An Unknown Desire. A Beginning

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18. This is a work of pure fantasy.

It was early Saturday morning and I was just out of the shower after a nice run when there was a knock on my bedroom door. I told the knocker to come on in, knowing it could only be one person, my 20 year old niece Amber, because the rest of the family was gone for the weekend.

As she opened and bounced through the door she said, “Hey Uncle Mark, I need you to do something for me.”

I had my back to her and said, “Sure, what can I do for you?”

As I am saying this, I am turning around. I am stunned to see Amber standing in front of me wearing a very tight pair of lacy black panties and a t-shirt that has been cut to barely cover her perky b cup breasts. I was speechless. Amber is a gorgeous young woman and as athletic as can be. She is a former soccer and volleyball player standing at 5′ 9″. She has never dressed like this in front of me before.

“You need to get naked and lie down on the bed with your feet at the head,” she commanded so matter of factly.

All I could muster through my shock and amazement to her command and her attire was, “no, I’m not going to do that, what’s gotten into you?”

“Oh, you will do it. You will do everything I say, after I show you this.” She proceeds to bring up a video on her phone of me lying on her bed naked with those very same black panties in my hands jerking off.

Ok, let me take you back to yesterday. I was in the basement watching movies and doing laundry. This is also where Ambers room is. She has been staying with us for about six months because she is attending college here. The basement has its own entrance, kitchenette, bathroom, just like a small apartment. It is perfect for a college kid. Well yesterday while doing laundry, I took a quick trip around the house and into everyone’s room to clear the baskets and grab anything on the floor. If it’s on the floor, it’s dirty. Her room was last as it is next to the laundry room. On her floor, among other items, was this nice pair of black panties. Without thinking, I just put them up to my nose and inhaled her aroma. I became instantly hard at her smell. So I did what a lot of men might do, I got naked, and then laid down on the bed and commenced to jerking myself off, while continuing to inhale her sweet musk from those black panties.

On the video, I am watching myself pumping my 6″ cock as fast as I can. As embarrassing as it was, it got amsterdam shemale worse when my voice rang out on the video, “Your pussy smells and tastes so good Amber. Yes, Amber. Yes Amber. Yes Amber.” I just kept repeating that until I unleashed rope after rope of cum on my chest and stomach. There is where the video ends.

“Amber, let me explain.”

“There is no need to explain the obvious Uncle Mark. Now do what I said and get naked and lay down on your bed.”

My mind was racing a thousand miles an hour trying to figure out what the hell to do. Amber’s voice snaps me back to reality, “I’m sure Aunt Helen and my mother would be thrilled to see this. Do what I say right now, or I’m texting this to them.”

Knowing I’m screwed, I do what she says. I take off my shirt, then hesitate before lowering my shorts and underwear.

“Come on now, I don’t have all day,” Amber snaps at me.

I climb on the bed with my feet at the head of the bed, not entirely sure what is next.

“Close you eyes Uncle Mark.”

After the events of the last few minutes, I knew begging or reasoning with Amber would be out of the question. I closed my eyes to see what my fate would be. I felt the bed move right next to my head when all of a sudden my face is introduced to a moistened set of Silk panties, still on Amber.

“Ok, you pervy old man, you seem to like jerking off while smelling my underwear, so do it now.”

My cock instantly sprang to attention. Amber started grinding her panty clad pussy on my face. The aroma was heavenly and her juices were starting to flow, dampening my eager face..

“Come on, start tugging on that thing, ” Amber demanded.

My cock was hard as stone. I started jerking it slowly, but I was so turned on, I could hardly stand it. Amber was grinding hard on my face.

“Tell me how good my pussy smells and tastes Uncle Mark, just like before.”

“Amber, I love the smell of your pussy and it tastes wonderful,” was all I could muster. And just like that I was shooting my load all over my chest and stomach again. It could not have taken more than two or three minutes.

Amber stopped grinding on me and said, “Well, that was kind of disappointing.” And with that Amber climbed off the bed and left my room without saying another word.

