped to her knees. Freed of all constraints his dick sprang upwards, and was drawn across her face from her chin up to the top of her flushed cheek, leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake.

Lori giggled, and then traced her finger across the glistening emission, before seductively putting it into her mouth and sucking hungrily.

“Oh, you are so damn tasty,” she growled. “I want more!”

Before he knew what was happening she grabbed his cock and her hand guided it toward her parted lips. Martin eagerly anticipated the warmth of her mouth engulfing him, but instead felt the shivering sensation of her tongue slowly drawing itself from the base of the underside of his member to the tip.

‘Uggh’ uttered Martin as the sensation caused by Lori’s attention coursed through his body.

And he shuddered a second time, and a third as Lori’s tongue drew itself up his throbbing shaft. Only then did she engulf the entire head of his dick with her mouth and began to bob up and down as she sucked him, her tongue continuing to rake across the underside of his cock.

Martin’s gasps came hard and fast, his head in a whirl. Then briefly Lori withdrew her mouth from his cock, spat a globule of saliva onto her right hand before getting right back to work on the bulbous head of his cock. At the same time her hand moved to the base of his shaft lubricating it with the cocktail of her saliva and his pre-cum. She began moving it up and down his hard member, at the same time twisting her wrist so that she was rotating back and forth as well as moving up and down his shaft. Her tongue and mouth hungrily devouring its swollen head.

Martin was in heaven. His hands instinctively grabbed Lori’s long dark hair before him, squeezing and beginning to pull as his body continued to pulse with excitement.

“Oh yes,” Lori commanded. “Pull my hair. Pull it hard.”

Part of Martin was shocked at her command, and shocked that he had begun to do it. But the animalistic part of him was gaining the upper hand and he responded accordingly.

Soon he realized that his guttural groans were beginning to be matched by similar ones from Lori as she continued her attention to his cock.

Looking down past her bobbing head and her right hand pumping his dick he saw to his delight that Lori’s left hand had Beşiktaş escort bayan found its way into her panties and had pushed past the thin sodden material. Her fingers were now frantically strumming her clit and he realized he could hear the sound of her evident juices as she massaged them into her swollen cunt.

Martin’s senses were getting to the point of being completely overwhelmed. And he soon began to feel the inevitable sensation building from the base of his cock which told him that it would only be a matter of seconds before he would be shooting his hot seed down Lori’s throat. The thought of doing that only served to bring him even closer to the point of no return. He longed to come with her sweet mouth around him. But despite the fact that they were in the bathroom of a public building Martin didn’t want things to end quite so quickly.

“Stop….not yet” he managed to utter as he reluctantly withdrew his cock from Lori’s mouth.

Lori looked up at him, continuing to frig herself with her fingers.

“Well what do you want to do instead?” she demanded.

Martin’s mind went blank for a second. And then suddenly he knew. His eyes met Lori’s hungry eyes, and he knew that she knew too.

“I want to fuck you in the ass” he said with surprising assertiveness.

Lori’s eyes widened and her fingers began to move even faster over her clit, which he could now see was red, swollen and glistening.

“Say it again. Tell me exactly what you want to do” she groaned.

“I want to fuck you hard and come in your ass” he said loudly, before quickly realizing that anyone standing outside of the washroom door would have no doubt heard him. But by now he didn’t care.

“Fuck Martin. I’ve been fantasizing about you doing that all week” Lori gasped, and in one motion she stood to her feet and pulled off her skirt and built in panties.

She turned, facing the mirror, leaning the top half of her body against the sink beneath it.

Martin gazed for a moment at her smooth, round, alabaster orbs which were presenting themselves to him. Inviting him. Beckoning him. And then raw passion took over.

He spat a mouthful of spit into his hands and smeared it all over the head of his cock before moving toward Lori’s arched body. Sensing his approach her hands moved behind her, each one grabbing an ass cheek and parting them, revealing her dark circular target.

Martin’s stiff, slick cock nestled between her mounds, pressing against her tight hole. At first it resisted, but as he began to push forward he felt it give.

A loud animalistic groan came from deep inside of Lori, which Martin read as further encouragement. And slowly he felt his cock pushing deeper into her tight asshole. Its walls were pressing against him but increasingly offered up less resistance as he pushed deeper into her until the entirety of his cock was inside of her. The top of his legs pushed against Lori’s swollen ass cheeks as his balls hung between her parted legs.

“OK you fucker,” Lori growled “are you going to fuck my ass then?”

Her hands moved to grab the protruding sink faucet preparing herself for what was to come.

Martin needed no further invitation. He slowly withdrew his cock until it was almost out of her, and then in one motion plunged it back in. As he did so they grunted in unison. Then again. And again. Each time faster, deeper and harder..

He felt his balls beginning to slap on the underside of Lori’s ass each time he thrust forward. His hands gripped her hips as he pulled her toward him with each movement.

Lori’s was grabbing the faucet with her left hand to hold her body steady and give her leverage to push back against Martin, forcing his cock even deeper into her ass. Her right hand took over frantically masturbating her clit. Each of them was inevitably moving Escort beşiktaş toward an orgasm which they knew would be completely overwhelming.

“Look at me,” Lori demanded. “Look at me.”

Martin raised his eyes and stared into the mirror, locking in on Lori. Her own hungry eyes were wide open staring back at him as he continued to pump his body deep into her ass.

He saw her completely. Her clothed top half was over the sink, and her naked ass was being rammed by his cock. But more than anything else it was her eyes which he was fixed upon.

In her eyes he saw the rawness of her need. All of the veneer was gone. There was no more prim and proper Lori. Instead he saw her animalistic core. And he wanted to engulf her. To consume her. And he knew she wanted it too,

And suddenly he felt it again deep in his cock, but quickly building and growing. He was going to come. And this time there was no stopping him. And as Lori stared into Martin’s eyes she knew it. And she knew she was going to come too.

“Come in me” she roared. “Shoot your come deep into my ass. I want to feel it inside me,” her voice rasping and quavering with the growing excitement centring in on her clit, emanating from deep within her.

And then everything was frantic. Martin gripped Lori’s hips like a vice as he pulled her toward him, meeting the thrusting of his own body which was sending his cock so deep within her. Faster and faster they rammed against each other as a cacophony of sounds filled the air. Groans, grunts, expletives, cunt juices, the slapping of bodies together crescendoed as they moved toward their shared climax.

And then it was upon them both like a tsunami. Martin’s cock filled to its tip and suddenly exploded in a flood of pleasure. His come shot deep into the recesses of Lori’s tight asshole again and again coating his cock as he plunged in with each spasm of delight. His unrestrained groans resonated with each pulse of pleasure. All the time he fixed his eyes on Lori’s

What he saw would never leave his memory. As he came deep into her Lori’s body began to quake. Her mouth opened wide. She gasped loudly as if trying to breathe. And then she was coming.

Wave upon wave wracked her body causing it to writhe and arch with each explosion of sensation. Her hand, which had been feverishly flying over her cunt flew out to the side to try to stabilize her body which was flailing about as she orgasmed. No words came from her mouth, only the deepest grunts and groans which came from the core of her being.

And then the tidal wave subsided. There they remained, suddenly motionless, their eyes still locked on each other in the mirror as each of them experienced little aftershocks of pleasure pulsating through their bodies.

Then slowly Martin pulled his now softening cock out of Lori’s ass. It emerged with a slurpy pop as her sphincter tightened around it on its exit.

Lori stood, and turned to face him, her face flushed with heat. Then she pulled back her hair, smiled and kissed him full on the lips.

“That…was fucking amazing!” she said with a grin.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” Martin gasped.

“I can” Lori retorted. “I knew you had it in you. We just had to find it”.

“Well I never knew that was in you. You always seemed so…”

“Proper?” Lori laughed. “Well you know what they say – never judge a book by it’s cover.”

“Now…we’ve got to get out of here.”

“Do you think anyone heard?” Martin stuttered

“Probably. I think it would be hard not to. But no doubt we will never know,” Lori said as she pulled on her skirt.

“You’d better get those shorts back on Mister, because I’m opening this door soon,” she chuckled.

Martin quickly did as she instructed and then stood back as Lori unlocked the door of the washroom.

“Anyone there?” he asked.

“No…we are good” replied Lori as she went out of the door, quickly followed by Martin.

It was only as he glanced backward that he saw their coach Dan at the far end of the corridor near the bar. But even from that distance he was sure he could see a bulge in his tennis shorts.

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