I just stayed there, my cock deflated, cum all over me, wondering what the fuck just happened. On one hand shock over the fact that she caught me. How rotterdam shemale the hell did she do that without me knowing? How the hell could I have been so stupid? If I had not said those words would it have been better? Could I have just explained it away? On the other hand I just had one of the most amazing sexual experiences that I have ever had, and I was only jerking off.

I managed to finally get up off the bed and decided I needed to take another long hot shower.

Thankfully, Amber was gone when I went to the basement. The rest of the day my mind wandered all over the place. Guilt, shame, embarrassment, lust, all kept hitting me. I would think back to how incredibly hot that was and then remember it was not just some hot 20 year old girl, it was my niece. I have had some thoughts before when I saw her all dressed up, or when she was in workout gear, especially yoga pants, but never could I have imagined that anything would have actually happened. The rest of my Saturday just kind of disappeared with chores that I had, but the events of that morning were a constant. I did not hear or see Amber the rest of the day and headed to bed around 11:00 that night.

Around two in the morning I was startled awake up by the lights in the bedroom suddenly being turned on. There stood Amber, in the same cutoff shirt but a white thong this time.

“Uncle Mark, let’s see if we can do this the right way this time. Get naked and assume the position,” Amber said.

I said, “Amber, look we should not be doing this. You caught me doing something shameful, and it will never happen again, I have learned my lesson.”

“Well I have a video that shows otherwise,” Amber gleefully exclaimed.

She again shows me her phone and there she is riding my face, with me proclaiming how great her pussy was. That fucking phone!

Beaten, I slipped off my shorts, and spun around in bed just like before and closed my eyes. I felt Amber crawl up on the bed just like she did before. But this time there were no panties in the way. She slowly started grinding her hairless and already soaking pussy all along my nose and mouth. She tasted and smelled amazing! I opened my mouth so that my tongue could be used as her personal sex toy.

Like last time I reached for my cock. “Not yet. Not until I say so, ” Amber commanded.

Amber kept grinding away. She was moaning loud enough to wake the neighbors. My face was completely covered with her fantastic blog shemale juices. My tongue was touching, clit, hole, taint, ass, then reverse and repeat. I had no control. At times Amber would leave her clit right on my tongue. Other times I would be tongue fucking her hot, wet love hole. Her desires were definitely dictating the action.

Faster and harder she was grinding on my face, and then all of a sudden her knees clamped to the side of my head. I felt a wave of warm liquid cascading on my face as Amber shook violently. She kept screaming over and over, “OH FUCK!”

I just stayed there having a hard time breathing, waiting for my next instruction, wanting desparately to touch my aching cock. That’s when I felt her hand wrap around my engorged tool. I am still amazed that I did not shoot my load right away at her initial touch.

Not saying a word, Amber slowly began to jerk my cock. Teasing my cock head, which was drenched with precum, and then sliding her hand down to fondle my balls. I was floating in the clouds at all of this, not wanting it to ever stop.

I felt Amber’s weight shift off my head, and then it happened. I felt a warm and wet mouth envelop my cock. Amber was now bobbing her head on my dick. My heart was pounding so fast, I thought I was going to have a stroke. The feeling of her tongue teasing my mushroom head sent shivers up my spine. Her teeth, lightly grazing the sensitive underside of my cock. Oh, she knew what she was doing. It only lasted moments, my balls tightened up and I exclaimed as loud as I could, “OH GOD, I’M CUMMING! ” Amber never let off as I shot my load into her mouth. I could not believe that I had that much in me after my previous two jerk off sessions and I don’t think she spilled a drop.

Amber climbed off me as I just lay there, my cock still draining, but shriveling. However this time she did not scurry away. I felt her lips touch mine in a kiss to beat all kisses. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and there we were kissing deeply and passionately. A swirl of each others cum making the best tasting concoction. Her young, naked, hard body was pressed on me and her soft skin was so velvety to my every touch.

I don’t know how long we stayed there making out, but honestly it was not long enough. Amber broke the kiss and stared very lovingly in my eyes. “That, was not a disappointment,” she whispered so sweetly in my ear.

And with that she put her head on my chest and curled up in my arms and soon drifted off to sleep.

I knew there were going to be consequences, discussion, regret, lust, longing, plus a lot of other shit soon. But for now I was now content to have the sexiest woman in the world curled up in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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